March 14, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #134: Disquieting Signs to Ponder

Hello everyone

Here is some of what caught my attention today.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Why the EU Wants To Restrict Dosages of Vitamins
2. Police Raid Michael Moore's Book signing for Stupid White Men
4. To Keep a Population In Line, Wage Perpetual War Against a Vague Enemy
5. End Israeli Apartheid


On March 15, the International Forgiveness Day, PEACE POLES will be simultaneously planted in Pakistan and India.

Allies Backing Away From Bush's Policies

Protest the Nomination of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for Nobel Peace Prize

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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002
From: BILL D <>
Subject: Why the EU Wants To Restrict Dosages of Vitamins

Hi Jean

The good guys lose one....THE FIGHT GOES ON

“PHARMACEUTICALS” WIN ROUND ONE What I understand from the first information on the web is that the European commission has voted in favor of the Codex Alimentarius. What a shock. Any body else has the latest info?

Sure the fight is not over.

For extensive information from Dr. Rath see


Why the EU Wants To Restrict Dosages of Vitamins

(San Dimas, CA- USA) - The biological action of virtually every prescription drug can be duplicated with nutritional supplements, a fact that pharmaceutical companies want to keep hidden from the public. The therapeutic benefits of many vitamins, minerals and herbs are dependent upon dosage, which may be a chief reason why the European Union (EU) wants to restrict the dosage of essential nutrients in vitamin pills.

Examples abound in regards to the therapeutic benefits of high-dose vitamins. For example, high-dose thaiamin-vitamin B1 (300 mg or more) has been shown to benefit patients with multiple sclerosis. High-dose riboflavin-vitamin B2 has been used effectively to remedy chronic migraine attacks. High-dose (1500+ mgs) niacin-vitamin B3 lowers cholesterol and may help in the treatment of schizophrenia. High-dose pyridoxine-vitamin B6 may help with mental depression. High-dose inositol may calm anxiety. High-dose vitamin B12 (1500+ mcgs) may resolve cases of insomnia, memory loss, false senility and nerve disorders. High-dose folic acid (800-5000 mcg) may prevent Alzheimer's disease, heart and blood vessel disease, and reduce the risk of birth defects. High-dose vitamin C acts as an anti-histamine and may thwart an allergy attack, prevent cataracts, replace the need for blood pressure lowering drugs, prevent kidney stones and gall bladder attacks. High-dose vitamin D (4000+ units) may normalize blood pressure, calm down autoimmune reactions, prevent bone thinning and block the growth of existing tumors.

Under regulations being considered by the EU, non-essential food supplements such as lutein, green tea, ginseng, and other herbal products may be banned from use without a physician's prescription. The public's right to exercise self care, and to practice prevention, will take a step backward if the EU rules go into effect. The public will become more dependent upon over-priced prescription drugs which produce far more side effects than vitamins and herbal products.


From: "Kerry" <>
Subject: Police Raid Michael Moore's Book signing for Stupid White Men
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002

Very interesting on how popular this guy and his book is with the people. You’d think that he’d be real unpopular based upon the “polls” out there.

Wake up.

Original author below: Michael Moore.

Police Raid, Shut Down My Booksigning in San Diego

Dear Friends,

It's a few minutes before midnight, on Friday night on 3/8/2002. I'm in San Diego, and I have just escaped being arrested by the San Diego police. This book tour keeps getting more surreal, but the last hour has been unlike anything I have yet seen.

I have come to San Diego to speak at an event organized for my book ("Stupid White Men"). The event is being held at a middle school in an auditorium that seats about 800 people. I have spent the week in California, pretty much at my own expense. Weeks ago, the publisher informed me that they would not be sending me to this state if they had to pay to get me there.

So I called up my friends at "Politically Incorrect" and asked if they could book me on the show and bring me out there. They were more than happy to help out. I can't believe the crap this show has had to endure because its host one night, early on in "America's NEW War" had the guts to state the truth as he saw it. Now advertisers have dropped like flies, affiliates in DC, Columbus, and other cities have canceled the program, and ABC seems eager to deep-six the whole hour it shares with "Nightline." But, for now, they have come to my aid, and I am grateful.

