December 20, 2002

The Light Series #41: Showering Light, Aiming for the Stars

Hello everyone

In many respects, this is a *very* rich and inspiring compilation. I cannot recommend enough that you read it all and pass it on ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"If it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

- Alexander Sozhenitsyn, exiled Russian novelist
(Sent by Deborah Moldow <>)


1. The Next Step
2. Inspiring Statements from Larry Morningstar
3. Feedback to the Light Series #40
4. Really Inspiring Holiday Wish from Mark Macy
5. Wake-up Call - Getting out of this quagmire
7. Winter Solstice in Denmark
8. You deserve this
9. On This Day

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From: "Suzanne Clarke" <>
Subject: The Next Step
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002

Dear Jean

Thanks again for your hard work compiling so many worthwhile articles for us to read. It certainly is gratifying to read that so many of us agree on so many topics, but it bothers me to keep on reading... words to the tune of "We have to start doing something about this!"

Bearing in mind the slogan, "Think Globally, Act Locally," I have two questions:

a.. "What should we do next?"

b.. "When should we start?"

Why not provide some specific ideas on how to act? Such as drafts for petitions on specific topics that could and SHOULD be used anywhere in the USA. This way we can bring pressure on individual congressional representatives to listen to the wishes of the people more and NOT of their corporate donors.

I know the environmental groups offer draft letters, but perhaps we could also offer draft petitions. I will attach two petitions that our environmental task force at our unitarian church have written and are now getting signatures from our congregation. Our efforts are to be issue-based and non-partisan. That's not easy in today's political climate. Anyone is welcome to use them! Perhaps other people have some ideas on other ones we could use.

Maybe this is a start . . .

In Peace,



Hello Suzanne

Thanks for your excellent suggestion.

As for what Next Step we could all take, there are an infinity of possibilities but it all depends on what we want to achieve exactly.

I'm not very fond of petitions - especially Internet-circulated ones - because aside from raising awareness (limited mostly to the few seconds when people read them) they never reach the eyes of those they are designed to influence and have no weight nor value for the media and thus are never mentioned. So it is a little like trying to chip away at a huge piece of wood with a small pencil. Not very efficient. Of course if we were all living in Switzerland where petitions initiated by the people are by law forced upon the government... (which BTW is always a balanced coalition government that includes at all ministerial posts people representing the entire spectrum of political parties and views)... when they are signed by enough people, then it would be another story. But sadly we do not live in a real democracy, only a pale imitation of representative democracy, totally subverted by money and special interest groups and of course cunningly manipulated by the most ruthless, demagogic politicians to achieve goals that benefit only a tiny minority to the detriment of the vast majority and jeopardizing the very survival of our living biosphere.

If one also looks at the very low turnout in all recent elections (less than 40% of eligible U.S. voters bothered voting in the last November elections, a low percentage typically found in many other Western democracies), then it appears that either people have so much lost confidence in the entire system, or are so much focussed on ensuring their own survival in the economic rat race, or are simply so selfishly irresponsible regarding the power theoretically vested in the voting people, that the very purpose of democracy - the rule of the people by the will of the people instead of by some monarch - has been defeated and the real political power allowed to fall into the corrupted hands of expert manipulators and image-makers acting on behalf of an hidden power-hungry elite.

So if petitions and democracy are not really options we can rely upon to counterbalance the life and peace-threatening shenanigans of this elite and establish the basis for a new world of peace-loving, compassion-driven politics and social interactions, then we have to look outside of the box and re-invent democracy from scratch by starting with its most basic building block. And this precious vital foundation, to me, is the creative power of each awakened and spiritually motivated individual who decides to stop pretending that everything is OK, stop following the crowd and stop being part of the silent majority to instead affirm with absolute trust in our sovereign God-given power - as is our very divine nature - the values, lifestyles and Golden Visions of the Dream World we want and start actually building, right where we are and in co-creative harmony with those around us sharing a similar pull from above, the New Era prophesized by the true seers of all ages, a soon-to-be time when the pursuit of purely materialistic and often exclusively selfish goals will have given way to the realization of what really matters for our souls, that is, the fulfilment of all our highest ideals and aspirations for a world of ever expanding Love, Peace and Harmony for all sentient beings.

