March 6, 2002

Peace in Space is Endangered by the U.S. Drive for World Domination

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If you believe in a peaceful future, this is one of the most important compilations you'll find on the topic of Peace in Space. Please do not put off reading this material and take immediate action if you can.

Time is short to prevent the U.S. from launching its new crusade to dominate and weaponize space.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Peace in Space Accord
2. Star Wars DharmaWalk on Net-TV Mar.1-8
3. The Future of Warfare -- Or "Single Dumbest" Bush Idea?
4. Matthew Ward on Peace in Space
6. Resumption of Nuclear Testing is Not an Option


From: "Doreen Agostino" <>
Subject: Peace in Space Accord

Press Release to announce a World Treaty Banning Space Based Weapons

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We need to unite Lightworkers and others to secure World Leader's signatures to this Peace in Space Accord by May 2002 or sooner.

It is time to move beyond communicating to create a New Reality. I believe Spirit opens the door for humanity to walk into the Light through this World Treaty. Hundreds of billions of dollars must be re-directed away from armaments and space weapons to create systems that serve the highest destiny of all life in peace and harmony. This includes a new form of government, a new money system based on justice and a peaceful connection with our Cosmic Families.

May we count on you to support?...



The purpose of H.R. 3616 Space Preservation Act, 2002 introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a forthcoming Senate Bill and of the compatible World Treaty Banning Space-based Weapons is: “To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space.”

"The U.S. legislation requires the U.S. President “to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons. ”The WORLD treaty replaces the ABM Treaty that President Bush announced the U.S. would unilaterally break in June. This legislation and World Treaty to ban space-based weapons in 2002, beg our attention at this one moment in history, BEFORE weapons are placed in space. The benefits are unlimited, including a world cooperative space program that replaces space-based weapons, the war industry and war mindset.

This new national and world law brings humanity into a Space Age paradigm of real solutions to urgent human (health, education, poverty and suffering…war and terrorism) and environmental (energy, global warming, pollution…) problems. It stimulates a new space economy in the absence of fear with a security system and applications of space technology to enhance communication and earth observation. We replace and eliminate dangerous technologies and transform the war industry into a space industry that recognizes who we are in these bodies and in the Universe. We create peace on earth through peace in our sacred space. 

The U.S. legislation and World Treaty Banning Space-based Weapons provide:
- a new framework for a space stimulus plan;
- a sustainable national and world economy, including a security system based on building world cooperative and inexorably linked civil, commercial and military space development and exploration programs;
- a permanent ban on space-based weapons;
- the creation of a space peacekeeping agency to verify and enforce the ban;
- compatible wording with the U.S. legislation; UN space/peace treaties and international treaty proposals.

The U.S. legislation and World Treaty Banning Space-based Weapons are based on:
- world law related to peaceful uses of outer space including the 1967 Outer Space Treaty;
- Universal laws and principals;
- most recent U.N. General Assembly resolutions preventing an arms race in space.

Passing this legislation and World Treaty in 2002 is vital, to cap the arms race. It reduces and eliminates ground-based weapons that damage or destroy objects or people in space, and reduces, with eventual elimination, dangerous weapons and technologies on earth.

Further testing of missile defense space-based weapons must be halted, BEFORE President Bush breaks the ABM Treaty, and BEFORE an unstoppable momentum of vested interests deploy them under the guise of “MERELY testing.”

December 13, 2001, Bush announced the U.S. would unilaterally abrogate the ABM Treaty in June, thus accelerating the space-based weapons program amid atmosphere of fear and terrorism. Weaponization of space increases global instability and probable global warfare with weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons, biological, chemical, or other weapons, sustaining suffering, poverty, environmental damage and death of more and more species including humans.

Space-based weapons are dangerous, destabilizing, too costly ($148 billion so far), and do not protect anyone or anything from terrorists. This legislation and treaty will cap the arms race forever and allow space R&D and exploration programs to continue with a non-space-based weapons mandate and commitment to direct Space Age technology, products and services to solve problems on earth.

