April 5, 2002

The Green Holocaust Files #2: The Planet Cannot Wait for Our Attention

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1. Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill a US Citizen as She Holds Her 9-Month-Old Baby
3. Bleak Future for World's Forests, Says Report
4. Our oceans are at risk
5. 'Earth Summit for All' online
8. If The Clock Strikes Twelve, Midnight is Forever
9. The Stupid Tour Is Extended


French lap up Pentagon crash 'fraud' (2 April, 2002)
A book which argues that American Airlines flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon on 11 September has become an immediate bestseller in France. (...) The book is currently the top of Amazon France's bestseller list and has made it to second place in the Livres Hebdo's list. (...) the whole truth about the flight 77 incident was yet to come out. "There is no official account of the crash...the lack of information is feeding the rumour." French lap up Pentagon crash 'fraud' (2 April, 2002)

The oil company has exceeded its emissions reduction target eight years ahead of schedule, and at no net cost. That undermines Bush's claim that the Kyoto Protocol would be too expensive.

Fueling the Flames
Is the choice between the environment and economic justice a false one? Now more than ever before, labor and greens must join forces to stop Bush’s assault on the planet.

Washington Is Criticized for Growing Reluctance to Sign Treaties

Food of the Future
When regional, fair-trade organic farms can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for their products, it's obvious that the future of food is sustainable and organic.
(...) Of the food we consume, how much is organic? Experts predict that $25 billion dollars of organic food will be consumed across the globe in 2002.

Globalization Proves Disappointing

Buckling under pressure from the auto industry, the Senate terminated an important bill which would have reduced our dependence on oil.

Antarctic Ice Shelf Disintegrating


Check also the cartoons at this website

Oppose Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Please help by signing this petition. It takes 30 seconds and will really help.

Petition to request that Yahoo Inc reconsider their decision to charge fees for pop mail, groups, and homepages: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/11213/petition.html

After 27 years of a ruinous civil war, MPLA and UNITA sign a cease-fire in front of representatives of the governments of the Russian Federation, the USA and Portugal.



Sent by Mark Graffis <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>

APRIL 3, 2002

CONTACT: Democracy Now! (212) 431-9090

Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill a US Citizen as She Holds Her 9-Month-Old Baby in Her Lap

With the Morgue Overflowing, the Family is Forced to Bury the 21-Year-Old Palestinian-American in the Ramallah Hospital Parking Lot

The US State Department Does Nothing

NEW YORK - April 3 - Israeli soldiers on Friday shot and killed Suraida Saleh in Ramallah as she was holding her 9-month old baby in her lap. She and her husband were driving to safety at her father's house after hearing shooting near their home. Suraida Saleh was a Palestinian-American, born in George Washington Hospital, in Washington, D.C.

Reached on the phone today in Ramallah, her father Farhan Mohammed Saleh, told Democracy Now! that Israeli soldiers asked the husband to stop the car and started shooting. He said they shot Suraida in the head and chest, and she died immediately. After shooting the husband repeatedly, they let him go. He took the baby from his dead wife's lap and stumbled up the road to the home of his father-in-law, where he collapsed.

With the Ramallah hospital morgue overflowing and Israeli soldiers preventing anyone from reaching the cemetery, Saleh said he was forced to bury his daughter in the hospital parking lot alongside dozens of other Palestinians.

Suraida's father, Farhan Mohammed Saleh, wept as he said: "I took her out of the hospital refrigerator [morgue] with my own hands, and my wife and my older son with me, we took her outside and put her in the ground, just temporary."

On Tuesday, Democracy Now! spoke to the Office of Consular Affairs at the State Department. The office said the State Department was aware that Suraida Saleh was a U.S. citizen, but did not plan to release a statement or take any action. Farhan Mohammed Saleh said that the State Department has done nothing.

As he spoke, you could hear his grandson crying in the background. "[My grandson] is with me now. He is 9 months old, I don't know what's going to happen with him without his mother. You know, he's crying all the time, that's what makes me suffer."

