May 25, 2002

The Light Series #24: Heavenly Perspective On 9-11 And Other Subjects

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Exceptionally, I'm sending you another compilation this week - before the next Meditation Focus (on the India-Pakistan renewed crisis) coming your way later today - because its content is both timely and very revealing. I included first a couple articles to put Matthew Ward's messages into context. If you are not aware of the 2 amazing books from this heavenly messenger, please give a look at

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Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

- Nelson Mandela

"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission"

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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"The man, who has seen the rising moon break out of the clouds at midnight, has been present like an archangel at the creation of light and the world."

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Sent by Liz Daly <>

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls a butterfly."

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1. Dan Rather: Bush Issued Bogus Terror Alert to Cover Up 9-11 Bungle
2. George W Bush, Political Terrorist
3. Matthew Ward's comments on the News Alert!
4. Matthew Ward's comment on some aspects of "Dramatic Changes - What's Going On?" by Tony Wick
5. Other Clarifications from Matthew
6. A Vision


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Dan Rather: Bush Issued Bogus Terror Alert to Cover Up 9-11 Bungle

"CBS Evening News" anchorman Dan Rather accused the Bush administration Wednesday morning of issuing an unwarranted FBI terrorist alert to New York City yesterday primarily to distract from questions about its handling of pre-Sept. 11 intelligence information.

Appearing on the "Imus in the Morning" radio show, Rather said he "believed" his network's report a week ago that the White House received a CIA briefing before 9-11 on possible al Qaeda hijackings prompted the administration to issue the alert for political damage control.

"I can believe that the president and the people around him were surprised and peeved, to say the least," Rather contended, "that the information got out last week with [CBS's] report that President Bush had been briefed about some things that, in retrospect after Sept. 11, would indicate that, well, maybe somebody should have done something."

The CBS newsman continued: "And I can also believe that, as with every president, somebody's in the White House scratching their heads saying, 'How can we change the subject.' Now, the subject has been changed, suddenly and very effectively, from 'How is it that the FBI and the CIA didn't move on the information they had? Where was the president briefed about what, when?' "The subject's been changed," Rather explained, "from that, to suddenly one administration official after another, and each escalating it, [issuing] a new set of warnings."

The CBS anchor said he doubted the confluence of events was coincidental: "Maybe these two things are not connected, but surely the people in the administration could forgive us for perhaps thinking, well, perhaps there's some connection here."

Prior to outlining his terrorist alert conspiracy theory, Rather sounded dismissive about the latest warning that had Manhattan in a virtual traffic lockdown Wednesday morning: "We're on some kind of alert because somebody heard something that somebody may blow something up. [But] as a citizen, what are we supposed to do with that information?"

Rather also defended Democrat calls for a 9-11 investigation into the Bush White House, saying: "We're not interested in just looking in the rear view mirror so we can nail somebody, you know - 'What did you know and when did you know it.' "But this is pretty important stuff," he insisted. "Given the stories about intelligence failures that we already have heard about, who can argue that we don't need some kind of commission ... led by professionals that goes into how the situation with al Qaeda was handled before Sept. 11, what mistakes were made and what we can learn from that."

Rather insisted that curiosity about a possible Bush 9-11 cover-up had nothing to do with partisan politics.

"That's not playing partisan politics. There's already too much of that. That's trying to get information that can help us all in the future." The CBS newsman also accused Attorney General John Ashcroft of taking advantage of insider information about terrorist warnings to fly on private jets, while the public was kept in the dark about the secret alert, telling Imus:

"If the attorney general is given information that convinces him, 'Hey, I don't want to be on any commercial airliners just now. I'm gonna take government planes everywhere.' If the attorney general was told that ... then it raises a question. Why wasn't the public alerted?"

"Some people probably would not have flown" had they also received the Ashcroft warning, he complained.

After the CBS news anchor's interview, NBC Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski called Imus to correct the record, explaining that Ashcroft's decision not to fly commercial aircraft last summer was prompted by threats against his life - and had no connection whatsoever to pre-Sept. 11 intelligence information.



