June 14, 2002

The Light Series #25: Staying In Touch

Hello everyone

It has been a while since I sent you a compilation and I'm sure most of you will be happy to get this one. In addition to Light related material below, I've also recommended some articles that deal with some current and developing issues - even if they don't fall in the Light category.

Have a really nice time ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."

- Chief Seattle -- Sent by Marianne Weidlein <aimari@earthlink.net>

“For a star child there is always a sense of urgency and a feeling of alienation.”

Taken from http://www.narrows.com/~wetnwild/chakra/astrology/starchildren.html


1. Judy Rosenblum writes about her husband Art
2. Art Rosenblum - a life
3. Intentions
4. Message from Marianne Williamson - Noontime Prayer
5. On practicing harmlesness
6. Invitation to the "Ring of Power"
7. A New Horizon for the Democratic Party
8. UN petition for worldwide contact with Extraterrestrials
9. Working together

See also:

Poll Points Toward Peace (May 13, 2002)
A majority of Americans do not agree with the views advocated by pro-Israeli hawks in the White House and Congress. (...) Most Americans also do not perceive the Israeli invasion as a struggle against terrorism. (...) Unlike the "lone cowboy" approach favored by the Right, most Americans favor a more multilateral approach to the Middle East crisis.

India Takes Steps to Ease Tensions With Pakistanis
India on Monday lifted a five-month-old ban on Pakistani aircraft flying over India and pulled back naval ships away from Pakistan's coast, officials said.

Some Say U.S. Rigged Afghan Elections (12 June, 2002)
"Sam Zarifi, of the New York-based Human Rights Watch, accused the Bush administration of "brazen'' interference in the loya jirga, which had been promoted as the birth of Afghan democracy. "

Bush, Ashcroft Conflict Over Alleged Dirty Bomber (12 June, 2002)
"By this morning, there were charges flying around the capital that Bush had known about the Muhajir case for at least a month, and that Ashcroft released the information hurriedly only to divert attention from Intelligence Committee inquiries into the FBI and CIA handling of 9-11. The White House has been desperately trying to stay clear of accusations that the intelligence agencies knew about terrorist threats well before 9-11."

Recommended by Greg O'Neill <whtgr@yahoo.com> who wrote: "It pertains to a new paper put out by Dr. Steven Greer, in which he states that covert elements of the NWO have a plan to use ARV's (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) built by Lockheed, Northrop, and other military industrial complex corporate entities, to stage phony attacks from UFOs. They want to do this to create a global atmosphere of fear in which they will be able to prop up their control, and generate trillions of dollars in
new revenues for their corporate cronies. The world's community of nations must learn of this plot to instigate a new round of global terror, based on a fabricated 'threat' from space. -- If you doubt that the covert elements have beam weapons, go visit Dr. Bearden at his site http://www.cheniere.org --- I have known about ARV's for some time now, and have wondered why they
were being built, now I know. These human created ARV's are meant to be used as fake UFOs to launch attacks from space, in order to fool the global populace into thinking we are threatened by our Space Visitors, when it is these hidden controllers among us that are the real threat. Please, Jean, forward this item from Michael Russ on to the ERN list, and ask them to pass it along to their own networks as well. The more people learn of this malevolent plot against global humanity, and take steps to nip it in the bud, the better off our world will be."

In rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, President Bush is unmistakably declaring our support of gluttony and wastefulness.
"The (U.S.) report accepts the reality of global warming but then brazenly announces that our country, already responsible for more than a quarter of the world's greenhouse gases, will boost emissions even further: by 40 percent by 2020, by more than 100 percent by 2050."

