March 11, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #133: Independent Thinking Required!

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1. A Feedback from Australia
2. A comment from a new ERN subscriber in Czechoslovakia
3. 'Stupid White Men' Reveals An America Awakening To Reality
5. Cheney's Involuntary Leak On Sept. 11
6. Genocide in Sudan: Oil Giant Ordered Attacks
8. Indonesian Rainforests Pulped To Extinction


U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms

Sludge Report #127 - The Hunt For Flight 77 (6 March 2002)
The debate about whether there really was a plane ploughing into the Pentagon or not.
Check also the official Pentagon website where no conclusive pictures can be found:
Same thing for this pic:

French claim about Pentagon Jet is a Sick Joke (By Joe Vialls 03/09/02)
In what appears to be a major disinformation exercise, a French web site has caused a minor storm on the Internet by claiming American Airlines Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon on September 11. (...) NOTE: This article and the pics are inconclusive - THIS is disinfo at its best!

Joe Vialls defends the Pentagon! (The Counter arguments!)

Independent Flight 77 - Pentagon Event Investigation (Very Comprehensive - Most interesting!)

If you want to revisit the 9-11 make-up tragedy and learn about how and when the top U.S. decision-makers heard about the unfolding highjacking of several passenger jets and did NOTHING about it until it was too late - despite the standing provisions for fast military interception in such cases - read "9-11: Ho-Hum, Nothing Urgent" at

September 11th - Why? - Evidence Of Evilness Within

What Really Happened on September 11th (03/09/02)
Too many loose ends call for the toughest kind of media questions but they're not being asked... yet

The U.S. is committing military forces to new hotspots at a dizzying pace. If recent casualties in Afghanistan are any indication, this headlong expansion may come at a high price.

In this resignation letter, Eric Schaeffer, the head of the enforcement wing of the EPA, accuses the White House of undermining federal clean air laws.
(See also "RESIGNED TO HIS FATE" below)

The proposed deployment of 200 Special Operations forces to the former Soviet republic of Georgia is about more than pursuing al Qaeda terrorists around the globe -- it's also about oil.


From: "Janice" <>
Subject: Re: Peace in Space is Endangered by the U.S. Drive for World Domination
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002

Dear Jean,

I have been receiving your emails for quite a while now and I want to congratulate you on your dedication to your mission. I am from Australia, a very beautiful environment where I am surrounded by loving wallabies and kookaburras.

I started resenting the Americanization of our country many years ago, the use of our beautiful forests and sacred land for U.S. bases, the trashy T.V. shows that brainwash our youth into believing that might is right, exploiting others for monetary gain is the ideal lifestyle.

You've help provide some much needed healing for my heart, at many levels. You may not think this particularly significant, but the anger many feel towards the U.S., and still do, is etched very deep in our hearts. Internationally, not just in Australia, people are somewhat flabbergasted that this country requests donations for fixing things up from the rest of the world when they've financially ruined so many others.

I'm sorry, I'll stop now, because my intention was not to winge but to celebrate you for your
refreshingly different view of Americans, We are watching and listening, I am watching and listening, but as soon as I hear and see ego raise it's head, I'm gone.



P.S. On another note, thank you for your messages from the Psychic children and Matthew, who we all feel we know and love now. I read your message the other day about being an emissionary of light before I went to work, where I wasn't looking forward to a situation I had to confront. Well I kept saying to myself if I was an emissionary of light what would I do and say. Then I started crying as my heart just exploded and I became aware that I had the most awesome helper. A child in spirit at my left hand side who has been with me since I miscarried him a few years ago. I have his name and he is becoming more and more prominent in my life now. I resigned from work last week where my energy was not uplifted... 10 years working for the government... and now with the help of my child, who by the way was already known about by my other child they communicate freely apparently, but I've been too sleepy or busy to realise. So my new job that I'm creating involves fun workshops for women to help us all to remember and honor the child within. See what a positive influence you can propel...

