November 11, 2002

The Light Series #36: Shining Brightly, Caring Immensely

Hello everyone

This compilation if filled with wondrous gems and an urgent and most poignant request of assistance for our dolphin-brethrens in Light consciousness. I highly recommend it to your attention.

Love, Life and Light will Prevail!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"It is only by forgetting yourself that you draw near to God".

- Henry David Thoreau


1. Feedback on Meditation Focus #75
2. Global Inter-faith Prayer Vigil for Peace
3. Quote with a beautiful message
4. Message from Matthew on Bali, the Rigged US Midterm Elections and the Need to Stay Positive
5. Help Save Japanese Dolphins!



Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002
Subject: Re: Meditation Focus #75: Co-creating Peace in Iraq
From: Liz Daly <>

Greetings from Within the Burgeoning Glow of Peace, Light, Truth and Grace.

I am reeling in the power of hope. Your have prepared one finely considered and drafted meditation focus. This piece has succinctly educated many on the facts of this horrific build-up to war.

I connected to all members of life on Terra as I began...anchoring in the animal kingdom strongly as they are playing a major role in holding space for the human kingdom. I asked the Alpha Centauris to assist from the 6th dimension. Alpha Centauris are most incredibly technically superior. Of course I connected with the higher Andromedans, the higher Pleiadians, all Angels of Peace, Compassion, Truth and Wisdom. My invocation process was beautiful and powerful and white time energies came in full force. I was able to feel openings in consciousness today. Those who are so afraid seem to be willing to open... just even a little to the possibility that they, too, can co-create peace and change on our Beloved Terra. I asked to anchor in the codes of the peace grids being established ABOVE. I asked that I am blessed with the ability to arch even more Golden Light across the planet. As I asked for this I felt our archs touch. God blessed us with a gift to encourage and to share and to hold the space of Peace. Even if it feels as if no-thing is happening, everything is happening. It is not easy putting these thoughts into words as I share with you my meditation experience. I lifted off very quickly to the other realms and returned to body feeling very light.

There was one particularly beautiful image I will share with you. I saw villages with suffering so terrible, babies dying, animals crying, dying of thirst but still serving their owners... I saw troops from both sides coming to this village...then I saw the earth open up with waters bubbling up in gold and violet and green and yellow...and red...yes rainbow waters... All soldiers threw their weapons and gear and clothes into this bubbling brook/rainbow pond (whatever you want to call it). There were lots of tears of joy and realization. God realization.

I connected to Saddam and his advisers...and a female energy came in... she is very important to him. Perhaps he loves her. She does not want war. She is guiding him toward stepping back and being cooperative. This was an absolutely fascinating she came in so clearly into my consciousness. This meditation was incredibly deep for me.

There is more to my experience, but this will give you the gist of my experience.

In God's Light...



Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002
From: Bridge <>
Subject: Global Inter-faith Prayer Vigil for Peace

Hi Jean and all with the Earth Rainbow Network

To add to y/our Meditation Focus #75 for co-creating peace in Iraq, I would like to share with us all this most poignant 40-day peace initiative to include with our prayers and meditations ... it is being sponsored by Inner Net of the Heart and began yesterday, on 11/9, with the intention to reverse the effects of 9/11.

With blessings and gratitude to us all, for how we are each standing on behalf of us all ...

Joie and our Rainbow Councils



Reverse what began on 9/11

Join the Global Inter-faith Prayer Vigil for Peace

Beginning on 11/9

You Are Invited To The Opening Event Of A 40-Day Global Prayer Vigil For Peace

Timing Of The Vigil

This Peace Prayer vigil begins on November 9, at dawn local time, all across the planet. The vigil will continue uninterrupted for 40 days, concluding at midnight on December 18, 2002. If your group cannot begin on November 9, no problem-just begin as soon as possible.

Humanity stands at the brink of war. Spiritual leaders and their communities across the globe are responding to this crisis with an intensive worldwide prayer vigil for peace. To reverse what began on 9/11, the prayer vigil begins on 11/9 and will continue for 40 days. Participants include spiritual groups and organizations in the United States, Canada, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Brazil, Korea, and others-all praying simultaneously for peace.

