December 4, 2002

The Big Brother Files #48: The Kiss-inger of Death & Murderous Vaccine

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The depth and scope of Henry Kissinger's past deadly deeds underscore the true colors of an Administration that - amongst other things - is planning a murderous and deceitful vaccination campaign.

Not exactly a good time for denial...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"If people want to get excited about something, let them get excited over the fact that the Homeland Security Bill, as passed, was 484 pages long. And yet the only versions to have been made public on, CNN and by the Library of Congress are 475 pages long. There are 9 pages being hidden from the American public. What is in those pages?"

- Mike Ruppert (


1. Questioning 9-11/Challenging the Kissinger Commission
2. Kissinger to Investigate Himself? Bush Running Out of War Criminals?
3. Kissinger & Bush: Henchmen of the New World Order
4. When Medicines Are Meant To Kill: What's Really In The Vaccines?

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"Night of the living dead" (Dec 2)
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Master of Secrecy and Deceit Must be Removed: Prelude to a Cover-Up


Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002
From: Carol Brouillet <>
Subject: Questioning 9-11/Challenging the Kissinger Commission

Dear friends,

I have been very active in trying to expose the War on Terrorism as a "War of Terrorism" against the people of the US, as well as people throughout the world. Our demand for a Congressional Investigation of 9-11, last January, prompted Bush to ask Daschle to "limit the investigation," which was overseen by the CIA and headed by the very men who had breakfast on September 11, 2001 with the "9-11 Money Man" (who sent $100,000 to Mohammed Atta - identified by the FBI as the lead pilot in the attacks)! Now, Bush has appointed Henry Kissinger, whose crimes against humanity include helping with the coup against Allende in Chile, the secret bombing of Cambodia, among other dreadful deeds that have harmed civilians and allowed corporate criminals to thrive, to head the official 9-11 Commission!

We are aiming to form genuine "People's Commissions" to raise the questions that Bush and Kissinger do not want to be raised about 9-11. We hope to form one in the US and one International Commission.

( NOTE FROM JEAN: If you would like to help, either let Carol know she can pass on your email address to the International Organizing Committee as someone interested to participate or post this to your lists and ask anyone interested to email her at or visit )

I do think our best hope is getting the truth out, and reining in this rogue government which is such a threat to the world.

I have been very active, especially doing outreach to the press (which has been generally terrible on covering this, but we are experiencing some minor breakthroughs). An excellent new documentary on 9-11 will be finished (hopefully) in the next week or two and can be viewed online at

I recently spoke in Berkeley at a conference, and posted this article on my website at with embedded links...

The Truth About 9-11 by Carol Brouillet, November 14, 2002

This is a true, personal, narrative that tries to weave in "the big picture..."

Sending best wishes!!!!


Carol Brouillet


Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002
From: Greg O'Neill <>
Subject: Fwd: Kissinger to Investigate Himself? Bush Running Out of War Criminals?

Good morning Jean

Here is a bombshell to share with the ERN members now. Please urge them to share it with their own networks of friends, and associates globally. Together we can make a difference in the outcome of our global future.




Henry Kissinger - Bloody Hands Full of Gold

By Cheryl Seal

01 December 2002

It has become the joke of the day that the Bush Administration is stuffed full of "political dinosaurs" from the Cold War era who want to rattle their sabers and make one last stand like geriatric John Waynes.

They are everywhere, both in front of the curtain - Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, et al.- and behind it - Bush, Sr., James Baker, Henry Kissinger, and God only knows who else. However, what these men truly represent is no joke at all.

On November 29th during PBS' Newshour, commentator Mark Shields said that appointing Kissinger as head of the 9/11 "Independent" Commission was like putting "Winona Ryder in charge of security at Bloomingdales or Dracula in charge of the blood bank."


Out of Chaos: New World Order Agenda

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

-- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburgers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.


