December 23, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #168: Smallpox and AIDS Revisited, Mayhem Ahead in Israel

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"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship... To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a republic... The Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."

- Benjamin Rush, M.D., signer of the Declaration of Independence and physician to George Washington (Sent by "Karen Kirschbaum" <>)


1. Smallpox Gunmen Deputized to Secure Vaccination Areas
2. Rethinking AIDS
3. Israel Faces Possible 'Catastrophe' Ahead
4. Gangsters, War Criminals Dominate New Israeli Parliament
5. The Earth Day Network launches WATER FOR LIFE 2003-2004

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Forwarded by Ken Mandy <>

Dec 19, 2002

Smallpox Gunmen Deputized to Secure Vaccination Areas:

Resistance Mounts to FEMA's Involvement in "Public Health" Plan

Sandpoint, ID - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials are directing police chiefs nationwide to search local gun owner records to identify and train civilian deputies to secure smallpox vaccination sites. According to documents forwarded to civil rights groups by police chiefs engaged in a growing smallpox vaccination resistance movement, the plan calls for armed civilian security guards to maintain the peace in every room the vaccine will be given.

The FEMA directive is aimed to prevent violence at smallpox "vaccination areas." It also effectively removes law enforcement officials who oppose vaccination. "Police chiefs are now being pressured to comply, get vaccinated, then promote the smallpox vaccine," said one chief who requested anonymity. "They expect us to follow the 500,000 military personnel that began to receive the vaccine this week."

The general public may be required to take the vaccine immediately following the first reported case of smallpox, and after 10 million healthcare workers and emergency responders are vaccinated and positioned to run the mammoth civilian program.

FEMA officials were unavailable for comment regarding their involvement in ordering one armed civilian "security staff" to defend every two "vaccinators," including one "preferred" registered nurse. These civilian volunteers are expected to administer thousands of vaccines per day.

"Authorities will claim this availability of lethal force is meant to reduce risks and protect volunteers," said Ingri Cassel, the director of Vaccination Liberation, a nationwide association that has established dozens of local chapters to defend the legal right to abstain from vaccinations. "We are seeing increasingly coercive policies, allegedly for "public health" and "national security", that dangerously restrict civil rights and religious freedoms."

Clinical trials on the largely unproven smallpox vaccine are ongoing at Baylor University and three other sites. "That proves the experimental nature of this entire program," said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a public health authority and bioterrorism expert who helped establish a public information website all about smallpox. (

Many medical and public health officials have serious doubts about the expected benefits versus known health risks of this hurried plan. A scientific consensus voted against this plan last summer, Dr. Horowitz explained, referring to a series of governmental hearings that concluded in June. "Forcing military and emergency personnel to receive a fifty-year-old mixture of cow pus, mercury, and fetal calf serum, to adequately protect against modern strains of smallpox, including those weaponized for mass destruction, grossly violates common sense and medical ethics."

"I've been vindicated," said Jack McLamb, a retired military and police officer, and publisher of AID & Abet, a police and military periodical. Officer McLamb has been persecuted for years for openly criticizing the government while predicting that law officers would be used to enforce coercive public health policies that attack civil liberties and undermine religious freedoms. "My detractors laughed when I said, "Tyranny can not come to the home of any American unless it comes in uniform. Now no one is laughing anymore."

Note to journalists: For additional interviews on this topic contact Ingri
Cassel at 208-255-2307 <>, Dr. Leonard Horowitz
208-265-2575 <> and Jack McLamb at (208) 935-7852.


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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002
From: Tim Strachan <>
Subject: Rethinking AIDS

There is a lot of subjugated information and direct dis-information re AIDS. The story below covers some of it, and gives references for more research. This is a mainstream story, not a 'conspiracist' one, and brings up many interesting issues.

University Magazine
Volume ll, Number 4, December 2002
California State University, Long Beach


DO I HAVE HIV? The answer is more complex than you think

by Liam Scheff

When Christine Maggiore was diagnosed HIV-positive in 1992, she found herself in a situation she never anticipated. Remaining healthy and retesting positive, negative and indeterminate a year later put her in a position she'd been told was impossible.

Today, Christine Maggiore is one of a growing number of citizens and scientists who are not satisfied with the current dogma and are rethinking AIDS.

UM's Liam Scheff spoke with Maggiore about her life, the controversial science of HIV and AIDS, and the unreported good news of the declining numbers of AIDS cases.

Liam Scheff: How did you find yourself in the position of being a critic to the established AIDS medical model?