George W Bush, Political Terrorist

by William Rivers Pitt

Thursday, 23 May, 2002

The earthquake began on Thursday, May 16th: The Bush administration had been warned by the CIA months before September 11th of Al Qaida terrorists and plans to hijack airplanes. Nothing of substance was done to address the threat – "The proper agencies were warned," we were told, but no representative of any pertinent agency has since stepped forward to acknowledge receipt of any warnings.

In fact, the spokesman for Massport, the Massachusetts state agency responsible for security at Logan airport, stated bluntly in the pages of the Boston Globe that his agency never heard from the Federal government regarding any hijacking threat. The two aircraft that destroyed the World Trade Center towers and killed thousands of Americans went wheels-up at Logan.

By Friday the news was sprayed across the headlines of virtually every newspaper on the planet: Bush Knew.

The implications were deadly for the Bush White House. Information had been given that indicated terrorist attacks were imminent, but little if anything was done to prevent them. Concern for the profit margins of the airline industry, which would have been crippled had a serious terrorist warning been disbursed in high summer, were first offered as a good reason why no true measures were taken to prevent the hijackings.

Later, spokesmen like Ari Fleischer and Dick Cheney came forward to claim that the warnings were "vague" and "non-specific" and therefore not worthy of notice. We were told that the hijack warnings pertained to "traditional hijacking" scenarios, as if that forgave the lapse in security. The weekend political talk shows became a showcase for spin, and the word went out for all to hear – the Bush administration is blameless, and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor.

The truly interesting part came on Monday. All of a sudden, the world was coming to an end. FBI Director Mueller claimed there was no chance that another terrorist attack could be stopped. Dick Cheney stuck out his jaw and stated bluntly that another terrorist attack was inevitable. Don Rumsfeld said terrorists would definitely get their hands on nuclear or biological weapons, and then use them to terrible effect. The newswires vibrated with images of suicide bombers on New York subways, and a warning went out to apartment building landlords – watch for suspicious characters, because the next WTC-type catastrophe could be yours. The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge were draped with bullseyes by the administration, though no one spoke of means to prevent these horrors.

The effect of these warnings was dynamic. People from coast to coast felt the clutch of fear in their guts as images of smallpox and mushroom clouds flickered behind their eyelids. New York City, battered and bruised, clenched its collective fist in a spasm of dread. It must be real, these threats, because the President and his people say so. Let there be terror and meekness in equal measure on the streets of the greatest city on earth.

And yet comes Wednesday, and an extraordinary series of revelations. An article in the May 21st edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail reported that, "the White House quietly acknowledged that the threats are not urgent and that they are partly motivated by political objectives" and that "the blunt warnings issued yesterday and Sunday do not reflect a dramatic increase in threatening information but rather a desire to fend off criticism from the Democrats."

It seems that everyone can calm down. Horrific terrorist attacks are not, in fact, imminent. Everything is well in hand. The Bush administration is merely using the fear and horror that another September 11th-type attack may happen again as a means to deflect legitimate criticism from the Democratic Party. Nothing to see here. Go about your business. This is, after all, just politics.


Why the veil of secrecy? (...) There are those who believe the absolute worst – that Bush and his cronies knew of the 9/11 attacks in advance, and allowed them to happen so they could advance nefarious personal and political goals. For the time being, such accusations are totally unprovable and essentially irresponsible. The truth in hand, however, is worse than the darkest conspiracy theory.



From: Name deleted
To: Suzanne Ward <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2002
Subject: News Alert!

They are starting with their fear tactics again. Can Matthew tell us about when the Bush Gang will be fully exposed and removed? I sense it is close but will come after some more action...this alignment is pretty war-like we have to be so focused on love and peace right now, so very clear.



From: CBSNews---Breaking_News
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Subject: News Alert!

The FBI has warned law enforcement officials in New York about uncorroborated information that landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, might be targeted by terrorists. CLIP


From: Suzanne Ward <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Subject: Re: News Alert!

Hello again...

