February 13, 2002

The Light Series #16: There Is Still Hope That Peace, Love and Harmony Will Prevail

Hello everyone

It is always a great pleasure for me to prepare and share these Light Series compilations with you.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. A Feedback of gratitude
2. Olympic Ceremonies
3. About praying for Bush
4. Feedback on Big Brother #31
5. 10,000 gathered for peace in Tel Aviv last Feb 9
6. Thomas Message #1: A Vision
7. The New Children
8. Graceful Passages
9. Gaia Holy Mother Earth



From: "Darina Stoyanova" <mendarina@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Thank you!
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002

Dearest Jean,

The Thank YOU and pleasure that comes from me is even stronger! This is the least that I can do to return a piece of all the love, joy, energy and inspiration I get from your efforts and lovely compilations. Keep up the Spirit High and Take Joy in your great mission!

This is only the beginning and there will be more to come, for your work cannot be valued in any monetary terms for it is priceless and invaluable to each one of us in a different and a very special way and we can only wish that you get all that you need to keep doing what you have been doing all along - motivating us and filling us with peace and love and resolution to make the dream and the vision of a better world and better Us come true and reality!

Blessings and Love,



From: "Karen Revell" <karenr@oz.net>
Subject: Olympic Ceremonies
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002

Dear Jean:

I watched the awe inspiring Olympic Ceremonies last night. At first I felt the only flaw was the presence of our appointed President, George W. Later as I continued to watch and feel the love and light eminating from the ceremonies, I realized that maybe, just maybe there is some hope for Bush.

Energy has to resonate, and all the high vibrations radiating around the stadium and radiating around the world had to have an impact on Bush's energy. I focused as much love and light at him as I could, as did many others. He will either get sick from the higher energies, or he will expand the light in his own heart. I might add, they showed Laura up in the box as well, and she wasn't smiling.

It is my hope and prayer that he can break the family karmic wheel of evil and deceit. As we enter the last (I hope) of the cleansing cycles, it would be wonderful for the collective consciousness to have that wheel broken.

It is my understanding that part of our purpose for being on Earth, in a material world, is to
1, find Love in everything at some level,
2, is to balance as much love and fear as we can handle. This creates new vibrations that are sent out to the universe to be used by others as well as for ourselves.

Somewhere I have gotten the impression that while the higher dimensions have more power, there is something it needs from us in the form of energy. It is sort of like there isn't enough variety or something, and inorder to grow you must have friction. Our battles and struggles create that friction for the universe, but maybe they don't want Earth destroyed by our creative inventiveness. It is possible that it has something to do with the Hive Consciousness of some of the ET races.

Well, as usual, I have drifted from my original point, but inorder for us to succeed in opposition of the NWO, we have to send light not fear. If we focus light for the "highest good of ALL" on "W", he may change his mind about killing off 2/3's of the population.

They estimated 2 billion people around the world watched the ceremonies last night. If we use the positive energy from these games, we can focus it. Every time the anthem plays, we can focus on --maybe truth. People around the world have their hearts open, whether they believe as we do, doesn't matter. We have the power as a group to focus it. All we need is to decide on the focus.

Can't hurt!

Karen Revell


Dear Karen

I'm so glad you shared with me/us your thoughts and experience stemming from watching/participating to the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies. I also watched them and joined wholeheartedly with the magnificent spirit of Peace, Love and Unity emanating from this entire event charged with powerful symbolism (the child bearer of Light) and perfectly balanced drama. I cried on several occasions, especially when Sting did his awe-inspiring rendition of Fragile and when the female singer (Liam I believe) sang her beautiful heart-filled song. I found myself saying "There is hope for humanity" as I realized the intense feeling of joy and highly spiritual communion that was going on worldwide as so many of our brothers and sisters were also simultaneously joining in hearts, tears and minds to this glorious celebration. And I also say Bravo! to all those who conceived and so carefully produced this brilliant creation of Heart.