This is the new space paradigm... a new way of thinking which unleashes minds to create safe and clean alternative Space Age technologies, products, and services to stimulate the economy including more jobs and training programs to directly solve urgent humanitarian problems. World cooperative space R&D and exploration programs potentialize technology and information services to provide strong national and global security systems based on modernizing ground forces, including enhanced world cooperative communication, information sharing and alternative technology application. The WORLD Treaty halts worldwide R&D, testing, production, manufacturing and deployment of ALL space-based weapons as does the U.S. legislation. A multitude of vital benefits and opportunities are then available to everyone including a united humanity.

Despite decades of effort to halt it, the largest R&D program in history now exists and it is mandated to weaponize space above us. Removing that mandate by signing into U.S. national and world law the ban on space-based weapons will not stop ground-based weapons systems or basic R&D programs, however it does stop R&D, testing, production, manufacturing and deployment intended for space-based weaponry. This allows reduction and eventual elimination of dangerous and costly ground-based systems, their replacement and alternatives.

This ban actually frees minds in the military industrial/business, intelligence, lab university complex to create technologies, products and services we need in the Space Age in which we live. This ban will cause “Second Order Change” that allows us to enter into a new space paradigm in which we live in peace and harmony on earth and in space.

With intent and commitment the space-based weapons industry is capable of transforming into a world cooperative military, civil and commercial space industry without weapons in space. The war and weapons economy are transformed into a Space Age economy. Veils of secrecy lift. Resources, including alternative energy and clean propulsion systems, pollution free technologies, and means of caring for all life on earth are supported so they can and do emerge. The truth sets us all free.

ICIS educates individuals, groups, decision makers and the collective consciousness about pending US legislation and World Treaty, to halt the mandate to weaponize space and to outlaw space-based weapons. Let’s envision what IS and WILL BE in space with benefits flowing to all on earth. See the military role changing in space as they discover technology and information services to solve earthbound problems. Presently the militaries of the world depend on surveillance, reconnaissance, navigation and communication satellites, radar and sensors to enhance intelligence and because they use them as “force multipliers’ in war and defensive situations. The militaries can apply these same technologies to help humans, animals and our environment while continuing to work on their non-space based weapon systems with corporations and businesses in the new space paradigm. This is a first step to change the way we think on earth.

We can have space-based battle-stations and weapons pointed down our throats, designed to control the earth and space from space, or we can have space craft, space-based habitats, hospitals, schools and universities, laboratories and industries, hotels and resorts, farms, elevators, and places in space where future generations can live, work and explore.

Imagine how much there is to learn about healing techniques from designing a space-based hospital in zero gravity. Imagine visiting a space-based hotel and resort. Space tourism has begun. Imagine new technologies released that are non-polluting when the collective consciousness awakens to space alternatives. As humans evolve into space with a new collective consciousness and positive intent, we learn more about ourselves in these bodies and about who we are in the universes. What do you choose?

Weaponization or Co-operation in Space.

It is OUR responsibility. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to globally communicate the new Space Age paradigm and new thinking; the US legislation and compatible World Treaty and related benefits and to unite as One to ensure the World Treaty to Ban Space Based Weapons is signed.

The legislation H.R. 3616 has been introduced and the Senate version will soon follow. The compatible sister companion World Treaty Banning Space-based Weapons will soon be officially introduced and signed by nation-state leaders. The ICIS 90-Day Plan of Action including education, potential, benefits and escalating support for this ban is to be announced in February. A globally televised World Interactive Treaty Signing (WITS) event is scheduled to take place in May.

Timing is of the essence. We have only a few months before the ABM Treaty is scheduled to be abrogated in June. People are calling, faxing congress members and world leaders (free via website) and writing and calling members of US congress and administration, and nation-state/world leaders, to request support and signatures. Leaders of Canada, Russia, and China have publicly stated they are ready to ban space-based weapons. People are contacting leaders to request they introduce and sign the World Treaty and invite all other leaders to do the same.

ICIS FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions (see website) provides continual updates of sample letters and addresses.

