March 26, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #11: The Resurgence of the Peacemakers

Hello everyone

I think you'll like this one. Make sure to check also the Special Announcement I just sent separately - at long last!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Words of Thanks
2. We The Lightworkers
3. Commentary on the Situation in The Middle East & The Aries Full Moon
4. We are Governed by Fear: An Interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich
5. Imagine
6. Peace Invitation

From: "Arielle Laman" <>
Subject: Thank you Jean
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002

Aloha Jean,

I am absolutely delighted to see the direction you are going with your Council of Love because I am working with others who are doing the same thing. If you remember, I sent you a list of 21 ways I am focusing on bringing more peace, love and energy into my thoughts, my beliefs and my behaviors about 2 months ago. I have since joined an online organization called conscious evolution developed by Barbara Marx Hubbard. In studying the course materials she has prepared, I've noticed some of the same names I studied when I attended JFKU in Orinda, CA (graduated 1989). I feel aligned with some very positive, constructive energy and I find my interest peaked.

Thank you so much for the energy, insight, inspiration and dedication you are putting into your work.

Love & blessings


From: "Stephanie Jill Hope" <>
Subject: We the Lightworkers
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002

Please feel free to publish this in whole on your website, email listings etc. It is offered with Love and Light. Now is the Time for it to be released publically. Thank you and bless you all for your work.



We The Lightworkers

Life is becoming rapidly more challenging for most of the people I know, the times are heating up for the final scenario’s and inside is the knowing, the awareness of all that is going on behind the scenes, politically, economically, and inter-galactically. It is a vast project/mission we are all undertaking, and many have not woken sufficiently to be consciously aware of the how’s and whys of what is now forcing its way into their daily lives. They lag behind, entrenched in fear. For those of us who are now so aware, we walk forwards, for there is no turning back.

It can be likened to the process of giving birth, once a critical stage is reached, there is no turning back, the child will be born. All over the world, we the Lightworkers march forwards, holding Light and courage in our hearts and our vision, that humanity may be freed from all that would enslave it, our `battle cry is freedom’. Freedom from oppression, freedom from slavery and poverty, freedom to be the children of a Loving God. Fear can no longer contain the mass of the Lightworkers who truly hold up the shields and banners of Light, with Michael and all the angels and archangels by their sides. A glorious sight destined to fill the Earth and all her children with loving bubbling and joyous Light, to heal and restore them to their rightful kingdom here on Earth. Every day in every way this silent army marches forwards filling each atom with its light, kissing and blessing it as it passes, and we praise each step. Now on the move, we root out each shade of darkness as we go and it is brought out of hiding as we pass, choosing not to abide in the bright light that is flooding out from our rainments and our eyes and our Being. With each footstep we bless the Earth, great Mother of these divine Beings named humanity, and she thanks us for our presence. There are many thousands of us, all filled with the utter and Divine Power of the One who created us and all that has ever been created. We become more activated each and every day, more empowered by the very Light we flood through the pulsating planet, and so by the end of this year there will be no turning back, it is the Sacred Invasion of Love and Light.

Have no fear children of the Loving God, you are safer than you think. No darkness and evil will be able to penetrate the new shields that will be erected around this beautiful planet, the days of darkness will be gone forever and humanity will know it’s greatest hour. However; before the calm comes the storm and the storm will unleash upon the Earth as the final cleansing to enable her and her children to move freed into their new age. This is the period we are building to, and you see that unfolding daily before your eyes. Maintain a level of light and calm within you as this process intensifies, knowing that with this horror comes the cleansing of the new earth, and the new day that awaits humanity. As humanity is faced with what has been hidden from its eyes, it witnesses that which it cannot sanction and condone. Watch humanity stand together as this process intensifies and they take on those that would control them. The Intent of humanity is Love and this intent will give them the courage that is needed to defy all those that would oppose peace and Love and take the final stand to rid themselves of all that does not resonate in the highest realms of Light.