As for our brother George W Bush and the hopes that, somehow, these Light-filled ceremonies and the healing/awakening vibrations sent him will succeed in opening his heart to higher aspirations and goals than those he currently serves, it is indeed possible now for him - thanks to the severance of the manipulative power of the darkest ones at the apex of the opposing forces as explained in the excerpt (Creator's Decree) from Suzy Ward's second book which I circulated recently - to make new choices and set for himself and his nation a new path towards the kind of future that we dream of. But focussing only on him without also doing the same spiritual work for all his entourage and those who "coach/control" him from the deepest shadow is not going to achieve the hoped-for transformation. Actually his stance is merely a reflection of most of what corporate America and current mainstream American values stand for and unless a global healing and course correction takes place for all that America has come to stand for lately, it is unlikely that he alone - even with Laura's support - could change much to the terribly wrong trends and actions that have come to dominate the political landscape of much of the world following the 9-11 CIA-staged attack, as part of the carefully orchestrated action plan to demolish the foundations of democracy and establish an Orwellian technodictatorship/plutocracy upon the entire world.

Love and Light will prevail!



From: "Ken and Mandy" <kenmandy@iol.ie>
Subject: Re: About praying for Bush
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002

Dear Jean, just writing to you to add my little bit about the praying for Bush... yes i agree with you that there is a lot of evil.... but i agree with Linda Lee aswell... after the 11th, i saw Bush in a vision... and he was sitting by a desk with his head in his hands, Laura Bush was sitting on
a sofa nearby.. he then picked up a pen, and i saw him write the words Pray to God for help!! he spoke to Laura and said: we must hold a meeting with all the religeous leaders. She got up and walked over to him, and they hugged, cried and hugged some more... there was a great light of love and many angels were present.

I personally feel that this man with the fantastic love of his wife can help bring about peace.. as long as he is not hypnotised or pushed by those who are advising him... his heart is childlike, which is great.. his wife Laura is the one who will stop her husband from doing wrong. I pray for his enlightenment, and for his waking up..the more that do this the better. Sometimes what we think is bad or evil is not. We must not judge, we must only observe.. and i feel very strongly that all will be well.

Huge hugs of light to you,



From: "Candice Trevor" <ctrevor@senet.com.au>
Subject: RE: Big Brother #31: The Long Arm of Big Brother Around The World --- http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/BigBrother31.htm
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002

I believe the positive spin might be that this has to happen in order to show the truth to the world about the United States. And eventually more Americans will also awaken to the deception and brainwashing. As head towards global wars and economic collapse, we also head towards freedom and a transformation to a new age. Perhaps this is the beginning of the necessary purging.

Peace, love and happiness,

Candice Trevor


From: "Elaine Upton" <elaineupton@hotmail.com>
Subject: 10,000 gathered for peace in Tel Aviv last Feb 9
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002

Dear friends,

Seldom on the regular mainstream news do we hear reports of peace work in Israel. I hope you read this and enjoy!



Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002
From: Gila Svirsky <gsvirsky@netvision.net.il>
Subject: Imagine all the People

10 February 2002


We knew there would be a big turnout for the peace demonstration last night just from the deluge of pro-peace ads in Ha'aretz the day before -- page after page of statements and petitions, all critical of the occupation. Some excerpts:

***"There is a choice!"An expanded new list of 200 combat officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the army of occupation.

***"There's a limit!"Support for the new soldiers, and the names of others who have consistently refused to serve, placed by Yesh Gvul.

***"We support the soldiers who refuse to serve the occupation" - a petition placed by civilian supporters.

***"Peres, you are a collaborator in war-crimes!" placed by Gush Shalom.

***"Do not say 'we did not see, we did not know' - the price of keeping the territories" - placed by the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions.

***"A Recipe for National Suicide" - placed by a private citizen.

And a huge, blood-red ad, "The Occupation is Killing Us All", signed by the 28 organizations that came together to hold last night's impressive rally in Tel-Aviv (full list below).

This was the largest pro-peace rally since this Intifada began in September 2000, with an estimated 10,000 participants - Jews and Arabs from all over Israel filling the large Tel-Aviv Museum plaza. The mood is clearly swinging in Israel, and the homemade signs of people who had not attended a demonstration for years reflected the new thinking -- "Stop Sharon before he kills us all", "More conscientious objectors!", "Occupation itself is a war crime", and all permutations of "Share Jerusalem", "Dismantle Settlements", and "Bring our soldiers home".

By the time veteran peace activist Yehudit Harel opened the ceremony, the crowd was a mass of people amazed and buoyed by each other's presence, with a great deal of hugging by people glad to be sharing the moment. And then Yehudit's opening words in fluent Hebrew and Arabic set the tone for the entire evening -- we Israeli Jews and Arabs together will no longer abide the crimes that the Israeli government is carrying out.