Details of Sureida's death were obtained by American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice (http://www.global-peace.org). They emailed, called and faxed major media for two days and no one picked up the story. Today is the first time the voice of Farhan Mohammed Saleh, the father of Suraida, will be broadcast nationwide. The following is a partial transcript of the interview that Amy Goodman, host of the radio and television show Democracy Now!, did with Farhan Mohammed Saleh in Ramullah:

Farhan Mohammed Saleh [FMS]: ...some of the neighbors, when they hear the shooting and saw her in the car, they call the ambulance... she stayed in the refrigerator [hospital morgue] from Friday morning up to yesterday evening [5 days]. ... I took her out of the hospital refrigerator with my own hands, and my wife and my older son with me, we took her outside and put her in the ground, just temporary, somewhere in the hospital, until they can take her to the cemetery.

Amy Goodman [AG]: You buried your daughter in the parking lot?

FMS: Yes, yes, she was with 2 more women, the men were buried separately. It is a temporary cemetery they make...

AG: How many other people are buried in the parking lot?

FMS: About 25 or 27 people. Three women were yesterday, and about 23 or 24 men.

AG: Why couldn't you get to the cemetery?

FMS: Nobody can go to the cemetery, there was shooting going everywhere. They just give 1 or 2 hours to the people to see their dead. We passed from the side of the tanks and the soldiers, and we was scared... [my grandson] is with me now. He is 9 months old, I don't know what's going to happen with him without his mother. You know, he's crying all the time, that's what makes me suffer. [Crying of baby in the background]

AG: Has the US embassy come to see you?

FMS: Nobody, nobody up to now. CLIP I called 2 or 3 times and I talked with some people working and nobody has shown up to now, nobody has seen me up to now. I don't know what I'm going to do with the baby now. [He begins to weep.]

It's a bad situation, a bad situation we have really, we just ask God to help her. It's killing people everywhere, in the streets, in the houses. They broke down the houses, the buildings, they get inside the houses and the apartments and they kill people and break down everything. That's barbarism. That's the situation we have. I don't know where are the human rights? The US and all the world, they're calling for human rights - where are the human rights? Civilian people, they're killing everywhere, in the streets and the houses and the apartments. Some buildings have 10 to 15 apartments, they get inside the apartments and houses and are killing everywhere,


For more information about this story, please contact "Democracy Now! "at (212) 431-9090. This show can be heard on mp3 at http://www.democracynow.org.



Israel/Palestinian Authority: Protect Civilians, Allow Independent Reporting
Human Rights Watch is alarmed that ordinary civilians are increasingly the main victims of intensified conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Military response to human rights crisis is only fuelling the cycle of violence

U.S. to Push Harder for Political Solution in Mideast

Israeli Armor Units Continue Sweeping Through West Bank


The policy of Ariel Sharon's government has managed to isolate Israel in the international community to an unprecedented level in recent history. Christians are starting to side with the Palestinians for the first time.

Women Call For Peace as Mideast Conflict Rages (Thu Apr 4)
(...) Citing first-hand accounts received by MADRE of Israeli assaults on unarmed Palestinian civilians and attacks on ambulances, homes, schools, and hospitals, the group released a statement earlier this week condemning actions carried out by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), particularly in the West Bank. (...) According to MADRE, one of the groups worst affected by this violence is women

(...) Israel, which has already declared its intention to liquidate centers of terrorism, does not disturb Hamas, which claims responsibility for several recent acts of terrorism. This is rather strange. CLIP

Last evening on American television Peter Jennings of ABC News went out of his way to let Americans know that no other country in the world, except for the US, supports what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. It was a small news gesture in a sea of terribly biased and grossly inadequate American news coverage. It was an example of a small but valiant attempt to inform Americans at least a little bit through a nearly blinding fog of continual distortion and gross misrepresentation. At the same time on PBS, Public Broadcasting, the Lehrer News Hour continued its tradition of packaging Middle East commentary in a way always fit for liberal American Jewish sentiments. It was an example of the terrible slant and bias, no matter how "professional" and "sophisticated" in presentation, that is so prevalent in the US and which so badly serves the American people. At a time when the Palestinians are being pulverized with Yasser Arafat still symbolizing their predicament, for good or bad, the PBS producers chose to interview two Israelis, one of whom works directly for the Israeli/Jewish lobby, and one American Jew, whom they presented as "Arafat's biographer". No Palestinian, no Arab, no critic, nobody in fact other than their kosherized guests. CLIP


