January 31, 2002

The Light Series #43: Speaking our Truth, Holding the Vision, Co-Creating a New Earth

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This is my final compilation for this year - a total of 267!

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."

- Kahlil Gibran

"It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community; a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the Earth."

-- Thich Nhat Hanh -- Sent by "Violette Ruffley" <>

"We have the power to save this planet. (...) The Good in man will win. This planet will survive and be cherished again. There will be no more pain. Only Light and Love. I will not accept it any
other way. Will you?"

- Misty Pifer -- Taken from "My Thoughts" below... A MUST read!

"When human beings neglect the bond that unites them with the divine world, they cut themselves off from their true roots and lose the meaning of life. The divine world is not like a foreign country that lies outside of us and that we can ignore without consequences. The divine world is our inner earth, it is the world of our soul and our spirit, and by cutting ourselves off from it, by cutting the link, we deprive ourselves of the resources we need most to live. Some, when faced with life's trials and setbacks, instinctively regain the contact with this higher reality. But this is not enough. We must be conscious at all times in our daily lives of the presence within us of this world that is so rich and powerful, where we can ceaselessly draw on spiritual resources, i.e. strength, courage, inspiration and so on."

- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov -- Also sent by "Violette Ruffley" <>


1. My Thoughts...
2. What we need to do now
3. Volunteers requested!
4. We are more the same than different - Solstice 2002

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From: Misty Pifer <>
Date: 28 Dec 2002
Subject: My Thoughts...

Greetings Jean.

My eagle friend took me on a journey last night during dreamtime and I feel the urge to write to you now and share some of my feelings from the experience. We need to meditate for peace on the whole earth. Not just Africa or the Middle East, THE WHOLE PLANET! There is pain and suffering in every direction, it needs to stop-NOW! Domestic violence, child abuse, shootings, destroying the earth, war, starvation, gossiping, whatever, it all needs to go!

A lot of people have serious issues that are not being dealt with properly because the systems don't work. The foundations are not built on compassion, but further manipulation. The people know this and avoid it. People have no hope for the future. They've been told their whole lives that the world is coming to an end. They've felt betrayed by God for all of the suffering they've seen and experienced. They're taught that they're not worthy of God's love, they're just mortal sinners that will be condemned to eternal damnation for all of the *mistakes* they've made.

Why would these people then care of what they do to the earth? It's going to be destroyed anyway. Why would they want to know and love God if God is so cruel?? These people need educated on how it really is. They need to see the truth of God. We are the ones to do this. We have to lift up the hearts of these people and share with them what we have seen. Remember what it was like for us in this world when we were still spiritually asleep, cursing God for abandoning us in this crazy place, not seeing the beauty in life??? That's where these people still are. Imagine how they feel! With everything we know about this evolution taking place, with the knowing we have that no matter what happens everything will be okay, most of us still get pretty weighed down by it all. These people know nothing of their true self or where they've come from and where they'll return. They are so shut down. We need to help them open back up and let them know it's okay to come out. Let the love flow again. Show them any kind of beauty and love we can and make them believe again.

We all need to get our chakras clear and strong. I recommend buying a meditation tape for clearing the chakras. I have the one by Doreen Virtue and it has helped me a lot. The reason I say this is because I feel that the chakras are the doorways from the physical world to the spiritual world. We have to have them clear so we can bring to the physical world the energy we get from the spiritual world. Have the door wide open. This energy is what is needed to do our work effectively. To just let our spirits flow out of us.

Just like the Spoonbender's Course coming up, we'll bend spoons by the energy we throw from our different chakras. You can do so many magickal and miraculous things when you learn to bring the energy from your 1st chakra up to your heart and 3rd eye chakras. We all need to have strong 6th chakras and learn how to throw the purple/violet flame of transmutation!!! This is real folks! I've seen a purple flame of energy with hot pink flashes through it shooting from my forehead while practicing to see my aura. I then tried shooting it while around my friends and I prayed good thoughts for them and I felt it help to lift them up. We all have to do this. They feel it when it happens and it makes them feel something that they haven't felt in a long time. They then start talking about spiritual experiences that they've had. IT MAKES THEM REMEMBER!!!!! So when I go to a public place, like picking up my son from school, or just going anywhere and I'm standing in line, I throw energy from my heart and 3rd eye chakras and pray for the Angels to lift these people to their Highest Good and I imagine the Angels touching these people, surrounding them with love and light, and comforting them. I think it definitely works and we should all practice it. We have the power to save this planet. Look how long we've delayed this war already! We have delayed a war with our good thoughts!!! Isn't that amazing?? Good job everybody!! We need to teach people what we know, spread the word, just a sentence to trigger something in their soul, a smile, a nice gesture, anything good.

