August 9, 2002

The Light Series #29: A Constellation of Positive Initiatives

Hello everyone

As you'll see in this compilation, many people have written to share their views, ideas, discoveries and initiatives, which, all taken together, shine like a beacon of hope for our future. On the other hand, since I've received only 3 supportive feedbacks to my recent suggestion of creating a "Connecting our Visions" listserver to share our experiences during the Meditation Focus (and as you may recall I set the goal at 25 such feedbacks), I therefore see no point in setting it up - unless of course many of you decide to let me know of your interest...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator



"Thanks for ALL your exceptional, crucial work!!!"

- "Aliaska Brozen" <>

"I have been inspired each time you've sent me the newsletter. You are in fact the hub of a network of inspiring truth-tellers."

- An anonymous ERN subscriber

"My heart swells with gratitude for your service. Every time I think of you, I smile."

- Arzella Kay-Wheeler <>


1. The Moon and Noon
2. ETs over DC???
3. Feedback on The Writing On The Wall Series #9
4. Peace Flag at the Peoples Earth Summit
5. Feedback and New Millennium radio show
6. Buteyko: a unique asthma education program
7. The Ground of Insatiable Possibility
8. Earth Emergency Call to Action
9. World Healing Day Update
10. Another world is possible. Let’s build it together! - Organizing September 11 Peace Events

"The Messiah is a living metaphor of who we really are. The Messiah is the real identity of every soul. Each one of us is expected to bring peace to the world."

- Taken from "The Ground of Insatiable Possibility" below


Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002
From: "Celest " <>
Subject: The Moon and Noon

Greetings Jean,

I realize that we are each pursuing many avenues of information relative to individual and planetary destiny; some are very involved in matters pertaining to foreign "Powers," the environment, herbalogy and other very important matters. But sometimes if we become so busy with other matters we "forget to look up."

For weeks now I have been observing a phenomena with the moon; another person here in wa. state has also been observing this, you may know him, Don Ferrari. We have watched the moon literally dance in the sky, shoot quickly from one place to another, watched the moon rise a mile and a half from where she would normally be and on many, many nights, there IS no moon,regardless of what time we hve checked.

A woman in Michigan using her digital camera watched it dance; a woman attending sun dance in s.d. saw it dance....deep purple orbs have been seen moving quicly around the moon and shooting out to the front of her.

Many times since the beginning of may I have awakened around 3:30 am Pacific time and the sky was as bright as noontime, no sun, moon, or stars were visible. Sometimes when you want to gauge what is happening to people and to the earth herself, take time to look up.


-- ....and....


Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002
Subject: ETs over DC???
From: Trudi Hoekstra <>

Hi Jean.

I'm an avid reader of your compilations. In fact, I consider you to be my best friend at times. Nice to meet you. Well...this note concerns a news byte I saw following an MSNBC Donahue show featuring Dennis Kucinich (Monday, July 30). There's always a news brief between Donahue and the next show, and on this particular evening, there was live footage of a blue flying saucer type craft over the Capitol Building, with the commentary being that the White House response would be to develop a plan for "Planetary Security". Obviously, Homeland Security isn't enough these days... we must secure all the avenues of entry and egress! The darndest thing is, I haven't seen hide nor hair of this report since, and I think it's been silenced, or I'm certifiably insane. Not only that, but I haven't found anyone else who had seen this report. I'm imploring you to put this query to your sizeable list of readers to see if anyone else saw this amazing piece.

With love for all Universal Beings,

Trudi Hoekstra
Louisville, KY


Date: 09 Aug 2002
From: Julie Weston <>
Subject: Re: The Writing On The Wall Series #9: The Bush Dynasty's Legacy: War, Lies and Corruption --- Posted at

Jean, the more I read about Bush, the more he really sounds like the predicted anti-christ, especially after reading the very last paragraph of this email.... "Here is a man in our
White House who was not properly elected but who calmed us by assuring us that he would bring us together. He brought us together all right. We come together to fight him so that we can save our world's environment and world peace. We have come together, Mr. Bush."

†He will come as a saviour, but will be just the opposite...


From: "Samantha Skyring" <>
Subject: Peace Flag at the Peoples Earth Summit
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002

Dear Jean,

Thank you for the incredible & fascinating information you're sending out to us.

