March 28, 2002

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A CALL TO PRAY FOR PEACE: This Friday, the people of Jerusalem call upon people of the world to join us at 12PM (Jerusalem/Al Quds time) and unite in prayer for peace in the Holy Land. It is Passover, Good Friday, and Salat al Jum'ah, (Muslim Friday prayers). We are calling for compassion, and an end to the cycle of revenge between the Children of Abraham. Please help us sow the seeds of forgiveness.


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"That George Bush Sr, former head of the CIA and president, is by any measure of international law one of the modern era's greatest prima facie war criminals, and his son's illegitimate administration a product of this dynastic mafia, is unmentionable."

- Quoted from John Pilger's article below


1. Disclosure Project Update - Message from the Director
2. Help protect Japan's peace constitution - Newspaper ad project
3. John Pilger: Compliant press preparing ground for attack on Iraq
4. The Coming Collapse of China
5. Can a fungus out-muscle meat?

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From: "Disclosure Project Email Updates" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
Subject: Disclosure Project Update - Message from the Director - March 26th 2002

Dear Friend and Supporter of the Disclosure Project,

Since 9/11, much has been said and written about US National Security and world peace, and the various threats to both.

Missing from this analysis is a frank discussion about illegal, so - called 'black' projects that escape constitutionally required oversight of the Congress and the President.

As the senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee told me in 1994, the varsity team of illegal black projects - projects that he could not penetrate with a subpoena or a top-secret clearance- deal with the UFO subject.

The reasons such operations are a threat to the national security are not obvious at first glance. Indeed, the entire subject is generally brushed aside as irrelevant, silly and fringe. Or so those controlling such projects would like our policy-makers to believe. The reality is quite different: Tens of billions of dollars are siphoned off illegally into black projects and corporate special programs that impoverish conventional military and intelligence operations. Operational readiness, as it is called, has been eroded for years by the extravagant and wasteful spending in unsupervised and illegal black projects dealing with UFOs, Extraterrestrial - connected projects and advanced energy and propulsion research related thereto.

Back in 1994, this senior official with the Senate Appropriations Committee admitted that, conservatively, such black, illegal projects were in the $40 billion to $80 billion range annually! God only knows what they are today - maybe double that.

This means that conventional reconnaissance, interception, security screening, intelligence analysis, border security, etc, have been robbed for years by such large sums being illegally shunted into these illegal operations. As we discovered on 9/11, the cost has been unacceptably high.

But all of this is the least of the problem. The real threat of such projects arises from the unseen consequences of illegal secrecy: The ruthless suppression of energy, propulsion and other technologies that could have replaced fossil fuels, oil, coal, public utilities and the like many decades ago. The result is the world we have: environmentally ravaged, increasing poverty that destabilizes societies and breeds resentment and an avoidable, tragic growing hatred of the West.

We can and must do better.

The Disclosure Project is dedicated to bringing forward the information, government insider testimony, government documents and related evidence that will focus world attention on this overlooked matter.

We have also formed a company to identify, test, prove and build so-called over-unity energy generation systems and disclose these to the public so that the people can choose to move away from global destruction and embrace a sustainable future. This company, Space Energy Access Systems, Inc., or SEAS ( is already working to practically solve these problems. (If you or someone you know has such a technology and wants help in bringing it quickly to the public, please contact us at the above website address.)

We, the people, should not wait another moment for the government to solve these problems. Big Brother is too slow and hidebound on these issues for us to passively wait for action from those quarters. It is clear that we must act to bring clarity to the real threats facing the world and to promulgate the solutions.

Will you join us?

Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project
Albemarle County
26 March 2002



March 29, 2002 Dr. Greer lecture at the Christ Light Festival in Colorado (Hosted by Sarayon)
April 24, 2002 Disclosure Project Event in Portland, Oregon
April 25, 2002 Disclosure Project Event in Eugene, Oregon
April 26, 2002 Disclosure Project Event in Ashland, Oregon
April 27, 2002 Dr. Greer lecture at the WESAK conference in Mt.Shasta
April 28, 2002 Dr. Greer lecture at the San Francisco New Age Expo
May 3-5, 2002 Dr. Greer lecture at the IIIHS conference in Montreal
Oct-Nov 2002 Disclosure Project Annual conference in San Mateo, CA



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Disclosure (the book)


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Extraterrestrial Contact - The Evidence and Implications

ET-Contact Book

526 pages exploring why ETs are here, the physics of ET travel, the best Government documents related to UFOs, who is maintaining the secrecy and why, what are the implications of disclosing this information, and more.

National Press Club Conference Video (2 hours)
National Press Club Video

Documentary of the historic May 9, 2001 press conference that introduced the Disclosure Project's "Smoking Gun" witnesses to the World‚s press.

Disclosure Witness Video (2 hours)
Disclosure 2HR Video

A distillation of over 120 hours of videotaped testimony of dozens of highly credible military, government, and intelligence community witnesses telling of their first hand experience and knowledge of this subject.

Special Congressional Briefing Video (4 hours)

4HR Video : Similar to the above, this video was specially edited for and hand delivered to members of congress, the executive branch, Pentagon officials, NASA officials, etc. prior to and following the May 9 press conference. It contains 4 hrs of explosive witness testimony.

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Disclosure Summary CD <
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From: "Frank Dorrel" <>
Subject: Re: Help protect Japan's peace constitution - Newspaper ad project
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002

Dear Yumi,

I am sending $100 to you today. I will also forward your message to many of my Peace activists friends here in the United States, encouraging them to support your effort. Thank you for all the work you do for World Peace.

In Peace and Hope,

Frank Dorrel
3967 Shedd Terrace
Culver City, California 90232
Veteran For Peace

----- Original Message -----

From: "Yumi Kikuchi" <>
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002
Subject: Help protect and spread Japan's peace constitution - Newspaper ad project

Japanese Peace Constitution At Stake

This is to ask you (especially American people) to support the fund raising effort to put a peace ad on May 3 (Constitution Day in Japan) in Japanese Newspaper(Asahi Shinbun) to stop Japanese government to pass Yuji Hosei(Emergensy Law- meaning, in case of war) in this diet(congress) session without much discussion and disclosure to Japanese people.

As you know, Japanes government has sent our Self Defence Force to support US military action in Afganistan this time, which is the first time we sent SDF to active war area after the World War II and is a clear violation of Japan's peace constituion.

Japanese government is just about to submit an Emergency Law (Yuji Hosei), which enables Japan to fight again not only in case of emergency in Japan but also anywhere in the world if the USA leads the war (such as War on Terrorism in Afganistan, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Philippines, or who knows where next target is ).

Coalition of concerned citizens of Japan is going to put a full page or half page ad(depending on how much we can raise in time, the full page ad in Asahi Newspaper costs about $100,000) to ask Japanese government to abide by the constitution and reconsider submitting the Emergency Law. We need your help to raise international voices and this amount of money in time.

I would appreciate minimum donation of $20 or more no later than April 15 (If we receive your check before that, your name will be printed in the newspaper. Please specify if you do not want print your name).

Check should be payable to: Gen Morita and mailed to:

Harmonics Life Center
1047 Naka, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan 296-0111

Thank you very much. I will be responsible to convert the check into Yen and send it to May-3 Opinion Ad office at NCC. For those who do not know me and what I have been doing, please go to and click Yumi Kikuchi or The Works of Global Peace Campaign. After 9/11, we put two peace ads in US papaers; NY Times(Oct 8) and LA Times(Nov 11) to ask the President Bush to halt the bombing. We raised most of the money in Japan($200,000) and worked with Veterans For Peace (St.Louis) and Public Media Center(San Francisco).

I will keep the supporters informed how the text develops. As of today, the ad will basically contain two messages: 1. We are against Yuji Housei (Emergency Law) and we ask non-violent solution and dialogue with other Asian and all the nations of the world. We are aginst war and violence. The Emergency Law will enables Japan to join wars again and involve Japanese people to wars.