Teach them that it's okay to be themselves, their true nature, their inner child that they bury because they're afraid of what the society will do to them. Screw society!!!!! Roll down a hill, jump on the bed and eat ice cream, laugh, have fun. Life's not so dreary and serious.

These people need a reason to smile and celebrate life. They need to know that it's not hopeless and that they are loved and that they have more control over their lives than they believe. They need to know that they are God and that they create Heaven or Hell.

We still have time to save this planet. Despite the abuse and neglect we've bestowed upon our Mother Earth she keeps giving to us. There is still hope. We can reverse the damage. We all have to work very hard to do it. Every moment of every day. But this is what we do. We are Spiritual Warriors. We are here to lift up this weary planet and her residents. We are anchors for the Light. We need to lift up these people, surround them with the Light that they have blocked themselves from until they cannot deny it anymore. Teach them the path of the Spiritual Warrior so that they may join us.

I also want to say that I saw so much pollution in my dream. A lot of trash went out this holiday season all over the world. We need to recycle. The oceans are filthy, the land fills are full. It's a mess and we need to do whatever we can to cut back on this. The air is filty, but if you go high enough there is still a little clean air left. We still have the chance to reverse this damage! We have got to get out there and make people care about what they are doing!! We have to walk our talk as Jean said a few weeks ago and be an example to a better way of life.

So... I feel that when we meditate we need to pray that all creations are free from pain and suffering and fear. We are all loved and we all give love to all things.

Let your light shine brightly and don't let anyone blow it out. The Good in man will win. This planet will survive and be cherished again. There will be no more pain. Only Light and Love. I will not accept it any other way. Will you?

Loving Light,


P.S. I also wanted to say that I see so much Light just flying around Earth looking for a way to enter the physical world. We need to find ways to help this Light be born into this world. When we meditate Sunday, we need to pull this light to us and give it direction, give it physical form. Reach up to the Heavens and grab this Light and bring it into our hearts and feel it's love and comfort and then send this Loving Light to ALL to wash away the pain and fear. Love the Light for making us new and whole again.


Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002
From: Gaston Lavoie <>
Subject: What we need to do now

The most important thing any human can do for society is to raise a child.

We must teach our teenagers and young adults how to do this properly if we are to correct the current situation and prevent it from happening again in the future.

To know the power of love.

Many people have survived death resulting from accidents and disease and experienced near death experiences in which they met with the Being of Light. I have and I am convinced I was in the presence of God, the Creator or, in the case of native spirituality, the Great Spirit. While in the presence of the Being of light, one experiences a love so intense that it can not be described in words.

Many of these people have also been given the grand tour of the universe. On this journey, the Being of light was seen in the infinitely small as well as in the infinitely large, the entire universe. Our soul is allowed to bathe in that love and Light throughout that journey.

That light and love is in all of creation, in each atom of our being. So, in my experience, I am able to say, I am in heaven all the time. And the only thing that prevents me from being happy is my thinking, my mind, wandering into the possibility of war, the payments on my loans, anger and hatreds that are part of my life experiences and that I refuse to let go of, the depression and everything else that pulls me away from just being in the present moment.

If we think we can change what is happening to us like getting a better job, make more money, find a soul mate and that these things are going to bring eternal bliss, It does not work that way. All of creation and the beautiful Earth we live on was created as part of heaven. I firmly believe that we are here to learn and to grow into a beautiful entity of light ourselves but in order to become that light of love and to be allowed to merge with the Being of Light in eternal bliss, we have to learn the lessons given to us.

I also believe that the human soul is on the verge of taking another step in its evolution and become a little bit more beautiful and loving. Judging from the events of the last few thousand years, I have the impression we have stepped back down the ladder of evolution and that it was necessary to experience the craziness of our ways to get back to doing what we came here to accomplish. In my case, I had to learn about unconditional love and forgiveness. This may sound hard for some of us who have had to endure extremely traumatic events such as torture and witnessing the suffering and death of our loved ones at the hands of really mean individuals and sick minds.

But we must always remember that nothing happens on Earth that is not meant to happen and that the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are also executing or acting out the will of God and that, if for no other reasons, we must forgive them their misdeeds. We must also avoid judging them for they too are the children of God. But we don't have to like what they are doing. We can judge their actions as being unacceptable and tell them so. We must also keep in mind that inside each one of them there is that Light needing to experience love. After all, it is the programming of their mind that made them what they are and that if we are to change things for the better, treating them with respect will go a long way to bringing peace back.