I am assisting with the organisation of the Peoples Earth Summit taking place in Johannesburg 26/08 - 04/09. On reading about the beautiful Peace Flag, I thought it would be most appropriate to have one flying high at our premises. CLIP

I see myself as a child (always will be) from the Rainbow nation of the world, and I'd so love to fly a Rainbow flag above the Rainbow space I am creating,

Just to share my last vision that came to me... whilst I was driving around Soweto township, south of Johannesburg. A fairly bleak place, very 1 dimensional, rows and rows of concrete or brown roofs, 1000's & 1000's of little square boxes, and I imagined having arrange of 23 colours or so and offering each family to choose their favourite colour and then paint each roof,...can you imagine suddenly transforming this huge area into a supa rainbow, ultra colourful community, which would create joy and healing amongst all the people...?

So I share the vision with you now and with as many people as possible and watch in wonder at how it may manifest...?

Blessings & magic...



From: "Anastasia Alexander PhD" <>
Subject: Feedback and New Millennium radio show
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002

Hello Jean

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have met you -- figuratively -- over the Internet. I invite you to visit my website and I too am vitally interested in the LARGER picture--the meditation events, the energy vortex happening in this month in Washington DC and other events worldwide which I am receiving messages about and when it seems possible to make major strides, things seem to stop, then speed up again. I am rambling but I want you to know that I am willing and able to contibute items for your newsletter and would like to have a link to my website and yours - visit and read about me and it is constantly expanding - please let me know what I can do. I also have a New Millennium radio show on Sunday mornings on Flagler College Radio where I share new information with the local audience - it is the vast wate land of knowledge however, very red neck and conservative yet - we are in the heart of the BIBLE BELT. So I await your response. I have sent your messages to my e mail list especially about Kucinich; it is really happening and he is one of the indigo children and the new peace gene in the new children, thank spirit.

Bless you and your work blessings and light

Anastasia Alexander
PhD --St Augustine FL.


Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002
From: Benedick Howard <>
Subject: Buteyko: a unique asthma education program

Dear Jean,

You may know that I moved back to England in March this year. I got the cosmic boot and it was either Hawai'i or England.

I now realize that I can reach out to far more people here and it has been a tremendous healing for me being "home" after 27 years North America.

A couple of weekends ago I woke up early and we went down to see our first crop circle. It turned out to be the Windmill Hill formation and truly awesome with something like 1500 segments. What a blessing.

My healing practice with the DreamWeaver has been very well received and the new energies coming in are awesome to work with.

The Healing Quest video shot for PBS on the DreamWeaver aired here last month on Sky TV.

The chemtrails are in full swing here too till the last few days. Nobody seems to have much awareness of them as there is usually a blanket of cloud covering the island. But they have similar effect as when I was living in Los Angeles. An outbreak of flue and coughing occurred in May and we all come down with it simultaneously in our neighborhood and later I found out over a 30 mile radius. That I know about.

I have been suffering from asthma like when I was a kid here. It has been terrible after going into the crop circles. I think its the pollen as much as anything else. I had to go to emergency last week. On the way I saw my life flashing before me.

And I have been learning new stuff about asthma. I came across the work of a Russian Buteyko who says that asthma and about 130 other diseases are caused by to little CO2 in the blood. It is true because now I am stabilized with regular inhalers i can do the breathing exercises he trains. Holding the breath after an exhale. It is amazing. My nose clears and so do the lungs after just one hold. I am convinced he is right about the CO2 levels. Who would have thought it after all the O2 stuff we hear about!

>From the USA site at

Buteyko (bew-tay-ko) is a unique asthma education program that helps you to gain knowledge and control of your condition and to reduce your medication. Studies show that a person who uses Buteyko can reduce their symptoms and reliever medication by over 90% within six weeks of learning the method. Three months later participants reduced their steroids by half and had improved quality of life.

I think this would be good information for the list and there are centers all over the world and this technique will be essential when the "system" falls apart.

Blessing to you and love



NOTE FROM JEAN: This is a most exquisite, tought-provoking piece. The more I read it, the more I like it. Very well crafted; touching deep within. See for yourself.