Keeping weapons out of space is one of the most important and perhaps the most important contribution our generation can make, to end suffering of all life forms on our planet and for the children. Peace on earth begins with us. You, me and every other human being, hold the key to Space and Peace on Earth...


From: "David Crockett Williams" <>
Subject: Star Wars DharmaWalk on Net-TV Mar.1-8
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002

A Global Emergency Alert Response:

Please forward this to your lists of interested contacts who are interested to watch streaming video on the internet about the 2002 Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage available until March 8, 2002, Friday.

This walk is being conducted as a prayer to end the proposed "Star Wars" scenario of US plans for military domination of space including nuclear weapons in space, and for the elimination of nuclear weapons, global peace now, etc. These prayers are being answered by the movement for a global Space Preservation Treaty to ban the weaponization of space and avert this Star Wars scenario by seriously and intensely focusing on June 13 ABM treaty abrogation deadline effected by President Bush as the date for global treaty and compatible new national Space Preservation Act law implementation.

Please alert all of your networks to go immediately to and to easily fax from there sending letters of support and encouragement to their congresspeople and senators to support the Space Preservation Act of 2002 to ban space based weapons, as the "first domino" ready to fall (one way or the other) in a string of policies which this expanding global network can "topple our way" to avert the numerous bad policies that the Bush administration is planning to implement from escalation of war on terror into a third world war, to drilling for oil in the Arctic, to abrogation of Kyoto protocols, to avert global climate change, etc etc etc.

FSTV SPECIAL REPORT MARCH 1 - 8 2002 (Streaming Video)

Peace activists carrying a flame from the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima march across the US for an end to nukes

NOTE FROM JEAN: Check this too - as sent by David!

Free Speech TV on Television: Dish Network Channel 9415:


Colombia: Torture and Murder of Peasants - How the right-wing death squads and military serve the wealthy elites. A provocative and shocking documentary about the real causes of the civil war in Colombia. Human Rights worker and film maker Daniel Bland examines the methods used by the Colombian military and their paramilitaries to drive the indigenous and Afro-Colombian people off their resource rich lands. Most of the people who spoke out in this film have since been murdered.

THE UWA (Streaming Video)

Defending the Heart of the World In Columbia, Occidental Petroleum's exploration in the territory of the UWA people promises to bring both ecological and cultural destruction. The root of the conflict in Columbia is the effort of the big money interests to drive the indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities from their resource rich lands. It is this ruthless displacement, creating more than 2 million Colombian refugees, that the US is backing in the name of first the "war on drugs," and now the "war of terrorism."

DID YOU KNOW? (From FSTV's weekly Special Report)


- Estimated Global Nuclear Arsenal:

China: 400 - 410
France: 400 - 482
North Korea: 10
Russia: 13,000 - 20,000
UK: 200
United States: 10,500 - 12,000
(Source: Abolition 2000)

Nuclear Warhead Production Capacity Estimates:

India: 85 - 90
Israel: 100
Pakistan: 15 - 20
Source: Abolition 2000

Estimated number of times the current arsenal could destroy all life on Earth: 16 times





The Future of Warfare -- Or "Single Dumbest" Bush Idea?

The U.S. military is drawing up plans for a space bomber that could drop precision bombs from a height of more than 100 kilometres while flying 15 times faster than conventional bombers.

Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, last month ordered the Pentagon to look into developing a spacecraft that "would be valuable for conducting rapid global strikes," according to a planning document issued under his name and obtained by The Los Angeles Times.

The bomber would blast off like a long-range missile and travel over its targets at 15 times the speed and 10 times the altitude of current heavy bombers.

The proposed vehicles would be flying so high and fast they would not even need explosives in their bombs. The projectiles would be able to crash through concrete bunkers and into underground missile silos like meteorites through speed and weight alone.

The bomber would be able to strike targets on the other side of the world within minutes and return to its base within an hour-and-a-half. It would also be out of reach of conventional air defence systems.

The idea of a rocket-propelled space bomber has been around in various guises since the 1930s, when Eugen Sanger, an Austrian rocket scientist, urged Adolf Hitler to build an "antipodal bomber" called the Silver Bird that could skip across the edge of the atmosphere to strike New York City.


