March 8, 2002

The Light Series #18: The Angels Are Calling Us To Healing Service

Hello everyone

Lots of high-powered and uplifting words and suggestions for global healing work and Light activation - make sure to read the Turtle Woman's Vision below - in this one!

Please remember also to assist spiritually for peaceful and unrigged elections in Zimbabwe this weekend.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Check also my latest Media compilation #53: Now We See The Naked King - But Nobody Is Laughing (with more of the mysterious FLIGHT 77 plane that NEVER hit the Pentagon) archived at

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1. A Feedback
2. Hope By Brother Anthony
3. Choosing to BE Love
4. Shine Your Light Starting on Monday March 11, 2002
5. Turtle Woman's Vision: The Golden Light Grid Activation
6. Meditation on 15th March for Peace in Sri Lanka
7. Update on the Psychic Children

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From: "Glenn Ashton" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002
Subject: Re: The Big Brother Files #33: Is There Any Way To Stop Them? ---Webposted at

Hi Jean,

Thanks for all of your posts. I must say that I think that even though your original concept and intention to promote and co-ordinate the Earth Concert through your website may not have succeeded to the extent we all wished, your posts have succeeded to create what failed to significantly materialise as a single event.

Your email compilations which I have received for around four years now, have formed a powerful movement amongst those who believe in an alternative future for our planet to that promoted by the mainstream. You have succeeded in creating a vision of harmony and common purpose that is remarkable.

If we are to succeed in creating a world that is egalitarian and focussed on a positive, peaceful common purpose we really need people like you to act as conduits for the positive whilst alerting all to the dangers of the present media bias and misinformation. I really hope that you continue your fantastic work and give you thanks for the work you have done and continue to do. we o u.

All the best

Glenn Ashton
Cape Town
South Africa


Thank you so much for sending such a heartfelt letter of support and encouragement. You can count on me to continue for as long as necessary this service which is part of this life's mission. I will also welcome any other input, suggestions or ideas you'd like to put forward towards manifesting "a world that is egalitarian and focussed on a positive, peaceful common purpose" as you so beautiful put - words which I'm sure will be an inspiration for many people on the ERN list. ;-)


Written and sent by "Tony Budell" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002


By Brother Anthony

The Lord said, “I can give you God’s grace, but you will have to supply human effort. Unless God’s grace and human effort come together, the result cannot be achieved. Human effort is essential, and man must himself make the effort. He must use the strength and skill that he is endowed with, and resolve to proceed with the work, laying the responsibility for success on God. For, without the Grace of God, every effort will be rendered fruitless”.

With God’s grace and our own human effort, we can change this oft sad world for a far better one, simply by having enough love in our hearts to give hope to others. If we look about us, be it in our own town or village, or with a wider vision towards places of hardship and deprivation, we will see that a great deal of work needs to be done. Our vision allows us, not only to see the needs of others, but also to feel those needs on a deep spiritual level of awareness.

We know that the world is as it is because we have created it that way. We have allowed the wealth of our nations to be spent on space exploration, nuclear armaments and numerous other expensive projects. We could have spent that wealth on feeding the poor, educating the illiterate, feeding the hungry and bringing hope to so many of the impoverished nations of this planet. I use the word ‘We’ because it is ‘we’ who have allowed all of this to happen. We did not shout “No” when another multi-million dollar rocket was sent to space. We did not shout “No” when our government ordered another fifty or so new warplanes. You and I allow all of this to happen when we should have been shouting at the top of our voices, “No, use this money to feed the poor. Use this money to educate the illiterate. Use this money to build hospitals.”

Sadly, you and I allow it to happen and we could try to save face by saying, “I didn’t vote for this government or that government so it’s not my fault”. In truth, by not saying or doing anything is, in itself, a decision. From all over the world, we need to gather the Light workers together, bringing into effect a mighty army, a mighty voice, that will be heard throughout the lands and in so doing, bring hope to millions of fellow beings who want nothing more than peace on earth, good will towards all men.