Before our soul enters in the body of the unborn child, it spends some time with the Being of Light. During that time we are shown everything that will happen to us on our coming journey. That is why we have deja vu experiences. During that time we are allowed to experience the love that emanates from the Being of Light. People that have had near death experiences will tell you that when our soul leaves our body, it continues to think, it can see through obstacles, it can hear very far conversations and it remembers all that happened during that time out of body. So we must understand that when our soul comes into the body of the unborn child, it wants to be loved and since the mind or brain is not sufficiently developed to think rationally, the soul is in control of the child when it is born and the thirst for love of the newborn child is so great that even if you try to kill your child, it will continue loving you.

At the other end of life, we must keep in mind that in order to experience the love of the Being of Light, we will have to let go of our anger, hatred, fears, and depression because if we hang on to them, it would spoil the beauty of that realm and we are simply no allowed to merge with the Being of Light. Rest assured though, that God loves you just the same as all of the other beings in his creation, its just that he wont put up with our negativity and another place is set aside where we have to go to continue living out our misery until we are given another chance to come back into another body and work it out of our system.

The physical aspect of our being.

The physical aspect of our being needs to be taken care of the right way if we are to have a nice life on Earth. Some very basic instructions have been given to humans at the beginning of our evolution and were transgressed four times each time resulting in the near annihilation of life on Earth according to the Inuit's story of human life. This is the end of the fourth attempt at getting it right. Those who will survive will inherit a damaged Earth but not to fear, there will be enough left to rebuild a better world.

To understand what is happening to us now we must look at the way nature has programmed life. Males of every species have been given testosterone, a drug that triggers adrenaline when 2 or more males occupy the same space. Males become even more aggressive when essential resources like water and food are insufficient. This is why there is so much aggressivity and why aggressive people are chosen to be our leaders. Its one of the bad side of democracy. Some people know this very well and use it to gain power over the people and the land.

The instructions are simple, one must not traumatize pregnant women for not only do we hurt the woman but we damage the unborn child. The damage done to the child is adrenaline addiction. Taking care of this the right way will greatly reduce violence.

One should not have sexual activities during pregnancy because the unborn child can develop a dependency to sexual endorphins. Taking care of this aspect will reduce the population of the Earth to a reasonable level. For humans, the reproductive cycle should be 5 or 6 years giving the last born child enough time to grow strong and appreciate and accept the arrival of the next one.

To all those women living in fear and despair I have to ask you: Do you really want your children to be born to such suffering?????? If not, then refuse to give birth to any more until peace is brought back to your family, your community, your country.... your life. I guaranty you, males will calm down when they have to sleep alone.



From: "Leigh"
Subject: Volunteers requested!
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002


Many of you have observed and supported the World Healing Day since its inception in 1996, and through your help it has become an event with substantial following in over 50 countries.

It now needs to evolve so that we can accomplish even more.

It is going to be linked to the World Healing Service and World Healing Network to deliver the means to help the people of the world to develop practical, heart-based solutions to world healing.

One of the radical changes in its organisation will be the recruitment of volunteers who will use their skills, talents, and experience to deliver the resources for the development of world healing. Other volunteers will provide support through networking, translation, fundraising, and promotion. The networking and promotion of the World Healing Day is going to become much more substantial in order to meet the challenges of the present world situation.

We also wish volunteers to come forward who wish to serve as local and national coordinators for the World Healing project.

Please take a look at the website at for an outline of the World Healing Project. The website will be updated continuously.

This will be a chance for you to shine and tap your own potential as you develop in your skills and abilities as a volunteer, and to work with others across the world, transcending the boundaries that have previously divided those who wish to midwife positive healing changes in the world. It will also be a chance for you to contribute to a process of healing and development within the collective consciousness.

We will become a positive force for change, and seek to leave no stone unturned in our search for solutions.

To request a volunteer information pack and application form, please contact me through

In Peace and Light

World Healing Project Coordinator


From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: We are more the same than different - Solstice 2002
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth
find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
There is something infinitely healing in the
repeated refrains of nature - the assurance
that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

-- Rachel Carson

"Time is Too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who love, time is not."

-- Henry Van Dyke

"There is an appointed time for everything.
And there is a time for every event under heaven.
A time to give birth, and a time to die;
A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted."

-- Ecclesiastes, 3:1-2

While the administration of President George W. Bush tries to convince the
world that cultural differences irreparably separate us from one another, and,
in fact, are grounds for war, the Earth has quietly, as it has done for billions
of years, passed into a Solstice. This important time, when the night is the
longest in the Northern Hemisphere, and the day is the longest in the Southern
Hemisphere, has been recognized and celebrated by every culture on Earth, since
the dawn of time.