2. Spread the Peace Constitution of Japan to the world! The Preamble and Article 9 of Japanese Constitution is our message to the world to pledge demilitarization and non-violence. We will protect this constitution and ask the world to create lasting peace.

Love and peace,

Yumi Kikuchi
Founder/Global Peace Campaign

P.S. If you can not support financially, consider sending me a peaceful message saying something like that Japan should abide by her Peace Constitution and passing Emergency Law now works against world peace at this dangerous time. Japan's role should be promoting peace, not war.


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002
Subject: John Pilger: Compliant press preparing ground for attack on Iraq


A compliant press is preparing the ground for an all-out attack on Iraq. It never mentions the victims: the young, the old and the vulnerable.

John Pilger
21 Mar 2002

The promised attack on Iraq will test free journalism as never before. The prevailing media orthodoxy is that the attack is only a matter of time. "The arguments may already be over," says the Observer, "Bush and Blair have made it clear . . ." The beating of war drums is so familiar that the echo of the last round of media tom-toms is still heard, together with its self-serving "vindication" for having done the dirty work of great power, yet again.

I have been a reporter in too many places where public lies have disguised the culpability for great suffering, from Indochina to southern Africa, East Timor to Iraq, merely to turn the page or switch off the news-as-sermon, and accept that journalism has to be like this -- "waiting outside closed doors to be lied to", as Russell Baker of the New York Times once put it. The honourable exceptions lift the spirits. One piece by Robert Fisk will do that, regardless of his subject. An eyewitness report from Palestine by Peter Beaumont in the Observer remains in the memory, as singular truth, along with Suzanne Goldenberg's brave work for the Guardian.

The pretenders, the voices of Murdochism and especially the liberal ciphers of rampant western power can rightly say that Pravda never published a Fisk. "How do you do it?" asked a Pravda editor, touring the US with other Soviet journalists at the height of the cold war. Having read all the papers and watched the TV, they were astonished to find that all the foreign news and opinions were more or less the same. "In our country, we put people in prison, we tear out their fingernails to achieve this result? What's your secret?"

The secret is the acceptance, often unconscious, of an imperial legacy: the unspoken rule of reporting whole societies in terms of their usefulness to western "interests" and of minimising and obfuscating the culpability of "our" crimes. "What are 'we' to do?" is the unerring media cry when it is rarely asked who "we" are and what "our" true agenda is, based on a history of conquest and violence. Liberal sensibilities may be offended, even shocked by modern imperial double standards, embodied in Blair; but the invisible boundaries of how they are reported are not in dispute. The trail of blood is seldom followed; the connections are not made; "our" criminals, who kill and collude in killing large numbers of human beings at a safe distance, are not named, apart from an occasional token, like Kissinger.

A long series of criminal operations by the American secret state, identified and documented, such as the conspiracy that oversaw the "forgotten" slaughter of up to a million people in Indonesia in 1965-66, amount to more deaths of innocent people than died in the Holocaust. But this is irrelevant to present-day reporting. The tutelage of hundreds of tyrants, murderers and torturers by "our" closest ally, including the training of Islamic jihad fanatics in CIA camps in Virginia and Pakistan, is of no consequence. The harbouring in the United States of more terrorists than probably anywhere on earth, including hijackers of aircraft and boats from Cuba, controllers of El Salvadorean death squads and politicians named by the United Nations as complicit in genocide, is clearly of no interest to those standing in front of the White House and reporting, with a straight face, "America's war on terrorism".

That George Bush Sr, former head of the CIA and president, is by any measure of international law one of the modern era's greatest prima facie war criminals, and his son's illegitimate administration a product of this dynastic mafia, is unmentionable.

The rest of the answer to the incredulous question raised by the Pravda editors in America is censorship by omission. Once vital information illuminates the true aims of the "national security state", the euphemism for the mafia state, it loses media "credibility" and is consigned to the margins, or oblivion. Thus, fake debates can be carried on in the British Sunday newspapers about whether "we" should attack Iraq. The debaters, often proud liberals with an equally proud record of supporting Washington's other invasions, guard the limits.

