September 7, 2002

The Light Series #31: Dispelling Fear and Boldly Nurturing Hope and Love

Hello everyone

This compilation is a composite of very current efforts to prevent the U.S. from attacking Iraq and of previous material written and posted 4 years ago to this ERN list.

A new Meditation Focus will be sent to you by the end of Saturday (my time).

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

NOTE: I just posted at a new message received from Matthew in heaven through his mother Suzy Ward. It is very relevant to the general theme of this compilation. Here are a couple excerpts...

"There is no issue of greater importance today than clearly understanding how the darkness uses fear as its ultimate weapon against individuals, nations, your whole world. Fear of an idea, of what *might be,* is as much a captive state of consciousness as the fear of what you consider concrete actuality." (...) The light, in which love and universal knowledge and spiritual clarity abide, cannot reach those souls to let them know their spiritual powers are far stronger than anything the dark powers can conjure to frighten them. Nothing is stronger than the light -- which is the gift to every soul of the love and the power of God -- and the dark forces cannot create light or capture it and they cannot coexist with it. They can only try to create fear and try to capture souls through fear. The magnified energy of fear draws to the people like thought forms from the universal soup and the power of natural laws then brings into *reality* the fearsome ideas now manifested into form through sustained conscious belief in their existence. Now there is indeed something to fear -- it's what fear itself created!"

See the entire message at the URL above.


1. Response to the Special Earth Summit II Compilation
2. Report on the "No War on Iraq" MoveOn campaign
3. Revisiting "Strinking a Balance Between Light and Shadow"
4. Excerpt from Pathways to Unity

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Bold Kucinich Leaves Tepid Dems Behind (EXCELLENT!)
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Online petition against a war with Iraq for US citizens
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Revealing speech by Bill Moyers one month after 9-11



Date: 1 Sep 2002
Subject: Response to the Special Earth Summit II Compilation

Dear Jean,

Once again, I applaud you for your tireless contribution to humanity, which is becoming increasingly valued with each passing day.

This particular compilation has inspired me to see if there is someone on your list who would like to either sponsor or invest in a combination of projects I have developed that I firmly believe (and that have been psychically predicted) will dramatically reverse the direction we are now taking.

The first is a dolphin film that ironically has woven into it the image that is shown in the recent dolphin crop circle. The image is not only explained in the movie but offers the key for how we can create lives of joy in the world of our dreams.

The second is a book that shows how both children and adults can rapidly delete the feelings of fear that are now paralyzing America and return us to a nation of people with more hopeful and caring thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The others are supplements to these two themes and the cluster is a powerful package. It has been predicted by 6 different visionaries even prior to my creating these projects that they would be very powerful as well as make a good deal of money.

Thus, I am now looking for a patron and/or any business investor interested in investing in projects that are good for our world and culture.

I appreciate anything you can do to help me locate who these people might be. Again my great thanks for your part in anchoring us to the truth and what is right in our shared world.

Many blessings and fond aloha to you,

Bobbie Sandoz, author of Listening to Wild dolphins


From: "Ariel Ky" <>
Subject: Report on the "No War on Iraq" MoveOn campaign
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002

Dear Jean,

I took part in the MoveOn rally at Senator Barbara Boxer's office in San Francisco. A couple hundred people showed and cheered on speakers who spoke against going to war in Iraq. It was heartening to see people turn out from all over the Bay Area from experienced Berkeley activists (in their late 60's) to Quaker friends to young peace activists. The most fun was all the people who honked in support as they drove by on Embarcadero across from the piers.

We had a police contingent assigned to us, but they stood by quietly and did not interfere, unlike what I heard happened in Oregon where the police sprayed pepper in the faces of the anti-Bush demonstrators, even in a baby's face. We were not a protest, though, and very clear that we were there to have our voices heard and be taken into consideration as participating in our democracy.

I stepped up to the open mike session and challenged those assembled to use the creative genius of Americans to think of ways we might do good for the people in Iraq instead of going to war.

I've included the following report as you might want to include it in a newsletter. is mobilizing a "digital democracy" as Linda Hahner, our PR liaison, coined it. For all those who have despaired about the passivity of the American people in the face of a fascist takeover of our government (including myself), this is a heartening development. As one of our forefathers so aptly said, "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds..." Samuel Adams


Check out these websites of people opposing the U.S. going to war in Iraq! Many of these people attended our rally at Boxer's office Wednesday. I'd like to share these websites with your readers.


From: Eli Pariser <>
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002
Subject: How It Went

Dear MoveOn Supporter,

Here's a quick report on the progress of our "No War on Iraq" campaign. As of today, just ten days into the campaign, more than 160,000 people around the country have signed the online petition. And on Wednesday, thousands of us delivered the first batch of these petitions through meetings in Senate offices in each and every state.