Thanks heaps for reading this, it got a bit lengthy.......hooray for sunflowers and sunshine.


Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002
From: Alexander <>
Subject: A comment from a new ERN subscriber in Czechoslovakia

Dear Jean

Thank you very much indeed for all this. I am going to inform other people on a daily basis, starting with ecology groups in the former soviet union and some groups here. There are 1 500 email addresses for these groups working courageously for the environment.

Bless you.




'Stupid White Men' Reveals An America Awakening To Reality

From Michael Moore

Dear friends,

This is just a quick note of thanks for the support all of you have given my book. "Stupid White Men" debuted at #3 on the New York Times bestseller list this week, and at #1 on the Publisher's Weekly nonfiction bestseller list for independent bookstores. It's still #1 for all books on Amazon, and, my personal favorite for a good laugh, #4 on the bestseller list for the Wall Street Journal. By the fifth day of release, the book had gone into its 9th printing.

More copies have been sold in one week than "Downsize This" sold in a whole year. Pundits and publishers are stunned. "But the president has an 80% approval rating!" There's something going on here, and they don't know what it is...

I am writing this from northern California, two weeks into the book tour, on a drive with my family to visit small towns like Ukiah and Arcata.

Last night in Santa Rosa, at the local high school, they had a thousand people packed inside and another 500 out on the lawn who couldn't get in. It's like this in all the places I visit. Hundreds, thousands, turning out to discuss all the sorry excuses for the state of the nation.

People have had it with keeping silent for the past 6 months. They resent having felt like if they chose to question what the government is up to or, God forbid, dissent, they would somehow be considered unpatriotic.

Let's get one thing straight -- this is what it means to be "unpatriotic:"

1. When you shred our constitution and eliminate our civil liberties, passing laws that make it illegal to encourage opposition to the government's actions, THAT is un-American.

2. When you send our kids to go fight and die on a foreign land so that you can finally build a pipeline for your oil backers across that country, THAT is un-American.

3. When you use the dead of September 11 to try to get huge tax cuts passed that will only benefit your rich benefactors, THAT is un-American.

4. When you allow criminals who are stealing the pensions of workers and retirees to come in and hand-pick the head of the agency which is supposed to be regulating them, and then you place some of the criminals' top brass in your administration to "serve" as the secretary of the army and White House counsel, and then these criminals turn out to be your number one financial backers -- and their law firm turns out to be your #3 backer -- and, in spite of all this you still haven't resigned in disgrace, THAT is un-American.

I want all of you to share this success with me and feel heartened and reassured by the response to this book.


See also:

By trying to censor Michael Moore's new book, publishing giant HarperCollins gave media-savvy Moore the perfect platform to harass his real arch-enemy -- George W. Bush.


Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002
From: American Patriot Friends Network <>


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002
From: (Patt Latham)

HI; Someone must be monitoring your site. Today for the first time, The Pentagon has felt it had to show pictures of a plane ramming their building.

I taped it, as Wolf Blitzer was showing Jamie McIntire's Pentagon pictures allegedly taken off a Pentagon camera.

I put it on slow motion and saw no plane. Not only that, it has been 'messed' with. It shows clips. It looks like 3 clips. The same pictures, or shots with Jamie McIntire were shown next on the Moneyline show. The same questions asked with the same answers. Jamie pointing to where you're supposed to see a plane coming along the ground about 2 feet above the ground before it hits the Pentagon. I have yet to see a plane. If there is one, there certainly is not a passenger plane. What it looks like to me is a release of material before an explosion. Like the pressure couldn't hold it any more and spewed it out. This film must have just been doctored for our use. There is no plane in the film. There is not even a semblence of a plane. There only remains the lie.

Patt Latham



Thu, 7 Mar 2002

Hi; Thanks for the pictures. That's what CNN is showing on tv. However, I switched back to tv, from web tv and ran the tape back to the moment of impact on slow, slow motion, and there's no plane! There's nothing the size of a Boeing passenger plane anywhere near that outer wall.