Anyone not knowing what happened on Sept. 11, 1973? Just wrote an article on it earlier this year myself, prominently featuring Dr. Kissinger's role in overthrowing the democratic government of Chile and imposing the Pinochet dictatorship:

And that is only the tip of the Kissinger iceberg. His appointment is an act of tremendous hubris - or else of absolute desperation.

Is the 9/11 story so shaky that they can really trust no one to reliably cover it up other than Kissinger?

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger... the same four men who run the Idiot Prince today. Getting pretty senile, aren't they?

2002 has seen the release of Christopher Hitchens's "The Trial of Henry Kissinger," and of a documentary of the same name on this man's astonishing and horrific crimes. Couldn't Bush have found anyone less conspicuous, less farcical to do his laundry? Obviously, this was the only man they knew they could trust.

Danger: this is also the latest signal of an absolute and open intent to play HARDBALL, so let us all beware what sudden "surprises" are in store during the next days and months. Kissinger features prominently within the "Defense Policy Board" run by Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon (also includes Richard Perle and Newt Gingrich). These are the Supreme Chickenhawks of the War Party, the same people who at a recent meeting considered the option of taking out Saudi Arabia right after Iraq -- and prime suspects in a possible conspiracy within the regime to let the 9/11 attacks happen.


- Michael Ruppert, "The Truth and Lies of Sept. 11" (
- Daniel Hopsicker, "Mohamed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus" (
- Sterling of Global Free Press, "Wat Tyler's Revenge" (
- Alex Jones, "9-11 - THE ROAD TO TYRANNY" (
- Unanswered Questions and GNN, "Aftermath" (


Christopher Hitchens' Case Against Henry Kissinger : The Making of a War Criminal

November 27

a.. THE CASE AGAINST HENRY KISSINGER.(former Secretary of State) Part 1 (Harper's Magazine)

b.. THE CASE AGAINST HENRY KISSINGER. Part 2 On Memorial Day 2001, Kissinger was visited by the police in the Ritz Hotel in Paris and handed a warrant, issued by Judge Roger LeLoire, requesting his testimony in the matter of disappeared French citizens in Pinochet's Chile. Kissinger chose to leave town rather than appear at the Palais de Justice as requested. He has since been summoned as a witness by senior magistrates in Chile and Argentina who are investigating the international terrorist network that went under the name "Operation Condor" and that conducted assassinations, kidnappings, and bombings in several countries. The most spectacular such incident occurred in rush-hour traffic in downtown Washington, D.C., in September 1976, killing a senior Chilean dissident and his American companion. Until recently, this was the worst incident of externally sponsored criminal violence conducted on American soil. The order for the attack was given by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who has been vigorously defended from prosecution by Henry Kissinger.

Moreover, on Sept. 10, 2001, a civil suit was filed in a Washington, D.C., federal court, charging Kissinger with murder. The suit, brought by the survivors of Gen. Rene Schneider of Chile, asserts that Kissinger gave the order for the elimination of this constitutional officer of a democratic country because he refused to endorse plans for a military coup. Every single document in the prosecution case is a U.S.-government declassified paper. And the target of this devastating lawsuit is being invited to review the shortcomings of the "intelligence community"?

In late 2001, the Brazilian government canceled an invitation for Kissinger to speak in Sao Paulo because it could no longer guarantee his immunity. Earlier this year, a London court agreed to hear an application for Kissinger's imprisonment on war crimes charges while he was briefly in the United Kingdom. It is known that there are many countries to which he cannot travel at all, and it is also known that he takes legal advice before traveling anywhere. Does the Bush administration feel proud of appointing a man who is wanted in so many places, and wanted furthermore for his association with terrorism and crimes against humanity? Or does it hope to limit the scope of the inquiry to those areas where Kissinger has clients?