I've been scrambling to stay on top of the reports as they come in from meetings across the country. I'm receiving emails from Utah, from Hawaii, from New Hampshire, and from Georgia. The experience each message describes is different, but on one point they're nearly all the same: the meetings that occurred yesterday with Senators' offices were an enormous success.

Local TV stations broadcast interviews with participants in close to a third of the meetings. And newspapers from the Austin-American Statesman to the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times to the Indianapolis Star have printed or are writing stories. Since Senators watch the media closely, this coverage has made the meetings even more impactful.

The following comment from a meeting participant in Florida has been echoed again and again in the letters in my inbox:

"As Senator Nelson's aide said at the end of our meeting, I came with no expectations today. But I left amazed at the eloquence and passion expressed by so many of you today. It gives me hope . . . I just wanted to thank you for your time, the mileage you put on your cars, but most of all for speaking out when so many people keep quiet under the false guise of patriotism. Our actions display true patriotism and love of country."

As I read through these reports, as I look at (and listen to, and watch) the press coverage that we've generated, and as I hear descriptions of the reactions of Senators' staff, I know that through our meetings and our petition, we've made a lasting and positive impact.

But the reports speak for themselves:

From David Keppel, Indianapolis, IN:

"The meeting with Leslie Reiser, [Senator Richard] Lugar's State Director, went extremely well. We had an impressive group of delegates and an even more impressive portfolio of letters (including some prominent people we had invited who couldn't make it but were supportive). Ms. Reiser was highly receptive. I think we have a real chance with [Senator Lugar]. And he's as well positioned as anyone in Congress to put the brakes on Bush."


From Sue Regan, Atlanta, GA:

"We were extremely fortunate to have, in our group, Democratic State Representative, Nan Grogan Orrock, Elizabeth Chestnut from WAND, and a few retired Armed forces personnel... who very eloquently told of the warnings given to her squad of going to war with Iraq. 'Too bloody,' they said, 'a big mistake. Do not go to war with Iraq.' The entire Gluck family was present to admonish Zell Miller that if the US went to war with Iraq it would be the children who ultimately would suffer those consequences."

From Joan Wile in New York, NY:

"Today I was part of a delegation of 10 people who met with Hillary Clinton's NYS Deputy Director, Basil Smikle, at her offices on Third Avenue to lobby against the war on Iraq. . . . Among my delegation was our spokesperson, a Rabbi who heads a Jewish peace group; a minister who has been to Iraq several times distributing medical supplies; a young professor of Middle East studies who has spent a lot of time recently in Iraq and other Middle East countries and who speaks 8 languages in that area; a documentary film maker who was recently in Iraq making a documentary, and ordinary citizens like me who feel strongly that it would be a disaster if we launch a preemptive strike against Iraq. . . . My feeling was that [Mr. Simkle] took our views very seriously and will try to persuade [Senator Clinton] to attend to the issue."

There are many, many more reports. We hope to have a full description of each meeting up on our website soon. We'll let you know as soon as it's up.


Participating in the meetings and the petition has been a hugely energizing experience for many of us. When I was interviewed for an article in the Los Angeles Times today, I told the reporter that this is just the beginning. It is -- we're just starting to gather momentum. Our diversity, our organization, and the depth of our concern are the building blocks for a powerful and successful movement. CLIP


The national meetings project was made possible by the exceedingly hard work of hundreds of volunteers and scores of local and national organizations. We deeply appreciate the assistance that we have received -- we couldn't have pulled this off without help. The list below is a partial list, and it's bound to be incomplete. Let us know if we've omitted or misspelled your name; we want to credit everyone who worked to make the meetings happen.

CLIP - 100’s of names were listed

We're grateful for organizing support from the following organizations:

The American Friends Service Committee


Peace Action

California Peace Action


Women Against Military Madness

Thank you all for being part of something big.


Eli Pariser
International Campaigns Director
August 30, 2002


Have thoughts on how to make MoveOn better? Join the discussion forum at:

To subscribe yourself to this list, please visit our subscription management page at:

NOTE FROM JEAN: I receive another email from Eli Pariser tonight in which he wrote:

"Through our meetings and petition, we've helped to achieve an important tactical victory: President Bush has promised to attain formal approval for a pre-emptive attack from Congress. It's encouraging news, but it means that a firm decision about whether or not our country will launch a war against Iraq could be made as early as the first week of October.

