November 27, 2002

The Light Series #38: Rays of Hope Amidst Growing Darkness

Hello everyone

I wanted so much to prepare a really positive and hope-stirring compilation to counterbalance all the somewhat despairing information and news that must be also shared these days that I spent quite some time researching and compiling this one for you.

In the process I discovered a really wonderful magazine - Caduceus published in the UK. I liberally quoted from it below.

Enjoy and share ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the other... The whole purpose of life is to live by love."

- Thomas Merton

"Much of our present predicament comes from isolating ourself in the outer physical world, to such a degree that we have almost forgotten the presence of the inner worlds. And yet it is always from within that divine grace and healing come. Those who have committed themselves to spiritual work have turned inward, and through meditation, prayer, dreamwork, and other practices, have begun to reclaim the inner world."

- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee -- Taken from "Uniting the Inner and Outer" below.
Check also this beautiful website:

"May your spirit be uplifted by the cool, crisp autumn air.
May your heart be warmed by moments filled with special joys to share.
May your soul be touched by wonder at the treasures to be found, as you celebrate Thanksgiving
and the beauty and Love all around. JOY, LOVE COMPASSION, PEACE FOR ALL."

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Energy follows thought and thought directs energy. Live consciously and be a lighthouse.


1. Re: Questions for Matthew
2. Gather the Women on March 8th, International Women's Day
3. Uniting the Inner and Outer: Spiritual Responsibility at a time of Global crisis
4. Amazing effect of thought, words, prayer, intent on frozen water
5. The Deepening Process of Peace
6. Making the Ordinary Magical - Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of Findhorn
7. Slow Dance

See also:

Sekarang Kita Maju! Now We Move Forward!
A message from Bali on 25th October 2002
"If we can love all of our brothers and sisters, we have already won 'The War Against Terrorism'."
Note from Jean: Perhaps a dozen people forwarded me this very inspiring message. Give it a look.

Light in the Darkness - Voices from Palestine and Israel
Gila Svirsky and Lama Hourani, across the political and military divide, share a commitment to a peaceful solution. During her interview, Gila in Jerusalem heard of the bombing of the University, and struggled between horror and her ideal of peace. Lama in Gaza City was eight months pregnant and living with the constant brutalization of the Israeli occupation

Making the Ordinary Magical - by Tonya Phillips
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of Findhorn. Tonya Phillips explores the worldwide appeal of the Findhorn Foundation Community, a spiritual centre like no other

Peace Meditations and the Awakening of All in Sri Lanka - by Steve Nation
Something remarkable happened in Sri Lanka on 15th March 2002: in this island torn by violent civil war for twenty years, 650,000 people meditated together for peace for an hour. Could this have contributed to the subsequent 'outbreak' of peace? Steve Nation describes the events and the inspiring movement behind them.

Low self esteem: The mother of all evils?
Since most serious illnesses which doctors see are the predictable end results of risky behaviour and life styles, isn't this where a 'health service' needs to begin? And what better way than to address the cause of the cause of these illnesses?

Shoulders, Bridges, Gates: New Roles For Community
More and more people are wanting a spiritual dimension in their daily life and work: they may call it desire for meaning, fulfillment, being of service. Many are being drawn to explore the potential of community to bring these intangible qualities into their lives

Organic Architecture

More excellent Caduceus articles at:


From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: Re: Questions for Matthew
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002

Dear Jean...

It was a successful trip from the standpoint of the 2 TV shows going well and an enjoyable one as we had brief visits with friends -- the one with whom we stayed happily made her home the HQ for our and others' comings and goings. 249 new emails were waiting for me and more have come since we returned -- this is the third day of reading/ replying and I'm actually grateful for the spam I can quickly delete and move on.

The new development is that Matthew is declining, with regrets, to respond to requests until the third book is finished. It's possible that he (the Council) may want to include in the book some of the general interest topics that are being addressed to him via you (I've already been given the green light on several previous ones), and if so, I'll send those to you.