Christine Maggiore: In 1992, I went for a regular office visit with a doctor who insisted that everyone should take an AIDS test as a matter of social responsibility. Considering myself socially responsible, I took the test even though I didn't have any health complaints or risk factors.

I was very shocked, devastated and ashamed when the results came back HIV-positive. I was told I had about five to seven years to live. In order to fulfill that time frame, I would have to take toxic medicines that, while extending the little bit of life I had left, would make me very sick.

I didn't take drugs immediately because I was also told, ironically, that I was too healthy, and that I had to wait to get sick before I could take the drugs. Given that advice, I felt I'd been left on my own. I started doing research and devised a vitamin program that would be supportive of my health and help prevent illness.

I became a public speaker and educator for AIDS Project Los Angeles and L.A. Shanti. I was invited to join the founding board of Women at Risk, one of the first AIDS organizations to address the specific concerns of women diagnosed HIV-positive.

I very actively and passionately towed the mainstream party line until, about a year later, I found a doctor who was somebody I thought I could die with a doctor I could talk to, who knew my name and whom I had respect for. She recommended I take the test over again because I seemed too healthy. First it came back indeterminate, then positive, then negative, then positive. I was stunned.

At that point, I decided to investigate information that I'd heard about but discounted, believing that I already knew everything about HIV and AIDS.

This turned out to be the information that saved my life.

My investigation started with the writings of Dr. Peter Duesberg and led me to an impressive collection of medical and scientific data that refutes most of our common assumptions about HIV and AIDS, and lays open a fact-based road to health for people who've tested positive. The information also provides important insight into what we all hear described in the mainstream media as AIDS.

LS: How does this information differ from what we're told about HIV and AIDS?

CM: We're given the impression through AIDS organizations and the media that AIDS is a disease and an ever-growing problem. This is false.

AIDS is not a single disease or a specific illness. AIDS is a collection of previously known conditions and illnesses, none of which are new or occur exclusively in people who test positive, and all of which occur in people who test negative. All these conditions have well known causes and treatments that have nothing to do with HIV.

AIDS works like a formula. If you test HIV-positive and have what's called an AIDS indicator disease such as salmonella, tuberculosis, some cancers, pneumonia, herpes or a yeast infection, then you have AIDS. If you test negative or don't know your HIV status, you simply have salmonella, tuberculosis or a yeast infection.

In the United States since 1993, illness is not even required to be diagnosed with AIDS. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, simply being diagnosed HIV-positive and having a one-time laboratory test that indicates a low T-cell count is enough for an automatic AIDS diagnosis, even if you've never been sick. Since 1993 more than half of all people in this country diagnosed with AIDS are not sick.

LS: You've said all you need for an AIDS diagnosis is one of the listed AIDS conditions and a positive HIV test. What's wrong with that? What's the problem with the HIV test?

CM: Since the only thing that distinguishes salmonella or tuberculosis or a yeast infection from AIDS is a positive HIV test, one would think that the tests are extremely accurate and reliable. But they're not.

Diagnosis means "you have" or "you are," as in "you have HIV" or "you are HIV-infected." Despite claims of 99 percent accuracy by the AIDS test makers, no tests have been approved for diagnosis in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration, because the tests do not specifically identify HIV.

HIV-antibody tests actually measure a patient's antibody reaction to a series of proteins that are thought to be components of HIV. But none of the proteins used in the test kits are unique or specific to HIV. The test literature actually explains that HIV tests are known to react with non-HIV antibodies. You can be diagnosed HIV-positive if you possess antibodies formed in response to vaccinations, hepatitis, herpes, pregnancy, multiple infections or certain cancers. There are about 60 conditions that can trigger false positives.

LS: And these 60 conditions are listed in the test literature?

CM: No, for that you have to look in the medical literature. The tests do mention blood transfusions, pregnancy and "other exposures," a broad category which means anything you've been exposed to that might cross-react and give a false positive.

The most frightening cross-reaction is pregnancy because this test is routinely offered to pregnant women. We all have this impression that the test is accurate, reliable, even infallible. So when the test comes back positive, doctors assume the result is true and correct and they insist that pregnant women take drugs known to cause cancer, deformities, spontaneous abortions and ill-health in both mother and child. If an expectant mother questions or does not comply with the doctor's orders, she risks losing custody of her baby immediately after birth.

The gold standard of HIV tests is called a virus culture. In this, a patient's blood is added to a dish containing leukemia cells. The cells and blood are stimulated with foreign chemicals until they manage to "tease out," in the words of AIDS researchers, some HIV from the sample.