I cannot see any other way but to walk our spiritual talk, expand our loving reach through highly energized meditations and positive actions to all other human and animal beings, protecting as caring stewards the entire Web of Life, and ensuring that when we reincarnate back on this planet through future generations of enlightened Godmans, we find this place in a much better shape than it is turning to be through the reckless abuses of a humanity disconnected from its true spirit-ual roots.

Of course, these noble aims may not immediately translate for you or anyone into a clear picture of what one can do, and actually I truly believe that if we are reacting from a pressure and fear-driven perspective whereby we ought to do something *against* all the malfeasance and ills of this world, we are then just adding to the confusion and not creating the clear signal needed to actually help shift the whole game to a higher octave of divinely-inspired manifestations. As strange as this may sound - and this realization came to me years ago during a guided meditation as I was connecting with the core central consciousness of Gaia (Mother Earth), ***There is nothing to do but to BE!*** Quoting from what I wrote when I designed the ERN website, "When we are in the "doing" mode, it is mostly the ego that is trying to drive the game, whereas when we are in the "being" mode, it is mainly the inner Divine soul that is radiating its all-encompassing frequency of Love which naturally soothes and heals everything and guides us onto the best path of action, the ideal wording and the optimal thinking and feeling.

Or as Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

And to help understand how this process starting from the only grassroot that matters - each one of us - can gradually build up towards changing the whole world by virtue of enough humans shifting their individual patterns to make a global difference, we can think of us as the leaven in the bread, radiating our vibrational presence and affirmative actions of kindness to the point of influencing and joyfully promoting a thorough metamorphosis out of our planetary chrysalis into the space and higher dimensions-faring species we are innately designed to be-come.

It is as simple as that...

And we have already begun this global metamorphosis which is already spreading to all aspects of our lives and is about to explode into a bonfire of love when we shall have finished, as a Christed collective of souls, to "seal the door where evil dwells" and restore Heaven on Earth.

I know this may sound pretty radical and out of reach especially when compared to the simple steps and petitions you were suggesting Suzanne. However nothing less than absolute individual commitment to surrendering to the innerly-prompted Will of God (again, our true nature!) in every single moment, faithfully trusting that by boldly choosing to walk in this new direction without ever looking back or doubting our choice, surely enough one, two, three and soon a whole crowd of living souls like us will start walking along towards the Promised Land... which we have already reached the moment we have consciously embarked upon this most sacred of all journeys.

This, in my humble opinion, is the Next Step.




Let us invoke our ancestors, both spiritual and genetic,
For we are the sole reason for their existence.
Let us invoke the children, and their children,
For they are the sole reason for our existence.
Let us invoke the mountains and rivers and this great Earth,
And acknowledge our intimacy and interdependence with all things sentient and insentient.
Let us reflect that the gift of Life is more fragile than the dewdrops on the tips of the morning grasses.
Then let us vow.
Let us vow to heal and nourish.
Let us vow to love and share.
Let us vow to alleviate suffering and bondage.
Let us vow to manifest Peace and Joy with Wisdom and Compassion.

Taken from Mayan New Year Report - March 21, 2001 -



Hi Jean

Thanks for your lovely message. I, too, am trying to talk the "spiritual talk" and trying to protect the entire Web of Life, of which we are merely, only a part.

My wish is that the petitions might be used to educate the populace and to empower people to feel as though they can influence their congressional representatives. I also hope that our fellow Americans will take more of an interest in the world around them (literally!).

There are two petitions.

In Peace,



We call upon the Bush administration to put the public health and to protect the environment before corporate profits. We call the Bush administration to rescind its recent changes to the Clean Air Act program known as "New Source Review," which will allow older coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, and similar facilities to increase their air pollution emissions and threaten the health of thousands of families across the country.