On Saturday, December 21, the Winter Solstice occured at 8:14pm, Eastern Daylight Time, which was 1:14 Universal Time on December 22. At this time, the Sun was the farthest from the celestial equator, the imaginary projection of the Earth's equator on the heavens above, and those in the Northern Hemisphere experienced the longest night of the year.

This has been a powerful time throughout the ages. Known as Yule in the pagan cultures of old Europe, the Winter Solstice has been a time of contemplation and celebration for religions and cultures of the world.

Because the Earth is tilted on its axis in space, this is the time when the Sun is the farthest south in the sky that it gets during the year in the North. The day is very short, and the beginning of Winter is upon us.

In an age not so long passed, when we were intimately aware of our connections to this planet and our dependence upon the Sun for light and life, this time of year was recognized for its power.

Read more about the celebrations in many of the world's religions that happen during this time in this week's Healing Our World commentary, on the Environment News Service at:

Recognition of this time of year can be a powerful healing and unifying tool for us. Imagine how the ancient peoples of the Earth felt as they observed the Sun, the orb that gives us heat and light, kept getting lower and lower in the sky and the days kept getting shorter and shorter. The fear must have arisen that the night would get longer and longer and that the Sun would eventually disappear completely.

While the dominant holiday promoted by the media appears to be the Christian celebration of Christmas, this season is not defined solely by the birth of Jesus. There are a wide variety of faiths and cultures who celebrate also around this time of year.

Following the cycles of life can be powerful medicine. Whatever culture you are from and whatever religion you practice, reflect upon its relationship to the Earth and celebrate the common themes we all share.

Happy holidays and remember that wanting peace is not being unpatriotic.

Take care and I wish you - and the world - peace.


Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
Columnist, Environment News Service

Author of "Healing Our World" commentaries on the Environment News Service

Check out Jackie's website with an archive of his over 200 commentaries at


Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002
From: "ECOTERRA Intl." <>


Please sit down - let your thoughts and feelings become free - really free !


Ten ... Relax and ...

Imagine an average family (YOURS ?) in Europe - with two children mother, granny, father, in a normal house in the suburbs, decent life, friends, holidays, healthy and happy.


Nine ... Breath deeply and ...

Now you take the house away from them and pack the whole family into the garage. Take away the car, the bicycles, the telephone, television set, the lawn mower, all children's toys - actually everything. Inside the garage you erect a separation wall made from thin, old sacks. Place a bed for the adults and a bunk for the kids in the rear compartment, while you pack the cooking pots and all the rest of the household items into the front part. Hospital, Mail, Police, Fire-brigade or other public services do not exist any more - all is privatised, commercialised and not affordable. The service- and information-society has consumed itself.


Eight ... Stay quiet, even if it is not easy, and ...

Blot out the entire electricity and water installations. Some light is provided during the night by a soothing and stinking petroleum lamp. >From now on you will have to wash yourself at the open water place in the neighbourhood, which is used by hundreds of other people too. The water-pipe is burst. The water from the hand-pump a mile away is brown. But from there you will have to collect your water for cooking, since the ditches with muddy rain-water in front of the garage hardly can be used for washing clothes. The toilet is the wasteland along the small path behind your bedroom. The slow stream of foul affluent combining waste-water and stinking sewage shows where formerly the river was - now a festering pit of poison and disease.


Seven ... Concentrate all your feelings on your stomach, and ...

Hold on to the barbecue grill, since from now on you will be able to use only wood, charcoal or dung and other garbage to cook, to heat or to dry the wet clothes. Take all the pets away. Instead add cockroaches, bed bugs and spiders, lice and flees. Exchange the butterflies in the garden for mosquitoes, the songbirds for crows and the hamsters of the children for hungry and infected rats.


Six ... You enter deeper and deeper into the life and feelings of Your family, and ...

Now you take away the roof of the garage and replace it with rusty corrugated iron sheets, full of holes. The domicile turns into a wet and cold cave during rains and while the sun is shining into a den of hell, which either dilutes or burns out your brains. The children of your family have no school problems, since the money to pay for school fees, for the school uniform, or even for school books, pencils or notebooks is simply not there. The boyfriend of your second daughter stays often overnight. He has no family of his own any more, since they were all killed while fleeing their village. Mother's brother is a permanent guest now - he is hiding here since he is haunted by the militia. Occasionally he brings some food at least.


Five ... Breath deeper, also with all the pores of your skin, and ...

