March 29, 2002

The Light Series #20: Massive Global Changes of Heart Imminent!

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I believe many of you will very much like this one.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Every creature is better alive than dead..."

- Henry David Thoreau

"Every act of unification constitutes an act of love."

- Elijah de Vidas

"I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it."

- Dwight Eisenhower


1. A Feedback
3. More kudos
5. I want to give my life for peace and unconditional love
6. Probe Into Cuba's Possible 'Sunken City' Advances
7. What is Quantum Monkey?
8. A Poem
9. Buddhist Prayer for Peace

NOTE: The situation in the Middle East is requiring more than ever our spiritual healing attention. The seemingly never-ending cycle of violence from *both* sides of this conflict is once again reaching a crescendo despited the hopes of a ceasefire and efforts by many countries to mitigate this situation and foster peaceful solutions.

Here are some titles and URLs if you want to find out more:

A revolting massacre - Civilians targeted during holiday seder

Sharon Declares Arafat an 'Enemy' And Troops Enter His Compound

IDF troops seize Arafat's offices in Ramallah compound

Arafat Calls World Leaders for Help (Fri Mar 29)

US plea to halt Mid-East carnage

Mideast Peace, Mideast Carnage

Extended Operation Set in West Bank After Terror Bombing

ANALYSIS: Has Sharon Started Endgame to Oust Arafat?

Two-Edged Diplomacy

Egypt Says Israel Declares War, Arabs Want Peace (Fri Mar 29)


From: "IAC-LA" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 23:16


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Two months ago REYNOLD WEISSINGER wrote in the guestbook available at the bottom the Earth Rainbow Network website:


Well now (March 29, 2002 ) the counter is at 74103! (500+ in the last 2 days!)


From: MARIESTELLAR@cs. com
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002
Subject: Re: Turning Tide of History #5: Two Soaring Heros Of Our Time In Need of Support

Dear Jean,

Thank you for bringing this information to us and Bless you for all the incredible work you do. I am keeping copies of all this inforamtion and have been thinking of putting together a group of people to start getting the communities involved. We need to act on this as soon as possible Congressman Kucinich website is a great Idea and will help people get connected and help them to feel that they are not alone in this. We are responsible for Mother Earth and if we do not save her and stop this madness then we are the ones to blame. God gave us a great gift to love and to share ,when you disrespect a gift from God and the universe you have a problem and it's not going to go away we will have to deal with it. Peace I believe is in everyone's heart, There are some who have lost their way and are confused. They got caught up in the drama of fear and it stifled them. We the lightworkers are the ones to change that, that is why we are here at this great time of the duality to set in motion the light, love and peace on this wonderful planet Earth. God Bless us all and once again thank you for being who you are.

Many Blessings,



Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002
From: Freed Schmitter <>

A few months ago, so many of us made a heart connection. An unknown energy has resulted from that. It would have been logical that peace had prevailed.

It appears not to be the case as today Israel declared war to Palestina. Did we miss something? Did we not try hard enough?

Maybe, just maybe, there is another sacrifice asked from us.

When we imagine that whatever appears outside, responds to an inside imbalance - then all what is to do is to bring harmony and unity to whatever catches y-our mind / world. Seen from this point, the mass media news are mere reports from the inner soul conditions. The challenge is to unite all aspects, by forgiving first and then directing energy to dialogue and negociation and constructive projects. The former enemy (parts) that respond to this opening are the ones to work with. Gradually expanding and fostering those who had enough (self)destruction, and transform former hostility into readiness to learn from each other.

This is a more promising way to go. Isolate the war heads by not paying too much attention to them. The mass media marionets make us believe their favoured game of selling more of their weapons, the news are war machine shows each day. A healthy investigative mind calls for analyzing who does attacks. From World War one and two, we came to understand that these were set-ups by the war-minds.

Recent history will reveal the same, and still (a big part of) humanity let fool themselves by the military-industrial cabals. The(ir) reality depends on y-our support.

Thanks to the Internet we have the chance to communicate a better unity-reality. The ones who are ready to construct peace and harmony (in themselves) can share their achievements and inspire others in this monumental task. Chat facilities and community sites could provide the needed family feeling.

You can start your own at (It is free, and it is an easy process).

The whole of Good Friday, worldwide meditation calls and local peace vigils are set up. Easter and Easter Monday will be another chance to focus on an emerging mind shift. Armageddon does not need to happen, peace and unity can forge a new paradise reality in this instant. Creating is so much more fun than destroying. And in creating, we become Gods. It is y-our next destination. Let it begin NOW.

