July 23, 2002

Crooked America Files #2: Filled With Greed and Corrupt To The Core

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As the global casino markets continue to plunge, here are some more elements to add to our reflection upon what caused this and who is to blame.

Stay tuned. It is getting more and more "interesting" by the minute...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"There is a crisis of faith...and a deserved one at that...our business leaders...our religious leaders...our political leaders...many of them are beginning to show their true colors...they are filled with greed and corrupt to the core."

- Taken from #1 below


1. You're Black, Said The Pot To The Kettle - Bush's Gross Hypocrisy
2. Will WorldCom Take the Internet Down?
3. The Federal Reserve - A Corrupt Institution
4. Rub-a-Dub in the Hot Tub
5. DNA from Gene-Modified Crops Found in Human Gut
6. Even Pigs Can’t Survive on GM Corn
7. EPA Warns that Fish in 28% of US Lakes Are Toxic

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Bankruptcy at WorldCom Is the Largest in U.S. History

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A Liability on the GOP Balance Sheet? (20 July)
Halliburton Probe Is Growing Worry for Bush, Hill Republicans - "Cheney's silence is deafening," a senior House Republican aide said. "If there's been one thing that should have been learned from the Clinton era, it was that these things have to be dealt with immediately, forthrightly and completely, and failure to do so gives the appearance that there really is something there. It only intensifies the political agony for all of us."

'Corporate Socialism' by Ralph Nader (July 18)
The relentless expansion of corporate control over our political economy has proven nearly immune to daily reporting by the mainstream media. Corporate crime, fraud and abuse have become like the weather; everyone is talking about the storm but no one seems able to do anything about it. This is largely because expected accountability mechanisms -- including boards of directors, outside accounting and law firms, bankers and brokers, state and federal regulatory agencies and legislatures -- are inert or complicit. CLIP

On the Edge of a Precipice (July 16)
The US Stock Market Collapse Could Trigger the Biggest Global Recession Since the 1930s

In-depth look at Dick Cheney - Since he and Bush arrived at the White House, Cheney has managed to accomplish quite a bit. He's met with the heads of oil, gas, and nuclear power companies, assembled their "wish lists," and turned them into a new national Energy Plan. Cheney's close relations with folks like Ken Lay of Enron have made this one of the most corporation-friendly administrations in history. READ THIS LENGHTY AND EXCELLENT REPORT AT THE URL ABOVE.

Cheney's Mess Worth a Close Look

Video: Cheney Sings the Praises of Anderson

Secrecy Surrounds Bush Stock Deal

Bush has not "ever done an honest day's work in his life"

David Corn | Bush and the Billionaire: How Insider Capitalism Benefited W.

Undercover Brothers: The Anti-Reformers Blend In

Arianna Huffington, AlterNet
Unlike the majority of nonviolent drug cases, corporate wrongdoers rarely do any time behind bars.
*In DrugReporter: http://www.alternet.org/?IssueAreaID=17

'Corporate Socialism' by Ralph Nader (July 18)

Corporate scandals: Latest news and analysis

Files: Bush Knew Firm's Plight Before Stock Sale (July 21)
As a businessman in 1990, George W. Bush was deluged with confidential information about the financial plight of a Texas oil company before he sold the majority of his holdings and triggered a federal investigation, according to Securities and Exchange Commission records. President Bush has refused to authorize the SEC to open the full file on his investigation, but selected documents have been released under the Freedom of Information Act. The president's business dealings have come under more scrutiny as he tries to restore confidence in markets hurt by business scandals. Nearly half of 1,004 respondents in a Newsweek poll released yesterday said they thought Bush took advantage of the system for personal gain with the 1990 stock sale. CLIP

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast - A book review by Julian Creme
Investigative reporter Palast reveals how Republicans stole the 2000 US Presidential race in Florida, World Bank and IMF manipulations to ensure debt payments, corporate fraud and more.