"There is only one flag held aloft here today," said Yehudit, "and it is the black flag of pain, mourning, death, bereavement, and the immorality of war crimes that are being committed in our name." At her words, hundreds of black flags were raised high by the crowd, symbolizing the statement made years ago by an Israeli court that if a military order has "a black flag of immorality" hanging over it, the order must be refused.

This was a rally in which the young men who refused to serve in the army of occupation were the heroes of the evening, receiving ovation after ovation at every mention.

"I once disagreed with refusal to serve in the army," said Uri Avnery to the crowd, "but today I salute those who will not serve. Refusal is the beginning of the end of the occupation."

Some of these brave young men have been stripped of their command, demoted, and face court martial, but continue to answer to their conscience.

"How can we serve in an army that kills children?" asked Yishai Rosen-Zvi, an Orthodox tank corps sergeant in the reserves, "How can we serve an army that demolishes homes, does not allow the sick to get medical attention, seeks to humiliate an entire population, and reduces them to hunger and poverty?"

Between speakers and sometimes during them, the crowd broke into chanting of familiar slogans: "Fuad, Fuad, Minister of Defense, How many kids did you kill today?" "Occupation, No!Peace, Yes!", "Money for the poor, not for settlers!"

It was a rally in which the stage was shared by Arabs and Jews, women and men, Mizrahim and Ashkenazim, young and old, religious and secular. Distinguished elderly author Sammy Michael pointed out the futility of the ongoing occupation: "Death is not a threat to people who willingly give their lives for a cause."And Shulamit Aloni, former government minister and perennial conscience of Israel, called out her message of hope, "All of you here today are the harbingers of a mass movement that already has begun. You will be the teachers of democracy to this government. You will set an example of morality. We shall clean out the crimes of this country and fill it with peace!"

There were many moments that brought tears to my eyes last night. I will tell you of two: Famed singer Ahinoam Nini (known as "Noa", I believe, to her American fans) took the risk of alienating her Israeli right-wing fans, and sang to the crowd a Hebrew, Arabic, and English version of "Imagine" by the Beatles: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one; I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one."

And the other was the transformation of a beloved Zionist song "Ein li eretz aheret". Reciting this song in two languages, Hebrew and Arabic, suddenly infused it with new meaning: "I have no other country to go to. And even if the land is burning under my feet, this is my home." For the Arabs in the crowd, the song suddenly became theirs, too, and for the Jews, it meant a land we both love deeply.

I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

Gila Svirsky Jerusalem

Sponsoring organizations:

Association of Arab University Students / Baladna / BANKI / Bat Shalom / Coalition of Women for a Just Peace / Druse Initiative Committee / Du Siach / Gush Shalom / HaCampus Lo Shotek, Tel-Aviv University / Hadash Youth / Israeli Committtee Against House Demolitions / Kol Aher BaGalil /Kvisa Sh'hora: Lesbians and Gay Men Against the Occupation / Left Forum, Haifa University / MachsomWatch / Meretz Youth / Monitoring Committee of the Arab Population in Israel / NELED / Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salaam / New Profile / Noga / TANDI / Ta'ayush: Arab-Jewish Partnership / Tajamu Youth / WILPF / Women and Mothers for Peace (formerly Four Mothers) / Women in Black / Yesh Gvul

Coalition of Women for a Just Peace:


From: The Beloved Community <belovedjt@aol.com>
Subject: Thomas Message #1: A Vision
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
List-Subscribe: <mailto:ThomasMessages-subscribe@topica.com>

Dear Friends,

Thank you for subscribing to receive the message from the Psychic Children, and in particular, from Thomas, the young boy I met at a very special monastery in Bulgaria last year. My life has changed so much since that adventure, and yet I thought the shift had come to rest until I heard Thomas' voice again. (Those of you who read the previous email I circulated know that it came while I was relaxing in a hot tub, which made the experience doubly interesting.) I have gone through quite a process since that evening, and I wanted to describe some of that now before you read the first of three messages from Thomas. I think it will help you understand how important this is.