I just read your email and Matthew said he'd like to send you a message right now:

"Hello, and best wishes from Matthew. Do not be unduly alarmed by the 'Bush Gang fear tactics,' for there are light workers who in number and certainly in power far exceed the influence and tactical maneuvers of these, the REAL terrorists. Many minds on Earth are attuning to this truth, although it has not yet been revealed insofar as their exact complicity in regards to the planes hitting the towers and the attendant aftermath frights. It is becoming 'lighted' there on the planet and people who before would not even have considered aligning the terrorists with the presidental administration are now doubting that their leaders are innocent or having best interests of anyone at heart except their dark friends who are salivating at the very idea of an oil pipeline racing across the ravaged land where the United States military forces even now are searching for the 'concocted terrorists.' Well, as you know, some of the authentic ones are to be found in Washington, DC, to be sure, but not exclusively, as some -- the top-most ringleaders -- are not even on the planet, but their force is felt there through the willingness of their puppets.

"Even now the duplicity of President Bush and his 'advisers' is being uncovered, but if you are asking for a full scale exposure in mainstream media with conclusive line, verse and chapter of the most recent deception and corruption -- and that self-serving basis of governing has been in US presidential administrations and government offshoot agencies for many decades -- that may never come. What WILL come with certainty is the cessation of the fear tactics because the people-puppets and their puppetmasters who are instigating these heinous activities no longer are going to have that power on the planet. It is happening quite quickly now that the light is coming in such powerful streamers. So, hold the thought of love and light streams opening hearts and minds to the truth, and you will be aiding the light forces who are working in that avenue so that lies and atrocities will not continue without greater and greater resistance. So far there have been only the small voices here and there, but now there is coming a ground swell of opposition to the ramrod single-focused presidential decisions that are showing themselves for what they are -- combined, total control over all of Earth -- not what Bush originally did sell to the US and other peoples, too, as patriotism for a war imperative for ridding the Earth of terrorists.

"I cannot say that not one more life will be lost due to these unconscionable acts -- because they are being committed by people who literally do not have a conscience -- but the intensity of fear is lessening, and that in turn will lessen the need for the objects of fear to be manifested. So, regardless of the aims and claims of Bush and his colleagues in the darkness, please withdraw any anxiety you may have, and pass along this word, if you will, please. And that, Mother, is why I was so eager for you to let me speak to (Name deleted) right now.

"Both of you, do not let up for a moment your belief that the light IS prevailing! And smile often -- even more often!

"With very warm feelings for you, because you asked my opinion. Thank you! This is Matthew"



(...) "After I read Tony Wicks fascinating article about the "future" in your recent compilation - Suzy refers here to "Dramatic Changes - What's Going On?" archived at - I had a sitting for the first time in ages specifically to ask Matthew about two major points where Tony and he differ."


WEDNESDAY, May 8, 2002

S: Matthew?

M: Mother, I am here. I know you have serious questions about the differences in two main points in what you have just read and what I have told you previously about the photon belt and possible underground living some time soon on the planet. What I have told you regarding both is correct.

There still are as many ideas about the photon belt as there are souls to contemplate it, with four basic theories that range from, It WILL collide with Earth to It will not be anywhere near Earth to We already are IN it! to We have no way of knowing at this point where or if the belt ever is going profoundly interact with the planet again. The variations for the literally thousands, maybe millions of ideas, are in the timing and the proximity of the belt’s journey, both of which would seriously affect the result of any interaction. But definitely you are not now within the belt!

Mother, please listen to the sense of this: How could the photon belt have embraced Earth without your awareness of entry into that powerful momentum, not to mention the major changes in power source? You have the same sources of power as have existed for well over a century, with increasing technological innovations. Well, yes, counting fire, much longer than centuries, but the mainstay of your power sources for heat, light, transportation, and appliances, tools and surgical instruments is electricity, oil and gas. Other sources and types of energy are known, to be sure, but their development has not been encouraged by the entrenched corporate influences that want to keep the economy under their control and not let it rush out to greet sun and water and wind as energy sources.