Renaissance of the Brandt Reports
Twenty years ago the Brandt Commission, headed by former German Chancellor Willy Brandt, proposed measures to reduce the vast economic disparity between the developed and developing worlds. Those recommendations, published as North-South: A Program for Survival, were never implemented, and now the majority of the world's economies are in "critical condition". Daily existence for vast numbers of the world's citizens is intolerable and growing worse. The resulting chaos has fueled age-old tensions, inspired virulent acts of terrorism, and ignited new wars around the globe. Because it is even more urgently needed now than it was 20 years ago, Brandt's economic plan has been updated, and is being re-introduced by James Bernard Quilligan, former head of Brandt Commission Research, Inc. His report, 'The Brandt Equation: 21st Century Blueprint for the New Global Economy' may be read and downloaded in its entirety at http://www.Brandt21Forum.info


From: http://www.rense.com/general26/bushshy.htm

You're Black, Said The Pot To The Kettle - Bush's Gross Hypocrisy

From Dragger2K@aol.com


OK...The latest malarchy has once again delivered me from peace...so here's some much needed spin control on our President's most recent fantasy...

In a rare press conference, Bush actually attempted to answer some unrehearsed questions regarding his past involvement with the energy firm's Spectrum 7 Energy and Harken Energy. The Prez was hammered with questions about insider trading while he was director of Harken from 1986 thru 1991.

Bush lied...straight faced...he said, "The SEC looked at it, and found there was no case."

For those who don't know already, the SEC DID investigate and determined that laws HAD BEEN broken but opted not to pursue Mr. Bush...hmmm...wonder why??? Maybe it was because his father was President at the time and the head of the SEC was a Bush Sr. friend and appointee...

But, in fact, Bush Jr. violated Securities Laws 4 times and those offenses transferred millions from the pockets of employees and investors into W's pockets.

The story is here... http://www.public-i.org/story_01_100400.htm

You can even look at the SEC memo documenting the illegal actions...pay close attention to the last paragraph...

Additionally, here's a good synopsis/timeline of how it all went down...


But Georgy boy is telling a different story... He believes in the divine right of kings... And I suppose as long as the media stays comfortably below the truth, he and those like him will stay comfortably above the law...

What we are seeing here is no different than what we have recently seen from other institutions in our once great nation. There is a crisis of faith...and a deserved one at that...our business leaders...our religious leaders...our political leaders...many of them are beginning to show their true colors...they are filled with greed and corrupt to the core. Their primary concerns are simply retention of power and control of the population...the Democrats and Republicans alike...two sides of the same co(i)n...

But information is available to everyone these days and light is being shed on these wolves in sheep's clothes...and the light scares the hell out of them...these men and women who preach and manufacture perpetual war for our children...while they lie, cheat and steal from their own countrymen.

People who do these things are traitors...pure and simple.

And it will continue until we, the people, demand accountability.

So, I suggest you drop a line or make a call to your Congresspeople...your local media...and remind them of their jobs...tell them that there was indeed an SEC investigation of George W. Bush, and wrongdoing was indeed found...but the investigation was called off at the direction of his dad...the then king.

Maybe next week we'll talk about Dick Cheney...


Further resources for those who wish to know more and those who are unconvinced...


And for those who want the red pill, the always popular unauthorized biography of George Bush...


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Investigative Report Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times, SEC Report Says

(Washington, Oct. 4) George W. Bush violated federal securities laws at least four times when he was a director of a Texas oil firm in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to an internal government report.

The document ( see at http://www.public-i.org/download/harkenmemo.pdf ) was prepared by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1991 during its well-publicized investigation into whether Bush had benefited from insider information when he sold Harken Energy Corp. stock before its value plummeted, and then failed to promptly report the transaction to the SEC in violation of federal law. Bush’s stake in Harken helped make him a multimillionaire.


