July 7, 2002

The Light Series #26: The Age of Truth is Dawning

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"It matters not Who you love, Where you love, Why you love, When you love, Or how you love, It matters only that you love."

-- John Lennon

Sent by Liz Daly <dalyreiki@earthlink.net> who also wrote: I choose to call today "Full
Consciousness Day" instead of "Independence Day".


1. Day of Truth initiative
2. Matthew Ward of the Crop Circles Phenomenon
3. The Shift
5. Comment on Distractions and Possibilities

See also the following just sent to me by Ed Elkin <EdElkin@aol.com> (also at <jorelly1@aol.com>)

Originally from Johnny Liberty

With the Declaration of Independence being celebrating on July 4th, wouldn't it behoove us all to take a good look at the original document? Read the Declaration of Independence. Then read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the Citizen's Rule Book. Then come back to us and learn about your individual sovereignty and asset protection strategies. Read the Re-Declaration of Independence and sign on to the next American Revolution!

U.S. Constitution:

Declaration of Independence:

Citizen's Rule Book:

Independence Day is not just about parades, waving flags, fireworks, baseball and apple pie. This is nothing more than hollow patriotism. United We Stand. United We Stand, for What? If you cannot answer what we stand for, and live by those principles, then you are not a true, patriotic American.

Do not look to the words of our leaders, but to their actions. They may call it "The Patriot Act" but it is anything but patriotic to destroy the principles of due process and equal protection under the rule of law. They may call it a war on terrorism, but it is really a war on freedom and liberty. Wake up America. Wake up World! Wake up Sleeping Giant! It's your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at stake here.

Check also:

Operation Enduring Freedom:



From: "Kiara Windrider" <hoep@snowcrest.net>
Subject: Day of Truth initiative
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002

Days of Truth: Doorway to Global Awakening

September 15, 2002 and beyond

By Kiara Windrider (kiara@dayoftruth.com)

Please network this global initiative far and wide!

These are the days of the great changes. The Mayan calendar refers to January 5, 1999, as initiating a cycle of galactic consciousness. The Aztecs referred to August 13, 1999, as the Day of Destiny, following which a rebirth of humanity would take place. An ancient spiral of three-dimensional time ended on July 26, 2000. A calendar symbolically encoded in the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza spelled September 17, 2001 as a Day of Truth, a planetary "initiation". The Hopis speak of the emergence of the Fifth World. The Book of Revelations promises a New Heaven and a New Earth. The Hindus predict the ending of an Age of Darkness, and a return to the Age of Truth.

The Age of Truth has already begun. Coinciding with the ending of the Egyptian calendar, 9-11 represented the ending of an age dominated by heedless materialism and reckless greed. Long cycles of collective human karma are being played out and completed now as we approach the end of the current World Age. The old order is dying, lashing out in the chaos and confusion of its collapse, and a New World Age based on peace, justice, harmony, and respect for the Earth, is rising from the ashes.

The world is changing. In the seeming darkness that followed the events of 9-11, a great light has begun to shine forth, gently and gradually at first, slowly gathering momentum. In a torrent of unanswered questions and disturbing revelations, the light of truth is beginning to dawn. People are starting to ask difficult questions, questions that address the sleeping shadows both within us and around us, questions we are asking ourselves, our communities, our governments, our corporations, our world. How we answer these questions reflects how we choose to move forward. Will we move forward on a spiral of despair and death? Or in hope and resurrection?

We are moving from the Daze of Illusion into the Days of Truth. What I am proposing this year, on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the first Day of Truth on September 17, 2001, is for people to gather together to share our common truth. Let us come together as families, groups and communities around the world in celebration of our awakening truth, releasing old patterns of human relating, and opening to the possibilities of a quantum shift in planetary consciousness.

