October 24, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #157: Echoes from the ERN Village, Smallpox Truth and More!

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Dear journalist

With each passing day, the world is coming closer to the brink of a very slippery slope that could, in time, precipitate the world into another war conflagration. Despite the reassurances that the use of military force against Iraq is a last resort, we can clearly see through all their posturing that the White House and the powerful oil and armament lobbies that stand to mightily profit from the cold-blooded murder of possibly tens of thousands of innocent civilians are all dead set on going ahead unilaterally - the UK notwitstanding - to execute their carefully planned "war game" and take over Iraq's oil fields. Then they will turn their insatiable empire building drive onto the next piece of real estate whose control is also deemed essential by the Powers That Be. No amount of carefully orchestrated propaganda or political posturing will convince the world opinion that what Bush and his cohort are about to do is legal - the US Congress notwithstanding - and acceptable, responsible behaviour. Attacking without direct provocation is wrong, no matter what pretexts one may try to cook up to make it look as pre-emptively defending America against another alleged terrorist plot.

Not only will history harshly judge this American government's outrageously immoral and violent military adventurism, but the entire world will soon realize that the gentle, benevolent giant has turned into a threat to the entire human civilization because of the rotting, corrupting influence of an elite devoid of any respect for the sanctity of human lives and for the irreplaceable beauty of our endangered planet.

Sadly, I see a time of profound darkness before the shining light of a new era of benevolence and caring love towards all life can rise again - a time when violence in any form and those souls promoting it shall be forever banned from the face of the Earth, a time when the magnificent beauty of this living planet shall be restored and all souls will live in harmony and unity with All That Is.

(End of quote)

"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."

- A.J. Muste


2. Introductory summary of Wade Frazier's website
3. Smallpox vaccine truth

See also:

Dan Handelman is haunted by two images of Iraq that most Americans never see on television. One is a frail two-year-old slowly dying of dehydration in a Basra hospital while his mother sits next to him, helpless to stop the ravages of diarrhea and infection. He is, according the World Health Agency, one of the 5,000 Iraqi children who die of water-borne diseases and malnutrition each month. The other is a group of children begging in the streets. (...) The young boy in Basra is dying because the U.S. systematically targeted water purification plants and electrical generators in the 1991 Gulf War. We certainly didn't bomb those targets by accident. (...) Iraq lost several thousand civilians in Gulf War I, and the Pentagon Projects Gulf War II will kill another 10,000, not counting those who will die from the consequences of bombing. (...) All of this will be carried out in our name unless Americans do something to stop it. "A time has come when silence is betrayal," Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said about Vietnam, another war that targeted civilians, "that time is now."

According to Alex Jones, the US Govt. Planned Sniper Attacks


Sign the Poll about the Iraq war

Regime Change Begins at Home. Vote!


'Unprecedented' Controversy Election Video Opens Old Wounds (October 15)
A controversial documentary about Florida's voting problems during the 2000 presidential election stirred the emotions of those who saw it Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Port Charlotte. (...) "It reveals a partisan, premeditated effort to tamper with the franchise and manipulate the vote," said activist Louise Raterman, who showed the video. "They're not making allegations; it's well-supported findings." CLIP

Nobel laureates say "No" to war with Iraq
ROME, Oct 21 (AFP) - Nobel peace prize laureates meeting in Rome on Monday delivered a resounding "No" to war with Iraq and gave their full backing to the need for UN-brokered diplomacy to avoid a conflict. CLIP



(...) I often find myself laughing at Bush's speeches and press conferences, where he's ranting on and on about Saddam - and not just because he sounds like a broken gramophone! I keep thinking "You fool, can't you see that you are describing yourself?" He has seen his Shadow in the mirror, and he hates it. Therefore, he has Become what he has projected - his Dark Side. This is the nature of Hate, and all negativity, within a world of dualism. When you are polarised, you are in danger of cycling into the opposite of what you *Think* you are - and it's always just a hair's breadth away! Actually, this is all rather Psych 101. The amazing thing is, Bush and his advisors are so blinded with their own emotions and power-drive, that they are apparently completely oblivious to this simple psychoanalytic diagnosis!!