You may think this is a ‘pipe dream’ and could never come about! Well, it will if we want it to. It’s as simple as that. Let you and I come together and in so doing, bring others together, writing letters to our respective government heads and demanding, yes, demanding, change. At this present time, the USA is embarking on the ‘Star Wars project’, encircling the globe with satellites armed with nuclear weapons and all pointed inwards. The USA believes that by doing this, they will be able to ‘police’ the globe, destroying any power that they deem a threat to the USA. Doesn’t that thought fill you with absolute horror? ‘Policing the globe’ simply means ‘Controlling the globe’ and, once the ‘Star Wars project’ is in place, then all they have to do is to say to every country on earth, “Get rid of all your weapons because we’re in charge and if you don’t, we’ll annihilate you”. “You have oil and we want it – give it to us, or else”

Frightening, really, really frightening.

You and I and all Light Workers of the world have a monumental task to fulfil. Our voices must be heard if we wish for peace on earth, good will to all men. We have the task of bringing:

Hope where there is despair.
Hope where there is hunger.
Hope where there is fear.
Hope where there is hatred.
Hope where there is ignorance.
Hope where there is nothing to hope for.

And what is this ‘Hope’ that I speak of? Quite simply this:


For this to happen will require God’s grace and our own human efforts. All wars will cease when men decide not to kill each other. All despair will cease when we decide to bring hope to the world. All hunger will cease when we decide to feed the poor of the world. All illiteracy will cease when we decide to teach the world. Let each one of us, in our own way, reach out to the world in love, in friendship and most of all, in HOPE.

Bless you all.



Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002
From: Kalama Hawkrider <>
Subject: Re: Peace in Space is Endangered by the U.S. Drive for World Domination --- Webposted at

Dear Jean,

I kept feeling inspired to write to you today on this very topic... synchronicity always blesses us!
It is my understanding that a grand shift is to occur throughout the universe and not just for our planet. That means all will shift/ascend to a higher frequency/dimension. Most of the rest of life outside the earth is aware and prepared for this. The contact from our space brothers and sisters will come to help us facilitate this shift. I have understood this shift will occur, regardless of what we do. And we will all be affected, changed and altered as a result in a very positive way.
How we respond can make it easier or harder, but much is already planned to the minutest detail to facilitate this with as much ease and gentleness and love and understanding as possible.

The best/truest way to be with this is to act as co-creators and Be Love. That is what the psychic children and every major Prophet or Master is telling us. When we read and think about or fight the negative, we keep it coming. When we read about or fear the next, worst, most horrible thing they are doing, we give it the energy it needs to stay even longer. We remain separated (the good guys from the bad) and further delayed in this process... isn't that what they really want also? We remain out of the present moment, dwelling in the past memory or future fear.

When we link up, hand to hand, heart to heart, inner light to inner light, we create the very framework in the present that will allow what we all wish hope and pray for to manifest even sooner, even smoother. We create the grid, the base of positive love energy on which the foundation of the new earth is being built. We provide the building blocks for the galactic help to be received and for new life to begin.

Perhaps we can choose to always see the Light in all situations, the Love in all persons, regardless of how horrible on the outside it might seem. To truly trust in a Higher Being of Divine Love. Aren't we all the sparks of Divine Love? Teaching each other to love more and deeper and to look beyond the boundaries we have artificially created? Those of us who have arrived at this level of understanding have chosen to begin now to BE LOVE.

Blessings as always,



From: Maureen Ericson <>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002
Subject: Shine Your Light Starting on Monday March 11, 2002

Dear Friends,

This is a message that I received recently from my guides concerning the new energy grid of Earth. What a fantastic opportunity for all of us to participate in doing this and using our energies to neutralize the dark ones.

Blessings! Maureen Ericson

Clarion Call from the Lightbeings on the Grid!

Make Mondays Your Day to Send Light to the Grid!

Lightworkers on Earth we are sending out a Clarion Call of a special request for you all. Due to the levels of fear being played out by the dark ones on Earth we are asking for you all to come together to utilize your healing lightwork as a collective consciousness for Earth. We request that every Monday of the week becomes your day to focus your love and light on the grid as we in the universal realms place your healing light in the areas on the grid that are continuing to be grounded to other parts of Earth. By doing this a momentum of light continues to flow into the grid on a weekly basis, cycling every seven days as it strengthens and grounds the grid faster in spite of the dark energies that are filtering fear into it. This powerful collective energy of love and light will allow Earth to maintain its freedom and neutralize the fear.