Take all their clothing away. Let them have for each adult only two patched pairs of trousers and two worn out shirts or two faded skirts and tattered blouses, and a shabby T-shirt for each child. There are no shoes for any of them. The wardrobe will be traded in for a sack of flour. Being the father, you do not ask, why and from whom your wife sometimes still gets some money. As the mother you don't get worried any more, if your husband is often away in the night.


Four ... Quit to still feel safe and protected, and ...

Take away the walls of the garage. Replace them with flattened oil-drums, a few leftovers of wooden construction planks and some acquired dirty carton boards or plastic sheets. Remove the whole floor and place a broom made from twigs in the room to sweep the bare ground. The soil in the former garden is soaked with black oil and not even grass grows. Stray cats search through the garbage heap in front of the entrance, whose door has been broken by robbers so many times that it even does not close any more. To still have any property comes close to committing suicide.


Three ... Feel with them, Your family, and ...

Multiply the number of children by four. If the woman's age is between her first menstruation and the menopause, she is either pregnant or breast-feeding. The eldest daughter has her first baby, whose father is dead - AIDS. One of her younger sisters is pregnant already. Now there are surviving fourteen souls in that place. The minors sleep from now on the floor in the front compartment. Bed and bunk in the rear part are places rather to rest than to sleep. There is no intimacy any more. The youngest daughter and the two youngest sons have just been circumcised, in order to avoid any hostilities from relatives or neighbours. The paramours of your elder daughters reside to pay only in form of some food, stolen or gathered from the garbage.


Two ... Open up all your senses, and ...

Add all the stink, the hungry weeping of small children, the sighs of the elderly, the groans of grief or lust, the shouts of men, the screams of women and make sure the hullabaloo as well as the advertising from the radio never stops. No laughter, not even a smile can be detected. The itching of the infected mosquito bites is nothing compared to the pain of the sick, who have no chance for any treatment. And now withdraw all their jobs, even the smallest. Outright famine lurks.


One ... Now close your eyes and lean back, repeat all the steps from ten to one with all your imaginative power and ...

Add every trepidation you can think of to aggression, disease and despair and remove even the last bit, which still could be considerable or beautiful. When you reach ONE again and the pure horror grabs you, you have arrived at:


Zero ... Welcome to the future of your children ! Welcome to the bitter reality for millions of people already today - specifically in Asia, in Africa, but also and increasingly in the Americas, in Europe and Oceania. The problems in the critical cities can already not be solved peacefully anymore. And the desertification and impoverishment in the countryside pushes even more people into the slums. And if then repressed nature beats back and the floods come, muddy sludge, stinking garbage and sewage inundate your dwelling, then ... it becomes unimaginable - at least for most of those, who still live in peace, without permanent hunger, without relentless sickness, without fear for the next day.

HELP ! Help ? Help from outside does not repose, and if - only under unbearable preconditions and prerequisites. The economic and political enslavement of people in the outgoing 20th century, under the postulation of a wrongly understood democracy, is much worst than real slavery. The whips of the money collectors cut deeper wounds.

HOPE ! Hope ? Hope isn't existing, neither for any improvement at your location nor by escape, because you even do not have the means for a bus fare. Evenly to run away is no solution, since Freelands, means Free areas with Free clean air, Free drinking water, Free natural food, simply do not exist any more. Also the Free Nature can be enjoyed only by those who pay for those disappearing last paradises. You and your family are in a trap, but its cage is your last hold. Leave it and you balance without any net. To slip or stumble then means sure death. Not even statistics care for your final end.

Help and hope for people in destitution are in reality minuscule, though the mass media and governments or the large Relief Agencies, which mainly are interested in their own prosperity try to ensure us that help is provided. Aid personnel due to own destitution turn often enough into asocial beings themselves, organizations into marionettes of political stringers, of the banks or industries, the churches or the military.

ESCAPE ? One escape route is still open ! Its guidelines read:

* RESPECT: Respect always the right to survive for all form of life, people and nature.

* SELF-REFLECTION: Each individual, every family and all peoples have that power !

* SELF-REGULATION: "Live simple - that others can simply live !"

* REJECTION: Away with a market economy, which functions only, if its growth is secured, and can be achieved today almost only by outright wars, military backed political actions, sanctions or by economic wars and other forms of pure exploitation or fraud.

* CONSIDERATION: Achieve through your selfless help that the life for two people, which do not belong to your folk, does improve really and safeguard that neither by you yourself nor by your people damage is caused to other people or to the natural environment. Then the balancing act of survival is still possible and the ESCAPE route still open to you and your children.

To find your own niche from where YOU do no harm is securing the survival for ALL.

Start with it today - not only at or only on Christmas!

© John Bamau


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