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002
From: Michael Bridge <>
Subject: The Ground of Insatiable Possibility

You have my permission to share this piece freely. Michael


Evil is the mirror image of all that we deny inside ourselves. If one, just one of us saw this is true, war would not show its face again on Earth and horror would not enter again the lives of children. Thank you silence for making a place where words can live. Thank you words for making a way for hearts to speak. Thank you God for having so many useful ideas.


There are those who believe an underlying design of confusion and war is to provoke the Messiah to stand forward. It is an interesting speculation. Will God take the grief and work it like clay, take the evil and work it to the good? That work is our own.

Then perhaps now is a good time to try writing a revelation of the Messiah. Let the timing of this moment collaborate with an honest effort to remove the stonefast sword of truth, the prophet's blade, from the rock of ages. Let hand be set upon the starry hilt. Let sword awaken from its granite bed.

Timing is critical is such things. In all things, timing matters. The Messiah is a living metaphor of who we really are. The Messiah is the real identity of every soul. Each one of us is expected to bring peace to the world.

It is always sad when we miss the real meaning of our soul, when we fail to notice the Messiah stirring in our core, when our deepest truth is left to wander inside of us as a stranger in a strange land. When we come and go leaving war's enterprise unscathed, it is always sad. When a discrepancy is left between our outer life and our real inner one, it is sad. That discrepancy explains the collective wound of all of us together, the collective wound whose stimulation and restimulation lay the groundwork of every war and invent the language of our dismay. That discrepancy hinders love, becomes our grief, then through our grief, we mistake the stars for dust.

Much the better idea is to simply be the Messiah, to shamelessly indulge the scandal of our relentlessly pursue the wonderment of true identity. Much the better idea is to simply herald peace on Earth. Yet even the reality of who we are, is not as compelling as the inquiry waiting to take form around the possibility and mystery of who and what we might become together. On the ground of insatiable possibilitiy, true identity stands forward in every heart and makes the way of peace. Dust is stars. Everything is stars.

An unspoken contract with God requires every Hebrew child to present a thoughtful revelation of the Messiah. I submit this revelation and ask to enter into the golden ring of the mystery story. Each one must make an effort to satisfy the contract of their soul, and this is mine. I invite every conversation, to explore its supposition and its speculation.


Do I have to touch the pain to see the beauty? Do I have to?


Art is a way we are given of choosing between pain and transformation. Art is a way our psychic organisms heal themselves, a way we are shown of reaching down deep into the substance of our wounds and turning them inside---->out, a way of changing them into something other than wounds, a way of molding and forming them into a condition which is more favorable than agony. What we learn from art is that we can't reach down into where the substance of the wounds becomes transformative without becoming creative...without becoming more and more identified as the observer of the wounds, and less and less identified in the wounds themselves, less and less the victims...without dallying for a while in the primal stuff of BEING itself, wherein lies the power to heal...which is one of Nature's arts.

Another thing we learn from art is that pain brings us to a curious threshold in ourselves, and it is only a relatively minor shift in perspective, a movement of only a very small degree that carries us free of pain's hold on us and enters us into a whole new country where art is the power, not pain. This new country defies description, except that with the entry, we are suddenly accelerated in a way that brings every fragmentation together into something whole...and brings every pathology out of the murk and shadow of itself to bathe in the light for a while. Suddenly the very moment of our life feels like a launching pad for embarking on a great adventure. Perhaps the purpose of pain is to bring us to that threshold. (The purpose of art is certainly to carry us across it.) Perhaps surrendering to pain is turning tail and fleeing in the face of the enemy. (Making art is certainly digging in for a fight.) Perhaps it is wise to choose a way that teaches courage, as courage is rumored to have value.

There is another threshold that might be mentioned here. There is a precious and precarious point on the creative roller coaster where the artist's struggle for life, through art, may turn into the struggle for the life of the Earth. It is a point where our art can become a clear outcry for help that penetrates far into the distant regions of the universe...and the universe may respond with a bonafide rescue attempt. There is a point where the artist's struggle to fuse with the unrelenting creativity of the moment can become the struggle of the Earth to secure the continuity of Nature, which is the prerequisite condition for life to appear and continue. This point is the threshold I'm talking about.