These "debates" are framed in such a way that Iraq is neither a country nor a community of 22 million human beings, but one man, Saddam Hussein. A picture of the fiendish tyrant almost always dominates the page. ("Should we go to war against this man?" asked last Sunday's Observer). To appreciate the power of this, replace the picture with a photograph of stricken Iraqi infants, and the headline with: "Should we go to war against these children?" Propaganda then becomes truth. Any attack on Iraq will be executed, we can rest assured, in the American way, with saturation cluster bombing and depleted uranium, and the victims will be the young, the old, the vulnerable, like the 5,000 civilians who are now reliably estimated to have been bombed to death in Afghanistan. As for the murderous Saddam Hussein, former friend of Bush Sr and Thatcher, his escape route is almost certainly assured.

The column inches now devoted to Iraq, often featuring unnamed manipulators and liars of the intelligence services, almost always omit one truth. This is the truth of the American - and British-driven embargo on Iraq, now in its 13th year. Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly children, have died as a consequence of this medieval siege. The worst, most tendentious journalism has sought to denigrate the scale of this crime, even calling the death of Iraqi infants a mere "statistical construct". The facts are documented in international study after study, from the United Nations to Harvard University. (For a digest of the facts, see Dr Eric Herring's Bristol University paper "Power, Propaganda and Indifference: an explanation of the continued imposition of economic sanctions on Iraq despite their human cost", available from

Among those now debating whether the Iraqi people should be cluster-bombed or not, incinerated or not, you are unlikely to find the names of Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, who have done the most to break through the propaganda. No one knows the potential human cost better than they. As assistant secretary general of the UN, Halliday started the oil-for-food programme in Iraq. Von Sponeck was his successor. Eminent in their field of caring for other human beings, they resigned their long UN careers, calling the embargo "genocide".

Their last appearance in the press was in the Guardian last November, when they wrote: "The most recent report ofthe UN secretary general, in October 2001, says that the US and UK governments' blocking of $4bn of humanitarian supplies is by far the greatest constraint on the implementation of the oil-for-food programme. The report says that, in contrast, the Iraqi government's distribution of humanitarian supplies is fully satisfactory...The death of some 5-6,000 children a month is mostly due to contaminated water, lack of medicines and malnutrition. The US and UK governments' delayed clearance of equipment and materials is responsible for this tragedy, not Baghdad."

They are in no doubt that if Saddam Hussein saw advantage in deliberately denying his people humanitarian supplies, he would do so; but the UN, from the secretary general himself down, says that, while the regime could do more, it has not withheld supplies. Indeed, without Iraq's own rationing and distribution system, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, there would have been famine. Halliday and von Sponeck point out that the US and Britain are able to fend off criticism of sanctions with unsubstantiated stories that the regime is "punishing" its own people. If these stories are true, they say, why does America and Britain further punish them by deliberately withholding humanitarian supplies, such as vaccines, painkillers and cancer diagnostic equipment? This wanton blocking of UN-approved shipments is rarely reported in the British press. The figure is now almost $5bn in humanitarian-related supplies. Once again, the UN executive director of the oil-for-food programme has broken diplomatic silence to express "grave concern at the unprecedented surge in volume of holds placed on contracts [by the US]".

By ignoring or suppressing these facts, together with the scale of a four-year bombing campaign by American and British aircraft (in 1999/2000, according to the Pentagon, the US flew 24,000 "combat missions" over Iraq), journalists have prepared the ground for an all-out attack on Iraq. The official premise for this -- that Iraq still has weapons of mass destruction -- has not been questioned. In fact, in 1998, the UN reported that Iraq had complied with 90 per cent of its inspectors' demands. That the UN inspectors were not "expelled", but pulled out after American spies were found among them in preparation for an attack on Iraq, is almost never reported. Since then, the world's most sophisticated surveillance equipment has produced no real evidence that the regime has renewed its capacity to build weapons of mass destruction. "The real goal of attacking Iraq now," says Eric Herring, "is to replace Saddam Hussein with another compliant thug."