From: Lightparty@aol.com
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002


An IMMEDIATE $1.6 million dollars is needed now for a ballot initiative to permanently protect California's 7+ million old growth trees for future generations. This ballot iniative requires 600,000 signatures by April 30th to qualify for the iniative for the November 2002 ballot in California. Your support is deeply appreciated. Please share with others. Thank You !!!

To Learn More Contact:



From: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/oneworld/20020404/wl_oneworld/1032_1017939013

Bleak Future for World's Forests, Says Report

Thursday, Apr 4, 2002

Alison Raphael, OneWorld US

The world's old-growth forests continue to be threatened by a combination of logging, mining, and management failures, according to a new study by Global Forest Watch which has monitored woodland destruction in six areas of the world.

Using advanced mapping techniques, local scientists, environmentalists associated with the monitoring, and the World Resource Institute (WRI) analyzed forests in Central Africa, Chile, Indonesia, North America, Russia, and Venezuela and concluded that at the present rate of destruction, 40 percent of existing forests will be lost over the next two decades.

The notion that the planet still enjoys vast areas of virgin forest is "fast becoming a myth," said WRI's president Jonathan Lash, adding that "much of the green canopy that is left is, in reality, already crisscrossed by roads, mining, and logging concessions."

Logging is the single-greatest factor contributing to forest loss, according to the study. With worldwide demand for timber at a high, governments are offering concessions to private companies without considering long-term losses and environmental damage. Corruption and illegal logging are other major problems.

According to WRI figures, governments in developing countries are losing the equivalent of US$5 billion each year from their failure to collect full revenues from logging concessions, and another $10 billion as a result of illegal logging.

Global Forest Watch, a coalition of some 75 groups worldwide, is working with a group of concerned businesses, including Home Depot and Sweden-based IKEA, to discourage illegal logging and irresponsible concessions through a commitment to purchase "responsibly harvested" timber. Some European banks have also agreed not to lend money for forest destruction.

In Indonesia illegal logging is "rampant," accounting for an estimated 70 percent of the country's timber and possibly destroying as much as 10 million hectares of forest, according to the Forest Watch study. In Chile, meanwhile, native trees have been cut down and replaced with other species that will not support the same ecosystems, thus endangering wild plants and animals.

The study also found that governments often lack coherent policies to manage forests or fail to enforce existing protection laws. In North America, for example, mapping has revealed that all but five percent of large-scale forest tracts are in Canada and Alaska, where they are not strongly protected by environmental legislation. The lower 48 states, however, retain only six percent of the region's forest cover, but nearly half is protected by law.

To stem the tide of deforestation Forest Watch is working with communities in the six areas, encouraging them to monitors local woodland and speak out when illegal or destructive activities take place. Members around the world also plan to press for expanded protection laws and greater enforcement.

YOU WILL FIND the First Comprehensive Results of this 2-Year Mapping Effort at: http://www.globalforestwatch.org


Sent by Patricia Mueller <patriciahelene@yahoo.com>

Subject: Our oceans are at risk
From: "Ted Danson @ Oceana" <Ted.Danson@oceana.org>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002

Thank you.

You recently joined thousands of other supporters who sent a letter to President George W. Bush at http://www.OceansAtRisk.com

As you know, the threat to our oceans affects EVERYONE. Our oceans are at risk, and with them our food supplies, our coastal economies, and even ourselves.

I need your help to get the word out.

With enough public support, we can protect our oceans and preserve the earth's web of life for future generations.

Thank you again.