Here are some things each of us can do:

a.. Sign the Covenant of Truth on http://www.dayoftruth.com, voicing your own commitment to the truth of your deepest Self, and the expression of that truth in the world.

b.. Take time to share with your family, friends, and loved ones what has most heart and meaning for you. What are you afraid of? What are your dreams and hopes? What do you need to say that hasn't been spoken? How can we bring more love into each other's lives? Can we offer healing and forgiveness for all that is dark? Can we offer support and recognition for all that is light? An Age of Truth can only begin as we first light the candle of truth within.

c.. Begin to ask ourselves some difficult questions about the state of our planet. If we are to overcome long years of human greed, conflict and separation, we need to examine the roots of our collective insanity. I believe that most people in the world want peace, most people want equality and justice for all, most people want to live in harmony with our natural environment, most people want to live lives where our highest human potential can be freed and honored. What holds us back? When governments, institutions or corporations have become greedy and corrupt, are we willing to hold them accountable? Can we speak up for those who don't have a voice, those who have suffered, those who are less fortunate than ourselves? Can we see ourselves as planetary citizens? Can we see ourselves as one with the life of the Earth? Can we go beyond defensiveness and blame to examine our own part in collective karmic cycles?

d.. Once we have identified some of the issues most directly relevant to our own communities and nations, initiate positive changes. Marianne Williamson invites us to "think locally and act globally". Disclose the truth no matter how inconvenient, frightening, or uncomfortable. Use the media. Create rallies and musical celebrations, bringing together voices that are willing to compassionately hold a new vision of justice and peace, a new paradigm for human possibilities. Dream your highest visions, and share them through music, art, poetry, writings, and speech. Invite the young people to speak, for the new world belongs to them. Invite the elders into these gatherings, the wise ones who see beyond the appearances, and who have positive visions to share. Invite the divinity within our own deepest selves.

e.. Having acknowledged our own shadows, let us extend the hand of amnesty and forgiveness to each other, to ourselves, to our leaders, and to that which is of the old paradigm soon to fall away. Invite governments and institutions to do the same, absolving blame and debt throughout the world. What if all international conflicts were ended, political prisoners were released, and the third world debt was completely abolished? What if our taxes went towards creating peace rather than war? Send out the call for a planetary initiation of truth, for the dissolving of long cycles of collective human karma in the light of grace, and for a planetary quickening into the Age of Truth.

I propose that Sunday September 15, 2002 be set aside worldwide as a Day of Truth. Following this, the Sundays preceding every Solstice and Equinox in this next cycle of years will also be recognized as a Day of Truth. If you wish to create a media event, or a public gathering in your local area, please enter your name, location, contact information, and a description of this on http://www.dayoftruth.com, an interactive website created specifically for the purpose of coordinating this global event. More information on the significance of this time is also available on this website. Please also feel free to share any encouraging stories and ideas you may have.

We are the doorway into the New Earth. May we walk in truth, beauty, and freedom!

(Kiara Windrider is the author of Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension. The book, as well as articles relevant to these themes, is available through http://www.doorwaytoeternity.com)


From: http://www.dayoftruth.com/covenant.html


I am a planetary citizen, honoring the life of the earth, and all beings upon the earth.
As a child of the Earth, I honor the sacredness of all life, and I acknowledge all humanity as my family.
I am a child of freedom, committed to protecting and restoring this basic right to all humans everywhere.
I choose to live the fullness of my human potential as a unique and creative being of light.
I recognize that the path of a true human being includes acknowledging my darkness as well as celebrating my light. In the silence of my inner being I embrace my own light as well as my darkness.
I choose the path of truth, recognizing that truth is the purest expression of love, and that in truth lies my power and my freedom.
Truth is a choice, and I choose to live in accordance with my highest understanding of truth at all times, gently speaking my truth without fear, compassionately listening to another’s truth without judgement.
In times of turbulence and darkness, I am a clear voice of truth, calling my community and nation to the path of justice rather than revenge, peace rather than conflict, love rather than fear, beauty rather than chaos, and honor rather than corruption.
In affirming the highest truth of our being is the awakening of the new humanity, the doorway to the new world. I step through this doorway now, holding the door open for others to follow. 
From untruth I come into truth.
From darkness I come into light.
From death I come into immortality!
Kiara Windrider
Grace Sears