In comm-unity,




Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001
From: Randy Mitchell <>
Subject: More kudos

I wished to take a moment to extend my appreciation for your life's work, brother. I said it before and I will say it again: you are in need of secretarial reinforcements! This newsletter is a treasure trove; a lighthouse in a storm that promises to change us irrevocably. I ardently admire your mission.

To be in unconditional love, as I understand it, is to be willing to accept all that occurs around and inside of us. There is an epic drama taking shape, but it is not really about this foray into warfare. That is a fascinating sideshow, but--as I recently read in the Vajra Chronicles (you know of this work?)--we have, as a race, been engaged in one big war for centuries with little breaks in between. It is apparently necessary to our progress. The main event is nothing short of a world being recreated at the cellular level on up. That's what we must hold onto as events unfold and explode in the next decade.

At the moment, in the so-called "seat of power" sits immature beings who require lessons in submission/dominance, and separation. Whatever havoc they wreak, it is they who are setting karmic tides into motion that they will ultimately have to balance. Without condoning it, we must nonetheless allow it. Love requires it. If it is a world of love you wish to inhabit, create it within you. There is no other way. This dream will be over before long.

A brother

PS I'll be happy to forward the Vajra material if it interests you. It's about time-line travel into a few generations ahead, and descriptions of the paradise that awaits soon.


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
From: Birgitta Svahnström <>

Dear Jean,

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your enlightened work. Many of the articles bring hope of peace and fulfillment of Gods Plan for our planet and its inhabitants in the different kingdoms. Some articles carry important information about the evil forces fighting for control and it is good for us all to recognize them and to know what they are about.

Love and Light to you and all co-workers in this fantastic project. My group shall join you during the full moon meditation on thursday.

Birgitta Svahnström
The Åland Islands, Finland.


NOTE FROM JEAN: I received the following a couple days ago from my good friend Alex Kochkin who also mailed me a few weeks ago a copy of a document outlining the most impressive results from the In Our Own Words 2000 Research Program (IOOW 2000) that his Foundation has conducted last year. This is an extremely high quality study showing that a fairly significant percentage of the US population is going through some form of global awakening. Give this a good look and find out more at the FGA websites.

See also the March 14 Press Release on the GLOBAL INTERCHANGE INITIATIVE below - a most interesting concept which, once implemented, could become the Mother of all New Consciousness Internet portals.

WHAT BRINGS US TOGETHER: HAVE WE REACHED A CRITICAL TURNING POINT? New large-scale national study offers profound insight into our core commonalities

March 14, 2002 -- POINT REYES STATION, CA-Fund For Global Awakening (FFGA), a California-based not-for-profit organization, announces the release of a groundbreaking research study of American values, attitudes and beliefs: the In Our Own Words 2000 Research Program (IOOW 2000). This large-scale, landmark research suggests many ways in which our society may be approaching a turning point in its development. An ever-increasing proportion of the population is embracing a more encompassing understanding of themselves, a deeper spiritual awareness, a universal connectedness, and a belief in working toward a greater common good.

"America is a society whose strength is based in part on the hopes and aspirations that arise from a longing for enlightenment and compassion," notes FFGA Director Alex Kochkin. "What choices will Americans make to tap our enormous potential? The IOOW 2000 results provide a very reliable and realistic picture of America today - and where we may be heading next."

The information gathered in the IOOW 2000 Research - the result of two years of intensive work carried out by an accomplished professional research team - demonstrates a profound sense of connection that is shared by a diverse population of Americans. The immediate and practical benefits derived from these findings include well-defined ways to reach people based on positive values and attitudes not available through other research systems or through conventional communications strategies. Its analysis of eight American types offers startling insight into our society:

* Embracing Traditional Values
* Cautious and Conservative
* Disengaged from Social Concerns
* Persisting through Adversity
* Connecting through Self-Exploration
* Seeking Community Transformation
* Working for a New Life of Wholeness
* Centered in a Material World

(A typology system measures multiple traits - values, beliefs and motivations - and determines to what extent they exist within a population. Typologies assume that these traits are relatively consistent, change very slowly over time, and form attitudes and lifestyles that drive behavior. The goal of a typology is not to pigeonhole people, but to help us understand key differences and commonalities among types.) Applying this typology, IOOW 2000 Research examines key values, attitudes and beliefs concerning forgiveness and tolerance, ethics and leadership, compassion and service, expectations for the next decade, technology, media, healthcare, and other vital contemporary concerns. The study identifies many key issues of strategic importance to American society and to individuals in positions of leadership. The insights derived from the IOOW typology are of great value in developing communications and positioning strategy.