Matthew says he wants to give you his own message:

"Jean, dear friend, since I cannot clone my mother and it's imperative that she produce the third book without more delay, I am requesting your cooperation, to please include my message in an appropriate category of your reports. I regret that I must haul away my mother from what she calls our "personal response" computer time and restrict her to book service, but if I do not do this, then the information that is so essential to become available in book form will never see the light of day. She is in conflict about this, knowing how important working on the book is but knowing also that it means foregoing replies to people asking with heartfelt interest and with trust in my information. She is feeling -- and I echo this with full appreciation! -- that people who make the effort to write do so because they truly need helpful answers and have turned to me, via her, for these.

"But priorities must prevail. This is a time when long-slumbering minds are just opening and people are confused and frightened, and more than ever before there are huge questions the world is asking: Why is there so much cruelty and suffering? Why is there so much violence? Why are we at the brink of another war? Why is there so much corruption and deception? How can this planet survive with so much ecological destruction? Why are personal freedoms being replaced with oppression? What's going to happen to my children and grandchildren? The shortest answer to all these questions: 'Earth is moving into a higher spiritual plane where the stronger light is revealing the ages-old hiding places of the darkness so the wounds of all can be healed.'

"That answer, with full explanation, needs to reach the hearts filled with agony and despair, with fear, with helplessness and hopelessness, because those people have no understanding of what is happening. They don't know that their feelings are part of the problem and are delaying the solution. They don't know where to look for answers. Even those who do not know of the divine power of each soul and its inseparability with God and Creator or who cannot believe extraterrestrial civilizations with intelligence, spirituality and technology far advanced from your own are benevolently in their very midst, are not finding satisfying religious or scientific explanations for the fast-moving world changes. And this is precisely why there is such a vital need for the next Matthew Book to be produced! The information will enlighten, guide, comfort and, through understanding and reassurance, motivate readers to rise out of their desperation at the dire world events and join the light forces to more quickly bring about the 'promised land.'

"Most likely everyone who is reading these words understands what is happening on Earth and therefore is not caught in helplessness, hopelessness and despair. It is understandable that you may indeed in moments feel disheartened and discouraged, or wish for more detailed explanations of certain situations or a forecast of events, a timetable for their completion, a road map so that you may travel in full knowledge to the lighter density where you are being led. Please know that it is a high honor to me that you seek my comments about your personal directions and the direction of the world and that you trust my responses. Please trust what I am telling you in this moment: You already are among the most aware, the best informed, the most light-receptive -- you are the light-working souls on Earth! If you feel you need more reassurance, go to your MOST trusted source: your Godself. Look within for the steadfastness of the love and light of God to prevail. Look within for the certainty that the powers of the darkness are being vanquished by the light. Look within for the confirmation that feeling calm and optimistic is invaluable light service in itself, for your highest good and the highest good of others, of Earth herself. Look within and you will know YES! the light is stronger than ever and is increasing with every smile! YES! the lightworkers must stay the course in the dark hours ahead! YES! Earth is on the fast track to the promised era of peace, love and harmony! KNOW this and exalt in your willing participation in this journey to the wondrous era soon to bless Earth and all of her light-filled lives!

"With great thankfulness for your respect and trust in my words, and with divine love to you, this is Matthew."

Jean, I'm glad Matthew wanted to jump in there. I'm one of those who would like a road map and timetable, and his messages always give my heart a lift. It's not easy for me to reply to people who write requests, "I'm sorry, but I can't..." so I'm fervently hoping that Matthew's words truly will help all who read them.

Love, like always,



Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002
From: Marilyn Nyborg <>
Subject: Gather the Women on March 8th, International Women's Day

Knock knock!! I would SO love to have you check out our site and consider posting our Gather the Women on your newsletter. IT is really happening! For example:

We have a variety of expressions being created: woman doing a workshop called Honoring the Women being held in Spain on the 8th, in California the community of Oakland is creating an event called As Oakland Heals the World Heals. Santa Barbara is revving up for a large event, Indiana is planning a 3 day retreat, we have drumming rituals being planned on the East Coast, and a march of 10,000 in Israel...all on March 8th, International Women's Day, and ALL will include a statement of vision and intention by Gather the Women.

"During the week of March 3-8 - linked globally by our interactive website, - we are asking women to have the courage to risk leaving old conformities by joining with millions of others throughout the world in unique events celebrating woman's true worth, expressing shared concern for the planet and our human family, and creating and supporting actions that will enable humanity to live together in a world based on life-affirming values."

Thanks for ALL you do Jean.




Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg
Gather The Women Member of the Guiding Circle
A project of WOVA

As women, we must take the risk of leaving the old conformity to remember our true selves and know our women's worth.


Also recommended by Marilyn Nyborg <>



by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Dark clouds are gathering, powerful forces constellating in the outer and inner worlds. We are witnessing preparations for war and the actions of terrorists, our media saturated with acts of violence and the war drums of politicians. Many people are finding their dreams haunted by images of bombs falling and a sense of what is sacred being desecrated. We seem to be embarking on another cycle of violence, with the theme of mass destruction as a call to arms.

What is our responsibility at this time of global crisis? How can we constellate peace amidst the forces of war? How can we bring our spiritual ideals onto the world stage, bring the light of our hearts into the growing darkness? It is easy to feel isolated or ineffectual, to think that the destiny of the world is in the hands of politicians blinded by power, or terrorists caught in images of martyrdom. But there is a part that we can play, a way that we can bring light into the darkness and work to awaken the world.

In our own journey we know that any time of crisis is also a time of opportunity. When powerful forces constellate, they carry the potential for transformation as well as destruction. What is true of our individual journey is also true for the world. The tremendous clash of opposites, of light and dark, that is threatening such destruction and seemingly polarizing the world belongs to the birth pains of a global transformation. But in order for this transformation to be successful it needs our attention. It needs the participation of those committed to service, whose consciousness can be aligned to something greater than their personal well-being.

Any time of crisis is also a time of opportunity

At any time of real crisis our work is to look beyond the plane of action and reaction to where real help and grace are given. Through our prayers and devotion, we align ourself with the love and power of the divine without whose presence we are left alone with our own self-destructive conflicts. Sadly, we have tended to place prayer and devotion solely within the sphere of our personal relationship with the divine, not recognizing its larger dimension which concerns the well-being of the whole. Yet we have seen the power of prayer in the context of the larger world: after the tragedy of September 11th we had the tangible experience of people all around the world praying, working to hold a space of love and remembrance so that the energy of the divine could help to repair the fabric of life brutally torn apart by the acts of violence. This moment of global remembrance through prayer did not last, but it points to what is possible when we direct our attention to the larger whole.

Only the divine that can heal and transform the world—the forces of antagonism in the world are too powerfully constellated for us to resolve on our own. But the divine needs our participation: we are the guardians of the planet. Working together with the power and love of the divine, we can help turn this moment of crisis into a time of global awakening. And what is the nature of this work? In our masculine culture we identify work with “doing” and activity. But to hold a space for the divine requires the feminine quality of “being.” Through the simplicity of living our inner connection to the divine, we link the worlds together.

Central to this transformation and awaking is the uniting of the outer and inner worlds. Much of our present predicament comes from isolating ourself in the outer physical world, to such a degree that we have almost forgotten the presence of the inner worlds. And yet it is always from within that divine grace and healing come. Those who have committed themselves to spiritual work have turned inward, and through meditation, prayer, dreamwork, and other practices, have begun to reclaim the inner world.

Looking inward now, one might glimpse something quite wonderful: a web of light and love that has been woven around the world. This web has been woven together over the past two decades by the masters of love and their helpers, those who look after the spiritual well-being of the world. It is the container for our global transformation, for the awakening of the world, and now it needs to be brought into consciousness. This web is a network of the spiritual light of those who have given themselves in service to the divine. It’s structure has similarities to the internet, but it is made of light and exists on an inner plane. We are inwardly linked together through this web, and through our prayers and devotions we can bring the light of the divine to where it is needed in the outer as well as the inner world. This global network of light and love is very powerful; it can counter the destructive ego-driven worldly forces. It can take us beyond the clash of opposites into the oneness that is at the source of life.

But to work with this web we need to realize that we are the link of love that unites the inner and outer worlds. We carry the potential for global transformation in our own hearts, in our lived connection to the divine. We need to step out of the enclosed world of our individual aspiration to recognize this larger dimension to our spiritual practice. Wherever we are we can consciously connect to this network of light. Then the energy of the divine will flow freely from the inner to the outer and our present time of crisis can unfold into a new era of global awareness.

© 2002 The Golden Sufi Center

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi teacher and author of a number of books, including Working with Oneness.


Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002
From: Kalama Hawkrider <>
Subject: Amazing effect of thought, words, prayer, intent on frozen water

Dearest Jean

I hope this finds you well and optimistic, despite all that appears to be forthcoming. As always your work is appreciated and helpful to all of us on Earth today. Have you yet seen the website ?

This Japanese site looks at the effect of thought, words, prayer, intent and photos upon water, utilizing quick frozen water crystals to determine effect. It is fascinating to look at and the consequences of this are what many of us have been saying and feeling for years... what we say, feel, think, has a literal and physical effect upon our world, both within and without, large and small. I urge you to check this out, if you have not yet done so and my apologies if I have somehow missed it in a previous letter of yours. The forwarded email is related to a project focusing on the condition of our waters.

Blessings, as always,





Arny Mindell is interviewed by Sarida Brown

What can we learn from conflict? And what is peace? Arny Mindell, with his wife Amy, teaches process work (Process Oriented Psychology) and facilitates resolution of community, racial and national conflict problems worldwide.

Sarida Brown: We are living in a time of great uncertainty. The heart of the world seems to be bleeding, and there is a sense of the human psyche being deeply shaken.

Arny Mindell: In a way it’s bleeding – and in a way it’s not bleeding any more than it usually does. Wars and conflicts have always been ruminating in the background: it’s like having a virus inside that is waiting to create a cold. All the problems have always been there, it’s just that people rarely bring them to the surface. So in a way I’m happy they are emerging – it may be a chance to work them out for a change.

This year people are seeing an explosion of violence in the world.

They see the virus ‘breaking out’. I wouldn’t say that the violence has suddenly exploded; it’s always been there between Muslims and Hindus, between the USA and all the other groups on earth that have been upset, jealous and angry at the United States’ behaviour, between Palestinians and Jews in Israel.

Most peace movements and peace activists are not really at peace: they are mainly against anger and violence – they are making war with war. The result is that inside them is a rebellion: they want peace, and they are still terrified and angry as all normal people are. I don’t want to criticize them for this; I want to say to them that they are doing absolutely the best they can, and that they just haven’t yet gone deeply enough into their fear, their anger and their insecurity.

Each person has her and his own process, and there is no one way which is right for everyone. We have worked with potential suicide bombers who were caught before they carried out a bombing. They had said to themselves, ‘My life isn’t everything; more important is the cause that I stand for, and so I’m ready to die.’ The next step for that person who knows there is something more important than life itself is to be ready to give up their life in the sense of letting go now of their personal identity. Now they can go for the greatest cause, which is not the destruction of other people, but the betterment of their own people and the betterment of all people. That means letting your own identity go, so in a way people in a war zone are closer to this process than most of us realize. Only they are doing it physically instead of psychologically.

The concept of doing psychological and soul work in a war zone – we have great examples of that in Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh and others. But what about ordinary people caught in conflict, for example in Israel and Palestine: how do they move from that position of embracing death for their political and tribal cause, to embracing death in this positive sense, for humanity?

There are many more people than you’d realize who are capable of that. Friends of our group have just been working in Israel and told us an amazing conflict scene where Palestinians and Jews were working together and one person said to someone from the other side, ‘I hate you. I could kill you. I’m going to kill you.’ Then somebody from this second side had an amazing inspiration, lay down on the floor in front of the speaker and said, ‘If taking my life will make yours and everybody else’s better, then please do take it.’ Bango! Every-thing stopped. Because that’s just the thing that isn’t being said. People sat down and started to talk. It’s quite dramatic and effective to bring death in to conflict work; it’s just not done very much.

What would you do in relation to what is going on in Israel and Palestine?

What would I do also in relation to the Muslims and right wing Hindus in Gujarat where we have just been also? I think the first step is to look at the problem from many levels. Television can be very helpful: a television programme devoted to affirming people’s feelings in conflict, large group processes where people are shown how to interact and actually allowed to have their feelings, and interact on television with some helpful person who knows about conflict: that would be very helpful, because when people see large groups resolving things, that’s very ameliorating for a public situation.

I would also recommend that each one of us notice exactly the kind of flickering feelings or big feelings that we have about our neighbours or about somebody we don’t like, and that we affirm those feelings and don’t put them away: ‘I can’t stand that person. I hate that person’ or, ‘I’m terrified they are going to kill me, they are bad people’. The next step is to go down deeper and ask oneself, first, ‘How is that person a danger?’ and then ‘Am I in any way whatsoever like that person?’ Then ask, ‘How does my family support my hating the other side? Why do my people support this?’ People should affirm that, and say ‘My family doesn’t like the other groups and has good reason. Let me talk to members of my family, not just the living but also the dead. Let me talk to those who have died in battle or in the struggle.’ Then you should talk to your dead grandmother, your dead great grandfather. Of course that’s an inner experience, not an outer dialogue, but this can be done in front of others as well. I would suggest pondering, taking ten minutes a day, and talking to someone who has died as if they were still alive, in your imagination of the dead person as if there is somehow still a spirit that can speak. There is lots of wisdom in those people. The dead rarely have the kind of vengeance or hatred they had while they were alive.

So what does peace mean?

It means something different to everybody. To me, it means being the ground that we walk on; not only being the people on top of the earth cut off from the earth. On top of the earth, so to speak, is everyday reality, you and me, but the ground that we walk on supports both of us. Peace means having contact with that deeper thing in us which sees and feels, ‘Yes, my side is important, yet there’s something true about the other person’s side too.’ That’s peace. Peace is not antithetical to conflict; it understands things from a third viewpoint and sees how everybody is trying to do their best.

So peace is a deepening process of learning how to get deep enough in yourself, through conflict even, to see both sides as being somehow correct. When you have finally done that, then there’s no war. Instead there is fluid dialogue.

Where is this happening?

It is happening inside every human being I’ve ever met when they go to bed at night. They go to sleep and dream and go into their deepest sleep without dreams, just darkness and quiet, and then they wake up into the everyday reality and they are back again at it. So it happens all the time, it’s just marginalized.

So coming back to Israel and Palestine: what is our role, those of us who are outside that arena?

For those of us who are not directly in a war zone, our role is not to criticize those who are and think they should do better – that would make us part of the war scene. War is a non-local phenomenon, which means that there could not be war in one place on earth if there were not war everywhere inside us. It’s like any virus: if it is proliferating in one part of the world it is because no-one has solved that virus problem anywhere. So those of us outside the war zone need to work on conflict. We need to know that we are projecting our own unworked-out conflicts onto the Palestinians and Israelis, and we need to send them good feelings instead. We need to remember how we’ve been hurt and kicked and how we start hurting and kicking back too, appreciating that and not projecting it onto them. That would be a big start, and many things will follow from that automatically.

We are all involved in every war, even if its only a little war far away, and we are all involved in the peace process.


Arny and Amy Mindell have developed and teach process work (Process Oriented Psychology), and apply it in theatres of conflict throughout the world. Arny has an MS from MIT, was a Jungian training analyst, and has a PhD in psychology. Arny and Amy practise in Portland Oregon. Further information is to be found on




By Tonya Phillips

A visit to the FIndhorn Community

Set in the remote highlands of northeast Scotland, a few miles from Inverness, the Findhorn Foundation Community is a centre of spiritual education and personal transformation, drawing 15,000 souls every year from every corner of the world, to tours, workshops and conferences. Its courses cover personal and spiritual growth, ecology, sustainability and community living and it holds two major conferences a year, attracting speakers as diverse as Anita Roddick, Caroline Myss, Robert Bly and William Bloom. The community is also now developing an Eco-village – a human settlement that’s sustainable economically, culturally and spiritually – which aims to become 100 per cent energy efficient within five years. Findhorn has a remarkable presence in the outside world. The Findhorn Foundation is a non-government organization linked with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, and is represented regularly at UN briefing sessions. Findhorn’s impact upon the holistic movement over the years, too, has been profound.

Listening within

I got my first taster, along with the majority of the 4,500 residential visitors it gets every year, by taking part in its most popular programme, Experience Week. Geared to give an insight into what life at Findhorn is about, it is a carefully and beautifully arranged mix of group spiritual practice, working with nature, building group awareness and group sharing. In my group there were 21 people from 22 to 60, from around 18 different countries.

The programme was dedicated to teaching us to learn to listen to and act upon our own inner guidance. It also remains a sincere aim of everyone who lives there today. Refreshingly, decisions are made at Findhorn using processes that include attunement to each person’s own inner divine wisdom, consensus building, sharing, discussion and meditation – and this creates a truly special atmosphere.

But what is life like for those who live at Findhorn? And what do those who choose a long-term stay there share? Mari Hollander, Findhorn’s management team focalizer, has lived at Findhorn for 25 years. ‘People who live at Findhorn have a number of things in common. We all have faith or know that the spirituality behind life is where the real world is – is what’s true – and that spirit can and will inform us.

‘We also have a common understanding that we are all on a soul journey...and so if I am, say, in an intense difficulty with someone, I know that that person is my best teacher at that moment and they know that of me. This means we can deal with the conflict in a much more positive way.’

‘What unites us is a willingness to be vigilant for ourselves and our process, with love,’ declares another Findhorn spokesperson. ‘We practise and learn in our daily work, in the uncomplicated act of pouring out our love to what is in front of us. It is in "stopping to smell the flowers" as an approach to our work that we strive to fall into an embrace with our individual sense of God.'

Findhorn is truly a centre of incredible power, a place where the ordinary becomes magical. And this magic knocks you off your feet. There are rumours that a Hollywood film is soon to be made about Findhorn and it’s not hard to see why. But however magical the Hollywood machine strives to make the proposed production, one thing’s for certain: it will never match the magic that Findhorn really has.


Tonya Phillips is an editor, journalist, fiction writer and massage therapist. She runs courses in group self-development at her home in Surrey

You can read Tonya Phillips' full article in the printed magazine, and also 'Bringing Heaven to Earth', in which Dr Cornelia Featherstone describes how the community is expanding in size while retaining its centre.

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Have you ever watched kids

On a merry-go-round?

Or listened to the rain

Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

Do you run through each day

On the fly?

When you ask How are you?

Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done

Do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores

Running through your head?

You'd better slow down

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

Ever told your child,

We'll do it tomorrow?

And in your haste,

Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch,

Let a good friendship die

Cause you never had time

To call and say,"hi"

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,

It is like an unopened gift....

Thrown away.

Life is not a race.

Do take it slower

Hear the music

Before the song is over.

Author unknown

Forwarded by Estelle <>


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