As the debate moves to Congress, many Congresspeople still haven't made up their minds about how they will vote. Hearings may answer some of their questions, but the most important factor for most Senators and Representatives will be where their constituents stand. The fact is that when confronted with the likely consequences of a war -- dead American soldiers, regional instability, and the collapse of the coalition to fight terrorism -- most Americans don't support it. If we can communicate this deep and broad concern to our elected officials, we can stop the rush to war. But we need to move quickly.

That's why we're asking you to spend 10-15 minutes today to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. The op/ed page is one of the most read pages in any paper, and politicians watch it closely. If we fill the letters column with our concerns about the impending war, it'll send a strong message to our elected representatives. If we don't send letters, that'll send a message, too -- that Americans don't care about or even approve of this reckless campaign."


They've compiled a list of talking points at:


STILL RELEVANT WORDS OF WISDOM FROM 4 YEARS AGO on "Strinking a Balance Between Light and Shadow"

Taken from:

Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998
From: Santari Green <>
Subject: World consciousness

Dear Jean,

We have been wanting to write this email for some time, but now it seems particularly important. It's regarding the trend in emails in the past month and a half. Prior to the April 23rd Great Experiment, the emails coming through to us from you and others were inspiring, heart centred, moving and causing a great shift in consciousness for this planet. On April 23rd, the energies were incredible that night as people all over the world joined in unison to bring forth peace for the planet. Many people reported the level of energies as VERY high, but no one yet has expressed what really happened.

That date seems to have been a turning point. From that point on, the emails began to change. There was hardly any report on the outcome of April 23rd, although how do you measure such a thing? But then began to come through the most fear-filled, ominous emails on very unpleasant subjects such as the millemium bug, the chemical mess in the world and in our bodies, genetic engineering, torture, and much more. The energy of fear is very prevalent in them. We can feel them coming before we even open them to read them.

So, let us offer some hope for our future. CLIP

What if we told you that the whole of the Earth needs us to take that dimensional shift and that one sure way not to take it is to live in the fear. Fear holds us to the lower three chakras and out of the heart, which is the doorway to it all. We do not believe that the world is going to fall apart. Yes, the banking system and the medical system and we hope the school systems will. They need to so something new can be created in their place. But as long as we all hold in a space of love and compassion and create a reality of our own choosing every day from the heart, then this WILL be a great world. None of us came all this way, through millenia future and past, to have it fail now through something as simple as fear. This is the opportunity for a breakthrough of huge magnitude. Let us all join in our hearts and on the level of group consciousness (oneness) and create with love and compassion a world beyond imagining.

The future is unprecedented in front us. It has been thousands and thousands of years since we've all been connected on this level of open consciousness. We say bring on the changes, we're ready for them and the power of the collective group consciousness is stronger than any mass media effort. We say to the powers that be "You cannot change us in our hearts now. We cannot be bought with fear away from the destiny we came to create. We will do the jobs we came to do and we will make this a beautiful and wonderful world where human beings finally step into their role as stewards for this wonderous Earth being that holds us so lovingly in its embrace."

Lots of love and thanks Jean for the work that you do to help make this come about. We are glad to be in partnership with you and all the millions of others throughout the world who ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Soleira and Santari Green from the United Kingdom


Dear Soleira and Santari

Than you very much for your powerful and very inspired comment. I didn't respond earlier because I've been simply quite too busy, but now I have a little time.

I'm sharing your letter with many people and the following comment received 6 weeks ago which also sheds a positive and constructive light on this issue.

You have probably noticed that after you sent me this, there were somewhat less of such forwarded emails as I tried to adjust to your suggestion. But still there were some as I feel that while it is very important to focus our attention on the positive side of things (on the Light) to nurture and foster it, it is still necessary to remain aware of the plans and attempts made by some to undermine our effort and create a new world according to their own agenda, something which has been slowed (like in the case of the MAI issue or the LFAS experiment on the whales) but certainly not halted by any means.

It is true that the energies of fear are evoked by such information and that, as Paul Swann wrote "Portraying the elite as an "Evil Empire" (as another person did -- not me) may get some fired up, but it'll turn most people right off" (see below).

So I guess it is a matter of striking the right balance between working for the Light, each in our own sphere, and knowing that the Shadow (or the absence of Light) is still there and can be illumined only if we bring it to the Light for all to see -- so as to render it powerless. The real power of fear to me is when we refuse to look at those facts and prefer to indulge in an ethereal fantasy (I know that's not what you are doing!) of dreaming that the better world we want will spontaneously appear as if by magic without any conscious participation and involvement from us. It simply is not possible. And although we cannot bear on ourselves the sole responsibility of turning around the global situation, trusting that a Higher Power has devised a perfect Plan to see us through this, we each of us need to do our part -- whatever it may be as prompted from within -- to contribute to the Manifestation of this wondrous Plan.