Dare I suggest it? Is the President of the United States just another charming psychopath? ;^)

Thanks for your input, guys! Anyone else?

Cheers, Anni :º) ---


On “My brothers Saddam and George”

How do we actually *apply* and activate the metaphysical concept of At-One-ment? When does it stop being just an affirmation, or an intellectual theory, or a vaguely apprehended, if heartfelt, emotional intuition?

I guess what it comes down to, for me, is - is it enough, to know that we are all One, that there are no opposites, that all is illusion/maya, and that unconditional love is founded on love of one's whole Self? There are people who spend their entire lives in contemplation of these fundamental truths.

For me, it is an exciting challenge, to align myself fully with such principles of pure Awareness -- yet to still be able to go in and get my hands dirty, so to speak, working with the nitty gritty realities at 'lower' levels. The levels where we can pinpoint the machinations of Bush, Saddam and other political entities, see them for what they are, yet not get caught up. To observe impartially, as this shadow play unfolds -- yet understand that every event has its universal significance.

(...) Yes, we are all portions and reflections of the One Source. All will, and is, being recycled into the Void of Creation. And all is proceeding exactly as it should within the perfection of the Divine plan. But part of that plan includes the human endowments of free will and Choice. As exercised, there is a fine line of morality between 'choice' and 'judgment'. But when we dip down into the 3-D level of manifestation, we can observe that all events and phenomena are symbols and cyphers of what is really going on at more causal/etheric levels. And it is impossible not to acknowledge that there are very negative forces at that level, that carry out the most unspeakable activities. And that these forces have their puppets and slaves in the outer world. They may be embodying the darkness that is within all of us, and the cosmos at large -- but in my opinion, we can't deny or underestimate their power and ferocious drive to validate their current reality of hate, greed, envy and malevolence. Even when we realise that their reality will be an ephemeral one - that Absolute Good (as distinct from the relative 'good' of dualism) will overtake and submerge it, inevitably.


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From: "Wade Frazier" <res0k62m@verizon.net>
Subject: Introductory summary of Wade Frazier's website
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002

Hi Jean:

I am trying to see if my work can stand on its own, and people can figure it out by reading my site, but I will summarize the gist of my work here. It is timely, but is also describing an ancient dynamic. The entire human journey, since proto-humans left the tropical forests and gave up their fruit-eating ways, has always been about securing and consuming new sources of energy. From the megafauna extinctions to the Domestication Revolution to the Industrial Revolution to today's looming World War III, the underlying dynamic has always been about securing and consuming energy. Many people have read my work and failed to see the connection, not seeing how hunter gathering has anything to do with the oil industry or events in Iraq. My editor keeps telling me to not connect the dots too clearly, as it can insult my readers, so my site tries to not do it too rigorously, but it has amazed me that people can be so blind to very clear dynamics. I deal with that energy dynamic at


Even though few people seem capable of seeing the connection, the people running the world are not so blind. They know what they are doing, and the billion-dollar (or more) bribe they offered us to stop pursuing free energy ...

See http://home1.gte.net/res0k62m/advent.htm#offer

... was not only given to preserve the world's most powerful industry, but to also keep the greatest lever over controlling the human species in their hands. As far as I have seen, the mystics and rad left are the two groups closest to comprehending the true state of affairs, but their perspectives have largely hampered both groups. The rad left has rightfully rejected America's triune faith of nationalism, capitalism and organized religion, but they still largely wear the materialistic blinders of the Enlightenment and Marxist eras. Materialism is perhaps the most seductive ideology of all, and the rad left, because of their largely materialistic worldview, has ideological objections to the idea that consciousness is separate from the brain, that the universe is of conscious design, and that there is conscious manipulation of the world scene. They generally deride anything along those lines as a "conspiracy theory." Well, I have borne the brunt of some of those so-called conspiracies, and seen others pretty closely. They are real (and pretty scary), but because they do not leave paper trails, people can easily dismiss them, and the rad left largely has.