The root cause of persistent hunger is not a lack of resources but the destructive trade and agricultural policies of governments.
"Why do more than 800 million people still go hungry in a world marked by incredible affluence? 180 nations are gathering in Rome from June 10 to 13 to address just that question at the "World Food Summit: Five Years Later" meeting. CLIP While governments seem blind to the ways their policies enforce hunger and impoverishment for hundreds of millions of people, others see this harsh reality with clarity. Hundreds of farmers' movements and nongovernmental organizations have come to Rome from around the world to hold their own Forum -- the "World Forum on Food Sovereignty" -- in parallel with the official Summit. They demand that governments take agriculture out of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which forces countries to open their borders to the cheap, dumped food imports that drive their own farmers out of business, off the land, and into hunger. They call for true land reform, to put good quality land in the hands of those who would sow it, rather than those who can afford to buy it. They demand that the fundamental right to food -- recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- be made a reality by the enforcement of what they call "food sovereignty," which refers to the rights of peasants and family farmers to grow food for their own nations, and rights of poor consumers to enough to eat. These demands, unlike the weak official calls for "will" and "money," do get at the root cause of persistent hunger, and should be endorsed by all caring people."



From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <wegerif@connectit.co.za>
Subject: WHAT MATTERS-87A: Judy Rosenblum writes about her husband Art
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002

--June 11, 2002

Judy Rosenblum writes about her husband Art

Dear list members,

Judy Rosenblum has responded to my E-letter of yesterday, in memory of Art Rosenblum, in words that more adequately and accurately express the greatness of soul of this champion for peace. Art passed away last Wednesday June 5, not Thursday, as I thought on reading an E-mail received on Friday South African time, not Philadelphia time.

Judy writes about her husband:

"Art lived at the Bruderhof 17 years - twelve years in Paraguay and five in New York State until 1964 and then a year or so at Reba Place, when he left to start printshops all over for the anti-war movement, and stayed in communes along the way for two years. After starting his communal house in Philadelphia, he managed to live with different people for a year or so each until he met me.

"We managed to live together 26 years, which is more than many people do. Our best friend of twenty-five years was shaken at Art's death and is still upset. April (22) recently moved back home with us and was getting along rather well with her dad. They built a loft together. Art would drive out late at night many times to take her home so she could travel safely in our city. Joel, 17, did his schoolwork at home side by side with Art every day for years/. The week of his death, Art was signing up for classes in Co-Counseling, so he could work on his relationship difficulties. He was also starting a project to donate quality computers and mentoring to disadvantaged children in our neighborhood. Some children come to our house to use our own computer.

"Yes, he could be hard to take, but he loved and respected his children greatly, and he loved me deeply in his own way. We now have a void in our lives, left by this unique man, that will never be filled. Please send this information on to your list. Art was a printer, pilot, peace activist, technician, mechanic, journalist, inventor, author of The Natural Birth Control Book, Unpopular Science, a video, "Where's Utopia?", and thirty years of newsletters, all of which are still available from Aquarian Research by writing to artr@juno.com or judyrosenblum@juno.com ."

Thank you, Judy.
In friendship,



Sent by "Mark Graffis" <mgraffis@islands.vi> who wrote: "(...) quite a strong and loving spirit to behold! Those of you who knew him certainly will miss him as much as I do."

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002
Subject: Art Rosenblum - a life

Peace and Love, Art R.

Art Rosenblum was killed in a car accident last week at age 74. He was a peace activist since the 60's, a writer, printer, pilot, mechanic, and inventor. Today, June 13th, is the 26th anniversary of the day we met. Art lived in the future. He called himself a futurist. He had a clear vision of the planet ruled by love. When he was 20, he went to Paraguay to join the pacifist Christian community called the Society of Brothers, where they followed the teachings of Jesus and held all things is common. He lived with them until he was 38, when he struck out on his own. For two years, he traveled all over the country

Setting up print shops for any group that opposed the Vietnam War, asking only room and board in communes along the way.

In 1969, he came to Germantown in Philadelphia to start a commune devoted to finding ways to bring about a whole new age of peace and love to the world. He created a small nonprofit organization called Aquarian Research Foundation. He wrote a newsletter for over thirty years about alternative lifestyles, safe energy, psychic research, and sustainable living. The first five years of the newsletter are published in his book, Unpopular Science.