Pollution from power plants already contributes to some 30,000 deaths each year in the U.S., according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. People living in the most heavily polluted metropolitan areas, like the Washington, DC area, have a 12 % greater risk of dying of lung cancer than people in less polluted areas. This is primarily due to pollution from coal-fired power plants, factories, and diesel trucks. How many more preventable illnesses and deaths will result from the administration's unconscionable rollback of pollution standards?

We, the undersigned, urge the US Government to support energy conservation and renewable energy productions actively through strong legislation that also reduces global warming.

Name ______ Address ______ Telephone Number ______



The Energy Bill (S. 517/H.R. 4) now in congressional conference committee: Pending in this bill are provisions that would give tax breaks to coal companies, nuclear power operators, small domestic oil producers, plus royalty relief for oil and gas producers. The House version of the bill even opens the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. And, unless the conferees adopt the Senate provisions on renewable energy and climate change, along with strong tax incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy, immediate and substantial improvement in vehicle mileage standards, the bill fails to promote clean energy alternatives or recognize the link between global warming and energy policy.

We, the undersigned, urge Congress to support energy conservation and renewable energy productions actively through strong legislation that also reduces global warming.

Name ______ Address ______ Telephone Number ______



05 Dec-11 Dec 2002

Renewable energy use in the U.S. dropped sharply in 2001, according to a new report by the Department of Energy. Much of that decline stems from a drought that cut hydroelectric power generation by 23 percent, but the DOE's Energy Information Administration also found that in 2001, solar equipment was retired faster than it was replaced. The bulk of U.S. solar energy projects were started during the early 1980s, when oil prices skyrocketed due to conflict with Iran. The solar equipment from that boom is now wearing out, and there's no sign of a national rush to replace it. There are some bright spots -- for instance, the number of solar collectors, which gather the sun's heat for uses such as warming swimming pools, increased by 34 percent last year -- but the total amount of solar energy collected in the U.S. has fallen for three years in a row. Overall, the use of renewable fuel sources, including sun, wind, biomass, and hydroelectric, fell by 12 percent to its lowest level in more than 12 years; such fuel sources accounted for just 6 percent of the energy consumed in the country last year.

New York Times, Matthew L. Wald, 08 Dec 2002

Alternative energy crisis -- when it comes to renewable energy, the DOE is DOA


From: Larry Morningstar <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec

All the blessings of the season to you, to your family, and to all the Earth Rainbow Network.

As you know the real work we are doing has little to do with the physical actions and activities we participate in during the day. Our real work is in the Higher realms, as the Light Workers, Torch Bearers, Vision Keepers, Dream Weavers, and Cosmic Networkers we truly are. It is time to dust off our light sabres, polish our energy shields and deflectors, refuel our lanterns, recharge our batteries, renew our commitments, let go of our limitations, unforget all that we have known, align our energies, recognize each other, reweave the fibres of the cosmic tapestry of Creation, listen to the inner voice of Spirit, open wide our shared heart, and boldly act according to the call.

Warm alohas, Many blessings,

Larry Morningstar
Rainbow Bridge Mission

"All a sane man can ever think about is giving love."

- Hafiz



It is an honor and a blessing to be working together with you and others in birthing this coming Golden Age. I give thanks for everything, knowing that our Father/Mother has a plan far more comprehensive than what I can comprehend. All I seek to do is to be the very best I can at fulfilling the role given to me. I know that whenever 2 join together in a concerted effort, the energy is not merely doubled, but logarithmically increased. So when two people work together, if we say that each has 10 units of energy, it is not an increase of 10 to 20, but of 10 squared (or 10 x
10), so from 10 to 100. The 3rd person joining in raises the energy again to 10 cubed, or 1000, and the 4th steps it up to 10,000. So each of us is exceedingly important! Whenever another Light goes on in this cosmic grid of Gaia consciousness, we get closer and closer to critical mass -- or the so-called hundredth monkey -- needed to create the quantum shift.