The mystics often suffer from political and economic naivete, largely because many are not very worldly. Too many in those circles do not want anything to do with "politics," because it is just too "earthly," or have much understanding of real-world economics. You have encountered that attitude many times, I am sure. All political systems ride atop economic systems, all economic systems ride atop ecological systems, and all ecological systems are based on the capture and consumption of energy. Harping on Bush and friends, or debating the political rationale for what may about to happen in Iraq is hacking at far and tiny limbs of the situation, not its root.

My work is trying to help people see beyond a paradigm that has dominated the last 10,000 years of the human journey, one that I call the Zero-Sum Game. It is the idea of scarcity, particularly the scarcity of energy. With free, non-polluting, forever-renewable energy, the Zero-Sum-Game paradigm can shatter, and people can begin comprehending what abundance really means. So far, abundance on earth has largely been about short-term raping and plundering, where the environment is destroyed in the process and the game ends for everybody. Humanity is on that brink today, on several fronts.

Although my editor is still hacking at it, a draft version of what is possible, and soon, is at:


The sad fact is that not many humans actually care much about what is really happening (something I discovered the hard way). I have seen more caring and ability to see the big picture in the mystics and rad left (the lib left is not there, they largely worship at the same altar that the mainstream and right wing do: capitalism, nationalism, and organized religion), so my work is kind of tailored toward those two groups. If 1% of the population just began thinking about the energy situation, the real one, the one that is being managed today by very dirty tactics, it might just generate enough awareness to take humanity over the top into a new paradigm of true abundance. And as far as I am concerned, it all starts in the heart, for each of us. With hearts awakened, the eyes can see things it never saw before, and the mind can perceive vistas it previously could not.

The purpose of my work is twofold: avoiding hell on earth (or worse), and bringing heaven on earth into being. We are so close to making heaven on earth happen, but enough people need to care enough, and have their eyes and minds opened. My writing is trying to help people do that, without going through the horrific journey that I did.

Peace and love,




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Sent: 13 October 2002
Subject: Smallpox vaccine truth

From: http://www.proliberty.com/observer/

From the July 2002 Idaho Observer:

HHS, CDC, organized medicine and pharma cartels gearing up for mass and mandated smallpox vaccination campaign.

CDC documents, field experience indicate cure will be several times deadlier than the disease.

"We interrupt the current programming to bring you this important news update. There has been a reported case of smallpox in Washington, D.C." What will happen next? Pandemonium. The press has done its job over the last few months reinforcing the belief that an epidemic is about to occur, potentially causing millions of deaths. Americans thousands of miles from the nation's capital will demand the smallpox vaccine -- a vaccine with the highest risk of complications of any vaccine ever manufactured and with a dubious track record for success.

However, because you are informed, you will have a different response. You will not panic. You will turn off the TV. You won't listen to your hysterical neighbors. And more importantly, you won't rush to be vaccinated. Here's why:

by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.

On June 20, 2002, I attended the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) meeting of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) and listened to one and a half days of testimony prior to posting the recommendations for smallpox vaccination that are currently being considered by the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Many testimonies and comments were presented by public participants and by various physicians and researchers associated with the CDC. Noting that two weeks have passed since the June 20 meeting and the media has still not reported on this historic event, I decided it was imperative to report the content and outcome of this meeting to the general public. After reading this report you will gain a new perspective on smallpox and, hopefully, in the event of an outbreak, you will understand that you have nothing to fear.

Generally accepted facts

Nearly every article or news headline regarding smallpox is designed to instill and continually reinforce fear in the minds of the general public. Apparently the goal is to make everyone demand the vaccine as soon as it is available and/or in the event of an outbreak. A very similar media campaign was developed prior to the release of the Salk polio vaccine in 1955. The polio vaccine had been in development for more than a year prior to its release and was an untested "investigational new drug," just as the smallpox vaccine will be. The difference is that the potential side effects and complications of the smallpox vaccine are already known, and they are extensive.