The attempts by journalists in the US and Britain, acting as channels for American intelligence, to connect Iraq to 11 September have also failed. The "Iraq connection" with anthrax has been shown to be rubbish; the culprit is almost certainly American. The rumour that an Iraqi intelligence official met Mohammed Atta, the 11 September hijacker, in Prague was exposed by Czech police as false. Yet press "investigations" that hint, beckon, erect a straw man or two, then draw back, while giving the reader the overall impression that Iraq requires a pasting, have become a kind of currency. One reporter added his "personal view" that "the use of force is both right and sensible". Will he be there when the clusters spray their bomblets?

Those who dare speak against this propaganda are abused as apologists for the tyrant. Two years ago, on a now infamous Newsnight, the precocious apostate Peter Hain was allowed to smear Denis Halliday, a man whose integrity is internationally renowned. Although dissent has broken through recently, especially in the Guardian, to its credit, that low point in British broadcasting set the tone. If the media pages did their job, they would set aside promoting the careers of media managers and challenge the orthodoxy of reporting a fraudulent "war on terrorism"; they owe that, at least, to aspiring young journalists. I recommend a new website edited by the writer David Edwards, whose factual, inquiring analysis of the reporting of Iraq, Afghanistan and other issues has already drawn the kind of defensive spleen that shows how unused to challenge and accountability much of journalism, especially that calling itself liberal, has become. The address is

It is time that three urgent issues became front-page news. The first is restraining Bush and his collaborator Blair from killing large numbers of people in Iraq. The second is an arms and military technology embargo applied throughout the Gulf and the Middle East; an embargo on both Iraq and Israel. The third is the ending of "our" siege of a people held hostage to cynical events over which they have no control.


Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002
From: <>
Subject: The Coming Collapse of China

The morning after my last post I came across these two articles which reinforces my argument:

* China banks warning, afr, March 20, 2002:

China's banks are bust and the Government should bail them out sooner rather than later to help restore momentum to an economy that is clearly flagging despite the impetus of WTO membership, according to the OECD, Singapore's Business Times reports. To break through a vicious circle of slowing growth, deteriorating credit quality and mounting fiscal stress, the lesson from abroad for China was that no reform was more important than cleaning up banks, the OECD said yesterday. The OECD called for "early intervention" to restore solvency to the financial system.

* Anne Hyland, Beijing reforms risk greater social unrest, afr, March 19, 2002:

... one of the most vexing issues facing the Communist Party: how to quell the growing urban and rural unrest that could turn into an explosive cocktail, and at the same time implementing industrial reform.

Firms ... are preparing for more competition now that China has joined the World Trade Organisation. However, it is the 800 million poor rural workers who are going to be most hurt by cheap grain from the US and other grain exporting nations once the barriers are lifted.

Mr Zhu Rongi, China's premier, in an address last Friday, said his biggest headache was the poverty of farmers. The value of their pay packets has declined while the income of groups like civil servants has doubled.

The conundrum for the Chinese Government is if it pushes reform too hard it risks inviting greater social disorder. If it doesn't, the economy could stagnate. This year's budget deficit is expected to be 309.8 billion yuan ($71.3 billion), while outstanding debt is about 16 per cent of gross domestic product. Lehman Brothers economists have predicted that if the ranks of the unemployed swelled by a further 40 million by 2005 the urban jobless rate could be as high as 31 per cent.

Gordon Chang, lawyer and author of the controversial book The Coming Collapse of China, believes time has run out for the Communist Party to start looking at implementing measures like establishing a national social welfare system.

His book, released last year and recently updated and reprinted in Chinese, predicts economic collapse in China and the fall of the Communist Party within the decade...

"Peasants and workers are not about to wait around another five years to see if these WTO proposals work out. I see a period of economic failure, which leads to social unrest, some of which is peaceful, most of which is violent. The People's Liberation Army might try to impose martial law but that's only a short-term solution. You could have peasant revolution. You could have the peasants completely ignite all at once and they could come out of countryside and surround the cities, which was Mao Zedong's very famous dictum. After all, the Soviet Communists ridiculed the idea but eventually that prevailed..."