Blessed Be all humanity and Lightworkers at this time. Blessed Be the angelic realms that flood the Earth with their Love and Protection. I Bless each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters who like myself undertake this work, and thank you for the daily inspiration and courage you fill me with. When I falter, you are strong, when I stumble, you remind me I can walk again, and when you stumble I offer my hand to yours. Together we will accomplish freedom for humanity and this beautiful jewel, and restore the Divine Plan for Earth and her peoples.

On June 14th this year the Christ impulse re-enters this Universe and on June 21st into every cell and atom within all life forms. We are nearly there now. This is the process we have all been taking part in, and from this point onwards there is no turning back. The 6 people involved in this specific process are in place and many of you will find over the next few weeks that there will be an urge to move geographically either permanently or for that period, June14th-22nd. Please follow this impulse to the letter, it is where you are needed to be, with the people that you are required to be with, and your roles of lighting and holding the lights of the grids can only be done by yourselves. Each one of you holds a specific key within you for this time that can only be activated by your physical presence on a particular piece of terra firma. The Christ impulse manifests into living matter in the UK and from there spreads within the 24 hour period from midnight GMT June 21st throughout the world. Those of you who read this message will know of your involvement, and who to forward this too of your own networks. Blessed Be you all in this Sacred Act. May Love be your guide and your protection over the next few weeks. Be aware that the shadow workers, the governments and authorities that would prevent us from succeeding are fully aware of each and every one of us. Let them hear our response of Love loud and clear. The success of our mission is assured. Humanity Will be Free.

Stephanie Jill Hope
March 20th 2002

NOTE FROM JEAN: I just received this additional comment from Stephanie

Firstly a thank you to all those of you who have responded to `We the Lightworkers’. Your testimonies and individual stories of how this has touched you has inspired me to greater personal courage and determination to continue to offer out that which I know is my message to the world. There are many messengers, and all of us reach a particular group of people, thus the word is spread. Thank you in sharing our mutual great joys and mission here on planet Earth.

I hear from you of the tears and pain, the joy and excitement that sit so very close to each other within the emotions at present. I hear you when you speak of geographical moves, of leaving family and friends, and the pain at parting or being parted from those you no longer resonate on the same levels with, or to answer your own role in bringing the Christed consciousness right down into the Earth and out into our Universe. I too know this, for in a few short days I leave for a destination 650 miles away from where I live, away from my children and my first grandchild, barely a month old whom I adore. I return to Findhorn, to my soul home, and have to have faith that all will visit me there as I now enter the next and most demanding stage of my work.

And yet, to know that you are all out there helps. I know that I am not alone. I know that all around the globe are others like myself who gaze out at the moon and know of a better world. The world we are ushering in, which will be the greatest gift we can give our children and grandchildren, a world where peace abides. A world that is recognized as a living entity herself, and treated with respect and reverence, and no longer plundered and raped by the few at the expense of the many. We also know that this will be the result of huge and traumatic transition. Following June 21st as all the negative and denser energies begin their rapid process of actually reversing; the changes will become very apparent. I say to you-have no fear-the systems we have at the present time cannot be sustained as they are in the world to come and collapse is inevitable. The collapse is already taking place, it is simply able to be hidden at the moment behind economic and political rhetoric until it reaches the critical mass stage. There will be much fear around you, as people witness without understanding the movements of our times. Allow the energy to flow through you, and not to become stuck within you. Remember who you are and what you know deep within yourself. Remember that you are more than capable of the task at hand even if you do not feel you are. Remember that we all need the support, prayers and blessings of each other and find comfort and harmony within yourself as you finely tune to what you came here to do.


If you would like to subscribe to these weekly notifications and updates which will continue until June 22 at least, please send me e-mail, putting please Subscribe Me in the subject Box. Thank you. Alternatively you can find my writings on

Blessed Be

Stephanie Jill Hope

From: "Biannca Pace" <>
Subject: FWD Commentary on the Situation in The Middle East & The Aries Full Moon
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002

Hello my friends,

This interesting viewpoint on current events seen thru the eyes of Bruce Lyon an esoteric astrologer friend from New Zealand, sheds some light on what is going on in the world from an esoteric perspective. He is a Bailey student and so uses (perhaps unfamiliar) terminology, but if you have any queries on that terminology just get back to me and I will happily elucidate.