Ted Danson


Dear Friends:

I just sent a free letter to protect the oceans at http://www.OceansAtRisk.com. Our whole world depends on having healthy oceans.

But our oceans are at risk.

Every day, thousands of fish, turtles, dolphins and other marine life are drowned, crushed, and suffocated after being caught on fishing hooks and nets meant for other species. Each year, an estimated 44 billion pounds of unwanted, dead or dying fish and countless numbers of turtles, porpoises, and sharks are simply thrown overboard.

Can you take 30 seconds to help stop this senseless destruction? Join me and send your FREE message at this link:


Oceans generate much of the world's oxygen, provide 95 percent of the living space for the earth's animals and plants, and feed billions of people around the world. We need healthy oceans to survive.

Like you, I love to swim in a healthy coral reef or watch whales and dolphins playing in the ocean. But in our lifetimes, the ocean abundance we treasure now could be gone.

As you read this email, hundreds of marlin, sea turtles, whales and porpoises are being caught and destroyed. Some of these species are endangered, and at risk of total extinction. We must act now to preserve the earth's web of life for future generations.

Four Federal laws clearly require the U.S. to end this senseless waste of our valuable ocean species. But, the government agency in charge has failed to enforce them.

That's why I'm helping to launch this campaign to tell President Bush to act now to enforce the law and protect ocean life. I've sent my letter - now you can send yours.

It only takes a minute to help. And once you've done your part, please forward this message along to other friends and family members. We take so much from the oceans; let's give something back.

Thanks for caring about our oceans

Ted Danson


Sent by David Allen Stringer <universalalliance.org@tinyworld.co.uk>,

'Earth Summit for All' online

The next Earth Summit ('Rio-plus ten') is taking place this year at Johannesburg. Over 60,000 people are expected to be attending this, the biggest conference Africa has ever seen. There will be delegates from governments and big business, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Friends of the Earth and the World Development Movement. Ten years on from the last Summit at Rio in 1992, many people are calling the last decade one of missed opportunities. The catastrophic rates of climate change and species loss have not been arrested, in fact they have increased. The Jo'burg Summit is too important an opportunity to be missed.

The Open University is developing 'Earth Summit for All', a new web portal that aims to build partnerships for projects which can be launched at the Summit, the first one of the internet era. It will provide an opportunity for ordinary people and NGO delegates to hold on-line discussions and collaborate in advance of the Summit, as part of the ‘multi-stakeholder’ dialogues. It provides a tool for developing the all-important practical projects needed to solve the major environmental and social problems that the Summit will be tackling. A starting set of projects for discussion may include Global Green Information Networks with ‘green ratings’; Co-operative and Community Networks; Fair Trade Networks; a Global Emergency Aid and Development Fund; Media Initiatives for Peace; Schools for Sustainability.

How will the on-line discussions work? Our software builds upon the innovative approaches to participative democracy developed by the Open Source Software community (see http://www.slashdot.org) 'Earth Summit for All' emphasizes public polls to promote consensus, and to enable people to make their views count, even if they prefer not to make written comments. The ethos is collaboration and consensus-seeking, rather than conflict and competition.

At earlier summits, Rio and Stockholm, the central focus was on governments and binding treaties between them. In Johannesburg, that will be much less the case. The preparatory meeting in New York that just ended puts a great emphasis on partnerships with civil society. ‘Earth Summit for All’ aims to be a catalyst to such partnerships. It uses the tools of internet technology to put the interested public and NGOs in touch with one another, to help develop practical projects for the Summit.

'Earth Summit for All' will be launched publicly in late April, 2002 and will be located at http://www.earthsummit.open.ac.uk. For further information, email admin@earthsummit.open.ac.uk



Check especially their latest fact sheet of updates! This is regarded as the biggest United Nations convention the world has ever seen and will shape the future of a globally defined, sustainable development agenda.