Kissinger & Bush: Henchmen of the New World Order

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The darker side of the American Red Cross

Many historians have likened Kissinger to a "war criminal." As Nelson Rockefeller's protégé, Kissinger began his early service to the "old money global elite" by recruiting Nazi scientists and "SS" officials to America through a secret Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC) project that evolved into the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) infamous "Project Paperclip." Throughout World War II, the Rockefellers partnered with German industrialists as arranged by their lawyers and business managers - John Foster and Allen Dulles. These men clearly directed American intelligence agencies to serve the financial interests of the Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company that partnered with Germany's leading industrial organization - I.G. Farben. At the close of WWII, the I.G. Farben building in Frankfort, protected from allied bombings from the highest levels of military command, became CIA headquarters. Rockefeller then dispatched another lawyer and banking official, John J. McCloy, to disperse their German assets to form the modern day petrochemical/pharmaceutical combine known as the Bayer corporation (maker of CIPRO for anthrax), the Hoechst company (owner of Aventis and the smallpox vaccine) and BASF, the global chemical giant. The Merck pharmaceutical company also received a major share of Hitler's "flight capital," according to historians such as CBS News war correspondent Paul Manning.

In "Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile" (Lyle Stuart, Inc, 1981), Manning also traced Hitler's money trail to German steel industrialist Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen, according to official U.S. war crimes investigator and attorney John Loftus, principally laundered his fortunes through American banks under the direction of Prescott Bush, the current president's grandfather. The Union Bank and Harriman/Brown Bank, the two principle money laundering institutions, were largely directed by the elder Bush.

"It should also be noted," Dr. Horowitz said, "that beginning in the 1920s, Prescott Bush joined banking, energy, and medical industrialist John D. Rockefeller, and the British Royal Family, in financing the earliest racial hygiene experiments." These genocidal efforts predated Hitler's. The early eugenicists sought to sterilize mostly Black populations deemed genetically inferior. At the same time, and for most of the twentieth century, they promoted sterilizing mentally retarded children for the same reason.

Allied banking industrialists are known to have funded Hitler's rise to power. As the war was ending, Manning wrote, these investments and the Nazi "flight capital," were redirected to actualize what Hitler termed a rising "Fourth Reich" based on the previous "vision of a thousand-year Third Reich . . . [and] world empire. This was outlined with clarity in a document called "Neuordnung," or "New Order," that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the Ministry of Economics. It declared that a new order for the [petro]chemical [pharmaceutical] industry of the world should supplement Hitler's New [World] Order" - a phrase also used by President George H.W. Bush during his 1991 State of the Union Address.

More recently, Kissinger's alleged war criminality has been the subject of numerous articles, some even appearing in mainstream periodicals such as Harper's. According to his biographers, besides helping many of Hitler's leading scientists and "SS" officials to escape Nuremberg trials, Kissinger has been implicated in several other genocides including ones in Cambodia and Chili. This is best reconciled, Dr. Horowitz says, "because Kissinger's closest business associates are linked to the old money cryptocracy that has historically funded warring factions, terrorist organizations, and now directs the military 'defense' establishment running America's 'War on Terrorism.'"

Lending further credence to Dr. Horowitz's global conspiracy theory, historians reveal that Nelson Rockefeller appointed his protégé, Kissinger, to become the nuclear weapons "special studies" director at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1955, resulting in the deployment of "tactical and strategic nuclear weapons" around the world that heavily spirited the Cold War's rush to arms and today's continuing nuclear threats. The CFR has been largely influenced through Rockefeller involvements from its inception according to retired MI6 officer, Dr. John Coleman. In his book, "Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300" (American West, 1992) Coleman documents the council's higher direction from the British/German war-making oligarchy working through their "Committee of 300" on which George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller are prominent members. David Rockefeller has chaired the CFR since the 1950s.

