November 26, 2002

The Big Brother Files #47: It Can't Happen Here! Well, Think Again!

Hello everyone

It is very hard to willingly focus our minds on the subject matter of this compilation, namely the growing efforts by some of our un-enlightened brothers and sisters in high governmental positions to perpetuate their stranglehold over power and growing domination over this world. Yet each of their efforts are courageously countered by very dedicated Light servers.

See for yourself and share.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"With advances in technology and ever-increasing government surveillance, the situation has worsened since Orwell's imaginings of the future."

- John Whitehead, the Rutherford Institute, November 4, 2002


1. Jenin: Peace Worker shot by Israelis
2. 39 Years Ago Today
3. My Weekend at Fort Benning protesting against the School of Assassins
4. Repeal the Patriot Act National Meeting
5. Welcome to the American Gestapo
6. President Bush May Be "Moron": Stupidity Experts
7. Scary Times in the USA
8. In Time for Xmas! `War on Terrorism' Toys

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Bush Government "Out of Control" (Nov 22)
Back in August, columnist Paul Craig Roberts asked the question, "Is a vote for Republicans a vote for a police state?" The answer seems to be a resounding yes! The Bush administration seems determined to turn our country into the most elaborate and sophisticated police state ever devised. Things are so bad that outgoing house majority leader Dick Armey said that under Bush the federal government is "out of control." In fact, the conservative congressman is reported to be seriously considering taking a position with the ACLU in order to help fight the federal government's usurpation of constitutionally protected liberties.

Resistance Rising! True Patriots Networking (Nov 22)


Subject: FWD: Jenin: Peace Worker shot by Israelis
Date: 23 Nov 2002
From: Starhawk <>

Caoimhe Butterly talks to Annie Higgins in Jenin Refugee Camp, Palestine, 22 November 2002

In today's reinvasion of Jenin Refugee Camp, the Israeli Occupation Forces made the bottom section of the camp into a closed military zone in the morning, using about twelve tanks, ten jeeps, and at least two Apache helicopter gunships. I had been trying to get between the unarmed children and the tanks, when I received a call from a friend who wanted me to evacuate her sick daughter as the Army would not let any ambulances through. I went with a friend who is a Palestinian journalist, and we were immediately arrested, along with another international volunteer, and taken to a place where about twenty Palestinian men were being held. They were blindfolded, handcuffed, stripped to their trousers or underwear, and beaten severely. After I was detained for two hours and interrogated briefly, the Israeli soldiers said that I was free to go. I asked permission to remain with the men, hoping to minimize the violence, but the soldiers refused, saying it was not allowed. When I refused to leave, I was forcibly dragged away, pulled down the road, and told that if I returned to the area I would be shot.

I went back the way I had come, past the United Nations compound. There I spoke briefly with Iain Hook, Project Manager of UNRWA [United Nations Relief Works Agency] in Jenin, who said he was trying to negotiate with the soldiers for women and children to go home. He came out of the UN compound waving a blue UN flag, and the soldiers' only response was to broadcast with their microphone in English, "We don't care if you are the United Nations or who you are. F*** off and go home!" They were trying to go home. Iain said that things were not going well. He insisted that he wanted to provide safe passage for his forty Palestinian workers and himself using legal means, i.e., official coordination with the Army. Some worried parents had begun to knock a hole in the wall at the back of the compound to evacuate children who were there for a vaccination programme. We accompanied some of the children home.