But what they're "teasing out" didn't occur in the patient. It came from stressing cells with foreign chemicals. This does not prove that a person has a virus in their blood. It certainly doesn't prove that a virus came - from outside of the body and infected them.

There are many scientists who dispute the notion that HIV causes AIDS. In fact, the two researchers whose innovations helped form the basis for today's AIDS science, Dr. Peter Duesberg (who first mapped out a retroviral genome) and Dr. Kary Mullis (who won a Nobel prize for discovering technology that amplifies scraps of genetic material), are primary critics of the HIV equals AIDS hypothesis and claim their innovations are being misused to support it.

LS: If what you're saying is true, why do we hear that so many people are sick and dying? How many people are dying of AIDS?

CM: In Los Angeles last year, the number was 573 people. In the United States, from 1981 to 1998, the period of the AIDS epidemic, there were approximately 410,000 AIDS-related deaths. It is, of course, very sad when young people die. However, AIDS deaths are far outnumbered by deaths from less publicized causes. During the same period, there were 800,000 deaths - from car accidents, 9 million deaths from cancer, and 14 million deaths from heart disease. Compare the figures.

In the same period, 1.8 million people died from properly taken, correctly prescribed prescription drugs. That's over four times the number of AIDS deaths from 1981 to 1998.

During this period of time, there were 665, 000 AIDS diagnoses in the United States. But in the same period, there were 4.3 million chlamydia, 6 million genital herpes, and 13.6 million gonorrhea cases diagnosed.

So you've got to think about where our concerns, our tax dollars and our attentions are being focused. It's disproportionate to whatever real and tragic problem exists in regard to AIDS.

Do you know how many AIDS babies were born in LA county last year? Zero. The year before, one.

These are the facts. But when you read about the celebrity fundraiser that the L.A. Pediatric AIDS Foundation throws every year, nobody's announcing this fact. You have to wonder why there is no celebration or even acknowledgement of this good news.

Since 1993, AIDS cases in this country have done nothing but decline. In San Francisco, the "AIDS epicenter," there were less than 300 new AIDS cases last year. The director of San Francisco's Department of Public Health conducted a study that shows HIV positivity peaked there in 1982, more than 20 years ago. Yet every two weeks, the department and the city government declare an "AIDS state of emergency," so the city can continue to receive some $70 million in federal funding to combat a problem that hardly exists.

In Los Angeles County, the cumulative total of all AIDS cases ever diagnosed is 40,000. But 20,000 of those diagnoses were given to people who weren't sick and had no symptoms of illness. They got an AIDS diagnosis based solely on a lab count. We have thousands of AIDS organization telling us that the disease is a serious and growing threat to America's youth. But in 2000, there were less than 350 AIDS diagnoses out of our approximately 28 million American teenagers. That's .000015 percent.

Most of those diagnosed reported using intravenous drugs or having sex with men (ingesting sperm), both of which can create antibodies that give false HIV-positives.

LS: You are the founder and director of Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, based in Los Angeles. Your group offers counsel and support to people who've been diagnosed HIV-positive or with AIDS. What are some of the things that you tell people when they contact you?

CM: We let them know that there is more than one side to the AIDS story. There are options generally not mentioned by AIDS organizations, their doctors or the media. We encourage people to read about what the tests can and cannot prove, what the drugs can and cannot do, and to make up their own minds about how and if they will be treated.

Other AIDS organizations say, "Take the drugs, take the tests." We say take the time to become informed. Take the position that you are in charge of your life and your health. You're the one who lives with the decisions that you make.

These are very important, life-altering decisions which should be made on a foundation of facts, not assumptions. The first thing is to determine what, if anything, is wrong. Then, how that can be addressed through treatments and protocols that are health-enhancing, rather than health-compromising. We emphasize treatments that don't add to toxic consumption.

Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives does not offer medical care, but we do provide introductions to holistic health practitioners across the country who treat their patients' specific problems with therapies that are health-supporting.

Western medicine tends to see all HIV-positive people as exactly the same. Patients are basically rotated among 14 to 16 different pharmaceuticals. There is no real regard for the individual's unique needs. But if you think about it, the only real path to health is through individual diagnosis and individual treatment. We find that this path leads to happy endings and long stories of health.


Changing Lives Around the World


As a counter to all the gloom and doom promoted on World AIDS Day, here are just a few of the many, many messages we receive each day that affirm our efforts and inspire our continued commitment to the cause.

- From Sarah C:

I am so thankful to Alive and Well for helping me end a life lived in fear and begin a new life filled with nothing but hope and a deep desire to see the end of AIDS as we know it.