Many spiritual groups that regularly pray for peace are joining the vigil as a way to commune with others in a worldwide prayer for peace. As Father Thomas Keating, founder of the Centering Prayer movement put it, Our Cistercian order already prays for peace six or seven times a day, but what is crucial about this global inter-faith vigil is that it is organized, conscious, and focused. It is important that we are praying for peace in communion with our counterparts in other faith traditions around the world's A similar response came from Buddhist master Thrangu Rinpoche in Nepal: "In order to help pacify the tensions of a disturbed time such as this, it is necessary for every person with a mind of compassion.

Inner Net of the Heart

Join us where the heart's longing meets the world's need. Together we will form an "inner net" of hearts across the globe praying for peace. Join us in prayer:

* On behalf of the millions of innocent children and civilians who Will be killed or maimed if a war begins

* On behalf of all life forms that would be harmed by a war

* In compassion for all beings

May peace prevail on Earth

The Global SOS Initiative is a joint project of the Manitou Institute and the Satyana Institute. Visit our website at


With Blessings to Us All for All That We Are

Joie and Our Rainbow Councils

To join Joie's e-list send an email at with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is more from which features a most beautiful peace-radiating visual effect.

Humanity stands at the brink of war. If initiated, this war will likely escalate into a global conflict, or even a third world war. Today’s arsenals of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons will render any such conflagration a colossal nightmare on a scale exceeding all conceivable horrors. Every living being on Earth, and the foundations of life itself, are now threatened.

Every measure to stop this war must be taken with no delay. Human resources and institutions are striving in a noble effort to stem the tide toward war, but they are woefully inadequate to the task. There is an urgent need at this time to go beyond human resources altogether, and appeal directly to higher planes of spiritual reality. An infusion of spiritual light and consciousness is needed now, for which humanity must to appeal directly to the Divine source of all life in this hour of profound need. SOS!


This appeal to join the prayer vigil is directed to spiritual leaders and aspirants in every religious faith and spiritual tradition—priests, ministers, monks, nuns, roshis, rabbis, reverends, gurus, masters, sheiks, shamans, swamis, healers, lamas, rinpoches, etc.—and their respective followers, parishes, and congregations. Practitioners in different faiths are asked to draw upon the heritage of their own traditions to find the most effective practices, prayers, meditation techniques, fasting, mantras, chants, visualizations, or ritual ceremonies for peace.


In this hour of deliverance, we recognize that there are a number of highly evolved spiritual beings on the planet who have very deep access to spiritual planes of reality. In the words of the Sufi Ibn Arabi, "The mystic is the pupil in the eye of humanity.” The SOS! initiative is therefore making a special appeal to these particular beings, recognizing that the light of spiritual radiance enters humanity most intensely through highly evolved mystics. We are calling upon the greatest mystics known to us on the planet, and asking them and their monasteries and constituencies to specifically join in this planetary vigil for world peace.

For more information, visit us at




From: Misty Pifer <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002
Subject: Quote with a beautiful message

Hey Jean. Here is a quote from the band Disturbed that I find to be inspiring. The band Disturbed is a very hard-rock group with a beautiful message. I thought their words may help others through all of this madness.

"In an Age of Nothing, at a time when we stand at the brink of our own destruction--strengthen your belief in yourself, in the future of humanity, in the things of this world which cannot be easily perceived. Awaken that which lies dormant now within your soul. Re-ignite the Flame of your Consciousness, and measure the strength of your conviction. Reveal the lie. Renounce your hatred. Seek, find, and embrace the truths you are fortunate enough to discover. Cherish them. Use them to anchor you in the sea of chaos that is the world we live in. When twilight draws near, when you are pushed to the very limits of your soul, when it seems that all you have left are the dead remnants of the fabric of your life--Believe."


(...) I see much love and peace in today's children. I feel that they will conquer so much good for this place and I cannot wait for them to grow into their purposes and spread the light. Please remember to pray for our children that they make it safely through this jungle.