I have never been a big fan of channeling or channeled material. It's not that I don't believe in the phenomenon, but I do feel it has become over-sensationalized. (There is, as you know, only one true source, One Mind, expressing Itself in a myriad of different ways.) The evening I received Thomas' transmission (I hate to use that word, but it's the only one that works), was one of the most penetrating moments of channeling I have ever experienced. It felt as if something was being downloaded into my soul, and it took several days for it to work its way through. Little snippets of information seeped through my consciousness, and I have to admit that I felt some fear in the process. The message seemed so simple, and I wondered if people would resonate with it at all. Over 19,000 people from around the world have requested the information, and I began to wonder what they would think. I knew I was going out on a limb, and it was starting to feel a little shaky.

But then I spent time with each one of Thomas' messages, and I felt something begin to shift in me. Yes, they are very simple, but there is a profound energy present that I have never felt before. I encourage you to breathe it into your lungs as I have and feel it for yourself. All I can tell you is that the Children are real and this message is true – even essential. It has been broken up into three parts. Today's offering is entitled, "A Vision," followed by, "A Prophesy," and finally, "A Message." Each one builds upon the next, and culminates brilliantly in the final message. The second and third parts were the most profound for me.

My fear seems to have disappeared for now. I can feel the Children of Oz waiting for and helping all of us. And so, without further discussion, here is Thomas' first offering.


A Vision

The Children of Oz are everywhere, and we're with you now to help you achieve your dreams. We work together consciously to strengthen a unique grid of energy that will enable humanity to literally jump to a new level of love and compassion. The grid is ready to support everyone who claims this reality. The three messages we offer over the next three days will work on the subtlest levels of your psyche, tilling the soil of your heart to receive the seed of a New World. The message begins today with a Vision. We ask that you simply read this and consider the symbols. Even if you don't understand it with your mind, you heart will comprehend.

Imagine that you are walking through an enormous door and you see yourself standing in the entrance of a vast church or cathedral. It is an ancient building, yet there are no statues or paintings, no jeweled altar of any kind. The building is bare, as if stripped of life. You walk around and a feeling of emptiness fills your heart. It is impossible to know what happened here, only that this church was once alive, and now it is dead.

Then you hear a sound somewhere above you, and you look up to observe its cause. You notice, for the first time, scaffolding that reaches along the stone wall, with an intricate system of boards supporting a group of people working on the ceiling. It is a group of children, and they are waving paint brushes and other tools. Several of them look down at you and smile, and the feeling of emptiness disappears. They are painting a mural, a beautiful scene with vibrant colors and serene faces. The cold church becomes unbearable, and you feel the need to climb the scaffolding and stand beside the children. One of the children, who seems to have read your mind, motions for you to ascend the steps and join them.

At first it is hard to move, but with each step your energy increases. You're climbing hand over hand along the steel bars, and within moments you are at the ceiling, and several small hands reach out to support you. You are finally able to see the details in the painting, and you are utterly amazed. You have never seen anything as beautiful, or compelling. You are looking at a New World, and yet it is not new at all. It is the world you have always dreamed of, a world of perfect peace. The children all gather around you and smile, for they see how pleased you are by their work. Then the church, the scaffolding, and everything you saw disappears, and you are enveloped by the wonderful scene. And the whole world comes along with you.

We love you,


If you want to learn more about the children's message, the book "Emissary of Love, the Psychic Children Speak to the World" will be available in stores in about a month. CLIP

Go at http://emissaryoflove.com/children.htm to ind out more on this book.

You will receive the next two letters, "A Prophesy" and "A Message", on Wednesday and Thursday.


James Twyman

NOTE FROM JEAN: I'll include the 2nd and 3rd letters in the next Light compilation.


From: "Soleira Green" <Soleira@SOULutions.co.uk>
Sent: Sun, 10 Feb 2002
Subject: The New Children

Hi all,

There's been quite a flurry of activity re our new kids in the past week as James Twyman just recently received a message from one of them saying that the grid they've been at work on is now ready for others to join it. Personally, we've been in touch with this network of children by times as well. We call them the children's net of one because they're all so beautifully interconnected.

The following is a compilation from a wonderful e-buddy, Kiara Windrider, showing various people's input re the new kids.  Read it with your own discernment and delight, but always honour your own truth and profound relationship with every child that you meet.

Just as a reminder, if you know any of these special kids, we're hosting A Family A'Fayre here in Wales, March 1st to 3rd, to see what we can create together, adults and children of all ages at play in creation.  Contact Santari@SOULutions.co.uk if you'd like details.