After 13 years of HIV positive diagnosis and normal health, and six years of HIV meds and near death conditions, I continue to recover, not from AIDS but - from the effects of these medicines. With the help of daily juicing, good nutrition, and avoiding toxins, I have not been sick a day since I quit more than a year ago.

I started my own business which keeps me working seven days a week 16 hours a day-something I could not have even contemplated attempting last fall.

Finding Alive and Well gave me the courage to believe in my recovery in the face of many who did not. I am delighted to say that they were wrong.

Please keep up the good work!

CLIP - Read the rest at


Sent by "Hank Roelofs" <>

Israel Faces Possible 'Catastrophe' Ahead

"You are bringing Israel to a point from which there is no escape..."

- Shimon Peres

MID-EAST REALITIES - http://www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - December 18, 2002:

Just a few weeks ago, in his last days (this go around) as a Likud-government Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres let out of the bag just how potentially catastrophic the near future could be for Israel. This awareness is what prompted Generals Rabin, and then Barak, to try desperately to push the Palestinians into some kind of apartheid-style 'Palestinian State' (popularly known as 'the Oslo Peace Process') in which they would be forced to renouce the conflict with Israel. And this kind of awareness is what is pushing the Israelis at this moment in history to in turn push the Americans to take control of the region through force of arms and declare that all Muslim and Arab states must not be allowed to develop weapons of mass destruction or they will either be 'disarmed' or 'regime changed'. Meanwhile, the policies propelling the very 'catastrophe' of which Peres warned -- and he is much harsher and ominous in private than he ever is in public -- are being even more vigorously pursued by the current Israeli government, now controlled more than ever in Israel's short history by a fanatical neo-fascist right-wing government likely to further increase its hold on power with the new election next month.

Peres: Blindness of extreme right could bring catastrophe

Within three years, the Middle East could turn into an arena of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, which because of the blindness of Israel's extreme right-wing could bring catastrophe upon Israel, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres told the Knesset yesterday. "You are bringing Israel to a point from which there is no escape," Peres said of the opposition of the far-right to diplomatic contacts with the Arabs.

Reacting angrily to MK Zvi Hendel's remark that had he lived, Yitzhak Rabin would have pressed for canceling the Oslo peace agreements, Peres said of the Israeli-Palestinian accords, "I don't regret them, I am proud of them, and Rabin would have stood here just like me!"

To Hendel's catcalls, Peres said of Rabin, whose 1995 assassination is being commemorated today, "I knew him better than you, and [unlike you] he had courage and had no demagoguery in him."

Peres also attacked the rabbis of the Yesha council settler movement, who this week issued calls advising soldiers against "evacuating their brothers" on illegal settlement outposts.

"You have no alternative other than virtual illusions. The rabbis of Yesha are the politicians of Yesha, the terrible politicians of Yesha," who Peres said were unfaithful to Israel's moral heritage. [Ha'aretz - Nov 2002]

Mid-East Realities - http://www.MiddleEast.Org
Phone: 202 362-5266, Fax: 815 366-0800
Email: MER@MiddleEast.Org


Forwarded by Olga Scully <>

Gangsters, War Criminals Dominate New Israeli Parliament - Criminal History, Acts of Genocide, Don't Bar One From A Position Of Leadership In The Jewish Community


Sydney Morning Herald


Notorious brothers brush aside scandal and crimes in race for power

December 14, 2002

Questions of character matter little as Israeli political parties jostle for position in the elections, Herald Correspondent Ross Dunn writes from Jerusalem.

The next Israeli parliament is shaping up as a rogues gallery, the last refuge for scoundrels clinging to public power.

That is the picture that emerged when the political factions submitted their candidates for next month's elections.

The ability of some figures to survive scandal and intrigue in the name of "democracy" is perhaps best illustrated by the Yatom brothers.

Ehud Yatom, a self-confessed murderer of Palestinians in custody, was barred from becoming parliament's sergeant-at-arms but there is no legal impediment to him becoming an MP for the ruling Likud party.

His older brother, Danny, a former head of the Israeli spy agency Mossad who made headlines when he organised a bungled assassination attempt in Jordan, is set to become a Labour Party MP.

Of the two, Ehud, 54, is remembered for his role as member of Shin Bet, Israel's secret police, in what became known as the Bus 300 affair, involving four Palestinians who hijacked a passenger bus in 1984.

After he retired from the agency in 1996 he admitted in an interview that he killed two of the surviving Palestinian terrorists, who had been taken into custody.

