April 29, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #140: The Oppression Continues

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Here we go for another compilation on the human rights abuse in Palestine while Israel is now attacking Hebron - see all the latest news at http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=586&ncid=721&e=1&u=/nm/20020429/wl_nm/mideast_dc_1816


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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See also my latest Media compilation #68: Undeniable Evidence posted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/MediaCompilation68.htm


1. Last agony of dying cabal(s)?
2. Blood-red poppies in the fields Peace Movement in Israel
4. D.C. Protest Organizers Join Arms - Middle East Turmoil Becomes Uniting Force
5. CAABU Fact Sheet on the Al Aqsa Intafada
6. Protest the Nomination of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for Nobel Peace Prize

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I recommend especially to your attention:

Sharon Wears Oppressor’s Cloak (April 16, 2002) http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-000027123apr16.column
What is the fundamental difference between Slobodan Milosevic and Ariel Sharon? The former is on trial for war crimes, while the latter still leads an occupying army.

A Palestinian fighter's version of the Jenin battle (April 26, 2002)

Bush Vows to Protect Israel (Apr 26)
CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - Pressured by Arab critics and defied by Israel, President Bush voiced exasperation Friday with fresh Israeli offensives but said U.S. support for the Jewish state is unequivocal. "We will not allow Israel to be crushed," he said. (...) And he bristled at the latest troop movements in defiance of his April 4 demand that Israel halt incursions into Palestinian areas. The president's apparent tolerance of Israeli action in the three weeks since — as forces withdrew from some areas but pressed forward into others — has angered the Arab world.

Bush Moves to Radically Overhaul Military Top Ranks
President Bush has approved widespread changes at the top of the U.S. military that will put in place a new generation of relatively nonconformist officers who are likely to be more supportive of the administration's goal of radically changing the armed forces, Pentagon officials said last night.

Former Vice President Al Gore Denounce U.S. Administration
(...) Important American values are being trampled. Special interests are calling the shots. And it sometimes seems as if, in the words of the poet, "The best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity."

After Ferocious Fighting, Sri Lanka Struggles With Peace (April 9)
A planned press conference by the leader of the Tamil Tigers is the most remarkable sign of a peace process now gathering momentum.


Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002
From: Freed Schmitter <fschmitter@tiscali.nl>
Organization: http://www.planetwork.org
Subject: Last agony of dying cabal(s)?

Dear Jean,

While unimaginable atrocities are happening in Palestine, I nevertheless see some light. Feeling deeply connected to the suffering of each one, it dawned suddenly that this might be the last agony of dying cabals before the planet is freed for its new destiny.


It is bewildering to conclude that massacres and humiliations in Palestine are done to helpless people who have little or nothing, and even the bare necessities are now systematically destroyed. If another nation than Israel would commit such homocide, the cry for siege would be incessant and very loud. This is especially grave in sight of decrees that have been issued for instance by the United Nations (one of them 35 years ago!), who could have stopped (the threat of) war long ago.

Israel therefore seems to have a special status. Right now, America's presidency is dawdling unacceptably when unperceived terror is executed, in particular by a selfrighteous man who apparently has not yet the slightest notion that an enemy is a mirror of himself - Sharon is h(umili)ating his Arafat side...

How to proceed? There is a growing group of people in Israel who can no longer stand this massacre. They called to the civilized world to intervene. Maybe another option is on the horizon. If they set out to get the support of a substantial number of citizens of Israel and the world, they can present themselves as a more willing and able negociating partner for the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab countries, the neighbour states, etc. Likewise, they will find within Palestine friendly groups and individuals to co-work to end this present hell.

The new strategy can be to deliberately isolate the war-heads. Let them go on with hating (themselves), only give them no more chance to do real damage. This is also adaptable to the United States. The biggest part of humanity is ready to start sharing, caring, forgiving and to learn from each other. It is time to translate this into leadership. First by setting up parallel structures (Non-governmental Organizations for instance have already quite a say in the UN), and by expanding these networks with those who support and prepare for forms of planetary management as the essential next stage. The best minds in co-operation, viable alternatives, sustainable lifestyles, human development, living in harmony with nature are called to connect with each other.