IOOW 2000 Research demonstrates ways to reach a robust group of individuals seeking a positive, compassionate and enlightened future embodying new ways of transcending conflict and retribution. Now more than ever, these core values need to be supported and brought to the forefront of our awareness. The sponsors of this study hope that many U.S. organizations and policy-making bodies will be guided by the inspiring insights of the American public that are given voice in this study.

To view the Executive Briefing of the IOOW 2000 Research: _sum.html

Print copies may be ordered at this site as well.


A self-sustaining strategic hub that taps the Internet's full potential

Technology and unique processes for a positive future based on compassion and service

March 14, 2002 -- POINT REYES STATION, CA - Foundation for Global Awakening (FGA) announces The Global Interchange Project, a large-scale, strategic initiative designed to support the creation of a positive and sustainable future. The Project provides advanced applications, comprehensive information services, facilitation, and funding resources available in all areas relating to the emergence of new consciousness and integral solutions for an awakened future. The Project fulfills a need that has been identified in a large-scale US research study completed in 2001.

This research identifies 31.4 million US households with online access, willing to subscribe to a low-cost, non-commercial, Internet service dedicated to personal and global transformation. Some characteristics of subscribers include:

* 91% believe that helping others in need is one of the most important things that can be done and would like to be more personally involved in creating a better world at a local and/or global level;
* 86% report that they make charitable contributions or donate time;
* 91% feel the need for spiritual growth;
* 83% believe the earth is a unique kind of living organism and a whole system.

These households, totaling over 65 million people, represent a diverse, yet purposeful and active population that strongly identify with the need for positive social innovation. An additional 23 million households, without online access, also expressed their willingness to pay for the proposed Internet service. Reflecting this pattern, a growing number of businesses and non-profits around the world are paying greater attention to enlightened solutions for a diverse range of issues facing people today.

"The Global Interchange Project has identified a vital, and as yet unmet, role in assisting the emergence of individual and societal awakening which will better the human condition," says foundation director Alex Kochkin. "The Project builds on and amplifies numerous pioneering efforts of leading innovators for a positive future around the world, some of whose work spans decades. The Global Interchange Project will elevate this body of accomplishments to new levels." By increasing awareness of its own good works and that of its partner organizations, The Project will grow through member donations, fee-based services, and venture philanthropy to achieve financial self-sustainability within three years. The Project will increase its base of subscribers and other constituents through grass roots campaigns, collaborative and integrated communication strategies, personal emissaries, and goodwill equity. In addition to a substantial cooperative paying member base with a growing circle of organizations, even greater numbers of people at-large will be using The Global Interchange Project as an Internet-based resource for information, interactivity, inspiration, technical, and financial support. Various enhanced services and products will augment user-fee income.

"The Global Interchange Project bridges philanthropic capital and entrepreneurial wealth," Kochkin adds. "Our business model creates a self-sustaining enterprise with significant benefit to our core partners and donors" - which The Project is now seeking - "while bringing new levels of access and functionality to our members and all other users."

Foundation for Global Awakening (, a sponsor of The Global Interchange Project, is a private California-based foundation that is not limited or influenced by any religious beliefs, political or economic interests.

To view the Global Interchange Executive Summary:

Please contact us directly for a print copy.

The Global Interchange Project
Tel: 415-663-8211
Fax: 415-663-8261
(Fund For Global Awakening)


Posted by "Carl Gant" <clgant@triad. rr. com> in the Guestbook accessible at the bottom of

I want to give my life for peace and unconditional love


I no longer want to live in this world of hate and violence, separatism, us against them, evil vs good, judgment, war, poverty, greed, pollution, ignorance, survivalism and unconsciousness. This is not my home. I want to give my life for peace and unconditional love.

I can no longer accept nuclear weapons and other mass destruction weapons as part of a humane and loving and supposed to be religious and God fearing country and world. I want to be part of a movement of beings that will be true to their spirits, hearts and souls and not their egos. These beings must be ready to give their lives to follow the Christ spirit, example of unconditional love, which at the present time, especially after the events of Sept ll, 2001 is probably more unpopular than ever.

Jesus would be saying we are, each of us, sons and daughters of God or our source which is love. This would be called blasphemy and insanity by the religious, including most Christians. The Christ spirit would be talking about and practicing the way of peace and nonviolence and overcoming evil with good.

At this time, about 90% of this country and probably most of the world endorse or accept violence as the way to overcome violence. Even when women and children are specifically included, the percentage of acceptance is some 70%. We sit in judgment of people we call terrorists while we are bombing and killing innocent women and children as they are starving to death.