So, oil sucked from the interior of Earth provides fuel for many of those power providers and so does gas, also from the interior of the planet. Both of these are part of Earth’s very life force, and their removal at such a rate that she could not begin to replace them to sustain herself, must stop, and it will stop as soon as souls there treat Earth’s life as real and sacred as their own. But my point here is, neither oil nor gas can be used for ignition purposes in a photon-charged atmosphere as they are not compatible in nature – in fact, they are combustible. In an atmosphere where photon charges are more prevalent than electron charges, the dominance of the photons dictates the type of utility power produced.

The photon belt, which is named appropriately for its composition, would not enable Earth’s most prevalent power sources to coexist with its own energy makeup -- it has to be one or the other. Information is being sent to Earth by scientists here expressly so that photon energy can be directed into higher technological applications. It is not that photons are not all around you, but that the miniscule knowledge of how to apply their power extensively has not even been allowed to be well explored let alone developed into any widespread applications. This is changing now as telepathic communication picks up between scientists in Nirvana and scientists on Earth.

S: Well, OK, but Matthew, can’t you tell from where you are exactly where the belt is?

MATTHEW: If there were defined locations in the universe, yes, I could pinpoint the belt’s location as well as any other observer beyond Earth could. However, the time and space calculations devised on Earth do not exist beyond the planet. Even the determination of your telescopes’ farthest range is an interpretation based upon the definitions and limitations that are exclusively yours, and those are only beginning to resemble the factual nature of universal laws regarding motion in the continuum.

Furthermore, the photon belt is not a placement, such as is Nirvana and your solar system, but, somewhat like the force fields without dense mass, its vastness meanders. There are innumerable conscious alignments with the belt’s movement, and like any other “like attracts like” thought form manifestation and attraction in the universe, the belt is composed of thoughts forms and is subject to any alterations put into motion by this basic natural law. Despite, or perhaps because of this, the belt does travel in a fairly well fixed orbit in relation to large celestial bodies but not in a fixed pathway, that is, not an absolute headway or direction. So it can maneuver itself within an immense area and not threaten a sizable mass but it pulls into itself the heavenly debris of smaller sizes. That is how the belt became what it is, as if it is a sky sweeper assigned to keep Space tidy.

The impulses emanating from the belt’s motion are thrown out so far as to be unimaginable. It is these photon emanations that Earth science has detected and will direct and apply in the nature of what have been referred to as free energy or alternative sources from those that are stripping Mother Earth of her life force substances. Those substances can and will be replaced with the advanced technology of other civilizations, otherwise planetary healing could not happen, and it is from the intelligence of those higher plane residents that also the technology will come to harness the photon energy.

Mother, very few people there can understand this in universal principle and manifestation, and it should not surprise you to know that those who do also are aware of their other-worldly origins and universal connections. You do not have any education to provide the vocabulary that would entertain a scientific treatise, and this isn’t necessary, because many souls like you can relate to the simplicity of this explanation and the science of the spheres will be given to those whose minds can assimilate it at that necessary level of comprehension.

Now, then, the other point in that article that has let you feel once again that I am not dependable enough to always give adequate or correct information is the underground living on Earth. Yes, there is now and will continue to be and long has been underground living, but that is not meant to be the destiny of all Earth’s residents. It just is not so that some day, maybe even in your lifetime, everyone on the planet will have to be living underground! What IS true is that one day in the not too distant future beloved Terra’s healing efforts will return her to the magnificence that you have not consciously remembered in this lifetime but your soul does remember. It is unlikely, at the least, that populations then would choose not to live in the midst of what will once again be a true Eden.

The underground living is much as it has been described. Although details of cities, their sizes and distances apart, and scenery differ somewhat from the actual, all of those types of information have validity. The filtering aspects of telepathic communication added to the density of Earth and the human brain that dulls memories of even personal experiences, account for the little discrepancies. What is not correct is that the residents of Earth’s interior are the people who escaped the catastrophic upheavals that devastated entire continents and who found refuge there when all other life on the planet was annihilated. All life was destroyed at that time, there were no survivors in physical bodies. The loss of all humankind on the planet was not caused by an accident, but by the necessity to relieve the negativity created by the people who had forsaken spirituality and focused on intellectual domination, conquest, greed and fear. A time of freedom from those energy attachments was a prerequisite to Earth’s rejuvenation.