Meanwhile, a side remark to consider until the situation in the Middle-East has developed in a more balanced and dignified way: The war between Israelis and Palestinians is also psychological. Not meant to attack, but to draw attention how subliminal messages creep in the daily news via mass media.

'Starve war - Feed Dialogue'

We are in it together. The nightmare can end soon when we decide to.

Love, unity, understanding

Wishes you all,




Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002
From: Lesley Whiting <ism_egypt@yahoo.com>
Subject: Blood-red poppies in the fields

Dear Friends,

Rather than the usual update I've written this as a series of impressions which I received on Saturday. Hope it conveys the intensity of the situation. The building mentioned is the building where British Council is situated in Ramallah.

Spring morning, crisp, fresh air bearing a faint scent of cedars, full of birdsong amidst the silence of total curfew. Tender reddish buds, breaking into leaf, first blossoms appearing shyly on trees, and patches of grass scattered with flowers... red... blood-red flowers...

Red blood spattered on the walls of the office, bullet marks only half a metre from the ground where 5 unarmed men were sitting - or were they forced to kneel - a fine wide red spray of blood like a red cloud reaches right up to the ceiling from the bullet holes.....close-range, high velocity bullets...........pools of congealed blood on the floor bear silent witness to the violence of their deaths. Smeared trails of blood along the floor, and out into the lift, now jammed as if to conceal its gruesome secret. Blood, red, a single bloody handprint on the wall reaches out into the growing darkness as he fell.

It's cold, time has frozen here, it's deafeningly silent. I want to vomit. Walls and ceiling riddled with bullet holes tell me this wansn't only an execution, it was an orgy of violence. I turn away and look out the window to alter the view. Three tanks look back at me. A cat slips oblivious through a coil of barbed wire blocking the road as if it isn't there. It's not part of her reality.

We deliver food to Arab journalists upstairs unable to work, confined to their office. They ask for our help to enter the street to broadcast the news. His age and Arab features would cause him to be shot on sight. He dons a bullet proof jacket and we move cautiosly into the street. We - two internationals move out first hands raised and face the tanks white flags aloft. The journalist and camera follow behind. Silence. A slight movement from atop the tank. They've seen us. He begins his broadcast. His voice is deep and strong and echoes uncomfortably loudly. Sweat starts to trickle from my brow. His fear betrays him and he falters and begins the broadcast again. And again, and again. My throat is tight and dry as I watch the soldiers moving. God I wish he would finish, what if they think the video is a gun. We finish and they hurry back into the building and we 3 women, 2 internationals and 1 Palestinian medic between us walk back past the tanks and into the medical centre.

We deliver medicines. We meet a woman and her child both with raging fevers in the street. They defy the curfew to go to the hospital. They could be shot. We are asked to return them home. We drive almost 4 kilometres in the burning sun, over rough steep hills. We reach her home. This is how far she has walked. Her husband is a journalist, was shot in the leg a few days ago and beaten. His arm and collar bone broken and his camera smashed.

I cannot write more at present, will continue shortly.



NOTE FROM JEAN: Lesley also sent a letter of protest written by a world renown Israeli academic, and author of many books and article on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, calling on his fellow members of the Jewish Community to condemn Israel's campaign against the Palestinians. Here is an excerpt from his letter entitled "Not in our name! Jews! Stand Up and Be Counted":

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and a good many of his Ministers, seem to believe that, if necessary, they would be justified to advance their illegal designs for the occupied West Bank (including Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip also through the perpetration of war crimes on a massive scale, attempting to repeat the mass ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Israeli army under the cover of the 1948 war, and expel the Palestinian people resident in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip -- this time under the cover of "war against terrorism." I appeal to my fellow Jews in this critical circumstance, those of us committed to the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, please urgently intensify your action in defence of the Palestinian people victimized by the Israeli occupation and threatened with renewed mass massacres and ethnic cleansing. Do not allow the fact that Israel will not mass annihilate Palestinians in gas chambers and burn their bodies in crematoria blind you to the cruel inhumanity of the Israeli occupation and the real danger hanging over the Palestinian people of massacres and mass expulsion from their home villages and towns."