Art had an offset press in his dining room, which he used to print newsletters and also a booklet on natural methods of birth control, which grew into a book that sold over 90,000 copies. When we married in 1976 after a 28-day courtship, I helped him edit the fifth edition. The next year, Art became a pilot at age 49 and started flying people all over to visit intentional communities. He took in printing apprentices to work for peace groups that needed printing done at cost. He printed and distributed 300,000 Big Party invitations in 1984 to visualize and celebrate, in advance, the disarmament of the world.

In 1988, he flew a Soviet social scientist to visit intentional communities in the U.S., and we wrote and produced the first video on such communities, called Where's Utopia? He influenced Ted Turner to create the Turner Tomorrow Award, which resulted in the prize-winning book, Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, who befriended Art.

He raised our two kids to be loving, free, creative, and caring about the needs of the world. He picked up every hitchhiker on the road that could fit in the car. He took in homeless people to live with us. He championed homebirth, home schooling, polyamory, communal living, natural foods, alternative medicine, and every cause that came down the road. He flew his small plane to Cuba a few times at age 70. He took in Freedom Summer kids to sleep on our floors every summer. He got himself arrested for civil disobedience trying to free Mumia. He promoted the Disclosure Project's efforts to get UFO information out in the open.

At 74, "seaweed man" still bounded down the stairs two at a time and built a loft with our daughter. He spent his last years writing articles to his listserv and teaching our son about electronics and politics. He started a free radio station which the FCC shut down. He threw out our old printing press and got two old copy machines and made handouts about Dennis Kucinich and Israeli refuseniks. On his last drive out, he was transporting a computer that was to be the first in a project to give computers and mentoring to disadvantaged kids in the neighborhood.

Art wanted a world without money where everyone's needs would be met. He deeply believed that if he worked for the universe, the universe would work for him. And it did, many, many times. We even managed to keep an airplane somehow, on a poverty level income, because he did his own maintenance.

He never gave up trying. He said, "The difficult things we do right away. The impossible takes a bit longer". He didn't believe in death. He said that death is just a change of lifestyle. He thought he could be more effective from the other side.

We will be having a street celebration of all causes that Art promoted, August 11th, in downtown Philly, and invite you to come and help Art visualize a positive future for the planet.

Judy Rosenblum


Date: Sun, 26 May 2002
From: Don Orne <don@yingcom.com>
Subject: Intentions

Intentions for May 25th, 2002 and May 26 2002

1. All negative thoughtforms in all of creation will dissolve for eternity.
2. All suffering and pain in all of creation will end.
3. All peoples from all planets and solar systems will live in deep peace.
4. All nature will clear itself with minimal damage to life of any kind.
5. All energy will become positive and optimistic, loving and compassionate.
6. All creation past, present and future will be benevolent and kind.
7. I choose to clear all lifetimes of myself tonight with the striking of my peace gong.

I will strike it 7 times for the four directions, above, below and myself and the seven times seven generations forward and backward. This will clear and open the necessary channels, streams, rivers, oceans, mountains, deserts, sky, wind, earth and fire. Sage will be burned and candles lit and incense burned in honor of the full moon and lunar eclipse. I call upon the elders of all civilizations to help me in my effort. I wish to bring in formally the feminine energy as the equal and dominant force for this and all time. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Don Orne


Sent by Ed Elkin <EdElkin@aol.com> on May 25. 2002

Message from Marianne Williamson - Noontime Prayer

Dear Friends,

With threats of suicide bombers in our midst, warnings of new terrorist attacks, and reports of extremists having infiltrated the United States in the last few weeks, it is time for those of us who believe in miracles, to ardently begin working them.

None of us need think, "There is nothing I can do." While military and economic and political forces have worldly power, they cannot work miracles. And we can, because prayer is a conduit of miracles. The first thing, the most powerful thing, the most miraculous thing we can do, is pray. At noon each day, wherever we are, let us stop for a minimum of five minutes, close our eyes and say a prayer for our country and our world. Know that as you do so, there are probably thousands of other people in your time zone doing exactly the same thing, thus increasing the vibratory power of the prayer field. Ideas become stronger when they are shared, and so do prayers.