In the past six days, I have spoken to 15 separate mobs of people. I don't know what other word to use because, quite simply, wherever I go, there is this unbelievable pandemonium. Every day, every night, hundreds -- or thousands -- jam themselves into halls, arenas, churches, auditoriums to listen to me talk about my book and whatever else is struggling to make its way through my brain. Forget about standing room only -- these venues look more like breathing room only. A clever fire marshal could have made a small fortune tailing me across this state. As I look out at the crowds of humans doing their best to impersonate sardines, I worry not that some deranged person may shout "Fire!" but rather that someone may belt out, "There's an extra six inches over here by the radiator!"

I have visited the most out-of-the-way places in California and, no matter where I go or how right-wing the congressman is that represents their district, all sorts of people are desperate to get inside to be with the thousands of others who want to be part of "United We Stand Against the Thief-in-Chief." Grass Valley, Hayward, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Ukiah, Arcata, Berkeley, Westwood, East L.A., Koreatown (L.A.) -- I wish all of you could see what I have seen. In every town, at every stop, huge throngs of Americans who are sick and tired of the silence that has been demanded of them, lest they be thought of as "unpatriotic" should they dare to question the actions of George W. Bush and company. That's what this tour is all about. It's time to come out and start acting like Americans again.

And then there was San Diego.

Over a thousand people are packed inside the 800-seat auditorium. Outside, another thousand people are on the lawn trying to get in. The traffic on the street is tied up and the stream of San Diegoans keeps filing up the sidewalk. I tell the organizers that I am going to spend a half-hour outside here speaking to the people who cannot get in. They are, after all, like me -- slackers who are habitually late. The crowd outdoors is wired and jazzed that they are being honored for being tardy.

Then I go inside, give my usual talk, and begin to sign books. There's a 90-year-old lady whose granddaughter has driven her down from Orange County. There's a union organizer from the antiunion San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper who announces that his grandfather was a sit-down striker with my uncle back in 1937 in Flint. Some punk-poet kid tries to finish me off for good by offering me two Krispy Kreme donuts. Hundreds line up to have their books, their "Awful Truth" DVDs and, in one case, an Iron Maiden jean jacket, signed. I am told that we are getting close to the time when we will have to leave the school, as it has only been rented until 11pm. That is not good. Hundreds are still in line. I don't think any of these signings this week have been over before midnight.

Somewhere around 11:30pm, I hear a commotion at the back of the auditorium. I see people start to scatter. The San Diego police are coming down the aisle, their large flashlights out (the auditorium lights are still on, so we all understand the implied "other" use of these instruments). The police are telling everyone to "VACATE THESE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL ALL BE ARRESTED!" I cannot believe what I am hearing. "YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANOTHER WARNING. LEAVE NOW -- OR FACE ARREST!"

The cops approach the stage where I am signing the books. People are visibly frightened -- and about half the book-line bolts toward the doors. I stand up and speak to the officers. "I am the author of this book," I tell them politely. "These people are only here to get a book and all I am doing is signing them. We will be done shortly."

"I don't care who you are," they reply. "We have received a call from the school district and we have been told to remove you. You were supposed to be out of here at 11:00pm." We had apparently violated our curfew.

"C'mon guys, you can't be serious," I said. "Are you saying that you are going to arrest me for signing people's books, and arrest the people who are here because they want to read this book?"

"I don't care what you are doing -- this is your last warning. I am ready to arrest you and everyone else."

"Who is your superior?" I ask.

"I'm it. Only the Chief is above me at night, and I am not going to wake him up. This has already gone through many channels. We are here because this has already gone through many people in the last half-hour, people in authority, and the decision has been made to clear you out of here or arrest you."

I have never been arrested, strange as that may seem. I could not believe that, of all I have done, all I have stood for over the years, that it has come down to this -- and I was about to be hauled away for autographing books!