Now is the time to heed this request to start immediately as you take your sabers of light out and us them weekly, instead of just once in a while when your small groups gather together on Earth. This request is very important for Earth and the light ones so forward this message to all that will join us in the healing of Gaia and her Earth. Make Mondays your day to send light to the grid anytime throughout the day. Shine your light starting on Monday March 11, 2002 by using prayers, meditation, and by visualizing golden and purple light being received by us lightbeings on the grid. Do this together collectively and the miracles will continue daily on Earth and peace will reign once again!

Bless you all for your help and love!


From: Liz Daly <>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002
Subject: The Turtle Woman's Vision

"I have received this vision from quite a few different sources, and I have, in the past, received many of Turtle Woman's messages. She is an interesting and, I feel, a most sincere energy. I resonate completely with the activations of this vision.

The sea is completely magical in its cosmic scope today. The power of the waves and the mist and the dolphins and the whales all sharing the same message... the water is glittering joy... glittering change... glittering harmony... glittering peace... glittering LOVE. And what is not glittering is sparkling... so we have the combined energy of water, glitter, sparkle and love and Divine Will. The wind spoke to me so intensely today... the winds of change... the winds of illumination... the winds of the Golden Divine Plan."



Turtle Woman's Vision

The Golden Light Grid Activation

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 (corrected 3.03.02)

The earth was far below in her entirety, a beautiful blue and white swirling marble in a sea of stars and space. Approaching the earth, I noticed a grid overlaying the Mother, a 5 pointed grid, one of mathematical pentagons, honeycombed, one next to another. There were lines that ran through each pentagon point, connecting to the center of each pentagon, creating a huge mesh which encompassed the Mother in her wholeness over land and sea.

I Knew the points of the pentagons and the intersecting lines in the center of each pentagon were the power points along the ley lines. I understood that each point was where a Lightworker needed to be to activate the Light grid to bring full consciousness awakening to all on the planet. I was surprised to see and understand that in reality, it would only take hundreds of Lightworkers worldwide instead of the thousands I had previously thought would be needed to activate the Light grid. An understanding came over me that one Lightworker was needed to physically stand on each and every point on the grid. Once each Lightworker arrived at their assigned point, the Light activation would take place when each Lightworker implanted the Golden Light of Christ at exactly the same time, simultaneously, worldwide.

Then I was shown that it would require several years for Lightworkers to disperse and move to the Light grid activation points. That the breaking up of spirit groups would start to commence for this dispersion, but many would be reluctant to make these moves, as many of the grid points would require people to leave the comfort of friends, family and spiritually supportive areas to move to rather undesirable locations. Often areas of isolation in one manner or another with little surrounding spiritual support. Many Lightworkers would resist the promptings nudging them in this direction. That the longer the resistance, the more critical the timing in the long run, and the possibility of the grid not being activated with dire consequences for many souls.

The vision transformed again and I was unexpectedly shown a pleasant young Asian man, standing in front of me vignetted. He was small in stature and frame, around 5' tall, somewhere in his late teens or early twenties, and was walking across an open plain on a pleasant day in a short sleeve , light or white knit shirt and khaki pants. He smiled at me and I realized he could see me too. I understood that he was Chinese as he stepped to a certain point, stopped and smiled again. I instantly knew he was the last Lightworker to arrive in place on the Light grid, and that it was time to activate the grid. I knew he had made a great effort to get to his assigned point, that he had faced personal dangers to do so, and yet he treated it with ease, joy and knowingness. I knew that once he was in place, that all that had to be done was for all Lightworkers to implant the Golden Light at EXACTLY the same moment, worldwide. I knew that it would only take hundreds, but all HAD to be in place, implanting the Golden Light at exactly the same moment. I wondered if all would follow the promptings they were being given and go to those many undesirable places they did not want to be.