After this, I headed again to the sick girl's house. On the way I met a group of children who told me that a ten-year-old friend of mine, Muhammad Bilalo, had been killed and three children had been wounded by tank fire, one of whom sustained brain damage. So I went to where the children were gathered, and the tanks were firing on them erratically. I walked down the road between the children and the tanks until I was fifty meters from the tank, where I tried to dialogue with the soldiers. I implored them not to shoot live ammunition at unarmed children. At that point, they stopped their shooting. A few moments later, an APC drove up to the tank [an armed personnel carrier, like a tank with all the armour except a cannon]. I could see their faces very clearly and I imagine they could see mine also. I had seen both of these tanks earlier in the day. A soldier raised his upper body and his gun out of the hatch of the second vehicle and began shooting. At first he shot into the air, and most of the children dispersed, running into an alley on the left side of the street. About three small children remained, however, and I tried physically to get them to the alley, dragging and pushing them. I looked back over my shoulder and could see the soldier in the APC pointing his gun at me from about one hundred meters. Near the entrance to the alley, I was shot in the thigh. When I fell they continued shooting in my direction. I crawled part of the way up the alley, and then some of the youngsters dragged me up the rest of the way. No ambulances were allowed into the camp, so I was carried on a makeshift stretcher to where a Red Crescent ambulance could reach me near the entrance of the camp. While I was in the Emergency Room of Jenin Hospital, Iain Hook of UNRWA was brought in. He died a few minutes later.

We have been told that when he was shot, the Israeli Army prohibited a clearly marked UN ambulance from evacuating him and transporting him for nearly an hour, during which time he lost much blood. Finally the ambulance crew evacuated him by taking him out by the back wall that employees had broken down earlier.

Having been present in the Camp all morning, I can testify that any Palestinian fighters had stopped shooting a good two hours before either of us was wounded. When I passed the UN compound in the morning, it was surrounded by Israeli Army snipers and soldiers who were shooting erratically into the Camp. Two people were killed and six wounded. All but one were shot by tank fire outside what the Army deemed a closed military zone. I was not caught up in any kind of crossfire as the Israeli Occupation Forces are falsely stating, and I don't believe that Iain was either.

The massacre has not stopped. Human rights violations and war crimes seen so blatantly across the world in April of this year continue on a daily basis in Jenin. Yesterday, with the casual killings that marked it, was not an unusual day in Jenin. It has become a potentially suicidal act to engage in the most basic acts of survival. The Israeli Occupation Forces engage again and again in a shoot-to-kill policy without regard as to whether its targets are civilians or armed fighters. Israelis have been shown in April that they can get away with a massacre, and that all the international condemnation in the world cannot get one ambulance in to evacuate a wounded person.

Thus the lack of accountability on Israel's part has become bolder as the events witnessed yesterday become almost standard. These are not military campaigns. They are acts of terror designed to humiliate, brutalise, and bully Palestinians into subjugation. They are being denied not only the right to resist, but to exist.

higgins 972 67 540 298

butterly 972 67 598 293


From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: FW: 39 Years Ago Today
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002

39 years ago today our country experienced it's first coup d'etat. Allen Dulles had been the head of the CIA. He was fired by President Kennedy. Kennedy said that he would "tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind".

Kennedy was killed in Dallas. Oswald was the "patsy". Jack Ruby was in on it and was instructed to kill Oswald.

When Ruby was in Prison, he met with Earl Warren, Whose commission was "investigating" the assassination. Also on the Commission were Gerald Ford, and the real power player Allen Dulles. The cover-up was in place. Ruby Begged Earl Warren to take him to Johnson or Bobby Kennedy. He told Warren that "a whole new system of government had taken over". Ruby never met with Johnson or Bobby Kennedy, and died of instant cancer in prison.

Hale Boggs, father of NPR's Cokie Roberts, was also on the commission. He expressed concern that the Warren Commission was a sham. He was killed in a plane crash.

Bobby Kennedy was killed by a hypno-programmed assassin. JFK jr. had his own magazine, and was poised to publish an expose' about his fathers death. He was killed in a plane crash.

Ted Kennedy was set up with the death of a young woman, and his career compromised. Senator Gary Hart was one of the attorneys that had access to classified information about the assassination. His run for the presidency was sabotaged with the Donna Rice affair.