However, the craft could set off a new arms race in the stratosphere and has already drawn criticism as an example of the increasing militarization of space. Tom Daschle, the Democratic Senate leader, has called the plan "the single dumbest thing I've heard from this administration." (...) The Bush administration's plans for military uses of space have been under intense scrutiny because of previous hints about taking a more assertive approach in this area. The proposed craft could easily be adapted to defend U.S. satellites or strike those of enemies, analysts say.




For more details on her books from her son Matthew in Heaven, please visit

Peace in Space

February 6, 2002

Matthew, good morning! Are you aware of an organized effort to create peace in space? If so, will you please comment on this.

MATTHEW: Good morning, Mother. Indeed, this effort is well known in this realm, and it should be, for the inspiration was filtered to the persons who have become active in this God-blessed spiritual endeavor to banish the fear on Earth of global war or in space employing weapons of greater mass destruction than ever before in your recorded history.

As I have been telling you, along with mind control, FEAR is the most effective and successful weapon the dark forces have, because the energy of fear is a barrier to the energy of light entering that same field. Although fear can be manifested with many objects as its focus, fear of dying still holds the most sway on Earth, and war is one of the great causes of death. In war, death may come by an implement unseen and thus no defense, and most likely, with no beloved soul to tend one’s last moments of life on Earth. War promotes fear in the hearts of beloved souls waiting at home, fearing that perhaps their dear ones will never return but will die without comfort, without good byes. Fear flourishes in the global anticipation of physical death and the loss of loved ones. Thus in weapons with unsurpassed destructive capability for mass death and maybe even worse, the plight of survivors, you have FEAR without peer.

This is the level of conscious understanding of most of Earth’s population. What is aimed by the darkness in power on the planet includes and goes beyond this, to preventing the space brotherhood’s light-bearing service on behalf of Earth’s preservation. While this dark effort cannot be successful in accordance with the decree of Creator and God, still, working toward prohibition of mass destruction weapons is the avenue whereby that decree can be upheld also by the free will choices of Earth’s occupants, thus participating in their own physical lifesaving.

“Salvation” is up to each individual, and this is not generally understood on Earth, where “salvation” is incorrectly taught. But indeed, it is each person’s conscious choices that forge the pathway, and contributing, each in his or her own way, to the peace accord is a great opportunity for everyone to participate in “salvation” physically, not only spiritually.

Failing great numbers of Earth’s peoples doing this, the more powerful technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations advanced in spiritual growth will save the planet, so Earth will survive and be restored and be inhabited by those whose thoughts, feelings and deeds are loving, sharing, peaceful in nature. These are the qualities that will raise the vibrations of the beings who can be “saved” physically in accordance with pre-birth soul level agreements as Earth rises in her own vibrational frequency.

And Earth is rising, make no mistake about this! By virtue of cellular-level light composition, the souls attaining this higher frequency that you call fourth dimension can, in physical bodies, travel on Earth’s pathway of peace and love with her. Thus this initiative idea was created here and filtered to Earth to the souls there who are doing the legwork for this greatest of all spiritual movements insofar as potential effectiveness to stop all sources of fighting, grave conflicts over religious beliefs, greedy and controlling powers, massive deprivation, and tyranny. Those situations that for so long have caused only death and misery and fear must be surrendered unto the light so that beliefs and actions will be loving, not divisive. All will be in unity of caring and tending each other in love, not in the darkness where only opposition to love thrives. The need is for love to fill the void within those souls in darkness, where light – the energy of love -- eventually was diminished to a spark only.

The dark souls who continue to refuse the light will leave this physical lifetime and their lower energy registration automatically will take them to a placement where existence is in a lower life form. In this more elementary form the potential for their absorbing light can be more easily realized, and if they are receptive to growing within the light, this, then, will be their “salvation.”