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- Bush’s Insider Connections Preceded HugeProfit On Stock Deal (April 4, 2000) http://www.public-i.org/story_01_040400.htm

- Overnight Guests at Governor’s Mansion Added $2.2 Million to Bush Campaign. (March 15, 2000) http://www.public-i.org/story_01_031500.htm

- Under the Influence --George W. Bush: Pragmatic, with Ties to Corporate America (Feb, 28, 2000) http://www.public-i.org/story_06_022800.htm

- How George W. Bush Scored Big with the Texas Rangers (Jan. 28, 2000) http://www.public-i.org/story_01_011800.htm

The Buying of the President 2000


From: http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=1765

Will WorldCom Take the Internet Down?


Bankrupt WorldCom may take the internet down with it. The auction site eBay is already busy making contingency plans. "If the service ain't there, it ain't there. That's the bottom line," says eBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove. "It doesn't matter why or how it happened. We just need contingency plans to take care of customers."

In case of a WorldCom crash, eBay has spread out its e-mails on different servers, and found backup providers for critical jobs. And it’s not the only one: Around the world, companies are interviewing backup vendors and adding emergency clauses to business contracts. WorldCom owns MCI, the second largest long distance provider and UUNet, which carries most of the traffic on the internet.

"Although we do not expect any immediate cessation of WorldCom services, its financial straits along with the pending layoff of 28 percent of its work force will result in diminished service levels," says a recent report from the research firm Meta Group.

Wall Street is taking a hard look at communication companies such as Verizon and SBC. Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC, thinks the industry is in a state of "utter crisis" and expects more bad news. This has prompted a sense of imminent disaster at companies that rely on Internet or cellphone connections.

"We know that the small providers are in trouble, but how much better off are the Sprints, Qwests and AT&Ts?” says Tom Jenkins, vice president of TeleChoice. “It's not a matter of switching from one to the other; it's a matter of protecting yourself from everyone. You can't predict anything anymore."

Things are bad in Europe as well. KPNQwest, a joint venture between Dutch carrier KPN and Denver-based Qwest, declared bankruptcy in May. The network once covered 18 countries, from Finland to Portugal. Bankruptcy court trustees have only a short time to find a buyer for the company, which carries one-fourth of its region’s internet data. But most potential bidders, including AT&T, have backed out. KPNQwest international customers include Nokia, Dell Computer and National Semiconductor. Eric Paulak of Gartner Research says the fate of WorldCom customers is "not as dire [as KPNQwest]--yet."

According to estimates, E-commerce companies could lose from $1 million per hour to $1 million per minute if the net goes down. When Amazon.com suffered a series of disruptions during the Thanksgiving weekend in 2000, it’s estimated that one 20-minute outage deleted 20,000 product orders and $500,000 in revenue. "Ask yourself, what are the consequences of being down for one hour, one day, one week?" says Janis L. Gogan, who teaches computer information services at Bentley College. "There really aren't many large companies in this country that would be OK if they were without internet access for a week.”

Gogan thinks U.S. firms should copy the disaster plans devised in India, where there is an unreliable power grid. "If you don't already have a contingency plan, you should find one immediately," Gogan says. "It might help to get creative in where you look at how you pull it together."

Last week, a bulletin appeared on the KPNQwest site saying, "During this week you can already expect outages to happen that we cannot solve any more. At the end of this week we expect that larger parts of the network will be down." Will U.S. internet users see similar messages on their computer screens soon?


Sent by "Mr. E" <orwilly@email.msn.com>
Subject: The Federal Reserve - A Corrupt Institution
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002

Rep McFadden's Speech On the Federal Reserve CorporationVery long but it tells you why the United States is in the economic trouble it finds itself in today. Be sure to read the part headed "The United States Has Been Ransacked". We MUST get rid of the Federal Reserve and have our own U.S. money, owned and regulated by us and not the crooks of the world. Take few minutes to read this....your other mail can wait....then forward this piece of truth to all you know.