And on and on and on. The study of the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination is not an end to itself. It is a roadmap to further conspiracies and cover-ups. Watergate (Nixon told Halderman "it could bring up the whole Bay of Pigs thing". Halderman said he was referring to the Kennedy assassination. Iran-Contra, starting with the Republicans arraigning for the Iranians to hold the hostages until Carter lost the election.

And then to the Bush's. George Bush Sr. had two ships from his oil company, the Houston and the Barbara, that were used in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Declassified government documents name "George Bush of the CIA" as providing information about the Assassination of Kennedy.

This has all been public knowledge, but nobody gives a shit. Now We will suffer through one or two more Bush administrations. The dynasty is again in control. Everyone knows Reagan didn't even know what was going on. Truth is he hated Bush. John Stockwell of the CIA said all over CIA headquarters in Langely that agents were tearing Reagan/Bush in half and posting just the Bush part.

We are in deep shit. Jack Ruby was right. A whole new system of government has taken over. ----- JT


From: "Frank" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002

My Weekend at Fort Benning, Georgia

by Frank Dorrel

Last Saturday and Sunday, November 16 & 17th, I had the opportunity to take part in the annual protest/demonstration against the infamous School of the Americas (SOA) located at Fort Benning, in Columbus, Georgia.

In April of 2000, I did go to the Pentagon to protest the SOA with 2 to 3,000 others. However, this was my first time protesting at Fort Benning, itself. Somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 people of all ages, races and backgrounds came together from all over the country, asking to close this school down.

The SOA, now known as the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" (the name was changed in 2001), is a combat training school for Latin American soldiers. This school, initially established in Panama in 1946 was transferred to Fort Benning in 1984 after former Panamanian President, Jorge Illueca, called it the "biggest base for destabilization in Latin America". For years, the SOA has been referred to as the School of Assassins.

During the last 56 years, the SOA has trained over 60,000 Latin American soldiers in counterinsurgency techniques, sniper training, commando and psychological warfare, military intelligence and interrogation tactics. These graduates have consistently used their skills to wage a war against their own people. Among those targeted by SOA graduates are educators, union organizers, religious workers, student leaders and others who work for the rights of the poor. Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans have been tortured, raped, assassinated, disappeared, massacred and forced into refugee by those trained at the School of Assassins.

On November 16th, 1989, six Jesuit priests, their co-worker and her teenage daughter were massacred in El Salvador. It was later discovered that those responsible were trained at the U.S. Army School of the Americas.

The SOA Watch was first started in 1990 by Maryknoll priest Father Roy Bourgeois and a few other activists. In recent years, as many as 10,000 people have been coming to Fort Benning to protest the SOA.

For me, being at Fort Benning with so many others who traveled from all over the country was a very powerful, moving and spiritual experience. For two days we gathered outside the fort, listening to various speakers such as Father Roy and Jennifer Harbury. We heard many musicians like the Indigo Girls and Dave Rovics, singing about truth, justice and closing the SOA.

Having the chance to meet and talk with people from all over the country was very meaningful to me. Among the Peace & Justice organizations represented were many chapters of School of the Americas Watch (SOAW). Also there were the Veterans For Peace (of which I am a member), Witness For Peace, CISPES, Catholic Workers, Columbia Peace Project (Patrick Bonner from L.A. was there), Maryknoll Sisters, Grandmothers for Peace International, Amnesty International, War Resistors League, Refuse and Resist, War Tax Resisters, many other religious groups and literally thousands of college and high school students. I got to meet Woody Powell and Barry Reich of Veterans for Peace and I saw my dear friends Bob and Terry Koenig.

On Sunday, there was a long procession as thousands walked towards the entrance to Fort Benning, holding crosses bearing the names of those who have been killed by graduates of the SOA. One at a time, the names and ages of these victims of the SOA were announced, followed by a chorus of "presente" by the marchers. Last year a 10 foot high, barbed-wire fence was built at the entrance of the base. This year, 92 people climbed this fence in an expression of civil disobedience and were arrested. These people now face up to 6 months in prison for their actions.