Lots of love



From: Kiara Windrider <kiara@hoep.org>
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002
Subject: Compendium on the Indigo Children

Dear friends,

Here's a compendium based on responses to the question I'd asked this list regarding Indigos and building the new Earth together. Variously called the Indigo and Violet children, the Children of Oz, or the Sun Eyed Children of the Marvellous Dawn, this generation of young people seems to be a new species of humanity arising on Earth today. They think differently, their emotional bodies process feelings differently, their energy bodies are capable of holding stronger soul vibrations, and they have a new vision to share. They do not fit into mainstream society. Many of them appear to have special psychic and healing abilities, and need special support to control and develop these gifts. Drunvalo Melchizedek (spiritofmaat.com) distinguishes between the Indigo children and the Super-Psychic children, whom I prefer to call the Violet children. Jimmy Twyman, in Emissary of Love, speaks eloquently of his own experiences with this latter group, and the message they wish to share with the world (jamestwyman.com).

As I see it, the Indigo children generally seem to range in age from the teens into the thirties, while the Violet children are younger, and carry a different mandate. Some of you reading this comprise the Indigo generation, and you are birthing a new species of kids. The Violet kids do not need to read any of this to know what's real. They are linked mind to mind in a global psychic link-up that reflects a new fifth-dimensional morphogenetic grid on Earth. As with the "hundredth monkey phenomenon", they are the first to step into what Sri Aurobindo envisioned as "supramental consciousness", which will eventually become available to the rest of us also, if we choose it. Part of what this implies is a positive mutation of our DNA structures as we prepare for a planetary ascension into the New Earth.

The following responses reflect a broad range of experience. Some of them refer to the Indigo generation, others to the Violet race. I do believe this is a new "root race" forming on Earth! Perhaps some of you reading this are being called to provide emotional support, or to provide guidance in "training" them, or to provide safe havens (like Hummingbird Ranch) for them to come together, or to support their mission by attuning with them through their global mind-link.

Read on and enjoy. To subscribe to this list, please contact kiara@hoep.org


Hi Kiara:

I met an indigo child in Taiwan. He was four years old. His eyes took you to another place. I am a channel for the Order of Melchizedek. The transmission of A Course in Light was brought through me. We have many students in the Course in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as here in the states. This child participated with us in a group meeting. He held the book of the course and just nodded his understanding. When the masters came through he seemed to know it all, even though I spoke in English and he is Chinese. His mother tells how he approachs adults and corrects them in the motives. He has had many visions that he shares with his mother. She was so pleased to be able to have him be in the presence of the group and masters.  Something about meeting a child of this spiritual development that is unforgettable.  Tears flowed around the room as each one felt his presence. It was a very sacred time.


Aloha dear one,

Our search for a new educational system for these children led us to Savitri, the canto poems of Sri Aurobindo, which gave us the vision and mythos of the Sun Eyed Children of the Marvelous Dawn, which has been our guiding light. The Hummingbird Community in New Mexico is to be a sanctuary for these children.

We initiated a ceremony in Hana in 1990 and at that time we were told that children are coming in on different band widths, the gathering is happening and that they will gather like iron filings to a magnet.  We are working with other urban and rural birthing centers anchoring a co-creative matrix to support our awakening and developing support systems for the great turning.

We would like co-create a chat room, for interactive discussions around what is emerging and to help anchor the light that is coming in, so that it is earthed in all dimension, so that we can find constructive ways to center and embody the light within Humanity and the earth.

We see that we are all centering our piece. We are one organ system awaking unto itself and coming together in right relationship and in right timing, gathering in soul clusters forming the new body of Christ and the new world, a journey that we all have been awaiting and preparing for.  It is wonderful to be in this dance together.



Just 2 nights ago, I went to a free sharing on "The Children of Light", a new book brought through via channeling presented at a yoga center here in Glastonbury, England where I currently am. The message briefly was that Atlanteans and Egyptians who had fully completed their karma were incarnating to help current humanity with our present challenges and to help shift us into the 4th and 5th dimensions. The Atlanteans would be the so-called leaders and the Egyptians the so-called followers. The importance of knowing how to interact and support these children of light was stressed. Since my past career of being a director of an alternative school for over 25 years, I personally can say that these beings have been incarnating over the past 25 years with an increase occurring in the past 7 years. They have very clear powerful eyes that convey all-knowingness and communicate with an amazing intelligence beyond their years. They have a humanity awareness that is expressed via all they do and a deep knowing of rightness of thought and uphold their convictions strongly. It is exciting to know that such a support system is occurring to help us create our new foundation for the dimensional shift we are going through!!