To you in the foremost ranks of this peace in space effort, know that light beings within, on, and above the planet are in force with you, and even if not personally known to you, each is adding knowledgeably to your efforts. Please know that you have been inspired to take the reins because you yourselves selected this prior to birth in current experience. Please know that being FEARLESS in your thrust is within energy direction for the creativity of success and the balance necessary to replace the current polarity.

You who are not in the vanguard of this peace movement must not falter in responsibility to assist in this to the extent of your resources and influence. You CAN do this! Choosing love and peace over all that conflicts with that sublime state need not be complex or confusing! Hearts need only be receptive to feeling love without judgment or qualification, and the energy that this creates automatically goes about touching and healing the rest of life there and Earth herself as her own consciousness.

I have spoken before about the positive energy attachments generated by simply a smile, how this is instrumental in reducing or eliminating the negativity within souls all around the one who smiles. This may seem an insignificant contribution in comparison with the more directly active world peace efforts. No! It is in measures such as this simple positive action of smiling that the great benefits of changing nature start and continue, like the covering of a seed opening to begin its growth into the magnificence of the towering tree.

Indeed, the vanguard of the movement to preserve the sanctity of space near Earth do much more than smile about it. However, it is not necessary for the vast number of souls to have that same inspired fervor, that same intellectual knowledge of physics as to how energy works universally, those same resources and abilities to be leading the effort. It is in being receptive and responsive to this effort, to taking action at the level you can, to knowing in heart and mind the necessity of replacing hate and war with love and peace -–that is where the abundance of souls on Earth will be involved.

Mother, thank you for taking this message to the requester, with my thanks to her for valuing my comments. It is an honor for me to participate at whatever level I can to this God-blessed essential movement on Earth.


Thanks for your last letter regarding Matthew's message about Peace in Space which I just read. This may be useful indeed to further activate more people into positive actions for peace on Earth and in space. The recurring themes of fear being the "weapon" of choice of the dark ones and of an attitude of trusting love and compassion as can be encompassed in a simple smile can be also helpful to better understand what is at stake and what can be done. It is also reassuring to read that, in the end, whether our efforts succeed or not in shifting humanity's evolution towards the path of Love, "the more powerful technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations advanced in spiritual growth will save the planet". Of course, one would naturally be curious to know more about the plans and schedule of our space brothers and sisters as to how and when they intend to make good on this promise. I also sensed while reading the part pertaining to the fourth dimension that most people may still not have a clear enough understanding of what this change entails in practical terms for us as physically embodied souls. These are some of the thoughts that came to mind as I read it.

TO WHICH SUZY REPLIED (in part) that "a number of very down-to-Earth changes that will come are included in the Creator's Decree in REVELATIONS FOR A NEW ERA" (which was included in one of my compilations several weeks ago and is available through


From: Liz Daly <>

I so completely resonate with the Divine Words of Matthew... Peace in Space is one of my passions as I commune so often with our Divine Space Brothers and Sisters...thank you for dedicating an upcoming
compilation, once again, to Peace in Space... this subject is of paramount importance... and I believe, as Matthew stated...Our Christed ETs friends will intervene at the appropriate time... The ascension of Terra is essential to the Omniverse... so our Beloved Galactics will assist us as they
have already assisted many times as evidenced by the curious shut downs of missile silos at just the perfect time. Representative Barbara Lee is one of my current heroes...she has balls..unbelievable balls. I honor her and support her 1000%...More will join her...She is truly a brave warrior.

From: "Doreen Agostino" <>
Subject: Consciousness + peace = evolution

Thank you so much. Matthew's response also inspires me. Many people know Mother Earth is in Ascension. I thought Universal Law dictates no one, no Cosmic Family may interfere with a Free Will Planet. This suggests critical mass here, must choose Peace now. Then again, perhaps the evolution of Earth in alignment with the Omniverse is so integral, IF humans attempt to interfere, our Cosmic Family with no other choice will intervene, especially if humans pull out nuclear warheads and expand space-based weapons. I understand there are ET ships at the the most rugged, remote parts of our Oceans and above, ready to display in a heartbeat. First Contact has been delayed repeatedly.