The rush to develop weapons of mass destruction, including biologicals and chemicals, was also instituted through Rockefeller and Kissinger directed federal policies according to the author of "Kissinger" (Simon & Schuster, 1992), Walter Isaacson. In 1955, while impacting NATO policy advances through the CFR, Kissinger advanced the defense theory that later became known as "flexible response." This called for the "flexible" use of a spectrum of weapons of mass destruction, primarily nuclear. Later, in 1969, as National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon, Kissinger, on behalf of his benefactors' business interests, demanded the U.S. Navy's Admiral Zumwalt reevaluate America's biological weapons capabilities. From this, Kissinger selected the option to develop "synthetic biological agents" for germ warfare. Their illegal development then proceeded under the guise of "military defense," "preventive vaccinations," and "cancer research," according to Dr. Horowitz., who drew his evidence from the Congressional Record.

In his national bestseller "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?" (Tetrahedron Press, 1998), Dr. Horowitz documented Kissinger's oversight of the CIA's top secret biological weapons program called "MK:NAOMI." While professing a moratorium on the development of such weapons, urging President Nixon to sign the Geneva Accord outlawing such practices, Kissinger, through his chain of command, directed members of the National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council to advise U.S. Army officials to develop immune suppressive "synthetic biological agents" descriptively and functionally identical to HIV/AIDS and the Ebola virus.

How did HIV and Ebola viruses break out of their military-medical labs? Dr. Horowitz posits the following controversial, yet well-documented theory. Through the Merck pharmaceutical company, a major U.S. biological weapons contractor whose president, George W. Merck, directed America's entire biological weapons industry, contaminated chimpanzees were used during the early 1970s to develop the earliest experimental hepatitis B vaccines given to gay men in New York City and Blacks in central Africa. This, according to Dr. Horowitz's published scientific papers, was the precise vaccination that triggered the AIDS pandemic.

No doubt Merck's chief advisor, Dr. Kissinger, would have approved of this AIDS outcome given his enthusiasm for his National Special Security Memorandum 200, ordered just before these vaccinations began, that called for massive Third World depopulation especially targeting Black Africans.


"A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes."

-- Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

-- Abraham Lincoln

"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.

-- William O. Douglas, 1939 - 1975 - US Supreme Court Justice



When Medicines Are Meant To Kill: What's Really In The Vaccines?

By John Kaminski <>

28 November 2002

Hitler claimed to have gotten his inspiration for the "final solution" from the extermination of Native Americans in the U.S. For that matter the first example of germ warfare in the U.S. was in 1763 when some of the European colonists gave friendly Indians a number of blankets that had been infected with smallpox, causing many deaths. - ( Waves Forrest)

Have you noticed? In the mainstream corporate media, some stories are never written.

Throughout American history the media have deliberately ignored certain subjects. Two areas especially overlooked are government drug smuggling and population control by medicines. When you think about it, these two categories go together. Because previous major events in these areas have been underreported if reported at all, new developments are simply not believed by most people, because they are not aware of or have refused to believe the previous stories.

One important censored area of political activity - drug smuggling by governments - remains probably the most concealed area of activity across the entire political spectrum. Because the billionaires behind it make so much money off it, they have plenty of cash left over to influence the governments that permit it and also profit from it to fund activities that legislators would never dream of attempting to fund in the public budget. Next to the British Opium Wars in China in the 19th century, the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan era remains the most famous example of this, thanks to Gary Webb's Dark Alliance series which ran in the San Jose Mercury News before the newspaper's corporate parent pulled the story and disavowed all aspects of Webb's work.

All too often, the men making money off the behind-the-scenes drug smuggling are the same men who own the media, or are political allies of them. Currently the U.S. government conducts massive drug-smuggling operations from both Colombia and Afghanistan, the sites of two continuing "wars," the real purposes of which are not to eradicate drugs but to control their worldwide distribution. This, of course, is not reported by the newspapers of the rich.

A second significant and unreported area of the political spectrum involves medicine, specifically projects ostensibly created to improve people's health, but on a subterranean level, apparently devised with exactly the opposite intent.

An examination of these sordid examples is now critically important for all the peoples of the world, and especially Americans, since the new Homeland Security legislation, being signed by President Bush as I write this, authorizes the U.S. government to mandate certain vaccinations for American citizens that may not be refused, under penalty of law. Roll it over in your mind: vaccinations that may not be refused!