What Jamie Mc Intire was pointing to, and what you have circled, is not a Boeing passenger plane the size of one we see at the airport. Those are tall. There is nothing hitting the building from the outside in that picture sequence coming from the Pentagon. The fact that they're feeling like they have to show it tells me there's some fear and pressure there. Because they never bothered to show this until it hit the internet that there was no plane hitting the Pentagon. We're talking 6 months ago with no pictures releases. Why all of a sudden now?

Too many people are dying in this war. How can we stop it? I have written to my reps, and sen. but no one is listening. They can't seem to see where we're heading.

Kindest personal regards,
Patt Latham
Riverside, Tx.


Moment of impact at the Pentagon on 9-11-01 ˜ David E. Parsons

The Hunt For Flight 77

Proof Pentagon 9/11 Attack was Inside Job: ˜ dove_of_o


What Really Happened 9/11 - FREE Report/Book

Re: The Hunt For Flight 77


I flew the Boeing 747 JUMBO Jet., but not this 757. I retired before this came into service. But, from what I see( or don't see) looking at these pictures; its hard to pick out aircraft parts. The wingtips alone would have sheared off and bounced back into the street, the engines (2) would have penetrated deeper into the wall and framing structure further than any other part making a definate hole. The belly of the aircraft contains, fuel tanks,baggage, mail bags, and cargo; none of this type debris can be seen. Assuming 8600 gallons of kerosene fuel @ specific gravity of approx 6.9 lbs/gal(temperature considered) weight of the fuel would be close to 60,000 lbs and would splatter everywhere. Where are the seats,those with passengers buckled in would be ripped our of the floor, for that matter, where are the passengers? I have never seen an aircraft accident where the aircraft evaporated upon impact, water,land or buildings. If these pictures were taken within 3 days after 9/11, there would have been definate remains of parts. I don't see any. However, digital computer photos can be doctored up to suit any lawyers cause.

From the photos shown, there ain't no fly in this pudding.

`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'


Date: 9 Mar 2002
Subject: Digest Number 331


Message: 7
From: Nicola Molloy <>
Subject: Cheney slip reveals 9.11 complicity


Cheney's Involuntary Leak On Sept. 11

On Feb. 15, Vice President Dick CHENEY addressed an event in Washington to inaugurate the Council on Foreign Relations' MAURICE R. GREENBERG CENTER FOR GEOECONOMIC STUDIES, named after the chief of American International Group (AIG). (Delicately enough, the insurance giant AIG and Greenberg are currently subject of intense rumors concerning alleged major financial irregularities).

At the CFR event, Cheney not only launched further threats against the "Axis of Evil," but made an involuntary "leak" regarding what really happened on Sept. 11.-an attempted coup d'etat by elements within the American military and intelligence services.

Cheney's fear of the real perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks, was betrayed in his answer to a question by Georgie Anne GEYER of Universal Press Syndicate. Cheney admitted that the American government is still very much concerned about a possible attack on it: "Clearly, sort of at the front edge of why I am often at undisclosed locations is the need to avoid having the senior leadership of the US government all in one location on any kind of predictable basis ... it's focused more than anything else on our obligation to protect and preserve the continuity of government, the presidential succession, and, therefore ... I've often stayed apart, away from the White House when the President's in, and vice versa..."

Unlike before, said Cheney, "now we've had to contemplate a whole different kind of threat where we're talking about CONSPIRACIES, WELL-ORGANIZED GROUPS WITH POSSIBLY SUPPORT FROM OUTSIDE THE NATION"!! -- hardly a formulation befitting al-Qaida or Osama BIN LADEN!-"able to put together, for example, something such as the attack on September 11th."