From: http://home.hiwaay.net/~becraft/mcfadden.html

Rep McFadden's Speech On the Federal Reserve Corporation


Quotations from several speeches made on the Floor of the House of Representatives by the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania. Mr. McFadden, due to his having served as Chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee for more than 10 years, was the best posted man on these matters in America and was in a position to speak with authority of the vast ramifications of this gigantic private credit monopoly. As Representative of a State which was among the first to declare its freedom from foreign money tyrants it is fitting that Pennsylvania, the cradle of liberty, be again given the credit for producing a son that was not afraid to hurl defiance in the face of the money-bund. Whereas Mr. McFadden was elected to the high office on both the Democratic and Republican tickets, there can be no accusation of partisanship lodged against him. Because these speeches are set out in full in the Congressional Record, they carry weight that no amount of condemnation on the part of private individuals could hope to carry.

The Federal Reserve-A Corrupt Institution

"Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

"This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

"Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.

CLIP - Read the rest at http://home.hiwaay.net/~becraft/mcfadden.html


Sent by "Mark Graffis" <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>

July 14, 2002

Rub-a-Dub in the Hot Tub


WASHINGTON -- Dick and Rummy are in the Jacuzzi at Camp David.

The two masters of the Bush universe have had a lousy week. And now, with the white cast on Rummy's hand buoyed by bubbles, they just want to sip Scotch on the rocks and review the knocks.

They are keeping one eye on the Kid, who's been jogging circles around Aspen Lodge for the past nine hours.

Junior is supposed to be inside practicing how to say "mal-fea-sance" with an "s." But he won't do it. He's sulking. He went to Wall Street on Tuesday to show that the hero of Sept. 11 could retaliate against the creeps who wiped out the neighborhood and also keep C.E.O.'s from looting.

But the president who got elected on the backs of C.E.O.'s and said he wanted to run the country like a C.E.O. was about as convincing a sheriff as Barney Fife.

Rummy's war has also run into a bad patch, bombing brides instead of bin Laden.

As the two men soak, more steam is coming from the vice president than the hot tub.

"The Kid never should have gone to Wall Street in the first place," Dick grumbles. "All those poppycock reforms he and Rove rushed into the speech. Who knew our Karl was also a Marxist? When the going gets tough, the weak go polling. Who cares what Americans think? They should care what we think."

W. jogs past with a singsong chant: "It's NOT my fault, it's NOT my fault, it's BUBBA'S fault, it's BUBBA'S fault."

Dick and Rummy laugh indulgently.

"SWAT teams swooping down on C.E.O.'s?" Dick scoffs. "What nonsense. Will government lawyers ride around in stealth golf carts and read these guys their rights on the back nine?

"We certainly don't need more transparency in this country. Transparency is just a fancy kind of indecent exposure, a sick counterculture idea, whether it's about the markets, accounting or giving up the names of our Houston buddies who dictated my energy policy. I say: Zip it.

"We don't owe anybody any explanation for any thought or action that any of us have ever had or done."

Rummy grins devilishly and skillfully balances his glass on his cast in a silent toast.

"Those lily-livered liberals in Congress are outrageous ==they're criminalizing greed!" Dick says. "And the spineless Republican fellow travelers on the Hill are almost worse ==they'll dry up our donor base and destroy the party before they're through. McCain is just Norman Thomas with medals.

"I have nothing against sharing, of course. As long as it's us getting the shares.

"Our strategy is to slow down the House and Senate so these stiffer accounting and corporate-greed bills never see the light of day. Maybe you guys could accelerate your war on Baghdad. A righteous distraction would come in handy."

The Pentagon boss indicates with a nod of his cast that this is possible. "Bunch of anticapitalist, world-government-loving wusses," Rummy says. "They don't understand how tough we had it as C.E.O.'s. It's lonely at the top."

Junior jogs over to the Jacuzzi and tries to get Vice's attention.


Dick waves him off and resumes his rant: "All that stands between America and socialism are stock options. Without options, companies can't lure great leaders who will take risks ==with other people's money, of course. If Congress got its way, when the stock went down, the C.E.O. would lose money just like everyone else. But we are not everyone else."