At a point when it was considered prudent to initiate humankind on Earth again, the soul population simply embodied in her hospitable interior instead of on her surface, which was still in a recovery mode for comfortably sustaining life. The souls now living underground came at that time, in the repopulating by the same ancestors who had embodied on Earth or cooperated in the original seeding programs.

When human, animal and plant life could flourish once again on the surface, some of the interior population moved out and up and, along with other ancestral repopulating, increased in numbers until reaching today’s six billion or so. What is correct, and herein may be the seeds of any “discrepancy,” is that many souls living in Earth’s interior also had embodied during the glory days of Lemuria and Atlantis and have clear recall of the happenings.

Mother, it is not my intention to simply dismiss another source’s version of what IS, and you are reluctant to accept my information that you see as being at odds with that from any other source or channel. While I do not wish to belabor differentiating aspects of history or current or future happenings, in your time line, I do want you to know that the version I gave you before and do so again today, is correct. Please remember that in the past few calendar years I have traveled to other galaxies by invitation of many civilizations to evaluate their sanctuary realms and consult with them on improvements, so it is from far beyond my Nirvana vantage point that I can give you this information firmly with assurance of its authenticity.

What I wish to emphasize, though, is that the variations make no difference! I know you regarded that article’s two points of deviation from my information as a major significance but actually, Mother, they are inconsequential. These slightly differing views of the overall Truth are not going to put one segment of a soul-searching population in one growth place based on their perspective and another segment in a lower level because their belief is in something just a wee bit different. Both views – and their myriad kindred spirit variations -- are milestones on the lighted pathway where identical footsteps are not necessary and there is no difference in the desired ultimate destination of the souls!

S: Matthew, I’d like to reread this. You spoke so quickly that there are red squiggles under half of what I typed.

M: Mother, is it not true that misspellings aside, you feel more comfortable when I speak quickly because you equate it with my knowing what I’m talking about. When I speak slowly you wonder if I’m making it up as I go along, that I’m telling you a concocted story rather than laying out what IS.

S: Matthew, I’m sorry that I seem to fall back into the mindset that my 17-year-old son couldn’t possibly know all of this. Anyway, I’ll read this and correct all those typos and get back to you with comments or questions. …. OK, thank you. I don’t want to assume anything here, so I’m asking you to state clearly why different viewpoints of the same issue are insignificant.

M: I did not mean to leave you with such a potentially broad application of that point as I see in your thinking. No, it’s not applicable to a situation where killing in self-defense is no different from brutally killing just to destroy a life because all killing is wrong. Mother, you’re complicating this simple truth with karmic lessons and comparisons and analyses and polarity!

All right, then, to be more explicit, souls who are seeking the Christed light don’t have to step in time, like synchronized marchers along the pathway. The destination is the same, the route is the same, the desire to be traveling there is the same. But the souls are unique! If someone passes a rose bush and instantly smiles in memory of the gifts of roses for special occasions, and another person sees a lilac bush and lingers by it, absorbing its delightful fragrance, and the third person misses both of those but sees a bluebird and is thrilled by the nest he actually saw long ago that now is in his mind’s eye -- what attracts these souls differs, their memories and moments differ, but their journey is not significantly altered and their destination is unchanged.

S: Yes, I see.