Generally accepted facts about smallpox include:

1. Smallpox is highly contagious and could spread rapidly, killing millions.

2. Smallpox can be spread by casual contact with an infected person .

3. The death rate from smallpox is thought to be 30 percent.

4. There is no treatment for smallpox.

5. The smallpox vaccine will protect a person from getting the disease.

As it turns out, these "accepted facts" are not the real facts.

Myth #1: Smallpox is highly contagious

"Smallpox has a slow transmission and is not highly contagious," stated Joel Kuritsky, MD, director of the National Immunization Program and Early Smallpox Response and Planning at the CDC.

This statement is a direct contradiction to nearly everything we have ever heard or read about smallpox. However, keep in mind that this comes "straight from the horse's mouth" and should be considered the "real story" regarding how smallpox is spread.

Even if a person is exposed to a known bioterrorist attack with smallpox, it doesn't mean that he will contract smallpox. The signs and symptoms of the disease will not occur immediately, and there is time to plan. The infection has an incubation period of 3 to 17 days,1 and the first symptom will be the development of a high fever (>101. F), accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache, severe abdominal cramping and low back pain. The person will be ill and most likely bed-ridden; not out mixing with the general public.

Even with a fever, it is critically important to realize that at this point the person is still not contagious. In fact, the fever may be caused by something else, such as the flu.

However, if a smallpox infection is developing, the characteristic rash will begin to develop within two to four days after the onset of the fever. The person becomes contagious and has the ability to spread the infection only after the development of the rash. "The characteristic rash of variola major is difficult to misdiagnose," stated Walter A. Orenstein, M.D., Director of the National Immunization Program (NIP) at the CDC.

The classic smallpox rash is a round, firm pustule that can spread and become confluent. The lesions are all in the same stage of development over the entire body and appear to be distributed more on the palms, soles and face than on the trunk or extremities.

ACTION ITEM: In the event of an exposure, it is imperative that you do everything you can to improve the functioning of your immune system so that an "exposure" does not have to result in an "outbreak."

a. Stop eating all foods that contain refined white sugar products, since sugar inhibits the functioning of your white blood cells, your first line of defense.2

(There are many other health-conscious dietary considerations to consider, but that is beyond the scope of this article.)

b. Start taking large doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been proven in hundreds of studies to be effective in protecting the body from viral infections,3 including smallpox.4 For an extensive scientific review on the use of this nutrient and a "dosing recipe," read "Vitamin C, The Master Nutrient," by Sandra Goodman, Ph.D. http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Nutrition/vitcpre.htm

c. If you develop a fever, you still have time to plan. Purchase enough fresh, organic produce and filtered water to last three weeks. Move the kids to grandma's or the neighbor's house. Remember: YOU MAY NOT GET THE INFECTION AND YOU ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS UNTIL YOU GET THE RASH!

Myth #2: Smallpox is easily spread by casual contact with an infected person

Smallpox will not rapidly disseminate throughout the community. Even after the development of the rash, the infection is slow to spread. "The infection is spread by droplet contamination and coughing or sneezing are not generally part of the infection. Smallpox will not spread like wildfire," said Orenstein. He stated that the spread of smallpox to casual contacts is the "exception to the rule." Only 8 percent of cases in Africa were contracted by accidental contact.

Transmission of smallpox occurs only after intense contact, defined as "constant exposure of a person that is within 6-7 feet for a minimum of 6-7 days."5

Dr. Orenstein reported that in Africa, 92 percent of all cases came from close associations and in India, all cases came from prolonged personal contact. Dr. Tom Mack from the University of Southern California stated that in Pakistan, 27 percent of cases demonstrated no transmission to close associates. Nearly 37 percent had a transmission of only one generation, meaning that the second person to contract smallpox did not pass it onto the third person. These statistics directly contradict models that predict an exponential spread to millions.