The president tries again to get Dick's attention: "Dude?"

Dick goes on, his dander rising. "I'm sick and tired of these Sunday morning pinkos trying to impoverish the ruling class. People should get off my back about the way I cashed out of Halliburton. What's $20 million these days?"

Rummy is astonished. For the first time in the many decades he has known Dick, his friend's face is no longer affectless. Dick gives the impression of something that can only be called emotion.

But the Kid has finally lost patience. He jumps into the Jacuzzi, barely missing Rummy's cast, and sloshes right over to Vice, leaning into his ear and wailing plaintively: "Where's Karen?"

Taken from the New York Times



From: http://www.reuters.com/news_article.jhtml?type=healthnews&StoryID=1214957

DNA from Gene-Modified Crops Found in Human Gut

July 17, 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - Research commissioned by Britain's Food Standards Agency has shown that DNA material from genetically modified (GM) crops can find its way into human gut bacteria.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle in the north of England said in a report on Wednesday they gave seven volunteers, who had had their lower bowel removed, a single meal of a burger and milkshake containing gene-spliced soya.

Samples of intestinal bacteria were taken and for three of the seven, a herbicide-resistance gene from the GM soya was detected at a very low level.

Genetically modified material in most GM foods poses no risk to human health, but many GM crops have antibiotic-resistant marker genes inserted in them, raising concerns that the ability to fight infection could be compromised if such material passes to humans.

The researchers also cultured bacteria from samples taken before the GM meal was eaten, which also had low levels of the herbicide resistant gene.

They noted that it was "surprising" that so much of the GM soya DNA was present after the food passed through in the small intestine, given the digestive processes that occur in the stomach.

The researchers also fed the same meal to 12 other human volunteers whose stomachs were intact, but no GM material or bacteria containing herbicide-resistance genes were detected in their feces.

An FSA spokeswoman dismissed fears that human resistance to illness could be harmed.

"Because we're talking about such low levels of DNA, there's no evidence that this would affect antibiotic resistance, which is why the researchers concluded that the likelihood of DNA being taken up by bacteria in the human gut is extremely low," she said.

Environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth said the report's findings raised serious questions about the safety of GM crops.

"This report should set alarm bells ringing. Industry scientists and Government advisors have always played down the risk of this ever happening, but when scientists looked for it they found it," a spokesman for the group said.

"GM food should be withdrawn from the market and further research must be commissioned as a matter of urgency," it added.

Related stories at: http://www.rebfile.com/8%20archives.htm#health


1. Tell the U.S. Congress to support labeling of genetically modified food:

2. Write directly to your Senators and demand labeling of genetically modified food:


See also:

Powerful Insecticide From GM Corn Released into Soil

GM Crops May Contaminate Food Supply (16-Jul-2002)
A group of consumer and environmental groups in the U.S. is asking the USDA to prohibit a new kind of GM crop that could contaminate our food supply. These are crops that are engineered to contain prescription drugs or industrial chemicals. The news crops are already planted in over 300 fields in secret locations throughout the U.S. They include plants that produce a chemical that can cause abortions, growth hormones, a chemical that induces blood clots and an enzyme that causes allergies in most people. The watchdog group, Genetically Engineered Food Alert, says, "Just one mistake by a biotech company and we'll be eating other people's prescription drugs in our corn flakes." Larry Bohlen, of Friends of the Earth, says, “The USDA should prohibit the planting of food crops engineered with drugs and chemicals to protect the food supply from contamination." USDA keeps all drug and chemical crop sites secret from the public and neighboring farmers and allows companies to plant the crops without identification or security measures. CLIP

To learn about Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA), at http://www.panna.org

For more information, go at http://www.gefoodalert.org

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New Report Finds Genetically Engineered “Biopharming” Poses New Threats

Genetically Modified DNA Absorbed by our Bodies

Stricter GM Food Labeling in Europe, But None Here

What Makes GM Crops Dangerous?