I feel that we all need to pray to the Feminine Aspect of the Divine. We need to get re-introduced to this part of ourselves. The Mother that loves us all, no matter what. That is what this world needs. Her grace, her understanding, her nurturing love, her compassion, her forgiveness. We must all find the Goddess's love in ourselves and learn to share this part of ourselves with the world around us. I've always been very frustrated in my life because I feel that I lived in medieval times and I miss the energy that was on the Earth then. I miss the magick and simple love of the Goddess that was all through the air and the earth. I've been realizing that I hold that same energy at the core of my being and I can help the Goddess return (she never left, she's just been ignored and forgotten) by creating in this life, the love and magick that I knew then. We need her to heal us and nurture us. Let us all call upon the Divine Mother in ourselves, let her know she is not forgotten. Let the whole world know her beauty and grace once more.

Brightest Blessings,



Message from Matthew sent through "Suzanne Ward" <>

Nov 6, 2002

S: Hi, dear! I have some questions for you.

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I know. Go!

S: Jean has asked about the explosion in Bali, so please comment on that first.

MATTHEW: It was indeed another intentional effort by the umbrella controllers on Earth to raise the likelihood of another "terrorist" attack or otherwise create incidents to keep the populace fearful. And I know you understand why creating fear is so essential to the dark minds behind it all.

S: Yes, I do. Were the deaths and injuries part of the pre-birth agreements of those victims?

MATTHEW: Mother, "victims" is the right word there because, unlike the souls who left Earth on the infamous 9/11 events, the people in Bali had not signed on for experiencing what they did. Those who died had not completed their karmic lessons and those who survived with dreadful wounds did not contract to experience the potential changes in lifestyle those may cause.

S: Was a nuclear-type bomb used?

MATTHEW: In the sense that no other explosive was capable of creating those results, yes, partially, as there is no popularly-known designation to distinguish between ground-level and in-space nuclear weaponry. But in the sense of a weapon which, in the same configuration of elements but on a far greater scale is capable of destroying vast areas and causing immense damage to souls on Earth and "in space," no. Nor is the widespread radioactive fallout from a nuclear explosion in space a part of the so-called "micro-nuke" in Bali.

S: But the "alien" civilizations helping Earth are supposed to stop all nuclear explosions, aren't they?

MATTHEW: No, Mother. The extraterrestrial light forces with the technology to prevent detonation of missile nuclear warheads and have permission from Creator to do so, thus overriding the free will choices of the people who would launch them, does not pertain to those whose free will choices would cause ground-level explosions, where the infinitely greater number of souls damaged by nuclear detonations in space would not apply.

S: That seems a really arbitrary line about which nuclear weapons apply and which don't, but I can see the difference in the results. Was Senator Paul Wellstone's death in a plane crash also deliberate?

MATTHEW: Indeed it was, like other courageous and light-filled political figures who have met that same fate. Plane crashes are a favored means of eliminating them as there is no "proof" that the official conclusions are lies, but it's safe to say that sudden deaths of any leaders whose influence could deter the aims of the darkness are deliberately caused and not simply unexplainable "tragedies."

S: Were the results of yesterday's election in the States legitimate or were votes "rigged"?

MATTHEW: Rigged, rigged, rigged! You have read about the thousands of voters in Florida whose right to vote was denied -- one way of rigging. Another way is tampering with the voting machinery, and that most certainly was done in the areas where Bush's main adversaries were strong. Since campaigns require great spending, and money was siphoned from the "public trust," to do this, that is another form of rigging. By "public trust," I mean that money declared as "contributions" or not declared at all was taken from sources such as social programs and retirement funds and given to those candidates chosen by the presidential administration to be the key ones to support, and as is openly discussed there, those with the largest "war chests" are the ones who win.

S: It makes me sick to think of the hypocrisy of "democratic" elections. Is all of this corruption and death -- murder, really -- necessary? Since the era of love, peace and harmony is preordained, why must so much "evil" continue? Tell me, when is the light going to be so strong that there won't be any more dark forces left to do these terrible things?

MATTHEW: Dear soul, how can I tell you what I don't know? Free will choices - other than those that would have nuclear warheads exploding - will be honored, as far as I know, "eternally." Please accept the truth of what I have often told you: The light is prevailing in sustained amounts on Earth, she is rising into higher density as more and more people are awakening and their souls are reaching their consciousness. The blatancy and arrogance of the negativity being deliberately created is the unmistakable sign of the desperation of the darkness. If that were not so, all of the "evil" you see still would be hidden. It would be happening, but simply, you wouldn't know about it.