"OK," I said. "We'll leave." I then mumbled something about the last time I checked, this was still the United States of America -- even if we were just five miles away from where it ends. They escorted me and the few remaining souls out of the building. The brave lady who was the owner of the independent bookstore and who was there selling my book, leaned over and whispered to me, "I am willing to go to jail for this if you want me to." Ya gotta hand it to the independent bookstores -- they've been through hell lately, so much so that they are now ready to be led away in handcuffs!

I walked outside and about 40 people ask me if I would still sign their books in the dark of the parking lot. A girl gets out her pocket flashlight. A guy runs over and turns on his headlights. I remark that it feels like we're in some sort of banana republic or East Berlin, secretly meeting so we can have our little book gathering. "Sign quick, Mike, here come the police!"

I finish the last book and hop in my sister's car. She remembers to give me a plaque that had been presented to me in abstentia (while I was outside talking to the people who couldn't get in). It was from the city councilwoman from the area of San Diego we were in. It read "Official Proclamation: City of San Diego Declares -- March 9, 2002, 'Michael Moore Day.'"

"Maybe we should have shown this to the cops, " she says. We drive to her house where I catch four hours sleep before I get up and head for Denver.


Michael Moore

Author - Filmmaker - NonEvildoer


Michael Moore's site


... or here ...



From: Sharona Merel <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002

Dear Friends of Truth and Justice:

Please read this urgent message through carefully.

"What's wrong with this picture?" :

Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services of the Bush rogue government, has announced that, per the Mandated Vaccinations/Emergency Health Powers Act (quarantines & vaccination , not yet initiated in all states) that all Americans should know that they "have their name on a vaccine shot in our inventory."

Wisconsin is apparently one of the prototype states for the forced vaccines program, an agenda that has long been planned

States Given Power To Force Vaccines And Medication Under Model State Emergency, though not for the agenda of "protection from bioterror", as most have presumed, but for more insidious purposes.

Beware of this in your own states, friends, of the attaching of this provision quietly to other bills, as Underheim and Urban of Wisconsin recently did... These vaccines are highly suspect and, per an announcement by CNN recently, have been proposed for dilution (for reasons of rapid deployment towards a now expedited agenda...)

The smallpox vaccine, just in itself, can cause death to the very young and the very old, to those already impacted by immune deficiency disease, of which there are now tens of millions (including but not limited to multiple sclerosis, lupus, AIDS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome, and on and on and etc.), and severe illness in still others.

Now, here comes the key... Not only are the contents of the vaccines themselves questioned avoid Vaccination.

Liberation Index

ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute: Secret Vaccine Database (but the Bush family, multi-generationally and historically is tied-in with the diabolical Nazi agenda

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography , and is and has been in the vaccine business, and profiting from it...

See Gulf War Disease and other damage to military personnel from mandated "mystery" and other vaccines info

By the way, did you know that the majority of records of Gulf War Disease and biological warfare agents implemented in the Gulf War are said to have been moved to, and then destroyed, in the Oklahoma City Murrah government building in 1995?)

*** Further, it has been proven and exposed that human identification-type microchips were designed and manufactured intentionally to be small enough to fit undetected in vaccines, and are being promoted by their manufacturer as such in photographs of tiny ants holding microchips in their antennae. ***


Now, how do YOU feel about being told to "take the vaccine or be fined $10,000 and/or receive 9 months in prison" ? How do you feel about this happening to your families and friends? And if these vaccines were truly designed to be helpful and benign, why would such a punitive provision even be necessary?

We've seen "government grade anthrax"... What's next? A major "smallpox bioterrorist scare" to frighten us all into vaccine submission? (* See "Bush Says He Will Keep U.S. Smallpox Stocks", 11-16-01, article that follows.)

It's time to speak out that we have had enough and to stand firmly in large numbers against these mandated vaccines in all state legislatures and at the federal level, no matter what fear tactics they may try!