From: "Bonnie Lock" <bonnielock@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002

This news is so good, I had to share it right away! For those of you unfamiliar with the Earth Charter, visit http://www.earthcharter.org and http://www.earthchartersummits.org. To me, what makes the Earth Charter so unique and special are these key features:

1) It is incredibly comprehensive, covering Respect & Care for the Community of Life, Ecological Integrity, Social & Economic Justice, Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace --with the potential for pulling together diverse groups of special interests and applicability to a wide range of interrelated areas.

2) It isn't a treaty (difficult to build support for and too easy to break), but rather an ethical foundation with principles to inspire, shape, guide and invite renewal efforts in building a "just, sustainable, and global society".

3) It came from a comprehenvise international organizational and grassroots dialogue including science, law, religion, philosophy, ethics and best practices for building sustainable communities.

I could go on, but it would be better to contact Susan Curry (suscurry@erols.com) for more information. Susan, with many other capable community leaders is organizing an Earth Charter Summit in Philadelphia this September that promises to be groundbreaking and a lot of fun.

If you don't have a copy, you can download one from the Earth Charter website listed at the end of the newsflash.

Happy reading!

Bonnie Lock
Peace Wave Moderator

Original Message

From: Earth Charter Initiative
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002



** U.N. SG Advisory Panel for WSSD strongly supports the Earth Charter **

The second meeting of the Secretary General's Advisory Panel for the World Summit on Sustainable Development took place in New York on 5 February 2002. One of the key points emerging from the Panel discussion, was a strong support for the Earth Charter, Members of the Panel agreed to help mobilize support among all constituencies for the Charter to be recognized and formally endorsed by the Summit. According to the Panel, consideration of the Charter should be linked with discussion on private versus public goods.

Based on their own experience, panel members felt that the following issues should be included in the political deal and the implementation programme to be agreed at the Summit: the Earth Charter, corporate accountability, governance, women in decision-making, meeting the millennium targets, participation of civil society, access to information, access to & ownership of genetic resources, and peace as a proactive approach. For the complete meeting report see:


21 March 2002

Earth Charter International Secretariat
San Jose, Costa Rica


21 Mar-27 Mar 2002
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE, a project of Earth Day Network

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Although fears -- and warnings -- that terrorists might attack nuclear facilities have increased since Sept. 11, nuclear power is enjoying enthusiastic support from the Bush administration, which touts it as a clean, safe energy source. But just how safe is it? Take a deep breath. To compete with the newly deregulated electricity sector, the nuclear industry has been cutting expenses, including security costs. There are no rules requiring atomic plants to be secured against large truck bombs or air attacks. And in the last decade, almost half of nuclear plants failed security drills, even when guards had at least six months to prepare and knew the day and time the mock terrorists were attacking. An attack on a nuclear facility could haveconsequences that would make the tragic acts of Sept. 11 pale in comparison -- so what's being done about it? In the first part of a two-part series, journalist Shelley Smithson takes a look at the state of nuclear security, only on the Grist Magazine website.

How secure are U.S. nuclear plants? -- in our Main Dish section

Help wanted -- could the Sept. 11 terrorists have gotten jobs at U.S. nuclear power plants?


From: "Doug Mattern" <worldcit@best.com>

If The Clock Strikes Twelve, Midnight is Forever

By: Douglas Mattern - 03/25/02

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.''

This ancient Greek saying surely applies to the Pentagon's secret Nuclear Policy Review (NPR) that was ordered by President Bush and his team of reconstituted cold warriors. The Los Angeles Times acquired a copy of NPR and published it in their March 9th edition with the headline, "U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms."

NPR compiles a nuclear hit list of seven countries: China, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Russia, and Syria. The review, which was delivered to Congress on January 8, also calls for the incorporation of nuclear capability into many conventional systems now under development. The report listed "targets able to withstand a non nuclear attack," or retaliation for use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or "in the event of a surprise attack." Also recommended is to place nuclear warheads on cruise missiles.

When we combine this scenario with the Bush's decision to scrap the 1972 ABM Treaty and proceed with the Son of "Stars Wars" antimissile system, it's clear the gods have done their work. In England, some members of Parliament called the plan "warmongering lunacy."

The antimissile system is just the first step in the militarization of space. The Pentagon's Space Command's document "Vision 2020" emphasizes how the global economy will widen the gulf between the rich and poor over the coming years, and virtually states that the U.S. will need the military ability to control space in order to defend national and economic interests on the earth below.

The Center for Defense Information reports the U.S. currently spends $589,802 every minute on the military; 51.3% of the discretionary federal budget. Nevertheless, this criminal waste of our wealth and resources will increase by $120 billion over the next five years. The 2003 the Pentagon budget will equal the combined military budgets of the next 15 countries.

Steven Kosiak, an analyst for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, reports that the planned military budget of $451 billion for 2007 will be 20 percent higher than the average expenditures during the Cold War.

This massive spending for new weapons and the deteriorating condition on nuclear arms has prompted the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to move hands of their famous "Doomsday Clock" up to seven minutes to midnight. George A. Lopez, a professor at Notre Dame University who chairs the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which publishes the clock, states: "Despite a campaign promise to rethink nuclear policy, the Bush administration has taken no significant steps to alter nuclear targeting policies or reduce the alert status of U.S. nuclear forces."

Seven minutes to midnight is exactly where the clock was set when it first appeared on the cover of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in 1947. This is another indication that little has changed; that over 30,000 nuclear weapons remain stockpiled in the world.

This genocidal stockpile includes thousands of U.S. and Russian nuclear warheads on a hair-trigger alert, ready for launch in a few minutes notice.

Bruce Blair, a former Minuteman missile launch officer, and president of the Center for Defense Information, reports there are over 2,000 strategic nuclear weapons poised for launch on extremely short notice and set for targeting on over 2,000 Russian sites. We can be sure a similar amount of Russian warheads are targeted at the U.S.

Therefore, we continue to live every day under the utter lunacy of being only 30-minutes away from nuclear incineration. An intelligent visitor from another planet would surely conclude the gods have made us all mad.

Retired General George Lee Butler, former head of the U.S. Strategic Air Command, says: "There is no security in nuclear weapons," and that "It's a fool's game." This brings to mind a statement by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that we must learn to walk the earth together as brothers, or die together as fools.

This fools game is perfectly symbolized by the Doomsday Clock, with its ticking hands imploring us to take collective action to end this nuclear madness before the clock strikes twelve, because midnight on this clock is forever.

Douglas Mattern is president of the Association of World Citizens (AWC); a San Francisco based international peace organization with branches in 50 countries, and with UN NGO status. The website for AWC is http://www.worldcitizens.org. Douglas is a contributing writer for Liberal Slant.

See also:

Bush Administration Orders New Generation Nuclear Weapons


An update from Michael Moore: The Stupid Tour Is Extended

Monday, March 25, 2001

Dear friends,

Good news... I've been able to line up (with the help of lots of good people around the country), more than a DOZEN extra cities for the "Stupid White Men" book tour.

Today's #1 ranking for "Stupid White Men" on the New York Times bestseller list has, I honestly believe, very little to do with me and a WHOLE LOT to do with you and the powerful rebuttal you have given to the media mantra of "GEORGE W. BUSH HAS THE HIGHEST APPROVAL RATINGS IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!"

That more Americans are reading this book, this week, than any other book in the country has sent a stunning dagger to the heart of the right-wing nagenda -- and they are going bonkers trying to figure it out! Well, there is nothing to figure out. Those approval ratings are the biggest bunch of B.S. since daddy Bush's 90% approval rating one year before he was sent packing. Take heart in this folks. I want you to share this day, this incredible victory with me. Let's hope it's the beginning of the end for those boys who are occupying our Oval Office.

Gee, did I just break their new Patriot Act by saying that? Let's hope so!


A Canadian tour is also being put together. The book has been #1 in Canada for the past three weeks. Many thanks to all of you up there who look south and roll your eyes in disbelief.

Please go to my website to get the exact times and locations.

Michael Moore
Middle East Envoy