These are the times of which we have been told. And we are the ones we have been waiting for.


From: "Timothy Wigley" <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #40: Our Ever Growing Rainbow of Love
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002

Dear Jean

Just to let you know that you can add two more onto your South Africa list! That is my husband Tim and myself Anne; our address does not end in za. Listing all the countries and the numbers of people like you did gave me a nice "family" feeling; like we're part of some important mission as a group (as I suppose you and subsequently all of us are).

Thanks for a wonderful service


NOTE FROM JEAN: A couple other people also signaled involuntary omissions on my part. There is a subscriber I was not aware of in the Barbados and I had forgotten to check for possible subscribers in Israel (.il) on the list, and there are at least 5 people that I can identify on it. My apologies for this omission and for anyone else for whom I may have forgotten to include their country.


From: "Mark Macy" <>
Subject: Really Inspiring Holiday Wish
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002


In this sacred season, may the path of decency bring peace and joy to each of us, and through our thoughts, words and actions may it spread to those around us. May we resonate to love, trust, and empathy, washing away the fear, envy, resentment, and other dark and troubled thought-forms that pervade life on Earth.

May our communities, nations, and religions be guided by a commitment to decency that spreads beyond their borders, out into the larger world, breaking down the barriers of incompatible purposes, ideologies, and dogmas. As an American, in particular I ask that this nation become inspired to forge a new American vision. Rather than resenting or fearing those who hate us as purveyors of moral decay and military destruction, may we give the world irrefutable cause to appreciate our good works.

A new American vision

Rather than fighting for our freedoms and desires at any cost, may we...

. . . tone down our personal ambitions for the sake of a stable family,

. . . tone down our family's grand dreams for the sake of a stable community,

. . . tone down our community's unbridled growth for the sake of a stable nation, and

. . . tone down our nation's aggressive interests for the sake of a stable world.

May this nested chain of stability through gracious compromise be supported and guided by invisible hands in the Light, ethereal realms of existence, reshaping our attitudes and policies into instruments of love, trust, and empathy.

And through our good works may God's Light stream into our world.

Mark Macy
Boulder. Colorado, USA

If you receive this email indirectly, enjoy our website, and wish to receive future messages, I'll happily add you to our list. Just let me know at <>

NOTE FROM JEAN: GIVE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS AMAZING WEBSITE - - Click on the link under John Denver's picture to see and read much more on this unique phenomenon.

Purpose of the World ITC Association:

To promote decency in human relationships.
To sustain resonance among ITC researchers.
To forge a link with the light, ethereal realms of existence.

Scientists and researchers from various countries began to get mind-boggling spirit contacts through electronic devices near the end of the 20th Century. They received pictures from the worlds of spirit across TV and computer screens...

...they chatted with invisible friends by phone and radio...
...and they took pictures of themselves "posing" with departed colleagues and loved ones in specially equipped labs where the invisible becomes visible.

Today the young field of research called instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is giving us new insights into a larger reality while changing the way we look at our world.


ONE MORE THING: I asked Suzy Ward to check with him what Matthew thinks of this type of technical communication with the afterworld. Here is his reply diligently sent to me by Suzy.

"Hello, kindred spirit Jean! Indeed this form of technical assistance for souls in spirit life to reach Earthbound souls is real! As for its continuance on a long-term basis, it won't be necessary! Once the Earth ascension into fourth density is completed, the souls there who rise into this new realm with their planet will understand telepathic communication among ALL souls and use that form of conversing. In the meantime, my hat is off -- if I may use that expression which of course isn't really applicable to me -- to Mark and his colleagues who are perfecting this communication mode."

As for Suzy she wrote: "I have read part of Mark's book and was greatly impressed!"


From: "Karen Revell" <>
Subject: Wake-up Call - Getting out of this quagmire
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002

Dear Jean:

It seems that the more we are informed about the "conspiracies" that abound these days, the worse they get. Could it be as we have been told about manifesting our world and our desires, we have misued our power. This whole thing is like a cat chasing it's tail. If we don't educate ourselves about the dangers of a government gone wild with power, we stand the chance of sticking our head in the sand leaving another body part quite exposed to the elements. On the other hand, if we do read and research this stuff, we are adding energy to it, thus creating more of what we don't want.