Civilization has become a threat to the continuity of Nature because its premise is rooted in fear. Civilization was conceived largely as a refuge from fear (safety in numbers and safety behind walls). Civilization is largely a highly idealized, highly evolved protection scam, a primal response to fear...and as a response to fear, it needs fear to maintain its posture and keep its equilibrium...and fear needs enemies, conflict, strife, and war to maintain its posture and keep its equilibrium, for its own peace of mind, and so it manufactures them at its leisure. (Fear breeds contempt, making enemies, conflict, strife, and war very easy to sell.) But there is a corrosive element in fear that degrades unto death the living spirit and the living environment.

We are immersed in the most profound planetary urgencies! We have built a whole civilization on an insufficient premise. We have learned to compensate for that insufficiency by filling in its blanks with partial truths and now we are watching the impartial untruths on the other side of our cultural coin turning to poison, wearing thin the fabric of our illusions, desecrating the Natural World around us, stealing the breath from the Earth and smashing the rights of the future into dust. As the poisons penetrate more and more deeply into the living systems of the Earth, our questions must deepen and our search for answers must intensify. One way or another we will learn that the ecology of human thought and the economy of Nature are the right and left hands of one survival and one destiny.

To call our attention to that in ourselves which has cut us off from the Natural World and call us back to the Earth, we are visited by urgencies. To deepen our inquiry into the source of an insufficiency and heighten our commitment to exposing the truth of it, we are visited by urgencies. Translating urgency into art is relevant work, making it gentle without modifying or disturbing the passion, which is the integrity of the urgency itself.

Reading into urgency, a personal invitation to probe into the core of Being and dabble in the witchery of origin and cause, is a liberty to take. From the license and inspiration found in that liberty, art may be born. In urgency, then, find an invitation into the wellspring of creation. In art, find urgency's kindest face...for if we do not accept her kindest face by invitation, we inherit her cruelest face by default. This is law.

We are entering a new age and I believe art is the door, because when we enter into the creative act, we are facing off against fear and denying it the subjugation it has learned to expect from us. This is precisely what is required. Making art is, in fact, refusing fear its expected portion. This refusing is a beginning for personal growth and planetary transformation.

Art is a door into the soul and the soul is the material of transformation, the stuff of life, the soup of it (where life is a soup)...substance creative in itself. Then order a bowl of it. Jump in the pot of it. Spice up the lot of it. It comes with the meal. Collaborating with the uncreated, mingling with the mystical elements of Being, taking the impossible passions implicit in the human condition and changing them into things of beauty is the work of art, is the untrammeling of the human spirit that art and falling in love allow.

In all human enterprise, art alone courts the soul. Even the power of a religion lies in its stature as a work of art. Even the real power of government, at its roots, lies in the creative moment of its progenitors. Only art can make life work. Only love can make art live. Where loving is the artist, the soul is the canvas. Where living is the artist, the Earth is the canvas. The universe is the canvas. To so love art, as in all things, her quiet, healing face to so confuse, to so bemuse, her quiet, healing face is thee. In the ethics of art and the consciousness that they engender is the liberation of the spirit, the reclamation of the soul, and the healing of this remarkable partnership called Earth.

Michael Bridge
PO Box 5801
Santa Rosa, California 95402


From: "Jane Taylor" <>
Subject: Earth Emergency Call to Action
Date: August 5, 2002

Dear Jean,

I would be grateful if you could circulate the following. Thank you for all you do.

With love and blessings



Dear Friends,

This brief Earth Emergency - Call to Action has been drawn up by the Schumacher Society, Positive News, Sustainable Society, Right Livelihood and the Gaia Foundation with input from various individuals such as James Robertson (UK) Vandana Shiva (India) and is supported by amongst others, Fritjof Capra, Susan George, Anita Roddick, Dr. Herman Scheer (German MP), Dr. Caroline Lucas (Member European Parliament) and The Bishop of Hereford and a growing number of individuals and organisations worldwide.

The object is twofold: to unite the non governmental organisations and activists and local and global networks around an agreed agenda, based on a planetary ethic of respect for all life and human dignity and to urge governments worldwide join us in using the coming decade to bring in the new thinking and actions required to restore the earth and secure a sustainable future for present and coming generations. It is intended for presentation at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg at the end of August.