To get the rest, please ask it to Kiara Windrider <kiara@hoep.org>

NOTE: Of interest also is a Compendium of 6 articles on Multiple Timelines that Kiara sent me on Feb 9, 2002 and introduced this way:

Dear Jean

Since we started the discussion on multiple timelines, I have been receiving quite a few fascinating articles on this theme written by various people at various times, seemingly independently of each other, but dovetailing so beautifully together, that it seems the world soul may be prompting a new vision of possibility into the collective. I don't think anyone knows exactly how all this will unfold but it's fun to speculate anyway. Time shifts, dimensional shifts, pole shifts, and various galactic and cosmic cycles all seem related in some manner to the consciousness shifts we are experiencing currently, and the various levels of planetary grids that are being established at this time in order to anchor these into collective human experience. CLIP

The authors of these 6 articles are Kiara Windrider, Janis Gilbreath, Lyara, Steve Rother, Jelaila Starr and Jal Kae.

The first one by Kiara, "A Scenario for Earth's Future", will also be of interest to many of you and is available upon request to him.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Last year, I already recommended to you the exceptional double CD album Graceful Passages by Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin. Recently I received a copy of it and was totally enthralled and deeply moved by this magnificent work of HeArt which, once again, I recommend to your attention. Here is the introduction which I scanned from the accompanying booklet...

Graceful Passages


By Michael Stillwater

The wonder of life is often overlooked. The preciousness of being alive, of appreciating ourselves, each other, and our world, is sometimes the last thing we remember in our rush to handle the details of daily life. Yet remembering the fragility of our days awakens us to the truth that in every moment we are dying to something, and ultimately we, and everyone we know, will leave this world entirely.

Simply acknowledging the inevitable can be healing. Despite tremendous advances in medical science, we are neither capable of preventing our final transition from this world nor in full control of the timing. As reluctant as we may be to approach the subject, accepting our mortality is an important step toward embracing life on its own terms, and recognizing the moment-by-moment gift that is life.

To enfold the process of dying in the embrace of living is a challenge that faces us, both individually and as a society. How do we bring beauty and dignity to our endings? How do we best
honor sacred traditions, while leaving room for the mystery beyond any pathway? How might we meet one another during our time of dying in the deepest way possible, without intruding or assuming? What you listen to now is the result of exploring these questions.

The producers of Graceful Passages have recorded people, among whom are foremost experts in the field of loss and transition, speaking candidly, many inspired in the moment, on the key elements common to the dying process. These are themes relevant at any stage of life letting go, closure, giving and receiving love, forgiveness, appreciation of life, and continuity of spirit.

The people we have selected as guides, coming from different traditions, share an extraordinary quality of presence that infuses their words with a tender, universal eloquence. The messages they deliver are spoken in an atmosphere of peaceful honoring.

To further enhance the delivery of these messages of acceptance, we have created music to support the psycho-spiritual transition often observed in dying persons, created with the intention of gently addressing the listener behind their conscious defenses. This music is intended to provide an opportunity for listeners, wherever they may be on the continuum of life, to both relax and to feel supported in contemplating the gift of simply being alive. Our hope is that the feelings evoked may encourage reconciliation, resolution, and peaceful transitions.


To find out more, please visit http://www.gracefulpassages.com and http://www.wisdomoftheworld.com


Sent by "Philip Wienand" <philip@x-large-music.at>

Gaia Holy Mother Earth

Gaia Ma!
Holy Mother Earth,
Queen of Love,
Creator of All Life,
we bless You with a Smile
from our Heart.
Blessed is the Sky,
The Earth and Her Devas,
The Angels of the Earth,
Nature Spirits and Elves,
Servants of God,
who make the Forests shine,
as each Morning dawns,
with Crystal-clear Waterdrops,
and let the Lakes reflect the Light
of the Evening-Red so bright,
who decorate the Gardens with Flowers, and carry Our Dreams
on Their tender Wings
Up to God´s Realms,
and bathed in His Clarity,
They bring them back
as Vision to us.
Gaia Ma!
Holy Mother Earth!
We thank you for the Life,
for your Fresh Air,
for your Clear Water,
for your Good Food,
and the Soil,
on which WE ARE BEING
Om Shanti, Gaia Ma Shalom Shanti Om!