Do what you can to let others know about the noontime prayer vigil, both here and abroad. Ultimately we will create a blanket of prayer that comes over the world in synchronized waves. Let us begin today. Let us surround the entire planet with a field of light, and place a golden bubble of protection over our nation. Ask God to create that picture for you in your mind, and to so impress it upon your subconscious that it becomes an active, creative force for good. Remember that a minimum of a full five minutes is necessary to allow the mind to achieve its highest creative potential as a medium of intercessionary power. If you can only give less, it is fine; if you can give more, it is much better. This is not a time for second-rate spiritual practice, unless we desire second-rate results.

Dear God,

Bless and protect us in this dangerous hour. Forgive us how often our hearts have been closed when danger was visiting others. May the eyes of our enemies be open, that they might see the Light in us. And may we see the Light in them, that darkness shall be no more. Surround us all with Love, dear God, so hatred will dissolve. Amen

- Marianne Williamson



From: "Geert Jan Kraan" <gkraan@usa.net>
Subject: On practicing harmlesness
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002

Dear Jean,

With all the negativity coming to light worldwide, it is wise to place an equal focus on positive developments and ways to deal with all of this. Here's a quote from a recent channeling from Djwhal Khul (see http://www.djwhalkhul.com) about the increasingly important practice of harmlessness. Perhaps you can include it - or something like it - in your newsletter...

Beginning of quote:

“For those of you who have the Alice Bailey books, my work through Alice Bailey, I would refer you to the book Esoteric Psychology II, that's volume 15, page number 747 and 748. There is a record there of the rule that the Spiritual Hierarchy laid down in Shamballah several decades ago about what requirements would be met by New World Servers and, briefly, they must aim at achieving peaceful relationships with, and harmonious acquiescence in, as well as cooperation with, the government or state to which they owe allegiance or loyalty.

Now, there are many anti-government World Servers, and I have to ask you to examine: are you practicing harmlessness? You don't have to agree with government, but you have to practice harmlessness. That is important. Otherwise, you are still attacking, still creating harm and therefore not at peace, not promoting world peace, you're promoting just the opposite, some state of war, even slight as it might be, it is still not in keeping with the standards of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Another calling here is to focus in on the constructive, peaceful enterprises that may be going on within that government or religion. In other words, see the soul, see the light behind it, the depth within it, see the higher purpose as it unfolds in the blueprint and refrain from interfering in their affairs. Again, you don't have to participate, but don't interfere. Just leave them to their own. Every piece of Creation is part of a great puzzle and it is not your job to interfere with a piece of the puzzle.

Another (area) is, of course, the environmental, practical good will toward the environment, Mother Earth and all of the sustainable resources, that is an important part of it. And also, again back to the harmlessness, in speech and in life, in relations with family, community, nation, groups of nations, this means a consistent policy of non-attack. No leader or nation or race must be attacked or defamed. In doing so, remember in the scheme of Oneness, you are only attacking the self. It is nothing more than a reflection of your self and you are at war and in an attack mode when these things are done.

So this is important ground work, especially now as we get towards the crucial peaks of time, the year 2002 to 2012, very crucial to practice harmlessness. And work at it a bit at a time and finally in that passage you will see my words, "The Spiritual Hierarchy cannot work through people whose tongues are critical, whose ideas and attitudes are separative and who are violently partisan in their beliefs and comments." This also means do not judge others who are violently partisan even if it is your own government or your own spouse. Do not judge them, do not use a critical tongue. Do not reinforce or fuel their separation, but hold the greater Light, the greater picture, God's Plan."


In Oneness,

Geert Jan Kraan
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Invitation to the "Ring of Power"

by Sabine Lichtenfels

Dear friends,

The violence is closing in, the global ring of violence becomes tighter and tighter. It seems to eat up the last oasis’s of hope. At the same time more and more people decide in spite - of this insanity - to commit themselves to peace and to a meaningful live on earth. In this context it becomes more and more clear to me how closely spiritual research and political acting belong to each other. This years peace camp "Peace in Palestine and Israel" (http://www.tamera.org/english/igf/Israel/index.html) originated from a peace meditation.