My interpretation is this:

What is manifesting now is first time experience, so no one knows final outcome. Traditionally a planet shifts into higher dimension and most lives are sacrificed (Lemuria/Atlantis). The Divine Plan unfolding now is to shift in full consciousness. This means we must face fear now because as we shift, we are in PURE CREATION. Whatever we think or fear etc is what we manifest. Now is the time to do our inner work: to connect with our Higher Selves; live truth; be integrity; Love; choose Peace; forgive others; move beyond judgment, blame and shame; consciously cleanse and release what does not serve our highest good; face our fears etc. Those who do, may make it through the void to create and experience Heaven on Earth.... the next Root Race...the next Golden Age.

Does Soul already know now who is destined for Terra? Who returns to home base on Other Planets? Who goes to lower vibration based on lower choices in this or past lives? I am not sure.

I study the development of human consciousness based on quantum physics. I understand the Unified Field...everywhere...everywhen...everyone...all accessible through our Higher Selves or I Am Presence. Our mission is to unite matter (physical) with Spirit (I Am Presence). To become One. When we unite as One we develop the mental vehicle....and evolve human consciousness.

In Lemuria we developed the physical vehicle (6.0 million years), in Atlantis we developed the astral emotional vehicle (12 million years) and we've been developing the mental vehicle for 100,000 years and now it is time. Consciousness is key. Everything is connected, we are one Energy. What goes on outside us, mirrors what is in the collective. This is why I feel the World Treaty is so integral, it offers hope and unites us in positive energy to shift the collective consciousness beyond fear, anger and revenge...into peace on earth and beyond.



Plans for U.S. “control and domination” of space are moving ahead quickly.
Please help by joining us at the following events:

MAY 10—12, 2002
No Star Wars: International Space Organizing Conference & Protest Berkeley, California

2002 marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Network. Join us as we celebrate this landmark and strengthen our commitment to preventing a new arms race in space. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), the only person in Congress to vote against the call for war in Central Asia, will be a keynote speaker. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who has introduced legislation to ban weapons in space, has been invited to also deliver a keynote address. Representatives from peace groups worldwide will be in attendance to share their work to stop Star Wars. Included will be a protest at Lockheed Martin (Sunnyvale) where work is underway on the space-base laser, airborne laser, Theatre Missile Defense (TMD), and new satellites for space war fighting.

This event is being hosted by Nevada Desert Experience, a Global Network affiliate.

OCTOBER 4-11, 2002
Keep Space for Peace Week: International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space

Having seen the number of local actions double in 2001 (115 actions in 19 countries) the Global Network is calling for a week of events in 2002. In addition to local protests at key space installations, groups are urged to organize events throughout the week that would include things like visits to political leaders, community teach-ins, meetings of religious leaders, -visits to local schools, media work, and public displays. Help us build this vital global movement to stop the nuclearization and weaponization of space. Working together we can create a new consciousness about protecting space from the bad seed of war!

Please send me more information about:

Global Network
P0 Box 90083
Gainesville, FL. 32607
(352) 337-9274

May 10—12 - October 4-11

Please send donations to support this Keep Space For Peace campaign.



Resumption of Nuclear Testing is Not an Option

Contributed by Greenpeace

The Bush administration is considering an expedited plan to resume nuclear weapons testing. A return to testing nuclear weapons would not only defy U.S. obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but experts say it could bring about a new nuclear arms race and destroy the fragile nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation agreements negotiated in the last decade.

Nuclear testing by the United States would end a moratorium that has been upheld for nearly 10 years by both Republican and Democratic administrations. As the steward of the most awesome array of nuclear weapons on earth, the United States has the responsibility for handling its nuclear stockpile in a way that demonstrates our preference for never resorting to nuclear weapons. This is particularly true given the events of September 11 and the need to maintain a strong anti-terror coalition.

Call to action

Encourage your representative to support an effort that is underway, led by Representative Markey from Massachusetts, to let President Bush know that a resumption of nuclear testing is not an option and, that at this crucial time in world history, our nation needs a leader who will work diligently to help eliminate, not encourage, the threat of nuclear weapons.

Deadline: Ongoing