Who are the terrorists? We can't see that our violence and our war mentality can only bring about more of what we say we are trying to stop, fear and hate. We must love our enemies and besides when we really look at ourselves honestly, we will see that we are the enemy. We can never find true peace within ourselves as long as we think and act out of fear and hate.

The problem is that peace and unconditional love are anti-american and anti-christian right now. Those even talking about it are being censored, called terrorists (you're either with us or with the terrorists), traitors and other undesirable names.

We must no longer accept nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Can't we see that even with the acceptance of these unspeakable horrors as possible weapons that we might as well have used them. Is that how far we want to carry this survival game of life of ours? Can't we understand that even if we get rid of the weapons today, that would only be a temporary solution if we don't also change our consciousness to one of unity and love for all.

I'm ready to give my life nonviolently for peace and for humanity. I'm looking for others to join me, but if not, I won't be alone because God is always with me and especially when I'm coming from and being unconditional love. What could be more meaningful in life than to be God's representative for peace and love in this world? I and each being on this earth are special sons and daughters of God. Each of us has unique gifts to offer the world. There is no one like me or you and there will never be, but we are all at the same time one with God and each other.

The spirit of God (love) within me will no longer allow me to stay quiet when I know that, at some level, I'm a part of a country and a world, including most of the religious world, that uses weapons of power and force to prove they are right. Bombing innocent women and children is not right. Nuclear weapons are unacceptable, unspeakable horrors. War is not a solution to killing and violence. Spending fortunes on weapons and military while millions starve and live in fear is not what a God of love would have us do. God (love) continues to give us a choice: We can chose fear, hate and survivalism leading to our own destruction or we can chose love and unity and bring heaven to earth.

The Kingdom of God is within; it is here, now or never and nowhere. I hope to send a copy of this to all peace organizations in hopes that others will be willing to get out of their comfort zones and join me in trying to awake the world before we destroy ourselves.

Carl Gant, called to be a peacemaker.

"Love is my religion. The world is my family."



Probe Into Cuba's Possible 'Sunken City' Advances (Mar 29)

By Andrew Cawthorne

HAVANA (Reuters) - Scientific investigators said on Friday they hope to better determine later this year if an unusual rock formation deep off Cuba's coast could be a sunken city from a previously unknown ancient civilization.

"These are extremely peculiar structures ... They have captured all our imagination," Cuban geologist Manuel Iturralde said at a conference after a week on a boat over the site.

"If I had to explain this geologically, I would have a hard time," he told reporters later, saying examination of rock samples due to be collected in a few months should shed further light on the formation off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on Cuba's western tip.

Iturralde, research director of Cuba's Natural History Museum, has joined Canadian exploration company Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) in efforts to solve the mystery of the smooth, geometrically shaped, granite-like rocks. They are laid out in structures resembling pyramids, roads and other structures at more than 2,000 feet in a 7-3/4 mile-square area.

ADC has suggested they might belong to a civilization that colonized the American continent thousands of years ago, possibly sitting on an island that was sunk to great depths by cataclysmic earth movement such as an earthquake.

That theory, and its inevitable parallel with the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, has provoked skepticism from some scientists around the world who say the depth and age -- ADC has spoken of at least 6,000 years' old -- were not credible.

Some European archaeologists said the stones, stumbled upon in July 2000 while ADC was hunting with sonar equipment for treasure and sunken Spanish galleons, could be formed by natural limestone.

But Iturralde's conclusion that there is no immediately apparent natural explanation for the rocks has lent credence to ADC's theory.


"It appears like there is some kind of intelligent design in the structure's configuration and planning," ADC's Soviet-born Canadian ocean engineer, Paulina Zelitsky, said on the sidelines of the geophysical conference in Havana.

"I have worked in this field over 30 years and I have never before seen natural structures shaped with such intelligent symmetry and plan. From the very first moment, I was suspecting that these structures were not natural."

While Iturralde gave evidence in his paper on Friday for seismic movement at the site, and possible submerging of the land, he drew short of definitively concluding the rocks were not shaped by nature. If, however, that theory was proven, it would revolutionize understanding of the history of the Americas, he told reporters.

"It would change a lot our knowledge of humans and the evolution of the Americas," Iturralde said.

"Recently, a French archaeologist found some evidence of people being here in South America 40,000 years ago, something we never expect, so you need to be always open to things that you are not expecting, that are not in the framework of present-day knowledge ... We may have found something that nobody has thought about."

ADC plans to take a specially designed robot to the site in a few months to take samples of the rocks and the sediment they are embedded in to try to date them and seek signs they may have once been on dry land. They will also be searching for any sign of human life such as drawings, sculptures or artifacts.

"To drill samples from these structures is not easy because they look like granite. And to drill granite at a depth of 600 meters is very difficult," Zelitsky said.