Much love



Commentary of the Situation in the Middle East & The Aires Full Moon.

By Bruce Lyons

The world situation is building to a greater point of tension as we approach the Aries full moon. The first ray energies available at this time can be used by Hierarchy in the ongoing attempt to bring to an end certain basic tendencies within the field of humanity by a further 'sealing' of the door where evil dwells. The situation in the middle east has at it's root an aspect of separativeness and materialism. The origins lie deep in humanity's karmic past but can be witnessed in the actions of thepresent. Deep survival fears originate from the misidentification of the soul with the form aspect instead of the spiritual pole. As a result, spiritual principles get ignored in the mistaken attempt to preserve the form life. The result is merely an intensification of the misidentification with the body and a greater need to control the environment in order to manage the resulting escalating fear. In recent times, the genocide directed towards the jewish race by Nazi Germany resulted in a great stimulation of the racial survival fears. As a result the founding of the state of Israel was an attempt to secure a 'homeland'. Of course, the true 'homeland' for the wandering human soul ( which the jewish race represents ) is the ashram, and eventually, the monad.

The great initiation of the crucifixion is when the soul releases finally its identification with all within the three worlds in realization of its source as the monad. The monad and the body are opposites within a greater unity. In order for the soul to bring the energies of spirit and matter together, it must first choose it's 'home'. Then it is able to use the materializing powers of the seventh ray to externalize this 'home' on earth. The choice of the body (or land as an extension of the body) as the 'primary' home results in the need to defend it against inevitable decay and death. The fear of death can never be allayed however. If spiritual principles are transgressed in the attempt, then the exile from spirit increases and the dependence upon form increases creating a materialistic spiral.

Ironically, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is a reflection in the astral plane of this higher battle. The Palestinians, with their external homeland or 'racial body' under threat are resorting to suicide bombing - an expression of the sacrifice of the form nature for a supposedly 'higher principle' (actually the sacrifice of the individual form for the collective form). The Israelis, feeling their homeland or racial body under threat are attempting to control their environment in an attempt to protect it. This control escalates the threat. Of course, both sides are being motivated by an investment in, and therefore fear of loss of, their external homeland. They are not the only ones with this investment of course - witness the mortgage payments which drive the activity of much of the western world - but they are playing out its most extreme consequences on behalf of humanity.

They represent the remnants of the sixth ray in it's materialistic expression. The investment in 'form' always results, under the pressure of evolution in the 'destruction' of form. This is due to the first ray energies, directed by consciousness identified with form, into the form.

The first ray is intended to abstract the consciousness from the form, but if the consciousness will not release the form, the form gets abstracted as well. Sensing this, the consciousness seeks to 'externalise' this destructive force on the forms around. We are seeing this play out now on the world stage.

The Shamballic impact is an 'abstracting force' designed to release the consciousness from form in preparation for the incoming seventh ray which will then shape form according to the Plan. Reactionary sixth ray energies must be offset by the highest aspect of the sixth ray, the devotion to spiritual principles regardless of the consequences to the form, be it body or land. Individuals embodying this highest aspect of the sixth ray exist amongst both groups and it is to them that we can direct our energies of support at this time.

But this will not be enough. The conflict is not a localized one - it has its origins deep within the karma of humanity and thus must be solved by humanity as a whole. This requires the strengthening of the United Nations as a center within humanity for the direction of Will energy as an abstracting and synthesizing force. In order to distribute this 'abstracting force' a triangle is being created between Shamballa, Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers, the latter representing the ajna center. The reflection of this higher triangle is a lower triangle between the base, solar plexus and again, the ajna center.

This makes a link between Tokyo, New York and Darjeeling as outer expressions of these energiesm - as planetary centres within the fifth root race. It is kundalini from the base center which provides the rising will force for the release of the solar plexus energy to the heart. Japan has a first ray soul and sixth ray personality. The release of the atomic bombs there during the last Shamballic impact has a correspondence in the human system to the impact of the spiritual will upon the base center with the resultant release of kundalini.