Note from Jean: Suzy also suggested that I network this excerpt from a letter she received recently from Neta Kfir <>

"Many people in Israel are doing much energetic work and meditations and many are working for peace. We are now organizing a peace gathering for May 23-25. There are going to be many speakers who will be speaking about their vision of peace and activities -- Jews, Christians and Muslims.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Finally here is another reply from Matthew to a couple questions I had for him recently. The first one had to do with the "famous" Planet X (also know as Niburu), a mysterious planetary body that, according to some emails that came my way, is on a near-collision course with the Earth and is supposed to wreak havoc on our planet in 2003, or which according to other sources, harbors a warrior race that is supposed to likewise brings devastation to our world next year. I'm personnally VERY reluctant to buy into any such far-fetched scenarios and did not want to further spread this kind of material. But for the benefit of those who may have seen this same stuff and may be wondering what is true or not about this, I asked Suzy to get Matthew's take on this - which you'll see below. I also wanted Matthew to debunk the silly - to me - notion that our planet - or any planet for that matter - could stop spinning on itself as was alleged in the document from Tony Wick already mentioned above. Matthew's reply is also included below.

From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: Other Clarifications from Matthew on the Planet X - Our planet stopping spinning on its axis AND Fear Tactics
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002

Good morning, Jean!

Months ago Kiara Windrider asked Matthew to comment on a chapter in his book, and after a lot of digging I found this. As I was re-reading it I asked Matthew about the time period of six months before that body was turned away from Earth, and he said: "It is an ongoing directional energy flow, not a single major nudge, and by now there is no possibility of any collision course. The warrior force riding on the planet that was intended in their minds to plummet toward Earth for a battle worthy of their prowess in waging war, has been informed by the galactic light hierarchy that they may choose to accept the light or they will be taken aboard the asteroid to a lower density placement where there is remedial experiencing in alignment with their energy registration." So please update that old material by adding this at the end.

You have asked about the planet stopping spinning on its axis, and here is what Matthew says: "This is a fantasy that those who will stop at nothing to scare Earth's inhabitants must be chuckling about, even though very few minds there are buying into something as ludicrous as a single celestial body suddenly standing motionless while the whole of the cosmos except for that body continues in motion. But still, so much of universal science is misinterpreted or the information is deliberately skewed into 100% fallacy or is in innocent error that no idea should -- forgive the use of that word, Mother, that YOU shouldn't use in your thinking and creating, but how else can I say that, no theory proffered in good intent should be ignored or ridiculed, but rather given investigation by requesting input from the channels of light sources known to be dependable.

"Mother, please add here that creating FEAR is behind a great deal of what is being talked about on Earth in these times. I have mentioned this fear generation as a primary goal of the dark forces and the reason is, fear is incompatible with light and light is imperative for the healing of Earth. The more light reaching Earth, the more heated up the darkness must become to combat it. It is so essential that all of you realize that fear tactics are ever in evidence, with differing degrees of effectiveness. For instance, in these days at hand there is talk of the need to see terrorist threats as real, that people should EXPECT them at any time. That is not the truth. It is not that disasters of manmade effort and happenings of strategic and deceptive intent will not occur, but the very sources of the "alerts" are the instigators of the "terrorist" happenings. If they can keep the fear factor sufficiently effective, they can forego the actual motions, but if the fear factor diminishes, they will be forced to play their hand and create fear-generating conditions or lose credibility in that regard. And as I've said before, the sources of the terrorism that are being publicized are NOT the sources who have been and will be perpetrating any of the actual events."


Date: Tue, 21 May 2002
Subject: A Vision

Aloha Jean - Only great spiritual strength can sustain such ongoing and demanding work that you perform! From my heart to yours, deepest thanks!

Exploring the idea of global unity for peace and harmony without the danger of centralized power brought me to a vision of replacing the disharmonious system of "nation-states" with an entirely new organic "bottom-up" system that even abandons the word government.

In brief...

1. A local-to-global "Authentic Constitution" (AC) would be established by popular vote. It would outlaw wars and weapons of death, and authorize "fair adjudication of differences" among all people.

2. The AC would authorize "Service Districts" to be established by popular demand and by direct popular vote. Such districts would serve human needs therein and at the pleasure of the people.

3. The AC would authorize Service Districts ranging from local water and waste, to global law enforcement, environmental and other cooperative and coordinating needs.

The good intention of focused minds and physical action will manifest a much-needed new paradigm. Whether it's this one or another, contact for discussion is taking place through and all are invited.