The Earth Emergency is brought into focus in the latest WWF Living Planet Report which states that in the past 30 years we have destroyed over one third of earth's natural resources. It concludes that if we continue business as usual we will need two extra planets by 2050.

As the great American theologian, Thomas Berry, says: we are at a defining moment in history, a time in which the earth itself calls out to us to embark upon a re-sacralization of nature, a new ecological beginning. We are all invited to play our part in what he calls The Great Work of the 21st Century.

Please do join us and sign up.

In peace and unity

Jane Taylor
Associate Editor,
Positive News.
Tel: 01588 640022
Fax: 01588 640033


An acute State of Emergency exists on Earth, imperiling its climate, its life support systems and the lives of billions of people. The related crises of environmental degradation and the destitution of a third of humanity are worsened by a profound failure of world governance. The world community is called upon to act, acknowledging and implementing a planetary ethic - of respect for life and human dignity - as expressed in the Earth Charter.

Millions of people worldwide are becoming aware of the connectedness of all life. By working together through our networks, globally and locally, we can accelerate initiatives already under way, shifting the global balance of power in favour of restoring the Earth, of sharing its resources equitably and assuring the sustainable wellbeing of present and future generations.

To achieve these aims, we call for a global alliance of all sections of society. The creativity of all of humanity is needed - using traditional knowledge, art, design, engineering, modern science and business as tools for creating a sustainable and thriving relationship between people and planet.

We urge world leaders at the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development to join us in acknowledging the Earth’s State of Emergency. Finance is made available at times of war or disaster. We ask the world’s governments to commit the required resources to alleviate the crisis of hunger and destitution of billions, to restore the Earth’s ecosystems and to create sustainable human settlements. We call for the current decade to be used to...

1. rapidly phase in renewable energy technology in place of current polluting energy systems - with appropriate strategies for industry, agriculture, transport and the built environment;

2. shift taxation from labour to the use of resources, pollution and waste - promoting conservation and clean production, and enhancing social welfare and jobs;

3. create an ecological economy, compatible with the Earth’s ecosystems - acknowledging that perpetual economic growth is not possible in a finite world;

4. build global co-operation towards restoring local economies - prioritising local production for local consumption, and minimizing the need for long-distance transport of goods;

5. make sustainable agriculture the global norm - securing food supplies with minimal environmental impacts, avoiding genetic engineering and prohibiting patents on life;

6. protect tribal and traditional societies and their lands - acknowledging their right to decide their own future;

7. reform worldwide monetary and financial systems to protect and enhance the well-being of human communities and the natural environment on which they depend;

8. initiate a progressive shift of funds from military spending towards environmental security - providing adequate water, nutrition, healthcare, shelter and sustainable livelihoods for all;

9. create a participative Earth Democracy – fundamentally reforming global governance, for the benefit of people and nature, so that international decision making is open and accountable within the framework of a strengthened and democratised United Nations.

Another world is possible.

Let’s make it happen.

To sign this Call, please contact ; ; or Earth Emergency, 21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA.

Signed (so far)

Schumacher Society, Bristol
Positive News, UK
Sustainable Society, London
Gaia Foundation, London
Right Livelihood Foundation, London
Friends of the Earth, UK
Ecologist Magazine, London
L’Ecologiste, Paris
Resurgence Magazine, Hartland
International Society for Ecology and Culture, Dartington Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, Delhi Centre for Ecoliteracry, Berkeley
Henry George Foundation, London
Restore the Earth, Findhorn
ROSE Foundation, Findhorn
Simultaneous Policy Organisation, London The Action Research Unit,
Delhi Management Institute for Social Change (MINSOC)
Asia Sustainable Development Network (SUSDEN)
Malaysia Sustainable Kuantan Initiative,
Malaysia People Centred Development Network, USA
Eurosolar, Bonn

Vandana Shiva
Fritjof Capra
Edward Goldsmith
Zac Goldsmith
Susan George
David Korten
Anita Roddick
Fran Korten
Helena Norberg Hodge
James Robertson
Dr. Hermann Scheer, MP (Bundestag)
Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP
The Bishop of Hereford
Chares Secrett
Tony Juniper
Satish Kumar
Jakob von Uexkull
Herbert Girardet
Liz Hosken
Ed Posey
Roger Doudna
Alan Watson Featherstone
Jane Taylor
Shauna Crockett Borrows
Francesca Romana Giordano
Michael Hill
John Bunzl
Christine Eynon

NOTE FROM JEAN: On behalf of us all, I've asked that my name be added to this list as the Coordinator of this Earth Rainbow Network. Feel free to contact Jane if you'd like to do the same...