After being asked repeatedly, I decided to start an experiment. I call it the "Ring of Power". The Ring of Power addresses all the peace workers who know that spiritual research and political acting belong to each other. You will only be able to realise as much peace in the outside world as you have realised within. In this time of the globalisation of violence everybody who is active in peace work needs an active training, which provides the personal strength and knowledge to walk the path of trust and fearlessness. The close cooperation with all powers of peace is the connecting thought of the Ring of Power. We go to the spiritual sources which feed our capacity for free and loving action in this world. I myself do a morning attunement at sun rise to connect myself to the power of universal love and all cosmic peace powers. Everyday at sun rise I go to a special place for this peace meditation. I wish that a spiritual-political meditation ring around the globe starts, which holds the Ring of Power. Thoughts create reality – may we strengthen the peace bringing powers by our meditation.

There were many committed peace bringers. Courageous people, who connected prayer and political acting and who left behind a precious knowledge, which we can apply daily in our concrete peace work. I will gather quotes and excerpts, from time to time also portray a person from whom we can learn a lot.

You will find sentences of strength for the week, insights from my meditations and occasionally statements concerning the concrete political situation. Additionally a new webpage will be launched for the Ring of Power, on which current news and diary notes can be read. We will let you know about the start.

Apart from your decision whether to participate in the sun rise meditations, you can participate in the Ring of Power. It is meant as an inspiration for all who seek new courage and thoughts for their peace work. I will send my thoughts into the Ring of Power each Monday. You can add a personal peace prayer and distribute it to your network. Thus the Ring of Power will slowly but surely grow and create a network of the heart. I ask everybody who wants to participate to send an email to ring-of-power@gmx.net . It would be great if you could support the Ring of Power also financially but it is no condition. The money will finance the spiritual-political actions which come out of the Ring of Power. Right now it would be used to pay for flights for young Palestinian peace activists to come to the Israel-Palestine-Camp. I will inform about donations and their use. I look forward to a creative cooperation.

A warm welcome to the Ring of Power - a network for peace workers.


Sabine Lichtenfels

Please mark in which way you want to become part of the Ring of Power. We will only send out the messages to people who explicitly wish so. Thank you.

Yes – I want to participate in the Ring of Power and receive your emails____
Yes – I want to participate in the Ring of Power by receiving and forwarding your emails____
Yes - I want to join the Ring of Power and the morning meditations regularly____

Responses please to: ring-of-power@gmx.net


A New Horizon for the Democratic Party


Speech to The Democratic National Committee--Western Caucus Saturday, May 25, 2002 Seattle, Washington


"The challenge before us today, the challenge before our nation and the world is whether we accept the beneficence of Lincoln's prayer to create "...a government of the people, by the people and for the people," or whether we timidly accept the economic, social and political consequences of a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations."

"From the darkness that is Enron, I see a new day dawning in energy in America. I see a new horizon, where the American community consciously chooses sustainability and ushers in a new era of power, of solar, of wind, of hydrogen and other renewable fuels to provide endless energy upon an endless planet."

"As we look to tomorrow, our government needs to welcome holistic medicine into America's mainstream. Alternative medicine encompasses a focused commitment to personal responsibility for one's health, which is the precursor to a nation of well beings. A nation where people may live qualitatively."

"I see a new horizon in America where we work to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our society through the establishment of a Cabinet-level Department of Peace. This concept, which is already endorsed by forty-three Democratic members of Congress, seeks a new nation that faces squarely the violence in our own society and that fashions a new international policy which seeks to make war itself archaic. Over 100 million people, most of them innocent civilian noncombatants, perished in wars in the twentieth century. Given the destructive power of today's technology, given $400 billion a year for the military, given the Administration's statements renewing the nuclear first-strike option, building new nuclear weapons, canceling the ABM treaty and putting weapons in space, we must recognize that the survival of humanity depends upon our ability to evolve, to become better than we are, to become more than we are, to protect this fragile world and to create new worlds of possibility. In this moment when all is in the balance, it is time for us to rethink the purpose of our party. We must reclaim our historic mission as the party of bold ideas, of new national beginnings. We must do so with a passion for democracy and with hearts that are filled with courage and love."