Even without medical care, isolation was the best way to stop the spread of smallpox in Third World, population dense areas. With a slow transmission rate and an informed public, Mack estimated that the total number of smallpox cases in America would be less than 10, a far cry from the millions postulated by the press.

Dr. Kuritsky said at the CDC Public Forum on Smallpox on June 8 in St. Louis, "Given the slow transmission rate and that people need to be in close contact for nearly a week to spread the infection, the scenario in which a terrorist could infect himself with smallpox and contaminate an entire city by walking through the streets touching people is purely fiction."

Point to ponder: Mass vaccination against smallpox was halted in Third World countries because it didn't work. In India, villages with an 88 percent vaccination rate still had outbreaks of the disease. After the World Health Organization (WHO) began a surveillance and containment campaign, actively seeking cases of smallpox, isolating them in their homes, and vaccinating family members and close contacts, outbreaks were virtually eliminated within two years. The CDC and the WHO attribute the eradication of smallpox to the ring vaccination of close contacts. However, since the infection runs its course in 3-6 weeks, perhaps ISOLATION ALONE would have effectively accomplished the same thing.

Myth #3: The death rate from smallpox is 30 percent

Nearly every newspaper and journal article quotes this statistic. However, as pointed out in the presentation by Dr. Tom Mack, it appears that the "30 percent fatality rate" has come from skewed data. Dr. Mack has worked with smallpox extensively and saw more than 120 outbreaks in Pakistan throughout the early 1970s. Villages would apparently have "an importation" every 5-10 years, regardless of vaccination status, and the outbreak could always be predicated by living conditions and social arrangements. There were many small outbreaks and individual cases that never came to the attention of the local authorities.

Mack stated that even with poor medical care, the case fatality rate in adults was "much lower than is generally advertised" and thought to be 10-15 percent. He said that the statistics were "loaded with children that had a much higher fatality," making the average death rate reported to be much higher. Amazingly, he revealed his opinion that even without mass vaccination, "smallpox would have died out anyway. It just would have taken longer."

Even so, people died. Why? After all, smallpox is a skin disease and "other organs are seldom involved."6 I posed this question to the committee on two separate occasions. Kathi Williams of the National Vaccine Information Center asked this question at the Institute of Medicine meeting June 15. On June 20, an answer was finally forthcoming when a member of the ACIP committee said, "That is a good question. Does anyone know the actual cause of death from smallpox?"

At that point Dr. D.A. Henderson from the John Hopkins University Department of Epidemiology volunteered a comment. Dr. Henderson directed the WHO's global smallpox eradication campaign (1966-1977) and helped initiate WHO's global program of immunization in 1974. He approached the microphone and stated, "Well, it appears that the cause of death of smallpox is a 'mystery.'" He stated that a medical resident had been asked to do a complete review of the literature and "not much information" was found. It is postulated that people died from a "generalized toxemia" and that those with the most severe forms of smallpox -- the hemorrhagic or confluent malignant types -- died of complications of skin sloughing, similar to a burn. However, he concluded by saying, "it's frustrating, because we don't really know."

COMMENT: I find this to be extremely frightening. If we knew why people died when they contracted smallpox, perhaps current medical technology could treat the complications, making the death rate much lower. Considering that the last known case of smallpox in the U.S. was in Texas in 1949, continuing to report that smallpox has a 30 percent death rate is similar to saying that all heart attacks are fatal. Based on 1949 technology, that would be accurate reporting. But in 2002, all heart attacks are NOT fatal. Neither would smallpox have a mortality rate of 30 percent.

Myth #4: There is no treatment for smallpox

A more accurate statement is "there are no pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of smallpox." But they are working on that too. There are 274 antiviral drug compounds and testing is underway to see if one can be useful in the treatment of smallpox.7

One such drug is called hexadecylosypropyl-cidofovir (HDP-CDV). Not yet available for human use, it has been found to be 100 times more potent than its cousin, cidofovir, a drug used to treat retinal infections in HIV patients. If studies pan out, HDP-CDV will be offered in a pill or capsule form over 5-14 days for the prevention and treatment of people exposed to smallpox.8 Unfortunately, this drug is being developed in Europe and will likely be kept out of the U.S. market until long after the general public has been subjected to mass vaccination.