If this is our truth, we the people have created it. That is cosmic reality. It does seem that much of what is happening has roots that go back hundreds (or thousands) of years, so the "dark" side has had more practice at using its powers of creation.

If we know something as truth, we have contributed to its creation. I have been observing over the past few years how we have gone from the fear of nuclear weapons, to LFA sonar, remote viewing, HAARP, chem trails, American Death Camps, etc. etc. We have an administration we didn't even elect. We are eternal beings, so even if we get blasted off the planet, or the asteroid hits the earth next May, or Small Pox sent by our own government wipes out over half of the global population, we will still exist. I would guess the first fear we need to overcome is the fear of death or annihilation. It is said that our body is an envelope for our soul. We need not fear being a letter without an envelope. Many letters exist, but the envelopes go to the recycle box.

Our original quest on earth was to find God behind the veils. If we all believe that God is omnipotent, then he is ALL, everything, the light, the void and the wave. All the Holy books have some sort of "Revelations" or prophecies included in them that relate to this time on the planet. That means that the fear of end times is ingrained in our DNA way back in our history.

The only way we are going to get out of this quagmire is to use one of the tools God gave us, our connection. It is a connection to our soul, and the spark within it that is our fragment of God. When we connect, we create an increase of light which in turn illuminates some of the darkness on the planet. We have to stop feeling any fear or anxiety about the unfolding of events. If we trust Spirit and/or our own ability to create a positive new world, our next global meditations will turn the energies around, or at least lessen the impact.

We have several opportunities to raise vibrations and create peace this month. On December 19th is the full moon, the 21st is the solstice, the 25th is Christmas, on the 30th is a Billion Man Meditation, and on the 31st at midnight, we can send waves of love and light in each of our time zones, creating a wave that circles the earth. In January, James Twyman is having the spoon bending course, and February he is having a Peace Prayer global meditation. I also read somewhere that 03-03-03 will be a very energetic day astrologically.

Somewhere, somehow, we need ONE list of all people that participate in the meditations. I have said it before, we are too spread out over the Internet. I also believe we need to turn down our "fear factor". It is up to us to visualize and create the new world with love for ALL, but also excitement in a 5th dimensional body. Humans want more. They want more speed, more excitement, more money, more power, more fame, etc. These are all good things to bring to the 5th dimension, but they can't include greed, ego, etc. (I know, can't isn't a word we use.)

One of the first healing tapes I ever purchased was "The Adventuresome Angels". It talked about why we left heaven. We were bored. We came here to learn limitations so we would learn to be more creative or discerning. We don't want the Victorian morality in the new world, but neither do we want porn, etc. It is up to us to create an exciting, beautiful, free world that pleases us ALL. Each city or town can be different, we just need to let spirit guide us to areas where there are groups of us that enjoy the same things, and harm no one else. We still need to release the harmful negative energies that are rampant on earth, but it can be done easily, with comfort, if we choose. It is all up to us, but we still talk about the Four Horsemen, and the near destruction of earth and humanity before the 1,000 years of peace. (Just in case no one has noticed, but in the 5th dimension, time is eternal, there are no clocks or calendars, so 1,000 years could be eternity here on earth.

Karen Revell




From: James Twyman <>
Date: Friday, December 13, 2002

A letter from James Twyman:

Join us for the GREAT EXPERIMENT III on February 9, at noon New York time.

In 1998 between three and five million people from around the world participated in the first Great Experiment. This year our goal is different. Our intention is to have 100,000 trained Spiritual Warriors focus a very powerful healing technique on the Middle East while I am in Jerusalem with over 100 Lightworkers. We invite you to join us.