- Uri Davis, Resident in Sakhnin, an Arab city in Central Galilee, and Chair of the Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Israel (Al-Beit).



Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002
From: Herb Baldwin <hjbaldwin@shaw.ca>

(...) When the last truck was unloaded, we drove in convoy to the edge of the Jenin refugee camp. A guide then took us carefully through the destruction that surrounded us, explaining as we went along what took place at this or that point. I imagined it was similar to standing in the midst of a German city after it had been devastated by Allied bombers in WW II. We were warned to stay close to the main path because of the danger of unexploded ordinances. Some of the former inhabitants were pitifully pulling at the wreckage of their homes. Two young children were crying as they uncovered toys and photos from the ruins of their home. Three Moslem women were weeping silently as they viewed the piled rubble that was their home. In several places I saw families, mostly women and children, sitting almost defiantly in what apparently had been their living room, where the whole front façade of the house had been peeled off. People walking through the devastated area, either visitors like ourselves or townspeople, were for the most part silent, respectful.

It was akin to visiting Ground Zero back in New York. And like Ground Zero, Jenin camp is fast taking on the ambiance of a religious shrine, where the forces of evil, of violence, of human beings destroying human beings, have spent themselves and manifested to all who have eyes to see: there must be a better way. Violence has reaped its ultimate harvest of destruction and death. It is being overcome by life. We all have a responsibility to help make this a life which seeks justice and reconciliation.

It was well after 10 P.M. by the time we arrived back in Jerusalem. The journey home was quiet and reflective for the most part, our thoughts and conversation shaped by the events of the day. It was a day that will long live in the memory of each one of us.

Donald Moore
SJ Pontifical Biblical Institute, Jerusalem


From: "Ieneke van Houten" <ienvan@columbiacable.net>
Subject: Peace Movement in Israel
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002

There is a Peace movement in Israel. We don't hear much about it on the media. Brave individuals from both peoples are actually working together, with the goal of achieving security and justice for both peoples. I received this from an organization called Bat Shalom, Daughters of Peace. CLIP

This is the Bat Shalom newsletter. It reads a lot like a report from the Quebec Summit protests....


The A'Rahm Checkpoint demo 3.4.2002
Personal notes - Yehudit Harel

Dear all.

I just got back home from the checkpoint march, the one in which many of you parrticipated as well.

For those who haven't been there - a short account:

There was a big crowd of determined peace activists - more than 50 busses + private cars -circa 3000 people - Jews and Arabs, men and women from all over the country, representing the Any War Coalition of all the Peace Movements and Organizations. We were determined to come there despite the heavy rain, to express our protest against the ongoing crimes of the Israeli Occupation - the terrible news that we get daily from Ramallh, bethlehem, Tulkarem at.all.

The women,who initiated this protest march were leading it - s houting slogans against the occupation, calling to End the War, to End the occupation, to Stop the War crimes. We were calling for Two Sates, for a peaceful solution and Coexistance between the two peoples based on Equality for all.

While waiting for the trucks to arrive - all of sudden the border police - or whoever those Uniform wearing hooligans were - they started to shoot tear gas right into the middle of the crowd. The gas was very strong and they shot many many times. The smoke spread quickly in a heavy and concentrated form and people were choking. Me too. I couldn't breath at all. People started to run - some fell into the mud. I found refuge in one of the neighboring Palestininian homes. The people there took care of me, soothed me and provided me with onion for later.

After a while we gathered again and kept on standing and waiting and shouting slogans. About the time the trucks arrived - once again without any provocation that I could have witnessed - and I was standing close to the checkpoint in the first row - they started shooting again. This time the policemen came out and started chasing the fleeing crowd - pushing people brutally -making some of them stumble an fall into the mud and hitting them with their sticks.

The crowd started to distance itself from the checkpoint but they came after us, shooting new waves of tear gas being shot at us. A saw a woman faint and others were slightly injured. MK Mohammad Barake's head was badly injured and Noa's hand was broken. They were taken to the hospital. A few activists were arrested but they were released after a short interrogation.