So these were my thoughts on this for now.

Love and blessings

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

- Stevenson


From: <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998
Subject: THE EVIL EMPIRE : the "Global Elite" and US

Dear CyberFriends:

A thoughtful and discerning commentary on the "Global Elite" and US by one of the New Civilization Network Discussion List members: Paul Swann:

If you have not reviewed the website for the New Civilization Network (NCN), I highly recommend it.




Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998
From: Paul Swann <>
Subject: Re: THE EVIL EMPIRE (not)

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your article and wake up call. As I read somewhere recently, "The truth shall make you free... but it'll piss you off first"!

You started out by making the point that at one level of reality we are all ONE playing in the universe, and that at another level some of us have fallen into what you call the "tyrant" consciousness. I think that's a helpful way of looking at it.

But from then on it seems to me that the underlying tone of your article is relentlessly 'us v. them'. I appreciate that that's pretty much the way it is - at one level of reality - and that it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that there is indeed an elitest conspiracy afoot. But somewriters, such as Charles Reich ("Opposing the System") and David Korten do manage to frame their arguments in non-conspiratorial terms, and personally I find this approach more helpful in presenting the situation to the ordinary person in the street. Portraying the elite as an "Evil Empire" may get some fired up, but it'll turn most people right off.

If we're to win the hearts and minds of the mass of humanity to the cause of creating a new civilization, we need to come from a point of balance between the two extremes of soppy hippy love & peace, and the bomb the bastards angry brigade. We need to present our arguments in language that's accessible and credible to the main stream, and instil confidence and optimism that together we can build a new society that is equitable and just for all, ecologically sound, and conducive to the on-going evolution of consciousness.

If, on the other hand, we present it as a war against the tyrants of an evil empire, we will sow the seeds for another millenium of bloodshed - or worse, self-destruction within the next few decades.

One other thing. While I agree with you that it is indeed "time for (you) the American people to wake up from (y)our stupor of consumer complacency, and really have a look at (y)ourselves and what (you) have been allowing to take place in the name of the so-called "American Way"...remember that there's a big, wide, non-American world out here, and that we're all in this together. This (NCN) is an international forum, the issues are global, and leadership of the movement for a new civilization must come from north and south, east and west. God save us from a new civilization that's lead and dominated by guilt-driven America, or any other nation for that matter. I know you're not suggesting that it should be, but I have noticed a tendency for Americans to assume that the only way out of this is through US leadership.

Having made this hopefully constructive criticism, I do appreciate you posting the article and throwing light on some of the more shadowy areas of the 'big picture'.





Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998
From: Paul Swann <>
Subject: Re: Safer World *team idea*

valerie cooper wrote:

"One idea for a powerful team would be a collection of people devoted to doing the research of the corporate & financial interests of the various 'mega-conglomerates', of which there are thousands, with 'hidden agendas' all over the world."

There are already people doing this. In the UK, Corporate Watch produce an informative quarterly magazine

There is also the Corporate Watch group at

And then there's publications such as "Ethical Consumer", and more general magazines such as "The Ecologist" and "Resurgence". There's also, "Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures" at - The inestimable David Korten (see also People Centred Development Forum is on the board of directors at the latter publication, which gives me another opportunity to plug his seminal book "When Corporations Rule the World". *Essential* and easy reading for anyone wishing to demystify world affairs and get to grips with global economics.

There's also an alternative media project that you might like to check out:

Are there any politically - savvy leader types out there who feel inspired to start a small alternative media research team? This would also be a good baseline for making future decisions within a new civilization.

No sense in duplicating work that's already being done.





From: (jean hudon)
Subject: Feedbacks received On strinking a balance between Light and Shadow
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998

My dear friends and heart family from around the world

It is the first time I received SO many responses, feedbacks and comments to any email sent to my entire 600+ list. A resounding THANK YOU to all of you who took time to contribute your thoughts to this co-creative labor of love -- which is, to me, *awakening and empowering ourselves to anchor and manifest the new world of peaceful, loving harmony we are ALL here to co-create.*

Here are those gems of responses from the heart to enjoy and share with your wider circle of contacts. Since some people may receive this and not have the original email which elicited those response, I'll post it tomorrow on my site at

Love and blessings to everyone!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


From: Santari Green <>
Subject: Thanks Jean

Thanks for responding to our June email about hope and the future. We do support and love what you do and I know it's a tough line between what we need to know and what will frighten us to... whatever. I'm glad to get the info from you so keep on sending it screening where you need to. I screen it again for the heart stuff and send it on to about 55 people all over the world. You are well known in many places now. My husband, Santari, may have already sent you a response, but I just wanted to say I can imagine what a tough job you have, but thank God you do it. There's no criticism from us on what gets sent. We just want to make sure that nobody buys the doom scenario cause it just ain't going to be!! In our reality, the world is going to get peace even before the year 2000. So that Jan. 1,2000 will be the celebration of the accomplishment, not the possibility. Once again I say, keep up the good work. You are loved for it.