Let us remember that the present system, with its blatant and criminal destructiveness, special interests, disinformation, repression, corruption, and mass manipulation, as with ALL systems, in fact, fundamentally - and in quiet desperation - relies on each of us to support it, whether consciously, on our parts, or otherwise.

As a wise and respected Truth Warrior has recently said, the fact is that, as in any organizational pyramid, the people are its very foundation and strength... If we simply step out from under those "above" by educating ourselves, and by refusing to mindlessly and silently support their malignant lies and agendas, it will soon fall down upon- and be crushed under the weight of- itself."

We have been, and are still, for this moment, their foundation. Let's reassess! Dear friends, we need an immediate OUTCRY against this INSIDIOUSNESS and ultimately, a return to government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," as our forefathers intended. Let's not wait any longer.

Please see, forward to your families, friends and colleagues, and then act upon the "TYRANNY RESPONSE TEAM - ORANGE CTY NY - ACTION ALERT" that follows.

Thanks for reading this message through completely, and for your support with this urgent request.

In genuineness,

Sharona Merel
for Concerned Humanity

Independent Media Center - webcast news, "The Toast”


Tyranny Response Team - Orange County NY - Action Alert

Action Alert: Stop Forced Vaccinations

Dear Members and Friends -

We strongly urge you to send the following letter to your legislators and encourage others to do likewise. Contact information for New York State Legislators can be found at


(Legislator's name, address)

RE: Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Dear ______

All 50 governors were sent a copy of the "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" in November 2001. This Act was drafted by the Center for Law and Public Health at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities specifically for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This legislation has been developed in collaboration with the National Governors Association in addition to several other state organizations. A draft of this proposal can be found at

Please take the time to read ALL 40 pages of this extremely dangerous proposed legislation. Being a state legislator and taking an oath to uphold the state and federal constitutions, we know that you will understand the ramifications of such legislation and vote “no” when it is presented to you for a vote.

Among its most egregious aspects are provisions to require forced vaccinations and mandatory medical exams in the event of a declared "state emergency." Those who refuse either of these state-ordered procedures may be charged with a misdemeanor. Those same people can be quarantined in buildings designated by the non-elected "public health authority." Very little legal recourse may be available to those whose lives and health could be shattered by such draconian measures.

Among the many reasons to oppose this proposed "model" act are the following:

The government's top bioterrorism expert, Dr. D.A.Henderson, the former head of the global smallpox program, does not think vaccination should be forced on people

Passage of this legislation would give public health officials and states' governors the power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug and vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease. The Act's definition of infectious disease is that it may or may NOT be transmissible from human to human, animal to human or insect to human.

The MSEHPA also gives the state and its officers and agencies almost total immunity from death and injury that may result from state-ordered medical interventions and provides the authority for real and personal property to be commandeered, seized or destroyed without compensation.

There are no alternative health options. Persons will accept medical interventions ordered by the state or be charged with a misdemeanor.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (June 9, 1999, Vol. 281, No. 22, pg. 2132), "It has been estimated that if 1 million people were vaccinated, as many as 250 (1 in 4,000) could die from an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Plans are underway to purchase 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine—each one with "the name of every man, woman and child on it," said HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson. This "one-size fits all" approach to public health could cause severe reactions and death in 75,000 people.

Other diseases, such as anthrax, are not contagious between humans, and can be treated with antibiotics. The onset of a non-communicable disease is a personal health issue and not a public health concern. It is illogical to force vaccinations on people to prevent the spread of non- communicable diseases.

At this time, there are currently no approved vaccinations for most of the some 65 known bio- terror germs/viruses/toxins availableto those who would use them against populations of innocent people. This means that vaccines developed for them would be experimental. Forcing people to be injected with an experimental vaccine is a violation of the Nuremburg Code that states it is an international crime to use human subjects for medical experimentation without their consent.

The proposed MSEHPA is built upon the premise that the government should be given the authority to force herd immunity on Americans with dangerous and/or experimental medical procedures. We, as a nation, do not even subject enemy populations to such medically illogical policies.

I implore you to PLEASE become aware of this foreboding legislation and VOTE AGAINST IT. Our most basic human and civil rights are at stake.