The authorities' claim that this was a violent and provocative action is an absolute lie. There was no violence whatsoever and no stones were thrown at the police. Obviously, after being attacked we defied our attackers by shouting at them slogans like: "Police State" , "The Fascism will not win" "Shame on you" - "You are a shame to Jewish people" etc. - Some activists shouted to them: "You behave like Nazis", which made them ever more angry and vicious.

We do not know for sure what happened to the trucks of food and medication. We heard that the convoy got through but we need confirmation.

Two Israeli "faces" surfaced today.

One is the decent and humane face of the Israeli Anti war movement - an alliance of Israeli citizens - Jews and Arabs, adamant to struggle together for Justice for the two peoples - justice for all and on all levels, the social one included. The second is the ugly and brutal face of the Occupation mentality and practices that are gaining an upper hand in our society, threatenig to crush not only the Palestinians but us as well, and everything we believe in - and not just when clashing with police forces.... This is why we cannot give up will not give up our struggle.

Despite of the difficult and strenuous moments for the participants - despite the moments of fear and the revulsion many of us feel when faced with the violence of the police - I think that this was a very important action.

We dared to protest our anger and indignation concerning the impossible situation and the terrible suffering inflicted upon the Palestinians by the Israeli Occupation.



Bat Shalom is a feminist peace organization working toward a just peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Bat Shalom, together with The Jerusalem Center for Women, a Palestinian women's peace organization, comprise The Jerusalem Link. Visit our web site for more information and our latest activities: http://www.batshalom.org


Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002
From: Trevor Osborne <wharmony@iinet.net.au>
Subject: Writing on the wall?

Hi Jean,

Thought you might like to read this report from mainstream, Washington Post Staff Writer. I see the writing is starting to appear on the wall... My personal feeling is that all the negativity that is happening around the world is serving to provide the impetus to propel humanity into a new era of positivity. Just like a rubber band pulled back, the further it is pulled, the further it will go onto the other side.

As a result of what is occurring, I believe humanity will become so outraged, that they will spontaneously start saying, "That's it, enough is enough", and governments will have no option but to start creating the mechanisms for lasting peace because the war machine will no longer be supported or tolerated.

Trevor Osborne

PS. I have inquired from my source for the URL where this came from and will send it to you as soon as I receive it.


D.C. Protest Organizers Join Arms - Middle East Turmoil Becomes Uniting Force

By Manny Fernandez
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 14, 2002; Page A01

The escalating violence in the Middle East has given a new emotional urgency to social activism, uniting a diverse mix of demonstrators headed to downtown Washington this week.

Those opposed to global capitalism and the U.S. policies that support it, others who have decried the war in Afghanistan, and activists who objected to widespread arrests of Muslims in the United States have joined pro-Palestinian groups to march for a common cause.

"We're giving a government [Israel] that has been found by the United Nations to be in violation of human rights $3 billion, while at the same time we are cutting back on social infrastructure projects in the United States," said Salem McCarron, 30, an Adams Morgan Web developer who plans to take part in demonstrations next weekend. "We see that as a local issue, especially here in D.C."

Working together under a room-for-all banner of anti-oppression, four broad contingents plan four days of demonstrations focused on marches and rallies next Saturday, which have concerned police and are likely to snarl traffic. Police have said that although they do not expect trouble, they will be prepared.

At least four marches are planned for Saturday and will wind through downtown from rally points including the grounds of the Washington Monument, the Ellipse south of the White House, and the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

A confluence of events part happenstance, part strategy led several coalitions to link their plans, their people and their marches.

When a wave of demonstrations took over Washington's streets two years ago, the focus was the spring meetings of the World Bank and the IMF. The themes were largely opposition to the institutions' lending practices, which the protesters said impoverished Third World countries and damaged the environment.

This year, although the protests again will fall on the weekend of the spring meetings, when anti-globalization activists will renew their drive, the themes have taken on a more urgent edge. Now, violence in the Middle East and U.S. support of Israel has moved to the forefront, yet still comfortably tucked under the anti-oppression umbrella.

A visit to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that had been planned for April 22 further padded an April protest calendar already booked with marches against support for Colombia's regime; against the meetings of the IMF and World Bank; and against the Bush administration's domestic and foreign policies. Whether Sharon actually visits during the Middle East upheaval remains a question.