CLIP - And those feedbacks continues for over a hundred pages. To review them go at




Pathways to Unity

by Jean Hudon

This document is designed to trigger an inner awareness of our ability to co-manifest in a Spirit of Unity with Life what is being suggested through our inner intuitive connections with this wondrous and benevolent Force. Here are some steps suggested to help in this "unveiling" process...

Releasing our hidden emotions of fear and trusting that we can really do whatever our soul prompts us to do, whenever it is needed to achieve what the guidance is asking from us.

Opening our hearts to the infinite power of the Universe lying within us like a butterfly in its cocoon, ready to take up its flight to the marvelous "skies of accomplishment".

Discovering, if it's not done yet, that there is no separation between us and all the other people and the whole Universe: ALL IS ONE.

Training ourselves to act from this level of awareness, trusting that through us anything can become manifested and that in each one of us, there is a fragment of the whole puzzle, of the global Plan of manifestation.

As you will see hereafter, the first thing to do is to let go of the hidden fears preventing us from being fully able to manifest our inner divine wisdom and to consciously attune our mind in total harmony with the forces of Life acting through us and guiding our deeds and words for the perfect manifestation of our "mission" in this present time.

This level of oneness and resonance with the inner guiding wisdom, that each of us can embody on this planet, is literally the doorway to the brightest future we could imagine. This feeling of being One with all Life and with the very Spirit animating the entire Universe has to pervade our inner awareness to such a level of "saturation" that nothing else, no doubts, no fears, can be left over. This does not mean that we will lose what makes each of us so unique in the whole Universe and that the "fragrance" of our personality will be lost. It means that we will align ourselves so totally, so willingly and so joyfully with Life that the flower of our beingness, of our inner Light, will blossom and shine like a star amidst other stars, all different but all the same, rejoicing blissfully in the glory of Oneness with all that IS.

So here are now the steps suggested to unveil the "inner instantaneous knowledge" coming through the still small voice within...

Transforming Fear into Trust

As it was already mentioned, we need to release our hidden emotions of fear to be a clear channel and therefore become able to manifest what our inner guidance will prompt us to do for the perfect unfolding of our personal mission in this lifetime.

Fear is one of the most devastating hindrances to the evolution of Humanity. It is fear that prevents us from listening to the direct guidance we continuously receive within ourselves as to what has to be done in every moment of our lives. When we let fear interfere with the normal process of attunement with this inner guiding force that keeps wisely suggesting to us the best path of action or the best attitude in any situation, then we can only be totally confused as to what we should think, say and do.

That is not to say that fear does not have a role to play in our life as a built-in warning system, inherited through millions of years of evolution, and designed to draw our attention to potentially life-threatening situations. However, today it is just not appropriate anymore to let fear overwhelm us, control our behavior and dictate our decisions. It needs to be balanced with the most powerful force of the Universe. And this Force... is Love. For only Love can neutralize fear, open our hearts to the inner guidance and give us the courage to act accordingly. So to overcome fear, we just have to let the Light of Love guide us. Learning to attune to this powerful and beneficial force is as simple as learning to breathe. It comes to us naturally as we begin to open ourselves to the marvelous magic of Life.

The moment we really take the decision, deep within us, to open ourselves to new possibilities and accept as the necessary steps of apprenticeship the experiences appearing on our path of life, then Love can just grow and grow within us until it radiates like a sun through all our being. It is usually a slow process that gradually brings us from the illusion of separation and loneliness, from which fear can but arise, to the awareness of complete and eternal Unity with all that exists.

In this process, all the hidden fears resulting from forgotten childhood experiences gradually disappear and give way to a new sense of confidence and trust in the benevolence of the Universe.


To read the rest of this text, please go at

The other topics it covers are:

Opening our Hearts to the Universe

Dissolving the Illusion of Separation

Co-creating a New World

Plus there is a Guided Visualization, a proposed Experience of Communion, a Guided Relaxation, as well as an exercise called Attuning with the Inner Teacher and the Poem Dancing into Truth. There is also an introduction to my 2 books "Guiding Manual for a New World" and "The Immortal Child".