Your "3D-ness," as you call it, is not really so, Mother! You do know that what I have been telling you is true because of its resonance within your soul! Consciously, you do not like that truth because it also includes more suffering. I have told you that many pre-birth agreements are being cut short due to mind control and other tyrannical means, but that doesn't mean that these souls are "victims." I could have - should have! - mentioned this in relation to the Bali "victims," your term that I agreed with because those who made transition did not choose that time to do so, when their soul-level choices for experiencing were incomplete. However, divine grace enters into all of these cases, just as it does with the millions who at soul level are choosing to forego further karmic lessons to relieve Earth of the collective negativity of their suffering and voluntarily made earlier transition than their agreements called for. Due to the pertinent circumstances, the chosen lessons of all of these souls are honored as complete in altered form.

S: Matthew, I do believe this in my head, I just can't feel it in my heart, and this may be adding to the negativity Earth has to be relieved of, which makes me part of the problem instead of part of the solution that I want to be.

MATTHEW: Dear soul, your godly intent is far stronger than your preoccupation with the possibility that you are "part of the problem"! While it would be to your advantage insofar as your peace of mind if you could rise above those feelings, the intensity of your energy directed to benevolent thoughts and desires far outweighs the meager energetic registration of your concern.

Do not feel that you are alone in this! When people are aware of happenings based in tyranny, deceit and corruption, they cannot dismiss this knowledge as if they never had it. Far over and above this awareness is their collectively-focused energy on the love, peace, compassion, understanding, justness, fairness, goodness and harmony that are ushering in the era where light is the total foundation of lives. Souls who have resisted this changing density will no longer be around to make conditions otherwise, but, as is evident from current happenings, that stage of the Divine Plan has not yet been reached.

Mother, recently you received my reply to the request for my comments on a message claiming that focusing only on "love and light" is not acknowledging soul integrity, which includes both light and darkness. I'd like to expand on that reply, which was brief due to your time constraints. As I acknowledged, the capacities for light and darkness to coexist within humankind on Earth is within the polarity prevailing there, but the elimination of that polarity is part of Earth's ascension into higher densities.

God, by whatever name given the Supreme Being of this universe, is a part of Creator, whose total essence is love and light, thus God's is also. Love, the most powerful energy in the universe, is expressed tangibly, or technologically, as light, and each embodied soul in this universe as a part of God is born with that same purity of "ingredients."

The darkness first came with free will choices that spiraled souls into lower densities, away from the light. It was in that lower density that polarity originated as the means for souls to achieve balance rather than have the "scales" tipped further toward the darkness. Remember, for eons Creator honored the free will choices of the peak of darkness, which included holding captive those souls who were tantalized by that force and became part of its collective free will. Only a few years ago in Earth time did Creator withdraw that and return to all those souls their individual free will that for eons had been usurped by the peak darkness. But the darkly-inclined individual free will choices still must be honored, and those on Earth account for the polarity that still is part of your experiencing.

In some places in our universe, polarity no longer exists because balance is achieved without continual teeter-totter efforts. When free will choices are in consonance with the love and light of the higher densities, there is no darkness, no polarity, only light, and within light there IS balance! Achieving this is the choice of Earth and the pathway she and her light-receptive souls are on. The growth pathway to the ultimate goal of all souls, the return to integration with God and Creator, is away from polarity, not the continuation of this third density limitation that has been responsible for so much suffering.

Now then, breathe deeply and let go of the tensions you have felt from the first moment we began talking today.

S: .. Thank you, that feels better. But Matthew, it is not easy to concentrate only on positive things and stifle thoughts about what's going on here, and you know that! I feel guilty - another negative! - about those thoughts and what you just said does help. There must be others who think and feel the same way - surely I'm not that unique!

MATTHEW: Oh, you're definitely "that unique," Mother! But in the way you mentioned, no, you are not alone. All thinking, pondering, spiritually clear souls are balancing their misgivings - let me state that more forcefully, their repugnance of the corruption and deceit and misery - with their souls' nonjudgmental divinity that is dominant and is adding to Earth' s ability to anchor the light being beamed from off-planet. Others may choose to forego the media's proliferation of fear-filled information in an effort to prevent that from entering their consciousness, but world events ARE happening, and it is simplistic and idealistic to think that ignorance will eliminate them. That does NOT mean that "absorbing" the happenings into heavy emotions is necessary! LIGHT emotions, with the awareness of their beneficial effects on the individual and collectively, your world, is the way to manifesting the peace and harmony you desire.

Now let me mention something that you received as most welcome "light" news, the withdrawal of the US Navy's permission to continue the testing that has killed or injured whales and other life in your oceans. So you see, not every happening is negative - and it's good to see you smiling for a change here!

Now then, more heinous activities are ahead and I reemphasize the great need to hold fast to the TRUTH of the promised era of love and light on Earth who, with ALL of her life forms, is beloved of God and all light souls in this universe. Probably beyond, too, as the ONENESS started with Creator, so all within our universe is part of ALL THAT IS.

I don't see any more questions in your mind -- in fact, it is a mish-mash in this moment, as if I've overwhelmed you. I think another deep breath is in order before we continue.

S: OK. .. Did the election results change anything, or would Bush have proceeded anyway with whatever he wants to do?

MATTHEW: There is no denying that if his political party were not going to be deciding such important issues as Supreme Court judges, we see that sounder, wiser choices would be made. And his drumbeat for war might be tempered by those who do not favor it. However, energy that has been set in motion by the direction of the darkness will continue in its momentum until spent. But so will the light-directed energy, which ultimately will bring an end to all that is anathema to the souls there who are filled with love and justness and compassion.

S: Let's end on that positive note, dear, and thank you for this sitting.

MATTHEW: Mother, indulge me with one last note, please. Prayer is your thoughts and feelings of love, and the power of prayer is inestimable, but never can there be too many expressions of love in ACTION, including such a simple thing as a SMILE.

And with that, dear soul, I say thank YOU for our talk today.

ADDENDUM: Note from Jean. I asked some clarifications to Suzy and Matthew with regard to what I perceived were "discrepancies" between an earlier message from Matthew and this one pertaining to the possibility of extraterrestrial interventions to prevent nuclear detonations on Earth. I was pointing out that no humans live in space, outside the boundary of our atmosphere, and thus that preventing nuclear explosions there would not save many human lives and that explosions here on Earth could possibly do considerable damage to the genetic make up of the souls as I thought I understood from an earlier statement on this by Matthew. I also pointed out that the radioactive pollution generated by depleted uranium ammunition used in recent conflicts could be as much of a problem as radioactive fallout and thus should be addressed as well.

Here is what Matthew replied through Suzy...

"There are countless SOULS living 'in space' beyond the surface of Earth. All civilizations in human, suprahuman and other life forms in physical, etheric and astral bodies and free spirits have souls, and the souls, not the bodies, is the issue. The soul is not necessarily affected by whatever means a physical body is destroyed, so a vaporized body causes no more damage to its soul than one blown to bits in battle or crushed in a vehicle crash or eaten by disease. The etheric body may be affected, depending upon the extent of trauma in the dying process, which is why every soul making transition to Nirvana receives instantaneous customized treatment. The exception to the total protection of the soul's entire essence in whatever life form, is the radioactivity from nuclear fallout, which DOES affect the composition of the soul. The fallout from 'in space' detonation travels its lengthy course and, like every other aspect of energy, it may be transmuted or directed, but it cannot be destroyed. It's like thought forms -- it IS thought forms, which are energy and which exist eternally -- and those with dark attachments can only be softened by the light if they're receptive to that, and so far, those of the destructive radioactivity forms are not. As for the effects of depleted uranium, these do genetically affect bodies, but not their souls. I realize this is not possible for Earth science to explain because even the correct knowledge there still is quite limited from the universal reality."

And he concluded...

"Dear soul Jean, I thank you for this opportunity to clarify my message. Dispensers of messages not only on Earth, but beyond as well, unintentionally err by thinking the information suffices, and then questions arise regarding issues where we had not thought to carry further our explanations. Remember, perfection prevails only at God and Creator levels -- the rest of us are still in 'self-improvement' stages, you could say. With the love and light of my station, this is Matthew."