Organizers of the various groups say they became aware of each others' demonstration plans and decided to unite to create a larger, broader presence for their causes.

Organizers in the various coalitions maintain that the wide variety of issues grow from the same root the role that U.S. corporate and government leaders play in worldwide oppression.

"All of the issues are related," said Peta Lindsay, 17, a senior at the District's School Without Walls and a volunteer organizer with International Answer, a coalition calling for support of Palestinian rights. "We couldn't have an antiwar demonstration and not talk about Palestine. It would be hypocritical of us."

No one is sure how many protesters will show. Police estimate that 10,000 to 20,000 will participate Saturday; organizers expect from a few thousand to tens of thousands at the larger marches.


A single moment at that meeting illustrated how the Middle East issue has given emotional muscle to the group's often-esoteric demands on labor and human rights in faraway places.

Inside the hall of the Mount Pleasant church, Serian, a 25-year-old Palestinian woman who did not want her last name published, described the devastation of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank of fearing for her family in Ramallah, of homes turned to rubble, of day-to-day survival overriding all else.

"It's extremely terrifying," the District resident told about 40 activists, who sat riveted to their seats as she talked and applauded her when she was finished.

"It's beyond imagination at this point," she said. "We need to let our voice be heard." She said she, too, will join the protests.


From: David Allen Stringer <universalalliance.org@tinyworld.co.uk>
Subject: CAABU Fact Sheet on the Al Aqsa Intafada
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002

Dear Jean Hudon and friends,

Yesterday evening we attended a lecture at our local UNA branch by Sir Cyril Townsend, a journalist, of the Council for Advancement of Arab British Understanding (CAABU) and a member of the United Nations Association and obtained from him the following (scanned in) information about CAABU & the Israeli Palestinian crisis - please forward or otherwise publicise this information. If you want more updated information from CAABU please contact the addresses provided yourselves!

By the way, if you want a campaign issue in the UK - Tony Blair's government is still supplying arms to Israel, which are being used against the Palestinians though the terms are that they should not be so used - one of the points of the talk was that there should be an embargo on all arms sales that could be so used! Another was that this continuous onslaught on the Palestinians by Ariel Sharon, The Milosevic of Israel, is fuelling a rising tide of Islamic fundementalist hatred not only of Israel but Western governments that are conniving with this former "fortress against Communism" in the Middle East in its actions and we were warned that "suicide bombers" denied access to Israeli Cities are likely in future to go further afield, especially if Israel & its vested interest patrons do not cease the fuelling of this hatred (karmically) by this continuous oppression of the Palestinian People (not my words, but those of Sir Cyril, a journalist active throughout the Middle East).

David Allen Stringer
Vision Quester News Agency


UPDATED: CAABU Fact Sheet on the Al-Aqsa Intifada
As of 12:00 10th April, 2002

Because of the difficulty of obtaining accurate information with the censure of the media and other restrictive actions by the I DL Palestinian deaths will be greatly underestimated in this document. Israeli Radio has publicly’ said that over 150 alone have been killed in Jenin and the Israeli army has used figures of over 200 in total in the current invasions. These are not included in these figures.

Palestinians Killed

1381 total (as of 8 April) of which”
108 assassinations (of which 20 were bystandersY1
22.4% less than or equal to 18 years
83.8 % civilian
302 killed by heavy weapons
776 killed by live ammunition

Palestinians injured: 18,831, excluding those that were not able seek official medical help

Attacks on Medical Personnel
176 total attacks on Palestinian ambulances
80 ambulances damaged
134 ambulance personnel injured
3 medical personnel killed
334 logged denial of access to ambulances

Health Devlopment. Information and Policy Institute (HDIP http://www.hdip.org
Palestine Red Crescent Society. figures not accurate because of prevention of access of PRC workers into many areas. http://www.palestinercs.org
Palestinian Centre for human Rights.