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002
Subject: Genocide in Sudan: Oil Giant Ordered Attacks

Hi Jean!
Something sent to me .. oy . . God Bless us all as the truth gets told ..
Keep up your fabulous work!



Genocide in Sudan: Oil Giant Ordered Attacks

Anti-Slavery Update, March 5


A victim of the on-going genocide in Sudan. For two months in 1999, Sudanese bombers and helicopter gunships attacked oil-rich areas in south Sudan with renewed vigor: whole villages were burned, UN foodstocks were destroyed, and half the people in the area were either killed or displaced. Human rights groups have repeatedly linked Canada's Talisman Energy to such atrocities. Now, lawyers have uncovered a smoking gun - a memo, dated just before the start of the 1999 offensive, in which the Sudanese military - at the specific request of the oil company - pledges to 'clean up' the area surrounding the oilfields. There are two ways you can help prevent these continued abuses. Tell Trent Lott not to kill the Sudan Peace Act - a bill that could sanction Talisman. Also, send a message to Fidelity Investments, which owns millions of shares of Talisman. Go to the links below. CLIP

Messaoud Ould Belkheir, leader of Mauritania's now-banned abolitionist Action for Change political party. This past Christmas Eve, Messaoud Ould Belkheir stood before the Mauritanian parliament and denounced the government's continued denial of that country's ancient system of slavery. Two weeks later, his political party - Action for Change - was banned. (Thousands of Freedom Action Members immediately sent letters of protest to the US Senate.) Now, in an exclusive interview with iAbolish, Belkheir - himself a former slave - remains hopeful: "My vision for the Mauritanian society is that slavery will end very soon... The [slaves] should be in the position they deserve: as first-class citizens like everyone else."


Sent by Trevor Osborne <>

Commentary by Maureen Dowd

New York Times - March 3rd, 2002

In a banner headline on Friday, The Washington Post blared: "Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret." The article said President Bush had assembled a cadre of officials to operate under the radar, out of the sunlight.

This is news?

The president did that on Jan. 20, 2001.

But it turns out that after Sept. 11, wanting to make sure that everything wouldn't collapse if there was a nuclear attack on Washington, he did it again. He formed a secret government within a secret government. A shadow of a shadow.

It suits this administration to a T- ball, reflecting its twin obsessions with secrecy and self-perpetuation.

The president realized that Dick Cheney couldn't govern all by himself after an Armageddon, so he set up a pre-post-apocalyptic staff, sending about 100 midlevel officials to two subterranean locations outside the capital.

Now Mr. Cheney is Lord of the Rings, ruling over his very own Moria, an underground kingdom of bureaucratic hobbits and orcs.

"Officials who are activated for what some of them call `bunker duty' live and work underground 24 hours a day, away from their families," The Post reported.

The hidden administration is known as Continuity of Government, or C.O.G., while the one at 1600 Pennsylvania is known as C.O.D., or Continuity of Dynasty, a project designed to keep the Bushes in the White House until 2008 and beyond.

In the bunker, the Bush-Cheney dream of ruling without justifying their actions is beautifully realized. The administration-in-waiting features only the executive branch.

Continuity does not require checks and balances. Sixty feet under, the vice president will never be sued by the General Accounting Office. Executive privilege is safe when the only branch is executive.

The Senate majority leader, Tom Daschle, said on Friday that he hadn't even been told about the existence of a shadow government, much less offered a cranny or a cot in case of a nuclear attack.

"We have not been informed at all about the role of the shadow government or its whereabouts or what particular responsibilities they have and when they would kick in," Senator Daschle said drily. First he'll have to figure out which administration to pry the information from ╉ the secretive one or the really secretive one.

The Bushies probably need Mr. Daschle's space for Karl Rove, a.k.a. King C.O.D. And by keeping out the legislative and judicial branches, the atomic government can continue to do what it's already done: set up a long mahogany bar with single-malt Scotch for Pioneers, out-of-gas Enron chieftains and other corporate sycophants.

Down there, they won't have to heed the nagging of Senator Robert Byrd, who last week threatened to stop writing "blank checks" for the military if the administration could not explain its war plan.

The Bush bunker does not bother with bipartisanship or even the pretense of it. It is all about blank checks and carte blanche.

If Washington gets whacked, C.O.G's mission is to maintain "essential government functions."

C.O.G. will implement the I.R.S. dictum that in the event of nuclear attack, tax collection will continue (from the poor and the middle class, not the rich). It will undoubtedly figure out how to keep up those arsenic levels after the E.P.A. is flattened and commence drilling in Alaska after the Energy Department is gone.

Without Democrats or journalists, the underground executive branch can operate the way the real executive branch would like to, and frequently does ╉ without a lot of second-guessing, Freedom of Information Act requests, complaints from civil libertarians and attention to the rights of Marin County hot-tubbers.

Nothing will be transcribed. So there will be no reason to clean up the language in President Bush's transcripts, as the White House has done routinely since 9/11.

The government Down Under won't need a press secretary, even one who is as opaque as Ari Fleischer. It is universally accepted there that all the world's woes can be traced back to Bill Clinton, and there is no need to apologize for simply stating the obvious.



and from:

Indonesian Rainforests Pulped To Extinction
By Paul Brown
Environment Correspondent
The Guardian - London | 02.12.02

The Indonesian pulp and paper industry is destroying rainforest at such an astonishing rate that it will run out of wood in five years, according to a report being published today.

Environmental groups are concerned that rare wildlife, such as Sumatran tigers and a sub-species of elephant, in some of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world is threatened with extinction. They also warn western investors that they may lose hundreds of millions of pounds as pulping companies run out of trees to fell.

The report, by Friends of the Earth, focuses on Asia Pacific Resource Holdings Ltd (known as April), whose pulp mill in the Sumatran province of Riau is the biggest in the world. The British construction company Amec built the mill. April, which is based in Singapore, has borrowed heavily from western banks to finance its operations.

Wood and paper companies in Indonesia are given concessions to clear timber and are supposed to replace them with plantations of fast-growing acacia trees, so that the industry will eventually be self-sustaining. Between 1988 and 2000, however, only 10% of the wood used in Indonesia was from plantations.

According to the report, trees are still not being planted fast enough to save the forests, although April says it is on track to become 90% self-sufficient by 2008.

The World Bank estimates that 2 million hectares of forest a year, an area the size of Belgium, is being wiped out - the same rate of deforestation as the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Somewhere between 50% and 70% of Indonesia's rainforests have now been destroyed, experts estimate.

The WWF (formerly the World Wide Fund for Nature) has just completed an investigation of April's activities in the Tesso Nilo area in Sumatra, where logging is banned and which is the most biodiverse area of lowland forest in the world, containing tigers, elephants, gibbons, tapirs and a huge variety of flowering plants. A WWF investigation has tracked 110 logging trucks from this area to the April pulp mill in the past two months.

"This company is renegotiating 1.2bn in debts with US, European and Asian banks while facing a crisis at home of running out of wood supplies," said Ed Matthew, joint author of the Friends of the Earth report into April. "This report is a warning to banks not to invest in industries like this unless they check first that they are sustainable.

"The company claims it will eventually get its wood from plantations but the numbers do not stack up. The company will run out of timber in 2005, a full three years before it claims it will be sustainable."

The report is the second by Friends of the Earth into the destruction of forests by illegal logging in Indonesia. The first, published last year, investigated another company, Asian Pulp and Paper, and the environmental group persuaded some UK paper dealers to stop buying its products.

This time Mr. Matthew is asking consumers to boycott PaperOne, the main brand of April, and the report names eight British merchants that stock it. Tony Vermot, the exclusive representative for April's products in the UK, said he could not comment. However, Roland Offrell, a Swede appointed two months ago as April's first environment director, conceded that large areas of forest were still being cut down. They would, he said, be replaced with plantations.