Many more GMOs articles at http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=1747


Antibiotic Resistance and Genetically Engineered Crops

The widespread use of antibiotic genes as "markers in genetically modified crops threaten the already growing problem of antibiotic resistance, which the world medical community acknowledges as a serious public health concern. A new report from GE Food Alert takes a close look at the problem of antibiotic resistance and genetically modified crops.

Complete Report http://www.gefoodalert.org/library/admin/uploadedfiles/Antibiotic_Resistance_and_Genetically_Engin_2.pdf

Executive Summary



Even Pigs Can’t Survive on GM Corn

Pig farmers are having major breeding problems from feeding their animals genetically-engineered corn. Despite 30 years of experience farming in Shelby County, Iowa, Jerry Rosman couldn’t figure out why the birthrates of piglets fell 80 percent. He tested for diseases and made sure artificial insemination was working right, but he couldn’t find the cause.

Then he found out that 4 other nearby farmers were having the same problem. These farmers had different kinds of pigs and used different breeding methods. But they all had one thing in common: They all fed their pigs the same GM corn.

Laboratory tests revealed the corn contained high levels of Fusarium mold. One farmer switched one of his groups of swine back to regular, non-GM corn, and those pigs no longer had a breeding problem. And the problem wasn’t confined to that area. As soon as the news about his genetically-engineered corn problems got out, Rosman was swamped with phone calls from other desperate farmers. He says, "It hadn't even hit the mailboxes and the phone started ringing."

Norm Smith, who has a farm in Winterset, Iowa, says he experienced the same problem within a few weeks of feeding his pigs the new corn hybrids that he planted for the first time last spring. "I started feeding Bt corn in late September, and within 30 days I wasn't getting anything bred," Smith says.

Farmers are concerned that GM crops are being rushed to the market without proper testing. The EPA, which regulates Bt corn, requires no tests to determine how the crop affects the reproductive systems of the animals that eat it.

It’s not that genetically-engineered food is necessarily bad. It’s just that we may not find out the problems associated with it until it’s taken over and contaminated or replaced “natural” crops. And by that time, it may be too late.

Find out what we can do to protect ourselves from the problems of GM food by reading “Eating in the Dark: America’s Experiment with Genetically-Engineered Food” by Kathleen Hart, go at http://www.unknowncountry.com/store/?fid=7

Bt Corn Causes Breeding Problem in Pigs


EXCELLENT ANTI-GMO RESOURCES AT http://www.organicconsumers.org/log.html

See also:

Pesticide Giants Vow to Smash Quebec Ban on Toxics


From: http://www.OrganicConsumers.org/school/news/PesticideGiants.cfm

EPA Warns that Fish in 28% of US Lakes Are Toxic

EPA says 28 percent of U.S. lakes have contaminated fish

Wednesday, June 28, 2002 By Reuters

WASHINGTON - More than one-fourth of the nation's lakes have advisories warning consumers that fresh-caught fish may be contaminated with mercury, dioxins, or other chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Tuesday.

The EPA said state regulators issued 2,618 fishing advisories or bans in 2001 because of contaminants.

Eating fish that contain high concentrations of mercury, dioxins, PCBs, and other industrial chemicals can be especially harmful to pregnant women and children, according to the EPA.

In 2001, the state advisories covered 28 percent of the nation's total lake acreage, up from 26 percent in 2000, the EPA said. Some 14 percent of U.S. rivers were covered by advisories in 2001, up from 10.5 percent in the previous year.

States that had the most fishing advisories include Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, and New Jersey.

Some of the affected waterways include Lake Champlain, Florida's Sarasota Bay, Washington's Puget Sound, and the Potomac River which feeds into Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, the EPA said.

State regulators have several options when contaminated fish are found in a waterway or lake, depending on the chemical and amount. The states can ban eating all fish from a certain area, advise pregnant women to avoid eating a specific kind of fish, or urge consumers to eat smaller amounts of fish caught in a particular section of a waterway.

Details about state fishing advisories were posted by the EPA on its Internet site.