TO READ THE ENTIRE SPEECH, GO AT http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=special&s=kucinich20020603


From: "Doreen Agostino" <dagostino@rogers.com>
Subject: Fw: UN petition for worldwide contact with Extraterrestrials
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002

In my view this Petition offers humanity a chance to consciously unite and move beyond hidden agendas, for the highest good of all. Bless you.

Doreen A. Agostino

Einstein: "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."


Hello I am John Chapdelaine. I am currently trying to raise awareness and create interest in the need for a World body to be set up to handle Worldwide contact with Extra Terrestrials. As there is no other organization other than the United Nations that could handle such an undertaking. I have started a petition to ask the United Nations to set up such a body. The petition in its entirety will be added under this email.

I would like you to read the petition whether or not you sign it is up to you. If you do agree with the petition and believe it has merit could or would you please add a link to your website. There is no need to link back or mention me in any way. I do not believe who started the petition is of any matter. what matters is the petition itself. There are many who are working toward disclosure and a release of information. Far to few are looking ahead to actual contact.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


The url to the petition is http://www.petitiononline.com/wcp1/petition.html

To: Mr. Kofi A. Annan Secretary General United Nations Dear Honourable Kofi Annan, With good faith in peace and equality we ask that a forum and a United Nations Body be set up to handle Worldwide Contact with Extra Terrestrials. Also that a landing place for initial contact be made available on United Nations Soil. That all information and such contact be broadcast live Worldwide, using every available media. The belief that anything that effects the World as a whole should be dealt with the World as a whole. In the fact that we are all equal citizens of the earth with rights inherent to all life. It is these rights we draw upon as citizens of the earth universally. As it is The United Nations mandate to deal with issues and rights of the peoples of the world It is within the powers of the United Nations to deal with such an issue and phenomenon. The reasoning behind such a Request would include;

1) Such contact will impact every living being on this planet. In the event of worldwide contact, the realization that we are not alone in the universe will impact everyone on the planet regardless of belief or disbelief in the phenomenon. This will radically change our way of life forever. Therefore we should proceed on this as a one-world voice in a one-world view where every one is equal.

2) To any Extra Terrestrial Intelligence we are all one on this planet Terrestrials, Earthlings, Humans, or Homo Sapiens. It makes no difference of colour race or religion - we all have a soul; a life force coupled with intelligence and free will with the power to control our own destiny. This given to us by our Creator and God known by whatever name through
whatever Religion.

3) That this is one subject that the whole world can agree on. As this subject effects every person the same regardless of race colour or religion, We will have to look past our differences and work towards a global view as one world with individual beliefs yet equal and peaceful with respect and good will to all and each other.

4) This is a starting point to working towards understanding, World equality, and peace. Once we can begin to deal with this issue on a worldwide scale we shall see how alike we all are. Then maybe we can settle our differences and work together to solve the present problems in the world. Evolving and growing separately in our cultures is a thing of
the past. It is time we now share what we have learned and repair the damage we now do to the world and ourselves.

5) That any technology should benefit the world as a whole. In the event that any technology of extra terrestrial intelligence origin should be shared and distributed freely worldwide. What other possible solution could there be to distribute technology of this sort.

6) That any alien technology gained singularly would give one country an advantage over the world.

7) That Worldwide contact will answer this question and settle this debate once and for all, and stop the debate, misinformation, propaganda, and what ever else may be happening without public knowledge or agreement.

Sincerely, The Undersigned


Date: Fri, 24 May
From: Palden Jenkins <palden.jenkins@btopenworld.com>
Subject: Working together

Every now and then I find myself prompted to send around this quote. I've found it instructive and valuable to refer back to repeatedly for some 15 years now. It's about group dynamics. You might well have heard it before, but I think it's so pertinent to our time and to our involvements that it's worth encountering again and again!



An insight into the working of groups and organisations

This story concerns four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done, and Everybody was asked to do it.

Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it but in the end Nobody did it.

Somebody got very angry over this because it was really Everybody's job.

Everybody thought Anybody would do it, but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when actually Nobody had asked Anybody!