A final comment from Jean: Do you all realize this marvelous priviledge we have to be able to seek clarifications from such a heavenly source on issues and situations for which we would otherwise never be able to find greater clarity and resolution than what our own intuitive guidance may provide? So should you also find elements from what is given to us in Matthew's messages needing some clarification for the benefit of all or should you feel the urge to request his light on vitally important issues and situations affecting us all, I'm sure Suzy, as time and her other commitments permit, will be delighted to submit them to Matthew, and likewise I'll be most happy to review your questions (Cced to me) and his replies for possible inclusion in future compilations when appropriate.


For more details on the results of Suzanne Ward's channeling cooperation with her son now in heaven, visit


From: Anni von Maltzan <>
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002
Subject: [EarthRainbowVillage] Help Save Japanese Dolphins!

Hi, Everyone

I've debated in my heart whether to send some of this info, as it is so unspeakably horrific and distressing. But I think we need to be aware of the depths of depravity that we, the human race, can descend to in our greed. There is a direct metaphysical connection between this slaughter and the one intended for Iraq, I believe.

There is no international treaty to protect dolphins - they aren't covered by the International Whaling Commission. They are herded to meet the quotas of the international aquarium industry -- and mostly to supply meat for the Japanese, in spite of its high mercury contamination (an ominous indication for the dolphin population itself).

These are our brothers and sisters from the stars, whose avowed purpose in coming here was to assist our awakening and spiritual evolution, and that of Mother Gaia. Anyone with a modicum of sensitivity is aware of their great intelligence, complex social life and mystical connection with humans. Which is why our treatment of them is so barbaric, so wretchedly dishonourable.

Of course, we know that all change must first come from the heart, and that these needed changes will only come about as the energies of love, compassion and peace radiate outward from committed hearts and work their way into those still hardened. But there is no reason why we can't marry some form of 'action' to our inner alignment with our ideals!! <sm>

Please do whatever you can, by way of meditation, prayer, petitions, faxes, letters, e-mails, aid and support our dear friends and star kin in their plight.

Love, Anni :º)


news alert from Australians For Animals, Inc.

In the last 20 years, 400,000 dolphins and porpoises have been cruelly and brutally slaughtered by Japanese fishermen in theinfamous dolphin drives.

Eight Japanese state governments allow dolphin hunts, with annual catch quotas capped at 20,000 dolphins. Most Japanese fleets catch dolphins in the Pacific Ocean, killing them with harpoons.

Only two states - Wakayama and Shizuoka - permit coastal dolphin kills . Dolphins are driven into bays and hacked to death. Some are dragged out of the water, hooked onto cranes which dump them on the back of trucks. Traumatised dolphins, gasping for breath, taken to crude slaughter house floors where they are cut open and sliced up with huge knives until they die in agony.

Footage , bravely taken of these appalling slaughters by Japanese activists, is so sickening that most people are unable to witness the murderous killing.

A former dolphin hunter has revealed that dolphins weep tears and scream in agony.

In the bays, living dolphins who await their death are deeply traumatised, often covered in blood from their kin. Footage shows their shocked expressions - expressions which tear at thesoul of any caring, compassionate human.

This year, the Japanese government has told the dolphin hunting fishermen to use a new method of killing. The dolphins´ spinal cord will be severed with a

knife in a specially built slaughterhouse at dockside. Fishermen claim it will shorten the time of death from l0 minutes to 30 seconds.

The government has also moved to ensure that fences are built along roads to the bays so that the slaughter can be hidden fromthe public. Taking of photos is forbidden.

Using a helicopter to watch the scene is forbidden.

The majority of Japanese people are opposed to any killing of marine animals. As one Japanese activist said in recent media coverage:-

"The people of Japan are sick and tired of being held hostage to the money-grubbing schemes of uneducated fishermen and ignorant old politicians who have colluded to rape our coastal environment and wipe out much of our marine life. The only thing most fishermen do exceptionally well is get drunk on taxpayer subsidies - they should continue doing exactly that and leave our dolphins alone."


Fight to End Dolphin Slaughter in Japan


Over the next five months Japanese fishermen will kill more than one-thousand dolphins, pilot whales and other cetaceans. is fighting to end this killing -- and we are winning. The lives of thousands of dolphins are at stake. CLIP

To take action go to

Do it now. Dolphins are dying every day.


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