The vision suddenly shifted again, as if in answer to the question. I was standing in a front yard that I knew was "mine", but it was not where I was currently living. I had no idea where this yard, this place was. It was a pleasant spring day in mid-afternoon. Somehow I knew it was 3:00 PM (Central Time - US). I could see and feel a breeze and the sun on my face, slightly to my right side. I was looking Southeast down a street which "T" intersected into the front of the house on the street on which I "lived". Southeast, the direction to simultaneously receive and manifest! (East, the direction of receiving and the Golden Light. South, the direction of manifestation and childlike innocence).

I was standing in the front yard doing what I knew was my daily exercise of implanting the Golden Light of Christ within myself, my relations, my property, my surrounding area, state, country, the entire Mother and radiating it out into all of Creation. I knew it was the day of the Light activation and was starting to get concerned as a few minutes passed and nothing out of the ordinary happened. My heart began to sink as I thought the young Chinese man did not make it after all, that maybe he was asleep since it was night on his side of the world.

As I stood facing the Southeast , verbalizing and visualizing the Golden Light, I realized people were walking their dogs, jogging, bicycling, and driving down the street with their windows open, with their radios playing. I was not familiar with any of the music. I had never heard it before. People were starting to notice me as they went by and I was a little embarrassed that I was being observed. I felt disappointed and sad as I continued the Lighting while watching an alternative scenario start to play of massive death and destruction in absence of the activation. I sent up a prayer of please dear God, let all Lightworkers activate the grid NOW!

As the prayer went out, an enormous power surge shot into my body like a light switch flipped on in a dark room. I was instantly engulfed in a hugh, visible pillar of Golden Light! It came from as far in the sky above as one could see, endlessly extending beyond sight. It surrounded my body several feet in diameter. It was a brilliant Golden radiance, surging with power and energy! I was instantly fully awake and felt like a cosmic spark plug connected directly to the Source. The joy, the Knowing, the total awareness, the complete power of the Highest Good! I Knew the young Asian man had just made the last connection in the grid. I could see him standing in the quiet hours of darkness with a sky filled with stars and his Golden Pillar standing out and illuminating all around him! An expression of bliss was on his face! My heart soared! I could also see all the others standing at their posts, every Lightworker on the grid engulfed in their individual Pillar of Golden Light! I could see all of our pillars extending out in all directions into space, shooting in all directions into ALL of Creation!

My body was rigidly standing at attention, my arms down by my side, my eyes straight ahead, totally engulfed in holy Golden Light extending endlessly into the sky and beyond. I did not have to verbalize the Golden Light, I did not have to visualize the Golden Light, I WAS Golden Light in all it's power and beauty! I was One and yet separate. I was in complete ecstasy, yet it was taking all my concentration to hold that Power of Light. I prayed silently to hold the Light, to not fail, to be worthy but most importantly, physically able to withstand it! I prayed for help and strength.

I became aware of people on the street stopping and staring, standing with their mouths open, some coming into the yard, amazed and shocked, wondering what was going on! How could this be? They were awed and yet somewhat fearful. I could hear their thoughts, "What IS this?!" Someone I knew when I was young suddenly appeared in the yard in amazement, starting to comment on what was going on but before she could finish what she was saying, she instantly awoke into full consciousness, overwhelmed and collapsing on the lawn in the power of her instant atOneness. A chain reaction started to take place. As each person suddenly awoke, the people in the closest vicinity to them would suddenly wake up too, in wonderment, amazement, shaking their heads and marveling at how they had been walking zombies all their lives, asleep until just seconds ago! I knew the Miracle of total worldwide Enlightenment was unfolding!

I could see that every Lightworker worldwide, thousands and thousands, were now standing in full Golden Pillars of Christ Light, at work, at home, at the grocery store, sitting in their cars on freeways. We were all connected as One to the Source, to our Selves and to each other. I could see the chain reaction expanding from each Lightworker to each and every Being worldwide as it spread truly at the speed of light. I could hear the birds bursting out in song and see animals jumping around in pure glee as they witnessed and understood what was happening. I could hear the trees and all the plants giving praise to the Creator, the rocks and stones vibrating with awareness... everything connected at once in exuberance and song, singing with victory and praise and thanksgiving!