(your name)



Bush Says US Will Keep Its Smallpox Stocks


NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Bush administration, reversing a course set two decades ago, has decided that the world's remaining stocks of smallpox should be retained until scientists develop new vaccines and treatments for the disease, Friday's New York Times reported. The paper said that the decision, disclosed by senior administration officials, was likely to provoke criticism from international health officials who have long favored the destruction of the microbe.

A succession of administrations have endorsed the goal of destroying the virus, which was eradicated as a disease in the 1970's. But some American scientists and Pentagon officials have argued for retaining smallpox stocks, and in 1999 President Bill Clinton declared that they should be maintained, at least temporarily, while more research was conducted. The Times said the Clinton administration privately assured other nations that it would support a move to kill off smallpox in 2002 when the issue was considered by the World Health Organization, which has long advocated destruction of the virus. The Bush administration's new policy, which is now being described to America's allies, sets no such deadline and establishes some stringent conditions, reflecting a new assessment of the dangers posed by bioterrorism, reported the Times.

The United States stopped routine vaccinations for smallpox in 1972. How long vaccines protect against the disease is not known but immunity is believed to fade over time. Administration officials said the remaining American smallpox samples should not be destroyed until the nation develops at least two licensed antiviral drugs and a vaccine that can be taken by the entire population. There is currently no treatment for smallpox and a new vaccine is under development. Administration officials said that after the Sept. 11 attacks and the spate of anthrax letters that have killed four people, the administration had no choice but to abandon the nation's long-standing commitment to eradicating the officially declared stocks as soon as possible. ``The issue was straightforward,'' The Times quoted a senior official saying. ``Are we going to do what we can to be prepared for what is one of the most consequential threats we face, or are we going to engage in feel-good measures that mask the real danger?'' Officials said that an interagency group that has been considering bio-defense measures had unanimously endorsed the policy shift without reservation, the paper said.


Sent by "Mark Graffis" <>

March 10, 2002

To Keep a Population In Line, Wage Perpetual War Against a Vague Enemy

by Karel Van Wolferen

Has anyone else following the aftermath of Sept. 11 been struck by the similarity to George Orwell's "1984" -- in which a never-ending, faraway war against ever-changing enemies serves as a rationale for political and social repression?

In the past five months numerous Americans, and not a few Europeans, have not dared speak their minds, and many more have not dared to think things through to a point at which the urge to speak one's mind becomes unbearable.

There was no genuine war after Sept. 11 -- there could not have been. And no country, not even one as powerful as the United States after it lost the Soviet Union as its only rival, can hijack such an important concept as war without in the long run bringing disaster upon itself. Orwell, that great beacon of political common sense in the 20th century, educated at least two generations of reasonable observers of political reality in the danger of misusing words in this way.

A huge crime was committed, the biggest mass murder ever seen directly by hundreds of millions all over the globe. A vast police action, backed by emergency powers, to uncover and destroy any network of the guilty -- an action primarily to prevent a recurrence -- would be a rational, responsible strategy.

A war, on the other hand, requires an enemy that can roll over, declare it is ready to surrender and sign a peace treaty. Victory over "terrorism" is not possible in the absence of such an enemy, and the alternative -- the extermination of always-changing, always-new groups using violence to attain their ends -- can never be achieved. The cost of attempting to achieve it can only destroy the remaining reasons for believing in what the United States has long stood for.

If no more terrorist attacks occur, something fervently to be hoped for the sake of all our futures, the American public will probably wake up to the fact that its country is not really at war. All those who still applaud new steps in the "war strategy" will have to come to terms with the fact that, while the regimes of Iraq and North Korea are truly evil, any comparison to the threat of the Axis powers who menaced the civilized world during World War II is the product of minds that have lost themselves in political opportunism of unspeakable indecency.

Americans must wake up to this reality if they are to save what once was truly a shining example to the world. They should remember that the regime in Orwell's dystopia kept the people meek with slogans like "Ignorance is strength."