TO SIGN THIS ABOVE PLEASE GO AT http://www.dayoftruth.com/covenant.html


From: "Suzanne Ward" <suzy@pacifier.com>
Subject: Matthew Ward of the Crop Circles Phenomenon
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002

I asked Matthew about this report that explains the crop circles and what they are from his vantage point, and I thought you would find his response interesting:

"The last part of this report is 'where it's at,' to borrow your phrase, Mother, and I cannot give you 'THE' correct message of crop circles, either. There is not just one approach to considering the nature of these enigmatic creations that appear overnight in grain fields. If their only purpose is to widely inform about the very existence of their off-Earth originators, then those beings surely would choose means whereby some sign -- in the skies, for instance -- would be seen worldwide instead of in places where very few people can see them and, globally speaking, relatively few see the photographs of these unique designs. However, the sudden appearance of an anomaly in the sky that would equal the puzzle of the crop circles could -- very likely *would* -- incite mass fear, and clearly fear is not the intent of the originators of the circles or they would create something that absolutely would achieve that, because they certainly have the powerful technology to do so.

"The precision geometric designs of the crop circles are awe-inspiring to behold, and beauty can be its own sufficient reason for existence, still, their appearance must have importance within the intricate maneuvers needed to create the designs. Some believe they are messages between the extraterrestrials off and on Earth, but if so, it would seem to be more in the nature of charades because telepathic communication does not require "sign language.' It is not that the originators need massive symbols to converse, so perhaps they want you to know they are so close to Earth that they literally are ON earth, and in such case, they have to create tangible evidence of their presence. So the designs may indeed be either or both a series of communiques and an enjoyable pastime, but the main point is, the process is taking place right there in your fields. Clearly, the circles are not meant to be translated into your languages because there is no common frame of reference on Earth for one to interpret the symbols into a meaningful message. And if there were -- actually, living among you are extraterrestrial souls in human bodies who can do this, but who would believe that someone really had decoded the authentic message even if they were convinced that a written message is the intent?

"So, I would say the circles' intent includes the speculation as to specific communication attempts and discernment of intent beyond that, such as the awareness that there is indeed a higher intelligence present this close to you, and it is enhancing Earth instead of marring or polluting the planet. This presence is so close that if it desired to harm or conquer you, how easily it could have done so long ago, and instead, there is no harm done even to the stalks of grain -- surely this the best possible evidence of the peaceful intentions of the circles' originators! Can this not be a signal that 'box' thinking about the world around you must be put behind you -- because surely there is no explanation for crop circles in 'box' thinking of either science or art -- and an open, discerning mind is essential for these times when 'new' truths are being revealed. This tangible evidence of the puzzling crop circles can be pondered by Earth residents having a wondrous journey contemplating their significance.

"Why am I not certain if the designs also may have a worded message everyone could understand? Well, Mother, because there are a number of extraterrestrial civilizations and many millions of souls, individual or collective, around you, and there is not simply one artist who swoops down in one craft and makes all of those crop circles. I am not telling you that no one in Nirvana or elsewhere may be tracking these and one day will announce in Earth languages the exact translations from the designs to words, but simply, I do not know any specific messages. I believe that the conclusion of that explanation of the crop circles, that there is not only one valid interpretation of the symbols, is the wisest idea to hold for the time being as long as you do realize that they definitely deserve interpretation as your inner self, your Godself, suggests."


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An Amazing Spiral Cosmic Glyph/Crop Circle
One of the finest UK formations of 2002 is now coiled around the top of a hill at West Overton in Wiltshire.

See the latest June Crop Circles at http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2002/june2002.html -- and keep an eye on these ever mind-and-heart-expanding gifts of Love to humanity at http://www.cropcircleconnector.com


From: SpiritNet@webtv.net
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002
Subject: The Shift

In our Godselves, we are magnificent, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional reflections of the Source-Of-All-That-Is who have been preparing for aeons to accomplish what we have volunteered to help manifest in this incarnation...Heaven on Earth.