Subject: World Healing Day Update
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002

World Healing Day is exactly 2 weeks away. Go to to read about World Healing Day, download leaflets and cards, and list your location for World Healing Day.

We currently have the Press Release translated into 12 languages, the latest being Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian. The leaflet is translated into 9 languages. Please use them! If you can translate either or both into a language not listed on the webpage, let me know.

Today the New Moon inaugurates the lunar cycle that will climax on World Healing Day. Therefore let us set our intent, solidify our focus on World Healing Day, and build our energies up to it.

How are we going to prepare? How are we going to participate? How are we going to network? There is potential for many thousands of people across the world to make an impact on the morphogenetic field of Earth through their combined healing efforts, as they focus at the same time on the same day, on the energies that bring about love, peace, and understanding, and set the standards for a positive future by maintaining an open heart, mind, and spirit, and healing their resistance to life. It is down to us to make a difference together.

Global events, of sufficient magnitude, do demonstrably affect the collective consciousness and subtle energy field of planet Earth. This has been shown, for example, by the Global Consciousness Project and the work of Roger Nelson of Princeton University. Let us take advantage, therefore, of the opportunity that awaits us on World Healing Day, and together set our intent to co-create a positive world of healing.

Exposing the myth of our powerlessness and breaking through the apathy that holds us back from giving birth to a world of healing are key issues to look at. There are 3 ingredients to living as a self-realised being: love, power, and wisdom. Take one ingredient away and the other two become ineffective. Let us bring these three together in ourselves so that we pierce the veils of illusion, take back our power to create our own reality, and recover the love that connects us with enthusiasm to all that is.

May Peace and Love Prevail

The Coordinator
World Healing Day Coordinator


...Organizing September 11 Peace Events

Another world is possible. Let’s build it together!

Contact Global Exchange at 1-800-497-1994, or visit

Help organize peace events in your community

The first anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching. Let’s make it a time to put forth A VISION of a safer, more just world— a world free of war and violence, a world that rejects ethnic and religious divisions and celebrates diversity, a world that calls no nation “evil” but builds a global community, a world that cherishes the environment, a world where the needs of humans and other living things take priority over profits.

September 7-8 weekend events

For the weekend gatherings, we suggest an upbeat tone that focuses on the world we would like to create. Events could include a peace concert, town hall meeting, Walk-a-Thon or Bike-a-Thon, film showings, interactive art projects, community picnic, street theater and dance, teach-in and workshops with global/local themes.

Let’s make our events inter-generational, multi-ethnic ones that bring together unexpected allies—Indians & Pakistanis, Jews & Arabs, veterans & peace activists, labor organizers & business leaders.

The anniversary of September 11

For the day of September 11, we suggest a more somber, respectful tone to commemorate those who died on 9/11 and all other innocent victims of violence. Appropriate actions include interfaith services and silent vigils—perhaps even an overnight vigil from the evening of September 10 to the morning of September 11.

Be part of a national movement by building locally

The local groups will function autonomously, but will be tied together nationally through a common name, purpose, website and media strategy. The response to this idea has been overwhelming. Already, events are being organized in big cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and small towns such as Seadrift, Texas and Chester, West Virginia. Organizations involved include the National Coalition for Peace and Justice, Global Exchange, September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, and the War Resisters League.

“Don’t let the first year commemoration of the 9/11 tragedy be used to call for more war and violence. Please help us honor the death of our loved ones by creating Sept. 11, 2002 events that move us towards a future of peaceful tomorrows.”

– Kelly Campbell September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

“Wherever you live, we need your help! Let’s show the world that in hundreds of US cities, we are claiming the anniver-sary of 9/11 as a time to say YES, a peaceful, just world IS possible and we are building it!”

– Medea Benjamin
Global Exchange