Again the vision instantly shifted and I was in space looking down upon the Earth Mother, and was still within my Golden Pillar of Light, connected to myself on the earth yet extending into eternity as the entire Mother radiated with the Golden glow, an immense halo of Golden Christ Light surrounding her way out beyond her atmosphere. The intensity of the Light magnifying exponentially as I watched. I saw thousands of ships surrounding the Mother, and could see all the Beings from innumerable galaxies, universes, and dimensions... literally all of Creation watching in stunned amazement as the Mother and all her children laughingly exploded with radiant Golden Light shooting out through all of Creation like a supernova, transformed, transforming as it went. I could hear All of Creation exclaim in surprise, "They have done it! They have shown us the way! We can all be this! Spirit and matter as One!"

In this state of connection to Oneness, I knew the vision was to be released, that permission would be given when the time was right. The vision suddenly popped and I was standing in the living room of my home of many years, with tears streaming down my face. Knowing both sides of the coin of whether or not the Light grid is activated. The choice is ours, according to Free Will.

The vision took place in 1991.

I am now living in the place with the yard that was shown to me in that vision. Within the last few weeks, I have finally been given permission to release this vision. I have been shown that the reality of this vision requires every Lightworker who Knows they are part of this Light grid activation to let themselves be guided right now to their activation point if they are not already there. It is imperative that this message reach as many Lightworkers as possible worldwide, as quickly as possible. As shown in the vision, the journey for some will be long and arduous.

For the activation to take place, each Lightworker has to be on their point on the grid system. Otherwise, the grid will not activate. The time IS Now. This Light grid activation will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 3:00 PM Central Daylight Savings Time, U.S. Please adjust your local time, as the Golden Light implantation needs to be a synchronized, simultaneous event to activate the grid.

How to Visualize the Light:

1. Simply visualize a column of Golden Light coming down into your crown chakra from above. Do not try to control the Light, let it come in however it does... big, small, wide, thin, whatever.

2. Continue the visualization by letting it fill your body.

3. Next let it rise and surround you in an aura or bubble of Light.

4. Then radiate it out through all of Creation through eternity.

There is no "wrong" way to do this. Start with the visualization for yourself, then you can do the entire procedure again for loved ones, your home, your neighborhood, your state, your country, your continent, then the whole earth. Each surrounding bubble of Golden Light gets bigger and encompasses more.

The Verbalization of the Golden Light: (accompanies the visualization)

1. "May the Golden Light of Christ enter me and heal me".

2. "May the Golden Light of Christ within me fill me and permeate me".

3. "May the Golden Light of Christ within me rise, surround me and protect me and...

4. ...radiate out from me on all levels of existence and non-existence, through all time and non-time, through all space and non-space, with speed, joy, and ease for the Highest Good of All and according to Free Will, and I thank you God NOW!".

Blessings to All! Stay in the Golden Light.

All My Relations in Love and Light,

Turtle Woman,



To find what is your local time corresponding to 3:00 PM (Central Time - US) next April 13, go at

If you do feel so moved to participate, you might find it helpful to utilize our Rainbow Integrative Breathing for Bridging All That We Are as a possible means to help you more easily facilitate your infusion and integration of our golden light energies into our One Presence. The version that works for us is at

With Blessings to Us All for All That We Are

Joie Round Star and the Rainbow Councils of Light


NOTE FROM JEAN: Joie bourisseau <> has compiled several positive feedbacks to this Turtle Woman's Vision at

Check also AND


Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002
From: Eluned & John <>
Subject: Meditation on 15th March for Peace in Sri Lanka

Dear Jean

The invitation to John and myself will be difficult to take up but the possibility of sending the meditation times out as far as possible can be done.

I visited the Sarvodya Movement in January last year and was enormously impressed with the progress they have made in Village development in some 1400 villages !

Your efforts at keeping the world informed are equally impressive! There are so many wonderful people out there!!!

May their longing for peace be multiplied 10,000 times by this amazing tool for peace.