"I smashed their skulls, on orders of [the then Shin-Bet chief] Avarham Shalom, and I'm proud of everything I've done," the newspaper Yediot Ahronot quoted him as saying. He later denied having made the statement but few doubted that he had been quoted correctly.

The fallout was evident three years ago when he was prevented from becoming parliament's head of security.

His rejection followed the intervention of the then speaker, Dan Tichon, who consulted the Attorney-General, Elyakim Rubinstein, on Ehud Yatom's suitability for the post. Mr Rubinstein concluded that since Ehud Yatom had admitted killing two Palestinians in detention under orders and later obstructing justice, he was not fit to serve in such a public law enforcement position.


Last year the High Court also blocked his appointment as chief adviser on anti-terrorism to the Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.

The panel of judges ruled unanimously that even though Ehud Yatom had killed the two Palestinians on the orders of his superiors, he should have known it was unlawful and therefore not to be carried out.

Mr Yatom raged at the decision, saying the judicial body was "cut off from the nation", and announced he would stand for a seat in the parliament. "The nation will teach the High Court what democracy is," he said.

It appears he is about to get his revenge, after winning the 24th place on the Likud ticket. Opinion polls give Likud more than 30 seats in the next parliament.

Danny Yatom has also been prone to scandal. He resigned as head of Mossad in 1997, after he ordered the assassination of the Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Mr Mashaal survived the attempt to kill him with a lethal injection in a busy street.

Two of the Israeli agents involved in the operation were caught by Jordanian security forces, and Israel only secured their release by agreeing to release Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the then spiritual leader and founder of Hamas, from an Israeli prison.

But Danny Yatom survived the embarrassing affair and later became security adviser to the then Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, who lost power to Mr Sharon last year.

This week he secured the safe 12th spot on the Labour Party ticket, which, according to recent opinion polls, will guarantee him a place in the next parliament.

However, the ghosts of his past may continue to haunt him. This week there were questions about his involvement with Yossi Ginnosar, a businessman and one-time senior peace negotiator with the Palestinians, who is accused of transferring money in and out of a Swiss bank account on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

The Yatom brothers returned to the spotlight when party lists were submitted this week and showed a significant shift to the right in both the Likud and Labour.

Mr Sharon lost a battle with his Foreign Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who helped place right-wingers ahead of most centrists in the Likud.

And the Labour Party is still reeling from the defection of two veterans, Yossi Beilin, a co-architect of the Oslo peace accords with the Palestinians, and Yael Dayan, the daughter of the late Moshe Dayan, a former defence minister.

Both joined the left-wing Meretz Party after Labour placed them solow on the list they could not be guaranteed seats.

Seats in parliament are allocated according to the percentage of votes received by each party, and the higher the candidate is on a party list, the better the chance he or she has of being elected. If, as the opinion polls suggest, Israel is moving to the right, other controversial names will soon surface. One of them is Baruch Marzel, who has the No 2 spot on Michael Klenier's right-wing Herut list.

A discipline of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who formed the now outlawed anti-Arab Kach movement, he is now confined to Jerusalem under a court order.

The Kach organisation was banned after the 1994 massacre of 29 Muslims in the divided West Bank town of Hebron by a Jewish settler, Baruch Goldstein.

After the massacre Mr Marzel, a resident of the Jewish enclave in Hebron, was placed under administrative detention for nearly three years.

This year he was confined to Jerusalem on a court order and is facing charges of scuffling with police during the forced evacuation of an illegal Jewish outpost, Gilad Farm.

He told Israeli radio this week that he saw his potential election as a way to help make Israel a better democracy than neighbouring Egypt.


From: "Earth Day Network" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 02
Subject: WATER FOR LIFE 2003-2004

Dear Friends,

Earth Day Network is pleased to announce the launch of our worldwide "Water for Life" campaign. We invite you and your community to join the campaign to strengthen political will, inspire individual action and mobilize resources to improve access to healthy water around the world.

In the coming weeks, you will receive information on how to get directly involved in the "Water for Life" campaign on Earth Day, and every day. We also invite you to periodically check our website at for updates.

"Water for Life" is a particularly important campaign for 2003-2004. This month, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights declared formally for the first time that safe and secure drinking water is a human right. On 22 March 2003, the 3rd World Water Forum will be held in Kyoto, Japan. Momentum is building to address the world water crisis, and we will need to work together globally to capitalize on this opportunity.

Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions for this two-year campaign at <>. We want to hear from you! Future correspondence will also be available in Spanish and French. Working together, who says we can't change the world?

Best Regards,
Earth Day Network


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