She said their discoveries could make history. "I think we are talking about the origins of the American continent. There are many hypotheses about how the continent was colonized ... There is quite a controversy, and I think our discovery will be the first physical evidence of the true origins of developed civilization in the Americas."



What is Quantum Monkey?

Quantum Monkey is based on the "Hundredth Monkey Theory," which has demonstrated that once critical mass is achieved, profound changes can take place. This theory developed from actual observations of monkeys on islands in the South Pacific. After World War II, the Japanese took possession of several unoccupied islands in this region. The soil proved to be ideal for growing vegetables, which they cultivated throughout the land.

Despite their success with farming, the Japanese encountered a problem they hadn't anticipated. The monkeys living on the islands were delighted with the new foods and began to raid the fields. To deter them, the farmers began giving the monkeys sweet potatoes. They would take the sweet potatoes down to the beach -- as far away from the fields as possible -- and dump them there for the monkeys. To the monkeys' dismay, the sweet potatoes were covered with sand, which they had to spit out with every mouthful. This unpleasant practice continued for some until one day, on the island of Koshima, eighteen-month-old female monkey was observed washing her sweet potato in the ocean. Her mother noticed, and soon she too began washing her sweet potato in the ocean. Gradually, more and more monkeys on the island began to imitate this ritual, particularly the youngest ones.

Researchers named and tagged the monkeys and continued to monitor their behavior. Within about five years, approximately fifty-eight monkeys on Koshimo were regularly washing the sand off their sweet potatoes. As it happened, an identified monkey took one of the sweet potatoes and began washing the sand off it in the ocean. This newcomer was dubbed "the hundredth monkey." By that evening, almost all the remaining monkeys in the tribe were washing their sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of "the hundredth monkey" had created an ideological breakthrough! But this was not all. The researchers observed that other colonies of monkeys on nearby islands -- monkeys that had never seen another monkey wash sweet potatoes in the ocean -- mysteriously began washing their sweet potatoes as well. Thus the theory evolved that when a critical number of individuals achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind.

Although the exact sum may vary, the "Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon" means that when a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people. However, there is a point at which if only one more person becomes attuned to this new perspective, an energy field is strengthened that allows this knowledge to be available to almost everyone. Your awareness and actions are needed now in order to restore the planet to health and wholeness. If "Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon" was created unintentionally, imagine what could be accomplished by a group of committed people consciously and deliberately working to avert environmental disaster.

We are currently at a very critical stage. Humans have defiled our Living Mother, the Earth, and propelled her to the near breaking point. But it is not too late to reverse the damage done. There are millions of individuals doing all they can each day to create a fresh awareness and new ways of living in harmony with our Mother, the Earth. But more people are needed. We still have not reached "critical mass" -- the point where new awareness reaches everyone.

In order to achieve "the hundredth monkey," we must all learn to respect and act on what we already know. We must acknowledge that:

Our actions have power and can reverberate far beyond ourselves.

Recycling and buying recycled products preserves precious natural resources.

Kindness is a powerful motivator for not only ourselves but for others.

By eating lower on the food chain we free up enormous amounts of grain, water, and resources, and sanctify all life forms.

Supporting organic agriculture demonstrates our deepest respect for all living systems on Earth.

Peace, love, harmony, respect and tolerance for all life and the natural world can build upon the positive actions of others. When our energy is combined, it swirls together in a powerful life-affirming vortex that draws others into the circle of Life.

Come join our circle

You are needed

You are The Quantum Monkey

You are the power of one


From: "Mark" <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #19: Loads of Beautiful Feedbacks and Good Tidings
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002

Much thanks, love and peace from a 100% Aquarian! Your efforts are inspiring a great many to embrace change for the good of all things living. Here is a poem that I feel really fits the events that are unfolding...

"It is within our power,
beyond the reach of slavish pride.
Where we no longer harbour grievances,
behind mask's opportunists facade.
We can welcome the responsibility
like a long lost friend
and re-establish the kingdom of laughter
in the dolls house again.
For time has imprisoned us
in the order of our years,
in the discipline of our ways
and in the passing of momentary stillness
we can view our chaos in motion
and the subsequent collisions of fools
well versed in the art of slavery."


Buddhist Prayer for Peace

May I become at all times, both now and forever
A protector for those without protection
A guide for those who have lost their way
A ship for those with oceans to cross
A bridge for those with rivers to cross
A sanctuary for those in danger
A lamp for those without light
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter
And a servant to all in need.

Taken from

Simeon+ & Maia+ Nartoomid,
Planet Prayer Network (PPN)