The company had 300,000 hectares of forest concessions from which it drew wood, he said. Some wood also came from clearing forest for agricultural land.

Mr. Offrell could not guarantee, however, that wood did not come from illegal sources, but if it was detected, loggers were reported to the police. The company refused to take any more wood from the culprits, he said, and was planning an external audit of the source of its logs to prove it was not using illegal supplies.


Sent by "Judith Iam" <> Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 00:44:43 -0800


International Community Denies Charges, Insist They Mean "U.S." When They Say "World"

Washington, D.C. ( - In a stinging accusation, the U.S. today charged other nations with taking a narrow-minded "world view" and deliberately failing to consider U.S. economic interests above individual international concerns.

World leaders immediately denied the charges, calling the U.S. allegations "paranoid delusions of non-grandeur."

"They can deny it, but from carbon dioxide emissions to Internet privacy standards, these internationals appear to be taking a rather myopic 'world view,' instead of stepping back and looking at the broader American economic view," said U.S President George W. Bush. "These people have to recognize that there is an entire United States community out there beyond their borders."

If this troubling trend continues, Bush warned, the United States will be forced to "take its ball and go home." Asked exactly what ball he was referring to, Bush replied: "It's big and blue and we all live on it." While evidence supporting the allegations appears to be damning, world leaders insisted the United States has misunderstood. On the tiny Pacific atoll of Kiribati, which is threatened by rising seas, government official Baranika Etuati insisted his recent remark to Reuters that, 'It is a terrible economic problem, it is our very survival," referred to the U.S economy. "What else would I be referring to?" he asked bewilderedly. British Environment Minister Michael Meacher, meanwhile, said the idea that Europe would not consider the U.S. economy above all was absurd. "Naturally, when we want to protect consumers or deal with the environment or stop wars, we first ask ourselves, 'How will our decisions impact suffering American business interests?'"

U.S. officials, however, greeted those comments with suspicion, noting that few world leaders' public comments mention this consideration.

"That's because it's a given," replied Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori. "It's like when you love someone. You don't always have to say it. You just know."


28 Feb 2002-06 Mar 2002
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE, a project of Earth Day Network

In the most dramatic move yet relating to the Bush administration's internal battle over federal clean air policy, a senior U.S. EPA official resigned last week to protest White House efforts to weaken tough emissions standards for power plants and oil refineries. Eric Schaeffer, head of the agency's Office of Regulatory Enforcement, accused the Energy Department and the White House of kowtowing to the power industry and interfering with EPA efforts to enforce New Source Review rules. The rules require that companies install state-of-the-art pollution controls when upgrading power plants and refineries -- and the Clinton-era EPA sued several utilities for breaking the rules. But responding to pressure from utilities, Vice President Dick Cheney's task force ordered a review of the rules, a move that outraged environmentalists -- and Schaeffer. His resignation has prompted Senate hearings into the Bush administration's environmental record. Read Schaeffer's resignation letter on the Grist Magazine website.

Washington Post, Eric Pianin 01 Mar 2002

Nando Times, H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press, 01 Mar 2002

Eric Schaeffer's resignation letter -- in our Muckraker section


In a legally binding decision, the 15 nations of the European Union agreed Monday to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change by June. In doing so, the countries committed to an 8 percent total reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels -- although they have not yet agreed on emissions targets for each country. The E.U. hoped the action would encourage other nations to ratify the accord prior to a U.N.-sponsored summit on sustainable development, to be held in South Africa in August. To take effect, the treaty must be ratified by 55 countries, including industrialized nations responsible for at least 55 percent of total global emissions. The refusal of the U.S. to participate effectively means that virtually every other industrialized country will have to ratify the treaty.

San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, Constant Brand, 04 March 2002

BBC News, 04 Mar 2002

Take action to tell U.S. President Bush to tackle global warming

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