In a recent journey to Japan I met a young paralyzed boy named Koya (which means "I am Light") who helped me develop a powerful healing technique designed to bend the whole world toward peace. (There is a picture of Koya and I on That technique will be presented in a free or by donation Internet class called the "Spoonbenders Course." In four weeks you should be able to bend a spoon with your mind, then apply the same technology to healing the planet.

WE HAVE PREPARED A SPECIAL FLASH MOVIE TO PROMOTE THIS PROJECT. To view it simply go to: If you like what you see, please send this email and address to all of your friends and ask them to pass it along to all of their friends.

Imagine what might happen if 100,000 people learn this technique, then apply it to the Middle East on February 9. Qualitative research is being conducted in Israel before, during and after the vigil in order to gather scientific evidence that the vigil was a success.

In order to be part of this vigil, we ask that you join us for the "Spoonbenders Course." The experiment is to have 100,000 performing the same meditation at the same moment, then to measure the impact of that meditation on the quality of life in Israel and Palestine. Registration for the course begins January 1, 2003. Simply send an e-mail to and we will send you all the appropriate information. And make sure you check out the flash movie. You will be amazed. (If you have a dial-up connection, it will take between one and two minutes to download. High speed is immediate.)

Please pass this e-mail to everyone you know. There are currently 60,000 Spiritual Warriors ready to respond, and we need your help to reach our target of 100,000.

May Peace Prevail on Earth, James Twyman


NOTE: James also sent another email entitled "Washington Mobilizes For War" which I'll network next week. No room left in this one.


From: "Hanne Friborg" <>
Subject: Winter Solstice in Denmark
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002

Dear Jean Hudon!

I want to thank you for your work - your ability to continue - we need that. Then I want to ask you, if you - as last year - would mention our Winter Solstice in Denmark - an event every year to keep the flame of peace burning in our hearts - it is a tradition now for us - every year some more people join us, this year I have a guest book on my website and I really hope we will be a lot of people all over the world joined in peace for a couple of hours.
Hanne Friborg - Denmark



Gathering in THE GARDEN,

On the 21st of December

19:00-21:30 hrs (= 20:00-22:30 GMT)

In Peace and Love

It is my great pleasure again to invite you, to a gathering in the garden at 19 hrs. on December 21st.

We shall soak ourselves in the in-pouring energies; sing a few songs, Christmas carols and psalms, a nice warm drink of elderberry (to keep ourselves warm and healthy). Light our candles in peace, love and we shall meditate under the stars.

- And then go inside to have a cosy chat and a nice warm treat.

Don't forget to be dressed up to cope with the weather conditions!

And do bring a candle or lamp - suitable for burning outside - to be lit by the flame of peace originating from the church Jesus was born in Bethlehem. You may want to bring the flame with you home for Christmas and pass it on to your friends.

Please let me know in advance if you have something to contribute (e.g., play, sing or read a poem) and I'll include it in the small programme for the evening. In case you have friends who might want to join us, please do not hesitate to invite them too.

No special qualifications needed for participating.

Please enrol not later than 19th December either by phone (+45) 55 76 70 42 or write on e-mail <>

Especially for those who want to participate - in spirit - from far away:

Please enrol by writing a short note in my guest book on website and I shall be happy to light a candle, with the flame of peace, for the names on the list of distant participants.


From: "Sapphire House" <>
Subject: You deserve this
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002

I just wanted to send a little pick me up to brighten up your day.

This takes 2 seconds and is worth both of them.

1. go here:
2. type your first name and hit OK
3. smile
4. share with someone else

Have a wonderful day!


Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002
From: Susanne Garst <>

On This Day

Mend a quarrel. Search out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a Love letter. Share some treasure. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in a word or deed.

Keep a promise. Find the time. Forego a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Listen. Apologize if you were wrong. Try to understand. Flout envy. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Appreciate, be kind, be gentle. Laugh a little more.

Deserve Confidence. Take up arms against malice. Decry complacency. Express your gratitude. Worship your God. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your love. Speak it again. Speak it still again. Speak it still once again.


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