Palestinians Imprisoned

2500, of which 1500 were arrested before the current Intifada

Israelis killed

331 total. of which 183 killed within the Palestinian Occupied Territories. including 77 members of the IDF and 13 minors
148 killed within Israel including 24 members of the IDF and 34 minors

Property Damage (use of collective punishment)

Israeli shelling & demolition has destroyed 584 Palestinian homes completely - and 6534 partially
Extensive damage to 4000 Palestinian buildings
34 mosques
12 churches
134 water wells
34,606 Olive & fruit trees uprooted
1162.4 dunums (one dunum equal to 1000 square metres) of land confiscated
14339 dunums of land bulldozed or burned

Closures and Freedom of Movement

24 Palestinians died from delay of medical treatment due to movement restrictions.
64 isolated fragments created in the West Bank using checkpoints and roadblocks and have sealed off nearly every village and refugee camp while the Gaza Strip has been divided into 3 parts

Illegal Settlements in the Occupied Territories

34 new Jewish settlements since ‘sharon came to power in February 2001
19 settlements in Gaze (30% of land area, including I 0% Israeli bases and by-pass roads)
205 settlements in West flank including Jerusalem
There arc more than 403,249 settlers in the West Bank. 211,788 of these settlers live in Jerusalem
50% of $25 billion budget for settlement construction in the occupied territories is public compared with 25% in Israel
32,750 individual units were built before the Oslo agreement
20,371 built since Oslo. an increase of 62%


88% of the renewable water resources of the occupied territories is diverted for Israeli use or for use in its settlements
11000 cubic metres annual consumption for each Israeli in Gaza
172 cubic metres annual consumption for each Palestinian in Gaza


154 journalists shot or beaten by Israeli soldiers/settlers
14 press centers shelled

Other Sources

B’Tselem, http://www.btselem.org
Palestinian Council For Justice and Peace
Al-Mezan 2001, http://www.mezan.org
Peace Now! Settlement Watch http://www.peacenow.org.il


What is “The Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding”?

CAABU was formed after the 1967 Middle East War, when a questionnaire revealed that 98% of the British Public has no knowledge of Arab world. There was a clear need to present the Arab perspective and thus advance understanding between the Arab and British peoples.

CAABU has sympathy for the aspirations, achievements and the rights of Arab peoples, especially for the Arabs of Palestine. The Council believes that a just settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict would open the way to rapid development and social progress in the Middle East.

Information Officer: Chris Doyle, Director Sir Cyril Townsend (also of the U.N.A.)
Address: 21 Collingham Road, London SW5 0NU
Tel: 020 7373 8414 Fax 020 7835 2088
Email: caabu@caabu.org
Website: http://www.caabu.org


From: Sibylle Hartmann <greensib@hotmail.com>
Sent: 11 April 2002
Subject: TAKE ACTION! Protest the Nomination of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for Nobel Peace Prize

They say that satire died when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but if a Right-wing Norwegian MP has his way, the Nobel committee will be spitting on its grave.
Harald Tom Nesvik, a member of the Norwegian Parliament from the Right-wing Party of Progress, has nominated U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize for “decisive action against terrorism, something I believe in the future will be the greatest threat to peace.” According to the provisions of Nobel, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Tony Blair has ordered more military actions than any U.K. leader since World War II, with at least one military action every year since 1998. George W. Bush has urged budgets massively increasing the size and funding of the U.S. standing military, continued and deepened U.S. military aid for the on-going civil war in Colombia and Israeli military occupation of Palestine, and initiated a war not only against Afghanistan, but an undefined, open-ended “War on Terrorism” which administration officials daily threaten to expand to other nations such Iran, North Korea, and Iraq.
Vice President Dick Cheney told the Washington Post that the campaign of warfare the President has launched “may never end. At least, not in our lifetimes.” Both Bush and Blair have refused to work with multilateral consultation and diplomacy through peace congresses, with Bush’s refusal to secure UN Security Council approval before initiating the war in Afghanistan, and Blair’s refusal to place the British troops occupying Sierra Leone under the command of United Nations Peacekeeping forces.

Urge the Nobel Institute to reject the nomination of Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Reckless and ever-expanding pursuit of war is not peace, and awarding the Peace Prize for massive world-wide military campaigns would be a slap in the face of peace and justice activists world wide.

For more Bush and Blair’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, see:

To take action, go to: