September 26, 2002

Defeating the U.S. War Plans Series #3: Pre-emptive Peace Campaign Underway

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This compilation and the accompanying Addendum hold lots of food for thought.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Feedback from U.S. anti-war activist Carol Brouillet
2. Think it over...
3. Al Gore's Historic Anti-War Speech is CENSORED - Action Alert
4. Vote and work AGAINST ALL those who SUPPORT INVASION of Iraq NOW!!!
5. US making end-run for all world's resources
6. Where is the evidence compelling immediate action in Iraq?
7. Bribing Our Way to War
8. Wars Have Long Echoes...
9. U.S. Abandons Germ Warfare Accord


10. Ramsey Clark Open Letter To UN Security Council
11. George W. Bush and the Brotherhood of Death

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Coalition Casualities in Afghanistan: The Real Numers
U.S. military deaths: 867!!! (from October 21, 2002 to June 21, 2002) (...) The conclusion that can be drawn from this report is that the deaths of both US and Coalition soldiers are significantly higher than the public is being made aware of and therefore the willingness to continue the America war effort to new theatres such as Iraq is being orchestrated under false pretenses. Read this Report at
Tens of U.S. helicopters were shot down as well as several US planes!

Former Military Leaders Urge Caution on War With Iraq

Several eye-opening articles at

War-Mongers, Death-Merchants, & Killers: America's War Machine and the Carlyle Group
(...) Look at Lynn Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney. She recently resigned from the Board of Directors of one of America’s premier companies – Lockheed Martin. Who are they? Only the world’s largest weapons producer that sell F-16’s to Oman and the United Arab Emirates, MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) to Egypt, and F-16’s, C130 transport planes, and P-3 surveillance crafts to Pakistan. Her husband, Dick Cheney, was also on the Board of TRW, another huge arms dealer. And Condaleeza Rice was a member of Chevron’s board. If you start doing a little digging, you’ll find plenty of these ‘coincidences.’

The Brutal Realities of U.S. Global Domination (AMAZING STUFF)
(...) "The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology."

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Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor
It was not long after the first Japanese bombs fell on the American naval ships at Pearl Harbor that conspiracy theories began to circulate, charging that Franklin Roosevelt and his chief military advisors knew of the impending attack well in advance. Robert Stinnett, who served in the U.S. Navy with distinction during World War II, examines recently declassified American documents and concludes that, far more than merely knowing of the¨Japanese plan to bomb Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt deliberately steered Japan into war with America. CLIP

DEPLETED URANIUM IN BUNKER BOMBS; America's big dirty secret

Depleted uranium: the lingering poison

A soldier's experience


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
From: Carol Brouillet <>
Subject: Re: Revisiting 9-11 Series #4:


Just one giant Thanks! For all your great work!!!!

Carol Brouillet


From: "Bronwen White" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
Subject: FWD: Think it over...

If you are still shaken by the horrifying scenes of September 11, please observe a moment of silence for the 3,000 civilian lives lost in the New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania attacks.

While we're at it, let's have 13 minutes of silence for the 130,000 Iraqi civilians killed in 1991 by order of President Bush Sr. Take another moment to remember how Americans celebrated and cheered in the streets.

Now another 20 minutes of silence for the 200,000 Iranians killed by Iraqi soldiers using weapons and money provided to young Saddam Hussein by the American government before the great eagle turned all its power against Iraq.

Another 15 minutes of silence for the Russians and 150,000 Afghans killed by troops supported and trained by the CIA.

Plus 10 minutes of silence for 300,000 Japanese killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Atomic bombs dropped by the USA.

We've just kept quiet for one hour: one minute for the Americans killed in NY, DC, and Pennsylvania, 59 minutes for their victims throughout the world.

If you are still in awe, let's have another hour of silence for all those killed in Vietnam, which is not something Americans like to admit. The US went to another continent thousands of miles away and burnt tens of thousands of Vietnamese peasants with napalm.

Or for the massacre in Panama in 1989, where American troops attacked poor villagers, leaving 20,000 Panamanians homeless and thousands more dead.

Or for the millions of children who have died because of the USA embargoes on Iraq and Cuba.

Or the hundreds of thousands brutally murdered throughout the world by US-sponsored civil wars and coups d'etat (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador to name a few).

Maybe, and although the memory of Americans claims otherwise, someone may remember the USA attack on Baghdad where 18,000 civilians were killed. Did someone see it on CNN? Was justice ever served? Or was there even any retaliation?

Their vulnerability and the attacks and other tragedies that they have caused around the world.

The dead in other places hurt as much as the dead of the Towers, maybe even more!

What about the 560,000 Iraqi children (as per current UN data) who have died as a direct cause of the US supported sanctions against Iraq? Are these the children of a lesser God?

What about a new generation of nearly one million Iraqi children who are currently having their lives being ruined by improper nutrition, lack of medicine and inferior education because of US supported sanctions.

Now, let's talk about terrorism, shall we?


From: "Deborah Mokma" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 1:24 PM
Subject: Al Gore's Historic Anti-War Speech is CENSORED - Action Alert Action Alert: Al Gore's Historic Anti-War Speech is CENSORED

On Monday, September 23 2002, Al Gore gave a major speech on Iraq at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

Al Gore called the war on Iraq a distraction from the war on terrorism, warned against unilateral action and Bush's new Doctrine of Global Domination (a.k.a. preemptive strike policy), and addressed the timing questions of Bush's war in Iraq.

How did the networks cover Gore's historic speech?

FOX News - No Coverage

CNN - Broadcast the first few minutes - then went back to Talk Back Live.

MSNBC - Broadcast a portion of the speech - then Buchanan and Press
talked over the rest of it.

These are the same networks that routinely interrupt programming with "breaking news" of press conferences concerning kidnappings, child abuse, and baseball riots. And yet a major anti-war speech by the WINNER of the 2000 election does not warrant coverage in their opinion. But these same networks carry just about every pro-war speech by Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney.

We must demand equal time from the media. We CANNOT let them conduct the hatchet job they did during campaign 2000.

We demand that Gore's speech be aired in prime time - and we demand full coverage for the anti-war movement, which represents the MAJORITY of Americans.

1. Call CNN at 404-827-1500

2. Call Fox News at (212) 301-3000

3. Call MSNBC at (201) 583-5000

4. Send this alert to every website you know

5. Send this alert to everyone in your mailing list

6. Contact your local paper's Editor

7. Go to FAIR's media contact list for more numbers:

8. Contact the media watchers:,,

9. Support our tireless efforts for truth, justice, and the American way
with as generous a contribution as you can afford:

The media stole the Presidency from Al Gore in 2000 - it's time to get
justice for Al Gore.

Act now!

To subscribe to News (Daily or Weekly - it's free!) click here:


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Calls Incarceration of Americans Without Due Process; "Un-American"


From: "Mark Nemeth" <>
Subject: Vote and work AGAINST ALL those who SUPPORT INVASION of Iraq NOW!!!
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002

Why the race to invade?

1. Distraction. U.S. knew of 12 plots for jet attacks:
2. Oil
3. Pressure from regional allies
4. Desire to invade Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and North Korea next.

DO NOT support an INVASION of IRAQ. WORK to DEFEAT LAWMAKERS who vote FOR THIS ACTION. CONTACT lawmakers and sign online petitions. The warmongers hire professionals to do this.

For those of you who desire peace in the world or even honesty, integrity and democracy in our government, NOW is the time to act. If you've ever read the book "Washington Babylon" you know that public relations companies can and do manufacture fake phone and letter campaigns to try to convince congressmen that the public supports certain agendas when in reality the public is opposed. Such tricks are, believe it or not, legal. The companies that offer such services count the US Government as large and generous customers. The goal of such fake letters and phone calls is to convince the US Congress that the public wants war. The ONLY way to defeat such tricks is for YOU to get the contact info for your congressional representative from and makes as many phone calls and write as many letters and send as many faxes as the public relations companies do. It is an election season, the one time when congressional representatives are paying attention to the voters, and if they get a steady stream of messages from voters who will NOT vote for those who vote for war, Bush and Rumsfeld will not get their congressional legitimacy for the invasion. Now is the moment to act. The chickenhawks are racing to get the war going before the UN inspection teams can get to Iraq. This is a pivotal moment in history when the actions of individuals like you will rule the fate of millions. PLEASE CALL AND WRITE AND FAX NOW, TOMORROW, THE DAY AFTER AN THE DAY AFTER. Persuade your friends to do the same. There are far more of us then there are of the public relations companies. Just keep the message simple. No votes for candidates who vote for war. Other political web sites ask for money. I'm asking for a phone call. And if you do NOT make that call, send that FAX, or write that letter, decide now how you will answer your children in years to come when they ask, "Why didn't you stop it when you had the chance?"

Associated Press is reporting that, "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told Congress that it should authorize the use of military force against Iraq before the Security Council makes a move. " This confirms that Bush is racing to start the war before the UN can send inspectors into Iraq.

Senators by State: 4

Representatives by State: (from

No Invasion of Iraq. Moveon petition:


From: "Mark Nemeth" <>
Subject: US making end-run for all world's resources -- will take out enemies before they can THINK about opposing us
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002

Bush's newly released National Security Strategy -- see at -- describes an extremely agressive US foreign policy strategy in clear and non-apologetic terms (as if we weren't already aware of this policy), declaring the US is supreme and will never again not be. This document was edited heavily before being released, because Bush thought it sounded "overbearing or arrogant," which is frightening considering the toned-down version sounds like it could have been writted by a pre-WWII Germany.

The document states:

1. Containment and deterrence strategies are dead. US will pre-emptively strike any enemy it deems as a threat to it's interests, acting "against such emerging threats before they are fully formed." Since we build our own enemies, this means the war industry will be making money forever.

2. "The president has no intention of allowing any foreign power to catch up with the huge lead the US has...our forces will be strong enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military buildup in hopes of surpassing, or equaling, the power of the United States."

3. The document states our goals are economic supremacy and as such the World Bank and International Monetary fund will be used to win the battle of competing values and ideas, including "a battle for the Muslim world."

4. It dismisses many treaties, including: the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty amd the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

5. It states the US will never subject its citizens to the newsly created International Criminal Court, "whose juridiction does not extend to Americans."

Couple this with Bush's abandonment of the germ warfare accord and the current administration's track record with staged terror, bioterror research and development and an eagerness to scare everyone about OTHER people's ownership of such materials, does not bode well for our future.


From: "Reb" <>
Subject: Where is the evidence compelling immediate action in Iraq?
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002

The Bush administration continues to increase pressure to invade Iraq. Colin Powell has now indicated that the administration may block efforts to send U.N. inspectors, thus stultifying attempts at peaceful resolution, while Congress is being pressured to authorize a war.

Yet despite these rushed activities, the Bush administration has still not provided clear, reasonable and corroborated evidence of why such action is immediately necessary and unavoidable. The combination of this lack of basic evidence and the plethora of recent disclosures that indicate other dubious motivations can only be gravely concerning to anyone who examines this situation.

I would be supportive of military action if it were shown to be clearly and necessarily unavoidable, but there has simply been no such evidence presented at all. In fact, there has been a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

Whatever your opinion is on this matter, I urge you to voice it to your Congressional representatives immediately, before they vote on an Iraq War. Democracy can only survive with citizen involvement.


Please pass this along to others who care.
"Breaking news and activist issues not covered by mainstream media"


Sent by "Mark Graffis" <>

Published on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 in the Madison Capital Times

Bribing Our Way to War


When he addressed the United Nations, and in comments since, President Bush attempted to make the "moral" case for war with Iraq. At the same time, the Los Angeles Times reports that the president is preparing to bribe foreign governments in order to win support for this "moral" war. In exchange for support of this "moral" war, diplomats say, Turkey is preparing to ask for weapons and debt relief, Qatar wants money to build air fields, Russian and France want access to Iraqi oil fields guaranteed by an ongoing U.S. military presence, and Jordan is interested in trade concessions. The Bush administration's determination to use bribery to get the United States into an unnecessary war is even more disturbing than the administration's attempts to create false fears about the "threat" posed by Iraq to its neighbors and, even more remarkably, to the United States. Unlike the fear mongering, these bribes will cost an already depleted treasury more than U.S. taxpayers can or should waste on a fool's mission.



Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002
From: Goldi <>
Subject: Wars Have Long Echoes...

Hi Jean,

Have been receiving your newsletter compilations for a few months now, lots of eye-opening information, some which I had not found from other sources, much of which has been shared with as many folks as are willing to listen. I would like to submit the below article for consideration in one of your newsletters. I feel it expresses what so many of us feel about the current situation with Iraq. The author's email is below, she has stated that her article can be shared with the hope that it will help more people to wake up to the realities and costs of war. I have friends who fought in Desert Storm, one who is struggling with Gulf War Syndrome and experiencing the frustrations of being refused to even be taken seriously about this insidious illness, let alone receiving treatment for it. I find it unconscionable that this should be the case. Regardless of the goals and motivations of our "leaders", these men and women put their lives on the line believing it to be for the highest ideal which was protection for their fellow citizens, they should be given high honors and have the health problems that result from their service to their country met with the serious concern it requires, not the stone-walling and denial they are now receiving.

I could go on. This is a passionate concern for me, as I do not want ANY loss of life, or quality of life - theirs OR ours - for no good reason at all!

I look forward to your next compilations with great anticipation.

With Peace as my vision, goldi

A very powerful commentary, worth the read!

Wars Have Long Echoes...

By Judith Moriarty 9-16-2

We are marching towards war there is no doubt about it. Once more with Iraq...the same Iraq that had Saddam as evil incarnate back in 90-91....with 500,000 troops sent to supposedly come to the aid of Kuwait. Kuwait who was slant drilling into Iraq's oil fields. Kuwait an oil rich empire where slave labor is brought in to do the menial labor while the rich Kuwaiti's shop the world's malls.

Kuwait hired a top notch marketing firm in Virginia to yes, market war. All the stories of babies being thrown out of incubators, rape, mayhem....all lies as was shown much later in Senate Hearings. Too late for the hundreds of thousands of dead and those still dying.

When Reservists were called from their homes and jobs, I remember living in Ct. at the time, that Helping Hand in New York, helped pay the fuel bills of families left behind with minimal income. When Reservists came home with Gulf War Syndrome, and started having limbless babies they had to go on welfare for medical care. Thousands have died or have been permanently disabled from Gulf War Syndrome a combination of many factors including anthrax (untested) shots given the soldiers, depleted uranium that was used on the battlefield, unbeknownst by the military personnel etc. To date the Pentagon is still ignoring those who left home and family going off to war for OIL! And it's no different today.....poor men's sons, minorities, sent off for what? For political reasons? For oil fields? For a free passage for future oil lines from the Caspian Sea area? To keep the moneyed military complex and buddies supplied with billions of dollars that will not be available for schools, infra-structure, medical care, prescriptions or our environment.

When soldiers came home from Vietnam they were given the cheapest of prosthesis!! An official remarked on the nightly news that this was to "save tax payer dollars!!" So much for "Support the troops, all the flag waving, and parades". Agent Orange victims, sprayed with dioxin gave birth to terribly deformed children and many of those exposed developed cancer. Years and years of battle here at home to get help. This is all a colossal joke and citizens need to speak up and put an end to this madness that is killing off hundreds of thousands in foreign lands and our own impoverished youth sent off to war because there are no jobs at home. Everyone needs to stop and send a brief note to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen, Joe Biden (D) who is helping the war drums beat louder by the day. There is no such thing as a just war or peace through the murder of hundreds of thousands maybe millions of innocent civilians. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld told Europeans against going to war that, "The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!" People should die for NEWSPEAK??? HUH?

Below the article... once more timely as war looms ever closer. The only paper that would print my articles at the time was The Greenwich Times of Greenwich CT. They titled the article:



"I know somehow that only when it's dark enough can you see the stars". Rev. Martin Luther King

Jan 16, 91....6:40pm. Supper is over, and the tune of "Come to Jamaica" fades from the television. Abruptly the world changes. World War III. Operation Desert Stom, or whatever you prefer to call it, has begun. Planes take off from Saudi Arabia to bomb Baghdad. Everything in the household stops.....we watch, the children and their friends from school. My God, a war, and we're watching it live! The president speaks, then the Pentagon: massive strike, a success! Israel is told danger is over; the missile bases have been destroyed. I'm worried. It's all so clean, so successful. Why do I feel such dread?

Jan 16, 11:50pm. Saddam Hussein is on the radio: "The Mother of all Battles has begun; we will never surrender." I worry about Israel. I wonder about Jordan, Syria, Iran....what have we unleashed? They call it an operation, but it's a war, not a takeover of a crack house. Why can't we use the right words? Why don't I believe the news?

Jan 17. Bombs hit Baghdad again. Some planes have been hit. Gallup Poll already available; the majority supports the war. It's like a Nintendo game! it is announced that casualties are minimal. It's never minimal when it's your's catastrophic. Seems bizarre that people are going to work and school while this is going on.

10:00pm. Interview with middle Americans. They're upset over the burning of the flag, like everyone out there protesting is doing it. Well, you see un-American acts everyday that are equally shocking. Congressional leaders constantly before the Ethics Committee, ripping off their constituents, sunning in the islands with lobbyists. Religious leaders fleece their flocks, American businessmen sell arms to dangerous madmen, mayors of cities take crack....there are kooks on every level of society. The symbolism of the flag---honor, courage, valor, freedom, liberty and democracy---is living. I saw the flag desecrated when a World War II Naval photographer, homeless and handicapped was viciously beaten to death in his wheelchair one dark night in an alleyway where he slept. I saw the flag desecrated when a highly decorated Korean War veteran, also homeless was beaten to death in an abandoned car for a bit of change. I saw the flag desecrated as rats scampered around a homeless crippled Korean War Veteran living under a bridge.

The flag is desecrated in more ways than burning. One difference is, there was no outcry of patriotism for these men, no phone calls, no letters to the editor. The flag was desecrated when the VA budget was cut 54 percent. The flag is desecrated daily in understaffed VA hospitals. The flag is desecrated in Agent Orange victims and their families. Visit Potter's Field, where you'll see rusted markers of veterans and flags ground into the mud. Desecration goes on, and we only see the burning!

Jan 17....Missiles have hit Israel, and they're thought to be chemical. Reporters have gas masks on. I can't believe we're watching this. Reporters then say that the warheads are conventional, whatever that means. Reporters in Jerusalem in full gear, streets empty---it's frightening, like the end of the world. Had Channel 4 on: Commercials in the middle of a war! How can a person's mind make the adjustment from horror to a cruise on Carnival!!

Jan 17, 9:50pm...I wonder what's really going on? It's all so packaged and proper, so made for TV by the new news station---PNN. Pentagon National News.

11:00pm. Film of attack on Baghdad has a weird green glow, with bombs, tracer bullets. It looks like War of the Worlds.

Jan 18, 9:30am Gold and oil move up on the stock exchange, and two more pilots are missing. According to Gen. Kelly, everything is going, "stunningly well, exceptionally wonderful". President Bush (Sr) says so far so good, war is not cheap or easy." In Tel Aviv, 12 people are injured.

Jan 18,8:00pm. Depressing. People talk like the war is some Rambo movie. Maybe people are confused by the Super Bowl?

Jan 18, 10:00pm. "War in the Gulf" complete with drum roll, is like a never-ending mini-series. The media becomes the reality instead of reality itself.

Jan 19, 12:30am...Three missile attacks on Israel. Patriot missiles sent. Richard Murphy, former secretary of state says, "We have to ask ourselves how did this area get so crammed with all this high technology weaponry?" Drum roll, commercial, "No one can guarantee a perfect world, but in an imperfect world you're in good hands with Allstate."

Jan 19, 5:00pm....Orthodox Jewish Rabbis have a ceremony to put a curse on Saddham.

Jan 20....People in Georgia buy gas masks. Stanley Cloud, Washington Bureau Chief for Time says, "People are not getting the real story, we're getting what the Pentagon wants us to get. Military censors make sure no one says the wrong thing." Pete Williams from the Pentagon reports that five Patriots were fired, and Scud missiles were destroyed.

Various questions were asked by reporters. Pete answered them all with; "No report, no evidence, no information." Well, that was enlightening!! Carl Sagan says we face a global catastrophe if oil wells are mined in Kuwait. Pentagon adviser says it'll never happen!!

Jan 22..Reporter states the Scud missiles are more of an annoyance than anything; no injuries, no casualties. Goes on to say we're giving them too much attention. A few hours after this report missiles hit Tel Aviv, leaving three dead, hundreds injured. The global community remained silent when Iran charged Iraq with atrocities of using chemical warfare against its civilian population. Graphic pictures showed the horror. Though the UN sent an investigative team every year, there was no action taken, no sanctions. One drop of VX nerve gas will kill in minutes. Soldiers if wounded have to first be meticulously decontaminated before treatment. It takes 200,000 gallons of wash water to decontaminate one division, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Col. David Hackworth states, "Taking out Saddam's army will not be a quick massive and decisive fight, as Dan Quayle promised in a PR blitz in the Gulf. Conflict casualties won't be 200 American dead a week like Vietnam, but more like 200 dead an hour, more if chemical weapons are fired." Note: The Col. didn't know at this time that they never planned to go to Baghdad.

Then there's the cost element. The Congressional Budget Office estimates a short war will cost $40 billion and a longer one could cost $98 billion. Every Tomahawk missile fired (216 to date) costs $1.35 million.

Japan gets two-thirds of its oil from the Mideast. They have pledged $9 billion toward costs. Saudi Arabia pledged $4 billion, despite a windfall of oil profits estimated at $40 billion this year. As of Dec. the Saudis had provided $760 million in cash. Nearly one-half of Germany's early $1 billion pledge consisted of East Germany military equipment. Kuwait, whose government in exile control $100 billion in assets has pledged $2.5 billion. For their cooperation, we forgave Egypt its $7 billion debt.

(...) There are conflicting reasons as to why we're over there. There's the fight against tyranny, killing the evil monsters in our midst, freedom, liberation of Kuwait, and protecting our vital interests. It's been stated over and over that this in NOT about oil!! Well, maybe, maybe not. The oil companies are not hesitant in realizing some pretty hefty profits. Amoco Corp, net income surged 69% in the fourth quarter of 1990. Its revenues rose by 34.6% to $9.18 billion, from $6.82 billion. Texaco's net income was up $ 399 million in the fourth quarter of 90. They had $85 million in clean-up costs, or they would have realized 65% gain. Mobil's net income rose 46%. Raytheon Co (maker of the Patriot) realized profits of $557 million. Meanwhile, Helping Hands of New York area is taking up collections to pay the fuel bills of reservists suddenly sent over.

People protest. I remember the patriotic outpouring in '68. Thousands of thousands marched in Washington waving flags and carrying signs reading "Nixon's the Man". "Support Nixon, Support War", "Commies Love it or Leave it." Four students were shot by soldiers at Kent State because they protested what they believed was an immoral war. Polls taken shortly after showed that most agreed they deserved to be shot!! Today it's agreed that Vietnam was a failure. The "Wall" in Washington bears the names of 58,000 dead. Now we see an orchestrated effort to polarize the citizens of this country against each other. If you can get the masses stirred up and pit them against one another, you can keep them distracted from the real issues, keep them from honest questioning. To be for war is American; if you're against it you're a faggot or a Commie. No middle ground.

We've created a Frankenstein monster. We supported and obliged him with aid and the most modern weaponry. When he poisoned the Iranians, we looked the other way. When he poisoned his own people we merely shook our heads in disbelief. When he killed our men by blowing up the Stark, we accepted his apology. Now he's threatening some big money interests. Now he's a monster, an outlaw. What was he before?

"Why is it that recent presidents fail to convince on the scale of a Washington or a Lincoln? Both these leaders felt that they had to articulate for the broad mass of people the reasons for their government's action. That democratic attitude has been weakened by the claim that major decisions are now to be made by experts, based on information denied to the average voter. Over and over modern presidents have assured us that if we only knew what they and their staff do, we would agree with them. Unfortunately, we can never know what they do, since we lack security clearance. Those who may use the weapons or vote for their use, are not to be privy to their secrets! Any blood shed will be that of citizens, but the decisions are beyond the information of those actually dying, or sending others to their death." Garry Wills, February issue Life magazine (91). forward 2002. Another century and another Bush and war again with evil Saddam, still alive and kicking. Those of military age in Kuwait lounged around in exclusive hotels on the French Rivera while the commoners, simple folks sent their kids to die for OIL! Thousands of Iraqi civilians died and continue to die due to Draconian sanctions. After the War, Kuwaiti peoples lounging around on vacation returned home. They (citizens) each got an immediate $25,000 bonus for their trauma (of running). Later a grand party was held for Bush Sr., friends and family who - ta-dah - all got gifts and lucrative contracts to clean up the mess. Oops, the Kuwaitis forgot who deserved the real thanks and who were now stateside dying and taking care of their deformed children!! Here we are, two million in jail for mostly non-violent crimes in our nation (for corporate industry business), and no jobs for the others due to manufacturing, ship building, steel industry, textile etc. all shipped to Third World slave labor. We have 45 million without medical insurance, prescription drugs, due to the protected thieves in the pharmaceutical business are unaffordable; but we have an approximate 450 billion defense budget and growing, and lots of people well-placed (once again) set to make a killing in monies by the blood of others. When will people awake and see who's doing the dying? Who end up in shelters and under bridges, the refuse of war.....wars have long echoes.



Originally from

U.S. Abandons Germ Warfare Accord

19 September, 2002

The Bush administration has abandoned an international effort to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention against germ warfare, advising its allies that the United States wants to delay further discussions until 2006. A review conference on new verification measures for the treaty had been scheduled for November.

Less than a year after a State Department envoy abruptly pulled out of biowarfare negotiations in Geneva, promising that the United States would return with new proposals, the administration has concluded that treaty revisions favored by the European Union and scores of other countries will not work and should not be salvaged, administration officials said yesterday.

The decision, which has been conveyed to allies in recent weeks, has been greeted with warnings that the move will weaken attempts to curb germ warfare programs at a time when biological weapons are a focus of concern because of the war on terrorism and the administration's threats to launch a military campaign against Iraq. It also comes as the administration, which has angered allies by rejecting a series of multilateral agreements, is appealing to the international community to work with it in forging a new U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraq's programs to develop weapons of mass destruction.

The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, which has been ratified by the United States and 143 other countries, bans the development, stockpiling and production of germ warfare agents, but has no enforcement mechanism. Negotiations on legally binding measures to enforce compliance have been underway in Geneva for seven years.

The administration stunned its allies last December by proposing to end the negotiators' mandate, saying that while the treaty needed strengthening, the enforcement protocol under discussion would not deter enemy nations from acquiring or developing biological weapons if they were determined to do so. Negotiators suspended the discussions, saying they would meet again in November when U.S. officials said they would return with creative solutions to address the impasse.

Instead, U.S. envoys are now telling allies that the administration's position is so different from the views of the leading supporters of the enforcement protocol that a meeting would dissolve into public squabbling and should be avoided, administration officials said. Better, they said, to halt discussions altogether.

(...) Amy Smithson, a biological and chemical weapons specialist, said the administration is making a mistake by halting collaborative work to strengthen the convention. "It sounds to me as though they've thrown the baby out with the bath water," said Smithson, an analyst at the Henry L. Stimson Center. "The contradiction between the rhetoric and what the administration is actually doing -- the gulf is huge. Not a day goes by when they don't mention the Iraq threat."

The Stimson Center is releasing a report today that criticizes the U.S. approach to the convention. Drawn from a review by 10 pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology experts, the document argues that bioweapons inspections can be effective with the right amount of time and the right science and urges the administration to develop stronger measures.

"To argue that this wouldn't be a useful remedy would just be a mistake. I think it's because they're looking through the wrong end of the telescope," said Matthew Meselson, a Harvard biologist who helped draft a treaty to criminalize biological weapons violations. "We're denying ourselves useful tools."