Mr Chang's thinking doesn't sit well with most China watchers. They believe the government's moves to restructure state-owned enterprises, improve corporate governance, recapitalise the financial sector, liberalise the capital markets and establish a national welfare system will help to sustain economic growth. And, as long as economic growth continues, worker displacement can be absorbed.

It is perhaps worth taking note of a similar contrarian, Judy Shelton, who in 1989 published the book The Coming Soviet Crash: Gorbachev's Desperate Pursuit of Credit in Western Financial Markets, which predicted the imminent collapse of the Soviet economy.


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Can a fungus out-muscle meat?

Well Journal - Can a fungus out-muscle meat?


By David MacFarlane

America is getting its first taste of Quorn, a meat alternative made from a fungus that uncannily mimics the physical and nutritional properties of the real thing - but with virtually none of the drawbacks.

"In some ways, it's going to be the next soy," says nutritionist and author Susan Mitchell, M.D. "It's an attractive alternative to people who want to eat less meat. And, yes, it tastes good." Quorn is high in protein and fiber, low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and high in mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. According to Marlow Foods, which markets Quorn, a typical serving has two-thirds the fat of a skinless chicken breast, the protein of an egg and the same amount of fiber as a baked potato. Quorn has been a hit in Europe since it was introduced 17 years ago. Marlow, a division of AstraZeneca, says one in five English households eats the products, powering sales of more than $150 million in 2001.

Will it play in the States?

Americans have had to wait until now to try Quorn, because it first had to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. FDA approval, which was granted in December 2001, was required because Quorn is made from mycoprotein, a fungus grown in large vats that is processed and flavored to produce a variety of products. Marlow describes mycoprotein as "an all-natural vegetable protein from the mushroom family," but at least one consumer advocate has taken issue with the description. "Quorn's mycoprotein has nothing to do with mushrooms," says Mark Jacobson, the executive director of Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit watchdog group. "Quorn is a fungus and should be labeled as such." Mitchell says there is merit to Jacobson's assertion, "All mushrooms are funguses but not all funguses are mushrooms," she says. The nomenclature issue does not detract from the evidence to date that the product is nutritious and safe, says Mitchell. "If it's successful it wouldn't surprise me," she says. But most people aren't likely to try it, she says, until "they hear from a friend -- or a friend of a friend -- that this is something they should eat." Marlow hopes to build $50 million in sales by selling Quorn next to such familiar frozen meat-alternatives such as Gardenburger and Boca Burger. By comparison, Americans spent more than $2.7 billion on soy food in 2000, according to Soyatec.

The first line of Quorn products includes ready-to-eat chicken-style nuggets, patties, and cutlets, plus a variety of entrees such as lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo. Quorn also will be available in ingredient form as frozen beef-style grounds and frozen chicken-style tenders. Additional products are planned.

Ferment, spin and separate

Fusarium venenatum, the fungus that produces mycoprotein (literally "fungus protein"), was discovered in the soil west of London in the 1960. European pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca developed mycoprotein into a product, and began selling it through Marlow Foods in 1985 in England. Quorn debuted in Western Europe six years later.

The fungus that produces mycoprotein is grown in large temperature-controlled towers, continuously fermented and fed a steady stream of oxygen, nitrogen, glucose, minerals and vitamins. After harvesting, it is treated to reduce its ribonucleic acid content to World Health Organization recommended levels. It's then placed in a centrifuge, which extracts water from the mixture. The resulting mass is mixed with binders, flavorings and other ingredients. Afterwards, it can be shaped and sized into burgers, sausages and cutlets.

Like soy, Quorn is tasteless before it is flavored, which makes it an enormously versatile ingredient in foods. Where it may surpass soy, say those who have tried Quorn, is in its semblance to real meats. Quorn has a fibrousness that makes the sensory experience of chewing a Quorn chicken cutlet seem remarkably like the real thing.