We remember our God-Powers; that whatever we conceive and believe we achieve through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. The illusion of limitation is gone.

We recognize our Godselves in the form of immortal Souls in human embodiment, whole and complete, in love and at peace with all Creation. We have no fears, no dependencies.

Our Godselves (1) access all knowledge in the universe, (2) converse with all life everywhere, (3) move our consciousness in and out of the physical body at will, and (4) maintain our bodies in a state of perfect health.

In essence, we are IN the world but not OF it, and our experience is Heaven on Earth.

Finally, our Godselves create a world of "United Diversity", harmonious, peaceful and free, with wars, strife, hunger and illness no longer a reality.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All,



Sent by Ed Elkin <EdElkin@aol.com> on 21 Jun 2002

by Marianne Williamson

Thirty years ago, America experienced its last rebellious generation, and looking back to the noisiness of the sixties gives us insight into our relative quietude today.

During that decade, people were politically engaged, taking to the streets to express our deepest passions about this country and its behavior. Yet America was more innocent in those days, despite the violence of the times. We actually thought our rebellion might accomplish something then, which few people seem to believe today.

The rebellious generation of the 1960s was ultimately quieted. Something happened then to take us off the streets and to keep us off. That something was violent threat and collective trauma, perpetrated on one generation and bequeathed to each one since as a legacy of those times.

The baby boomers were young at that time, and the young respond to dreams and visions. Those who carried aloft the most eloquent visions of a possible America during the 1960s were literally shot and killed in front of the eyes of the young who so adored them. For my generation, carrying a brilliant dream of a noble collective future meant putting oneself in the line of fire. From president Kennedy, to his brother Bobby, to Dr. King, to the students at Kent State, the primary articulators of positive change, of dreams for our democracy in this stunning age, were permanently silenced - and the bullets that shot them psychically struck us all. Millions of us became in many ways, like the son of Robert Kennedy, who, having watched his father murdered on television, got stoned and never recovered.

The invisible order that shot our heroes did not keep shooting, but began providing goods and services as quickly as possible to distract a grieving generation from our psychic pain. They did not leave us out of their conception of what America should be; quite to the contrary, they used us as their fodder, luring us into their planned environment of endless material consumption. We have been relatively quiet about anything meaningful ever since. Our leaders assassinated, our ranks dispersed, our generation received loud instructions: go home now, scatter, go to your rooms, and enjoy yourselves with all the toys we sell you.

We received a loud silent message from those assassinations, an unconscious imprint that has become what psychologists call a "sponsoring belief" for an entire generation: "you can do pretty much whatever you want within the private sector. You will still be free of course - to buy the red one or buy the blue one. But leave the public sector alone" And no one had to say what sentence comes next: "Or we might kill you, too."

And so we did what we were told to do, and taught our children to do the same. We poured our prodigious talents and indisputable genius into the private domain. We left the public sector, which is essentially the political sector to those - whoever they were - who wanted it so much that they were willing to go such lengths to get it.

And thus we became a class of rich slaves. Our fear that what had happened to our slain leaders might happen to us, our naïve and immature preoccupation with drugs, and ultimately our complete seduction by consumer society conspired to turn us into the greatest fuel source for the status quo that America has ever seen. Given our previous, youthful repudiation of the downside of American materialism, the irony here is almost grotesque. We who sought to heal America once before have helped to run her into the ground.

We have countenanced the undermining of our political system; we have tolerated the widening gap between the rich and poor in America to levels deemed unsustainable by serious economic indicators; we have sold the health and welfare of our children and our environment to the highest bidders. Like Esau in the Book of Genesis, we have sold our birthright for a mess of pottage. Even more important, perhaps, we're so stoned on our very way of life, so distanced from our own authentic human knowing, that we hardly seem to realize what a black hole these things are forming in our national soul....