This new legislation, in effect, allows the U.S. government to conduct a campaign of mass murder against its own most vulnerable citizens, even as most Americans remain unaware of the true purpose of these diabolical pharmaceutical programs. One day they'll probably call it "population improvement."

To better understand what is actually happening with the new public relations scares involving smallpox, anthrax and other diseases as yet unnamed, a review of the recent history of U.S. immunization programs, both for what they claimed to be and what they actually accomplished in the real world, can be very instructive.

The most infamous of all these sorry chapters was uncovered shortly after the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Mainstream media took their corrupt cue from the U.S. government and blamed it all on a monkey. But to skeptical medical professionals, the cover story was ludicrous, even though it's the one the public continues to accept.

In 1987, the World Health Organization was publicly accused of unleashing the AIDS epidemic in central Africa, as a result of its smallpox vaccine programs. The most logical explanation to account for the millions of Africans infected is that the vaccines used in the WHO mass inoculation programs were contaminated.

The AIDS medical establishment unquestioningly parrots the notion that a black African heterosexual AIDS epidemic transformed itself into a young white male homosexual epidemic in Manhattan. In truth, this is not biologically possible. Nevertheless, the leading corporate AIDS experts carefully avoid all discussion of this issue. The U.S. media have censored all serious discussion of AIDS as a manmade disease.

The disease in Africa began in the cities, and not in the jungles. And the most important point of the matter is that the genetic makeup of the AIDS virus does not exist in man or primates. So not only is it improbable that the virus came from monkeys, it's virtually impossible.

There is in fact a mass of circumstantial and scientific evidence that proves absolutely that American gays and black Africans were targeted for genocide via vaccine programs by America's military-medical-industrial complex and agents of the CIA.

A.H. Passarella, a Defense Department official, has recently confirmed HIV is a synthetic biological agent. The evidence is overwhelming, the United States Government and the World Health Organization collaborated on the development, production and proliferation of a synthetic biological agent that subsequently became known as HIV and AIDS.

It is a fact that people are unwittingly used as guinea pigs in covert medical experiments. The Army's LSD experiments, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Agent Orange, the exploding Persian Gulf War Syndrome, the human radiation experiments, as well as hundreds of documented biowarfare experiments were conducted by the military on unsuspecting civilians. And the National Academy of Sciences is silent on its cooperative role with the military in the development of secret biological weapons for mass killing.

Since the middle '70s, some 30 million people worldwide have died from AIDS and another 42 million currently have the disease, according to the BBC. It is also generally known by many that sex has nothing to do with the transmission of the disease.

After AIDS, the most publicized recent vaccination tragedy appears to be what happened to U.S. soldiers who served in the Gulf War, 1990-91. Virtually all the deaths, both of veterans and their families, are linked to two things: exposure to depleted-uranium ammunition, which causes cancer rates to skyrocket, and the vaccinations they received before they left to fight against Iraq.

The agony of American servicemen poisoned by their own government with coerced inoculations has been demonically exquisite. Here are excerpts from a report to a 1994 Senate committee:

"Many Gulf War couples also report that they are no longer able to make love Intercourse causes the women to experience immediate abdominal cramping and intense burning sensations, as though their genitals were being torched. For many, their labias crack and bleed. Also, the semen burns both husband and wife within minutes of contact with skin. It causes open sores -- blisters that bleed.

"Many Gulf War families are being advised against pregnancy. Babies are being born with extra toes and fingers, undeveloped lungs, and missing body parts. One child was born with an oversized umbilical cord that wrapped around his body six times, nearly strangling him. This child appears to be developmentally delayed and exhibits other debilitating symptoms similar to his father's. Another child was born without a thyroid gland. She also has dozens of tumors all over her body and inside her mouth. Still another child has intermittent vaginal bleeding.