It is important to note that there are several different presentations of a smallpox infection. The most common is called "ordinary discrete" smallpox, occurring in more than 40 percent of the cases. The outbreak is seen as a small scattering of pustules distributed across the body. The person with this type of smallpox needs minimal medical care and the reported death rate is <10 percent.9

For mild cases of smallpox, adequate hydration and anti-fever products are essential for comfort and maintaining a temperature below 102.F. Keeping the skin clean to prevent secondary bacterial infections is also important. A 1927 Textbook of Medicine recommends applying gauze soaked in carbolic acid to "decrease itching and prevent extensive scarring."10 Carbolic acid is used for burns that tend to ulcerate and other skin conditions that cause burning or prickling pain. Homeopathic forms of carbolic acid are also available.

For the severe complications of smallpox, modern day treatment options are available. The hemorrhagic type of smallpox, occurring in approximately 3 percent of cases, presents as hypotensive shock and can be treated accordingly. In another 3 percent of serious cases, the confluent-type has extensive skin involvement. These patients can be treated the same as a burn patient. All severe cases need to be treated for dehydration and watched for signs of bacterial suprainfection.

Research done by Dr. Peter Havens, MS, MD, from the Medical College of Wisconsin, postulated that death from smallpox was due to multisystem organ failure, a complication of an untreated acute cytokine (inflammatory) response. Massive oxidative stress occurs, leading to free-radical damage in the kidneys and other internal organs. However, Dr. Havens estimates that modern medical technology would indeed decrease the death rate, to possibly as low as 2-3 percent.

COMMENT: The treatment of choice for severe free-radical stress is high dose intravenous vitamin C. If conventional medicine would recognize the value of this treatment, it would also be forced to realize mass vaccination is simply not necessary.

Treating severely ill patients would require hospitalization and unfortunately, smallpox spreads the most quickly in the hospital setting due to poor isolation techniques. In addition, most patients in hospitals are ill and immunosuppressed by disease or medication, making them more susceptible to infection. Dr. Mike Lane, former director of the CDC's smallpox eradication program in the 1970s, said severely ill smallpox patients could be treated in a suburban motel or remote government building. "You can bring care to the patient if you elect to use the Motel 6 on the edge of town" rather than put smallpox victims in a hospital where the disease could spread to patients with weakened immune systems.


Myth #5: The vaccine will keep me from getting the infection

Most people believe that all vaccines work to protect them, meaning that the vaccine will be clinically effective. What most people do not know is that vaccines have never been proven to protect them from getting the infection.

This little known fact is not only true for all vaccines, it is also true for the smallpox vaccine. Here are a few examples:

Chickenpox vaccine:

"No data exists regarding post-exposure efficacy of the current varicella vaccine."

"Vaccinated persons have a less severe out break than unvaccinated" (300 vs. 50 lesions).11

Pertussis vaccine:

"The findings of efficacy studies have not demonstrated a direct correlation between antibody response and protection against pertussis disease."12

Smallpox vaccine:

"Neutralizing antibodies are reported to reflect levels of protection, although this has not been validated in the field." 13

Dr. Harold Margolis, Senior Advisor to the Director for Smallpox Planning and Response, stated in Atlanta that, "the vaccine decreased the death rate among those vaccinated by 'modifying the disease', not by preventing infection."

Take home points

1. Smallpox is NOT highly contagious. You have time. Don't panic.

2. Smallpox is only spread by close contact of less than 6 feet for at least 6-7 days. You aren't that close to coworkers or commuters.

3. Treatment for smallpox should be surveillance and containment, without vaccination.

4. Smallpox is not highly fatal. There are treatments for smallpox.

5. The vaccine will not protect you from getting the infection. The vaccine has high complication rates, is an experimental drug and there are many contraindications. (Please see article at http://www.mercola.com/2002/jun/12/smallpox_update.htm)



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