We disengaged from politics after the 1960's because of a blow to our essential selves, and the absence of that engagement, power has been usurped by the interests of a relative few. This is a spiritual crisis first and a political crisis second. America's real problem is our fear to express ourselves. Fear to be who we were born to be, and fear to do what we most long to do. We do not break through that fear by further disengagement. We break through fear by embracing love.

What we longed for before, and what we long for now, is to love each other. And that is what the heroes of the sixties were saying. Looking back at the speeches of Dr. King or Robert Kennedy, one is struck by both the genius and the tragedy of their lives. They did not just say, "Let a man love his wife, or parents love their children." They said, "Let us honor all life." That is what made them so dangerous to the status quo. For that they lived, and for that they died. They pointed to the next step in America's moral evolution - the expansion of our compassion - and that is a step that by definition repudiates oppression and injustice....

There is new possibility today, a miraculous awakening and a change in the way we live our lives. It is a spiritual renaissance with social and political implications. Restoration and hope appear all over, as a rising environmental, community, and spiritual consciousness resurrects the dreams of former times. Civic brotherhood is beginning, in many, many places, to replace the false gods of self-centeredness and greed. There is a yearning among us to make right the world.

Will this become a broad-scale social force for good or merely isolated cases of cultural sanity? An America intending to heal itself will unscramble the information from which we have been systematically distracted for years, atone for and grieve our national errors, and consciously restore the political process to its role as an enlightened tool. It will take a miracle to do this, but miracles are always at issue in any great movement of history. Was not the American Revolution a miracle? Was not Indian independence from Britain a miracle? Are not miracles what our hearts most long for now?

Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix. According to historian Arthur Schlesinger, Americans turn their attention to politics every thirty years. It has been thirty years since the end of the sixties, many Americans have been taking a deep look within, and what we have seen there casts light on many issues outside ourselves. There is darkness without, but no darkness, limitation, illusion, or fear can stand before the force of uplifted consciousness. Perhaps we are set to embark on a new chapter in our evolution as a nation, rededicating ourselves to the transcendental nature of democracy, declaring en masse our intention to have it rise at last to the level of its true potential.

"We have in our hearts," said Martin Luther Kind, Jr.," a power more powerful than bullets." It is time for us to use that power now, to free our nation and to free ourselves. Mystical power is the greatest power, in politics and in life. It reveals to us that bodies die but ideas do not, as long as people's hearts embrace them. It is time to resurrect the ideas that truly make this nation great. Where the sixties became a decade of death, may the millennium proclaim new life.

Excerpted from 'Healing the Soul of America - Reclaiming our Voices as Spiritual Citizens'

© 1997, 2000 by Marianne Williamson - a Touchstone book. Excerpts from pages 30-35 in the Mystical Politics section.

This excerpt may be freely distributed electronically as long as it contains all the above information.

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email: office@renaissancealliance.org


From: "Lawrence DeBivort" <debivort@umd5.umd.edu>
Subject: RE: DISTRACTIONS AND POSSIBILITIES by Marianne Williamson
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002

Greetings, Ed,

Thanks for posting Marianne Williamson's provocative essay. I disagree with it in several basic ways:

1. The death of 'our heroes' was not as traumatic to 'our generation' as she suggests (though, in reality, neither one of us can speak for 'our generation.' ) Yes, their deaths were saddening, but to anyone who had a realistic understanding of the conflicts of those days -- civil rights, the Vietnam war, and the growing oppression of 'big business' -- they were not entirely surprising. Many were killed who weren't big names. And their deaths were offset by moments of incredible moral sweetness: Eugene McCarthy, the days in San Francisco, the sharing of bread on the Mall during the big demonstrations, the international solidarity among students, the Vietnam vets chucking their medals back at the feet of the military, etc. etc.