It might be useful therefore, at the time of the Aries Full moon to consciously create a triangle between these three centers of Darjeeling, New York and Tokyo with the 'intended direction' being the release of energy from New York (solar plexus) to Geneva (heart). The 'rising' of energy will be directed through the United Nations which has offices in both cities.

The United Nations must be transformed through this rising energy into an energetic system within the human kingdom that can be effectively overlighted by the Spirit of Peace, thus bringing the crown and heart chakras of humanity into a dynamic relationship. The twin towers of New York represent the dominant Gemini personality of America, transformed into towers of light, infused by the Aquarian soul, which offers its powers to the whole of humanity as a redeemed expression of the sixth ray and thus helps open the planetary heart.

As conscious servers we are encouraged to see the outer events upon the world stage within a wider context. With understanding comes the increased power to serve. Hierarchy needs the conscious, willing assistance of humanity in order to triangulate the will force pouring in from Shamballa. It is through the aligned thought, directed through the New Group of World Servers that the Plan will be brought into manifestation on earth.

This papers then, is a call to unitedly and esoterically strengthen the United Nations on the Aries Full Moon as the only human center able to respond to the entrenched survival based will- force within the lower nature of humanity.

This fire must be fought with fire. The fire of thewill to liberate. The fire of the will-to-good. The fire of Shamballa.

Bruce Lyon

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Sent by Ken <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002


We are Governed by Fear: An Interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich
By Scott Galindez
March 14, 2002

TO.SG | Congressman Kucinich welcome to t r u t h o u t. I recently attended Americans For Democratic Action's "Our Democracy After 9-11: Can We Save It?" function in Los Angeles, and listened to you deliver your "Prayer for America..."

KUCINICH | You were there?

TO.SG | Yes, we posted the transcript on t r u t h o u t and received an enthusiastic response. It was one of the most widely read and re-distributed pieces we have ever published.

KUCINICH | Wow, that's interesting

TO.SG | In that speech in Los Angeles, you described the bunker mentality in Washington after September 11th. Could you elaborate a little on that?

KUCINICH | That was even before I knew there were bunkers. I found out a couple of weeks later that there actually were bunkers. Members of the Administration had retreated to bunkers outside Washington so that they could keep the government going. The bunker mentality I referred to in my speech represents the presence of security and police and national guards, the jersey barriers that are everywhere, where we have to literally negotiate a labyrinth of concrete barriers in order to go to vote. Aesthetically, it is unacceptable, but we're talking about politically, in terms of a democracy, that's definitely not the message that you get. This is architecture worthy of a different form of government, shall we say.

TO.SG | And that still exists?

KUCINICH | Oh yes. What it does is -- the level of security creates a mentality of caution, and an underlying sense of fear. And when that's there, it has a way of affecting consciousness, like a virus can adversely affect a healthy organism. So, when members vote, you know all of us make decisions that are affected by the conditions under which we live and work --and our political, the socio-political reality at Capitol Hill has been reconstructed. It is a reality which is socially affirmed. We have circumstances that are not conducive to healthy decision-making in a democratic society. In addition to that, members are not told why. There is no discussion of these things. It just happens.

TO.SG | Okay. Also, within the last week, the reports surfaced concerning the contingency plan for using nuclear weapons against seven countries. Is that a major policy shift? Some people say it's not a shift, some say it is.

KUCINICH | Of course it is. It is a major policy shift because -- there are a number of things in the nuclear posturing here which need reviewing. Number one is the equation of conventional to nuclear weapons, and loose talk of a prerogative for a first strike. There is incautiousness. The report is riddled with a fundamental incautiousness about the dangers of the use of nuclear weapons. And the release of the report -- which I have no doubt came from the Administration itself -- was still another attempt to heighten the level of fear in the country and make it impossible for people to be able to make rational decisions as to what their own interest might be.

TO.SG | The report also talked about developing new battlefield nuclear weapons ...

KUCINICH | That is what I'm saying: they're equating the nuclear weapons with conventional weapons, which flies in the face of all science, because any nuclear explosion underground will send out shock waves, and a nuclear explosion underground can affect the water table. All nuclear explosions release debris that goes out into the atmosphere and changes the ambient air quality. You know this is all grotesquery, masquerading as serious public policy, and it's not acceptable, period.