The world can only hope that the vast majority of decent Americans will save the political system of their country. This is the country, after all, toward which people like myself should feel forever grateful for having preserved political civilization at least twice in the 20th century.

The rest of us can only hope, for all of us, that when this awakening comes, Americans will sober up to a point at which they can undo the developments that have made the current situation possible. Otherwise, the legal and security measures taken in recent months may change the United States into a country that its admirers no longer recognize.

To prevent further decay, they must regain the power they have lost to special interests that have labored to obscure the true national public interest.

They must quell the power of those on the religious right, whose personal insecurities and fear of their lack of control over social realities have led to a pervasive inchoate hatred.

They must reverse the policies that have led to a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to a minuscule moneyed elite, an elite that has lost all justification for its claims to be an aristocracy of skill, good judgment and concern for the public good.

They must realize how their transnational business bureaucracies, their public officials, their journalists and their professors have promoted a version of capitalism that is, inadvertently, deepening poverty and heightening social dislocation among the least advantaged in the world.

If Americans can do this, they might then join Europeans and others in reversing gears and striving to seize the genuine opportunity that was created when the Berlin Wall came down -- an opportunity to build a more equitable, more peaceful and more humanly rewarding global civilization.

It is a sad sign of the times that I feel impelled to add that what I have just said is not the ravings of a European flushed with anti-American sentiments. The European Union countries may be accused of political spinelessness and irresponsible complacency, but Europeans on the whole cannot be accused of callousness toward the American experience of Sept. 11.

In the week following many stood still, silently, on roads, highways, in supermarket aisles -- or, as I did, sat motionless at their desks for three minutes, in sympathy with . . . no, in shared grief with the victims of the attacks and with their mourning families.

Many Europeans and, as I know for sure from numerous conversations, many Japanese and other Asians, want to say: Americans, please draw back from the abyss that demagoguery has opened up before you, and come back to the world of shared concerns -- a humane world we have been working on, notwithstanding tragic lapses, at least since the Enlightenment. Come back and help re-create a world in which a phrase like Bush's "values dear to our hearts" still has meaning.

An improved global order cannot come about if the label of "anti-American" is automatically and unthinkingly slapped on any serious analysis of antidemocratic trends, of political excesses and abuse when, as so often happens, the United States provides the clearest examples. Cries of "anti-American" amount to intimidation, as do the labels "leftist" and "bleeding-heart liberal" thrown at those whose conscience and intelligence drive them to rethink political purpose amid their country's technocracy and corrupted media.

In all the sadness and anger after Sept. 11, the world expressed a hope that the tragedy might lead to a serious rethinking of America's political and economic purposes.

To support this hope is not to endorse the notion that Americans "had it coming" -- of course, no American action in the world has made the terrorist attacks morally comprehensible. But that does not excuse Americans for failing to rethink national purposes in a world that they dominate.

The hope may still be realized, but only if the millions of Americans of goodwill wake up and speak out.


Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002
From: Peter Banman <>
Subject: End Israeli Apartheid

I am writing, because as you know, the situation in Palestine is not good. If mainstream American media, describes it as 'the worst Israeli aggression since the 1982 invasion of Lebanon' then it must be horrendous. Yet, Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who is being tried in Belgium for war crimes, has been invited to Washington D.C. once again. He will be speaking with AIPAC, an Israeli lobby group, maybe asking for more of our US tax 'aid' - as if the $10-15 million Americans give PER DAY is not enough.

Below, is a call for protest against this terror, as well as an address to endorse. Any human rights group, arts, physicians groups, religious, progressive, secular..... welcome to endorse.

End the Occupation.

End Israeli apartheid.

End this unjust slaughter of civilians.

Freedom, health and justice for all

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Al-Awda-NY/NJ Committee calls for a huge demonstration against Ariel Sharon in Washington DC on April 22, 2002. We call on all invididual activists, religious groups, and organizations who condemn the Israeli military attack on Palestinians to join us in calling for this demonstration.

If you wish to sign or endorse please contact