2. The 'movement' of the 60's was not solely interested in the emotional experience of the moment: there was a major growth of interest in why things had become as they were. Several disciplines were dramatically advanced, from cultural anthropology, to futures studies, to technology assessment, to public policy and administration, to linguistics and general semantics (who can forget Chomsky?). And, even more amazingly, several new disciplines were created, from Organizational Transformation, to public participation in social design, to environmentalism, and the management or guidance of human evolution.

3. The 'movement' didn't fade away, except perhaps to those who themselves faded away. Instead it evolved, as all living and viable things do. Some focused on the long-overdue issue of women's rights and equality. Other focused on the still-to-emerge issue of Children's Rights. And yet others moved into NGO/PVO activities around the world. Others infiltrated into government policy, and are now attaining senior and influential ranks there. Others set up think tanks, where they developed the language, ideas, and proposals that are influencing for the better the evolution of our society as a whole. Others went into technology, with the hope, so well pioneered by Bucky Fuller, that the intrinsic logic of their inventions would change the world for the better. Others went into self-development, where people are learning that they can take care of themselves, continue to learn and grow, and can be an immediate part of the shaping of a vibrant society. And yet, those these all seem to be quite distinct fields, we recognize each other across them. The people of the 'movement' know each other, and appreciate the diverse natures of the many efforts that had their emotional, cultural, political, linguistic origins in the 60's. And this knowing of each other is not restricted to Americans, or English speakers: it reaches throughout the world, across races and languages, and even across the differences of educational and wealth. We form friendships and working relations with people based on their values, energies and skills, regardless of skin color, accent, social origins, or nationality. Now that is powerful, and new, and wonderful. That is the true gift that the 'movement' first gave itself and then the world.

4. The 'movement' also provided a staging ground for us, who would go on to see the whole world as our home, whether it was the first astronauts who reported on the physical reality of that perspective, or individuals who began roaming the world, learning of its extraordinary and beautiful diversity, or those who use the Internet as our back-yard fence to the rest of the world.

5. On an utterly personal note, the 'movement' led me along a personal journey that brought me into contact with wonderful teachers and sources of inspiration, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ted Taylor, Frank Burns, Igor Kravtchenko, Muhammad al-Ahd, Margaret Lloyd, Carla Theodore, Leo Benson, Stephen Schwebel, Carl Stover, Julian Bond, Waqar Husseini, the two poets of Kandy, Palo Soleri, Jim Miller, Bertrand Lepel-Cointet, Ed and Bob Ayres... oh! the list goes on and on! Anyway, this journey has led me to probe the nature of human evolution and the possibilities -- now realities -- of our designing, guiding, and even managing this evolution. This is one of those big possibilities that will come to redefine who we are as a species, and how we live on and off this planet -- too big to tell here, really, but relevant to these thoughts on the 60's, for without the 60's, without the 'movement,' I would not have come at all to this matter of human evolutionary development.

6. Yes, the forces of ignorance and bigotry are still out there. I would suggest simply that they will never go away. There will always be some who are so hurt, so afraid, so angry that they cannot embrace others, friends and strangers alike. We do not need to dwell or fear this phenomenon: indeed, the horrifying excesses of those folks -- the lynchings, the thoughtless wars, the cold and ignorant rationalization of evil acts and policies -- these very excesses were the things that woke the rest of us up to the beauty that humankind was capable of, and their cruelty was the thing that galvanized us into action, and made us willing to sacrifice to create a better world. Nor is this ignorance and cruelty a new phenomenon of our contemporary society. And the presence of this phenomenon has not stopped other societies from great leaps forward, such as was accomplished by the northern Italians in the Renaissance; or the Muslims, Christians and Jews together in Spain in the 8th through 12th centuries. Or, here, today -- ourselves.

7. And here we are, now, engaged in this dynamic consideration of ourselves, our past, and our roles today and in the future. This discussion, and its myriad parallel discussions around the world, is proof enough that that the 60's succeeded in catalysing the imaginations, dedication and energies of an extraordinary people, and an extraordinary moment in the evolution of our species.