You see, it is one thing to say, "Well, this has existed in the past," this nuclear posture review -- but that it would be released in a climate of such turmoil in the world: of conflict in the Middle East, of the United States bombing Afghanistan and planning an invasion of Iraq, and of the U.S. sending troops to various countries all over the world -- to inject into that a miasma, a nuclear threat, a resumption of not just the Cold War mentality, but the resumption of the psychology of first strike ...

TO.SG | You proposed legislation for a Department of Peace.

KUCINICH | Oh yes.

TO.SG | What would the Department of Peace do?

KUCINICH | Well, the purpose of a Department of Peace and the motivating factors involve a desire to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our society for domestic as well as international policy, and on an international level to seek to make war archaic. On a domestic level, to deal with issues such as child abuse, spousal abuse, domestic violence in the home, community relations challenges, racial violence, anything that exemplifies a lack of ability to deal with human relations, would be dealt with by the Department of Peace. And it's a cabinet level position, which would raise the whole issue of non-violence and conflict resolution to serious level of discussion in society.

TO.SG | Okay, you also proposed legislation to ban weapons in space. What's its status and why is it so important?

KUCINICH | It is very important with an Administration that wants to use space as the next platform for its weapons, so that America can achieve hegemony in space. You know, it is almost some kind of a 21st century parody of the Spanish Armada, of yesteryear, seeking to rule the seas. Now it's the United States trying to seize the highest ground in the universe, space. It is not our business to do. There is no other nation that has the capacity to mount an attack against the United States from space. So, what's this about? Perhaps some crude attempt at -- using space as the next junkyard for military contractors.

TO.SG | What can readers do to help take the country back?

KUCINICH | That is exactly the right question. The response to my speech has been just electrifying. I have had over 15,000 emails in the last three weeks, and they are just pouring into my personal email. I mean, it's just like one of those personal emails like you get your friends to send things to, and all of sudden it starts to get flooded.

So, we are organizing a whole new approach to create a new political movement in this country. If you want to keep your eyes at our site,-- which is -- we are going to be putting stuff on the website that talks about organizing. So we are going to help people get organized all around the country in a nonviolent way, in a creative way, in a way which is empowering to people, and which can help people assert their own basic rights as citizens of this country and as citizens of the world, because this is not just about America.

Peace is in our national interest. International cooperation is in our national interest. We need to have grand civic dialogue about what we might be able to do here to change the direction of the nation. It certainly needs change. We can spend an extra forty-five billion dollars this year for military when they can't even keep track of their own budget, and still we have forty-two million people without adequate health insurance, senior citizens splitting pills in order to try to meet their health requirements and still protect their budget. We have schools that are still falling apart with programs that don't work. We have so much to do. Yet, society is becoming militarized.

People want change. The fifteen thousand emails in the last three weeks told me that people want a different direction. I think they are representative of millions of Americans who want to take a different approach. They don't want to be trapped into a condition that the level of support for war is equated with patriotism.

NOTE FROM JEAN: Interspersed with Carol Rosin's amazing life story included in part below (REALLY AMAZING!) you'll see that she argues that we may succeed to stop the military-industrial ol' boy club's drive to weaponize space if we can get them to give up the war game and replace it with a space game instead and so foster the transformation/conversion of the military forces and industry's current destructive role into a more benign and life-affirming one -- instead of trying to achieve complete disarmament, a dream the peace movement (or what's left of it!) has not been able to make happen.

Taken from:


by Carol Sue Rosin

(This essay first appeared in the Autumn Equinox 1996 issue of Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging.)

I know how to end war. I know how to transform the military-industrial complex. I know how we crones and all women of vision and action can create peace.

I feel as though I have come to earth to deliver a message, words I've been given over and over again:

We can transform the war game into a space game. We can create peace on earth through peace in space.

From 1974 to 1995, I played in the war game with the big boys, working within the military-industrial complex. That game is based on escalating the arms race into space. They aim to seize the high ground as they have always done on earth. Despite various peace actions, no current method of working for national defense or for peace will end wars.