"One Gulf War spouse had two miscarriages in the year after her husband's return. She complains of headaches, rashes, and frequent vaginal infections In a third pregnancy, a son was delivered two months premature. The child required three months of intensive care and numerous painful operations. He now has vision and hearing problems, a lung ailment, and cerebral palsy. This woman has subsequently miscarried again."

Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, chair of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs United States Senate Hearing, in 1994 summed it all up perfectly:

"The results of our investigation showed a reckless disregard that shocked me, and I think they will shock all Americans. The use of investigational drugs in the Persian Gulf is especially troublesome. The Pentagon ... threw caution to the winds, ignoring all warnings of potential harm, and gave these drugs to hundreds of thousands of soldiers with virtually no warnings and no safeguards. If that wasn't bad enough, they administered these drugs and vaccines in such a way that there is a very good chance they wouldn't have even worked for the intended purpose. They would not have protected most soldiers from chemical or biological warfare."

This preceding information was taken from " Immunization Theory vs. Reality: Expose' on Vaccinations" - by Neil Z. Miller.

In 2002 it was discovered Gulf War illness is closely associated with an abnormal immune response to squalene, a substance used to enhance the transmission of medications.

Dr. Renate Engler, chief of immunology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center addressed a conference on the anthrax vaccine policy at Ft Detrick Maryland on 25-27 May 1999, reported many having chronic systemic reactions to the anthrax vaccine during the fall of 1998 ...

Squalene is a substance detected in both Gulf War vaccines and more recently anthrax vaccines given to service personnel. Squalene is NOT an FDA-approved substance and its consequences on health are unknown. As a vaccine booster ingredient, it is thought to increase immunity, but its use has been denied time and again by the Pentagon. Now they have been caught by scientific studies.

The revelation on squalene more clearly establishes that the Pentagon may be conducting "medical experiments" on service members. Other Congressional hearings have already established that the Pentagon conducted de facto experiments because it avoided organization-level FDA review before changing the way the vaccine is used and administered.

While there are numerous other medical horror stories to be told about various untested or inauthentically tested substances that have been foisted on the American people (including Aspartame, the brainchild of one-time Searle Pharmaceutical president Donald Rumsfeld), this article will just touch on one more aspect, one more thing to think about when you realize the U.S. government can make you take shots you can't refuse.

The possibility of implants without your permission.

Dr. Rod Lewis, in an article reprinted on the Conspiracy Planet website, alleges that drug giants want to sell 3 billion doses of the smallpox vaccine to the feds. He further notes:

"As reported about 6 months ago in Industry Standard magazine, Hitachi has developed a microchip, known as the MU chip, that is only .04mm square with 128K of memory and can emit a RF (radio frequency) signal up to two feet. "It can be woven into currency or used in biological tissue - it is completely transparent.

"Also, don't forget L.U.C.I.D. and our friends at Digital Demon - ahm, I mean Angel." What is Project LUCID? Well, according to conspiracy investigator Texe Marrs:

"A frightening behemoth is rising up from the depths of America's hidden SS establishment. Like a vast and monstrous silicon octopus, Project L.U.C.I.D is stretching forth its ominous and threatening, high tech tentacles. Multitudes of unsuspecting, helpless victims will very soon be encircled and crushed by Big Brother's new, Gestapo police state. Who among us can possibly escape from the electronic cages now being prepared for all mankind?"

Dr. Lewis is a bit less hysterical, but no less insistent on offering us a warning, although he does outline a scenario in which the chip is implanted right over your old smallpox scar, if you've had a previous vaccination.

"The government or one its rogue elements lets smallpox loose in Smalltown, USA - sure they can sacrifice a few thousand more Americans to make the empire more secure. The whole country panics and lines up for their vaccine They go to predesignated public health service offices and fill out forms with all kinds of ID questions ....

"The information is put into a computer and the computer programs the little MU which is dropped into the vaccine bottle with your name on it.

You step up for the pneumatic injection and voilà, you are a walking database and transmitter.

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