Thank you for sending on this message as far as it will .

All the Best to you and yours

Eluned and John


Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002
From: "Dr.A.T.Ariyaratne" <>


I would like to invite you to participate in what will be a most significant peace activity - for Sri Lanka and the world.

As you know the Sarvodaya Movement is a grassroots community development organization founded in 1958 that is working in more than a third of Sri Lanka's villages. It has been increasingly active in the peace movement, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans to oppose the ongoing violence.

Recently, the Sarvodaya Movement announced a massive peace campaign to bring a final end to our nation's bloody civil war, now in its nineteenth year. We are calling this the "Sarvodaya People's Peace Operation 2002" (or SPPO-2). SPPO-2 will commence 15th March 2002. This peace event will consist of two distinct parts.

"Expanding the Consciousness of Peace". In the first part, SPPO-2 will convene the nation's largest peace meditation. 500,000 people from all walks of life will spend the day in meditation for peace in the ancient sacred city of Anuradhapura. The purpose of the peace meditation is to change the collective consciousness about war and peace - to make war unthinkable and peace inevitable.

"Village to Village Link-up Programme" (Sister Village Link-up Programme) Simultaneously, starting on the peace meditation day, 1000 villages in the war-torn North and East will be linked to 1000 villages in the South as sister villages. Villagers in the south will continuously go to the villages in the North and East with necessary skilled and unskilled labour and material to start rehabilitation of houses, wells, tanks, schools, toilets and places of religious worship.

The Need for SPPO-2. Although the peace process is in high gear, a lasting peace is still in question. Without a continuation of strong popular support, it is possible for the peace process to become sidetracked or derailed by those who are committed to violence. We must never forget that there are many people, on all sides of the conflict, who gain their power through the continued existence of pain, suffering and violence toward others.

How You Can Be Involved: If you can, please come to Sri Lanka to particiapte in meditation with a half million other peace-seekers. (...) If time does not permit you to attend we would appreciate a statement of support from you. Your expression of support for our peace meditation will strengthen the hearts and minds of all who participate. If we receive your statement early enough, we will include your remarks in our written program.

You can also help us spread the word among peace-loving people around the world. We are asking people around the world to join us on 15 March in our efforts to change the field of consciousness - to make war unthinkable. By enlisting the support of people around the world, our task here in Sri Lanka will be easier. It will also be easier for us to raise the necessary funding to actually implement the "sister village programme".

We understand that time is very short, we apologize for not being able to contact you sooner on this matter. However, matters in this country are extremely fluid and we have to seize opportunities when they present themselves.


Dr A T Ariyaratne


From: The Beloved Community <>
Subject: Update on the Psychic Children
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002
List-Subscribe: <>

Dear Friends,

I have been on a searing West Coast tour for the last two weeks and have heard many stories regarding the wonderful effect of the Thomas Messages. Many people are bringing their children to speak to me about their own experiences and to share their wisdom. It has been a real gift, and it reinforces my belief that we are on the brink of something truly amazing. Also, many people have been telling me about their vivid dreams with children who are teaching them how to use energy, deepen their experience of love, and become peacemakers. I believe that the Children of Oz are reaching out to us, especially now that their messages are being revealed. They seem to communicate best in the dreamstate, so don't be surprised if this starts to happen to you. Just the fact that you have asked to receive these messages shows willingness, and that is all we really need.

In a few weeks we'll send out information on an Emissary of Love study group (16 weeks of lessons) that will help people take these messages even deeper, and perhaps even make contact yourself. (if you want to check it out now, go to:, or Also, for those of you who signed up on the list after Thomas' Messages were sent out, we're going to resend them in about a week. Just disregard those emails if you don't want to read them again.

Emails from Psychic and Indigo Children continue to pour in. When I return to Ashland I'll read through them and forward on the best. Sharon at the office tells me that they're amazing. Just another indication that this is a real phenomenon, and it's spreading fast. (There are nearly 25,000 getting the messages now.)

Thank you for your openness and brilliance. It is an honor to be used by God in this way.

Peace Prevails on Earth,

James Twyman