We need a new angle, a new approach, an altered way of thinking.

My work in the belly of the beast taught me that the space frontier is the essential new element in our work for peace on earth.

This is the time to talk about war or space instead of war or peace to achieve peace on earth.

As I sat on John Lennon's Imagine memorial in New York's Central Park taping this essay, I heard a variation of the message:

Imagine we have put a literal lid on the arms race, once and for all time, by obtaining a good faith agreement from all the world's leaders stating they are willing to ban all space-based weapons.

Imagine what humans can do in outer space instead of the current plan to build battle stations above all our heads with thousands of weapons pointed directly at us and at satellites---our eyes and ears in the sky.

Imagine space craft, elevators and bridges to space with laser-powered rockets for transportation, space voyages through the universe; space-based hospitals, homes, schools, hotels, laboratories, industries, and farms with habitable ecospheres in space.

Imagine all cultures and ages working, living and playing together on earth and in space.

Imagine everyone learning about the highest states of consciousness, spirituality and technology as we study and design our evolution into space, including how this evolution could help feed and heal the world.

Imagine all of us remembering who we are in these bodies as a result of our looking up and out, deeply into the universe.

Imagine our minds and our consciousness expanding, our creativity unleashed.

Imagine all our hearts connecting in pure love and light.

Imagine "WE ARE FREE ... to ride the light into space."

That last quote was given to me by the late Dr. Timothy Leary, the '60s LSD coach, scientist, philosopher, computer software genius, and professor of original thought, who passed away of prostate cancer during the time I worked on this essay, as I stood by his bedside with his friends and family. I felt the warmth of his soul leaving his body and entering mine. I touched the pulse on this neck until it faded away.

Timothy spoke a version of the message: that we are free spirits, that we can create, choose, experience, and shift in and out of as many realities as we want, whenever we want; that we can direct and control awareness to reach liberation, illumination, enlightenment; and that we are a space species destined to travel to the stars and beyond.


We are at a point in history where a space-based weapon is to be tested, built and launched. Unprecedented funds are being allocated. The war game accelerates as it escalates into space. That's the intention, though some don't believe it. We must stop them. We must present a new vision of what is possible. I know what I'm talking about. There have been times when I wish I didn't. My years in the belly of the beast have educated me, initiated me, have given me an overview which I must now present to the women of the world. I have no choice.


I am trying to find a way to emphasize, without being redundant, that the only program huge enough to replace war mentality and weapons technology is the space program. Even though we have had successes in conversion, conflict resolution, citizen diplomacy, business and other cooperative ventures, war will go on until it is replaced. The space program is the replacement.

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From: "AnnaLisaMarshall/PeaceinHeart" <Inheart@PEACEINHEART.NET>
Subject: Peace Invitation
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002

Dear Jean Hudon,

My friend Ethel Greene ( suggested I send you a personal invitation to view this campaign.




Dear Planetary and Personal Healers,

This message is to announce the birth of The NEW FULL SPIRAL PEACE MOVEMENT CAMPAIGN.

This is a very serious campaign to create and anchor a new global CORE Thoughtform of peace and peace symbology. Conceived in the building of a wonderful Peace Labyrinth on the Autumn
Equinox, Sept 22, 2001. It has grown up from Mother Earth into a prayer for all life.

I hope you feel the depth of this expression. It is of course, our deepest wish to see this campaign grow with great power and speed, as it appears to be the time of phenomenal shifts in Conscious Living.

If you resonate with this concept we invite you to join us at
http://WWW.PEACEINHEART.NET to learn more.

This initial launching (in the phase of the 1st New Moon of Spring) of the FULL SPIRAL PEACE MOVEMENT CAMPAIGN is by Invitation Only and allows you to view this website today.

http://WWW.PEACEINHEART.NET will be registered and available on worldwide search engines on March 20, 2002. Spring Equinox. Please join us and share this campaign with your network and other souls who know the power of our thoughts. I hope this concept inspires you and all with whom you share.

In anticipation I thank you for your support.


Anna Lisa Marshall