I had the chance to meet several people who have spent time in prison for "crossing the line" at Fort Benning in previous years. It is amazing that these protesters are sent to jail, while many of the "killers" who learned their lessons at the SOA, never spend one day in prison. Father Roy has spent over 4 years in prison. A new biography of Roy and the SOA has been written by Mike Wilson, titled The Warrior Priest. I bought 12 copies and read it on the plane coming home to L.A. It is well worth reading.

I had a table during the weekend and sold 370 copies of the book I have published titled "Addicted To War, Why The U.S. Can't Kick Militarism" by Joel Andreas. I also sold over 150 copies of my video titled "What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against The Third World". The fifth segment of my video compilation is "School of Assassins" and is narrated by Susan Sarandon and features Father Roy Bourgeois, talking about the SOA.

The feeling of solidarity, love and peace was in the air all weekend. The effects of this protest will be heard and felt far and wide. The goal of closing down the School of Assassins goes hand-in-hand with the wider goal of the Peace Movement, which is to shut down the War Machine of the United States.

My weekend at Fort Benning was indeed, one I'll never forget. I plan on going back next year and every year until this School is shut down. This will be a one big step in ending the oppression, death and misery inflicted on the people of the Third World by the United States. I hope to see many of you at Fort Benning next year.

For more information on the School of the Americas Watch, go to:

And finally, I want to thank Father Roy and all of the people at the School of the Americas Watch, for putting on this event, year after year. What a great service you are all doing for the Human Race.

In Peace and Solidarity,

Frank Dorrel

Addicted To War
P.O. Box 3261
Culver City, Calif. 90231-3261

NOTE FROM JEAN: "Ed Pearson" <> has also written his account - as a representative of War Tax Resisters, Peace Taxpayers - of his "day at the SOA". He describes his visit at this School's museum and his participation with his portable Peace Taxpayer table along with a sign asking "WHY DO YOU PAY FEDERAL TAXES TO KEEP THE SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS OPEN WHEN OUR GOAL IS TO SHUT IT DOWN?" He concludes his report with "Why not find ways to work with, rather than defeat, those who look at the world differently. Gandhi's advice about the best way to conquer an enemy is to make him a friend seems to me like a good way to go. I believe that Fr. Roy's position and insistence that SOA by any other name must be closed does not allow for change. Closing the school is one way of effecting the desired change. Changing the nature of the school is another way. I believe that just as I was able to reach my destination inside Fort Benning by not presenting myself as a perceived threat, the curriculum at WHISC aka WHINSEC could be modified using conflict resolution techniques. Why not use nonviolent conflict resolution techniques to add nonviolent conflict resolution techniques to the courses taught at SOA by any other name? Why not make it a goal to displace violence with nonviolence? I believe that we can best prove our case that nonviolence works by using nonviolent means to gain our nonviolent ends."

To read his full report ask it from him at "Ed Pearson" <>.


From: "Dick Eastman" <>
Date: November 23, 2002
Subject: Repeal the Patriot Act National Meeting

Date of this meeting: Saturday, November 30, 2002
Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM EST (GMT-05:00)
New York Law School
57 Worth Street
New York (lower Manhattan)

The public is welcome to participate and there is no charge.

The NYC Repeal Coalition is planning a major event in NYC. This event will be used to build support for a City Resolution to Resist and Repeal the Patriot Act. Thirteen cities, including the cities of Denver and Madison, have passed such resolutions. Thirty other cities are now considering legislation. Passing such a resolution in New York could prompt the Repeal of the Patriot Act.

Organizations that have joined this broad coalition are:

Amnesty International (Southern Region)
Fellowship for Reconciliation (Savannah, GA)
Pat Gunn, founder and president Geechee Institute
We the People Coalition, Joyce Griggs
National Lawyers Guild
Committee of Radical Attorneys
Green Party of Chatham County
Georgia Green Party
A. Philip Randolph Institute of Savannah
Franz Fanon Society NYC/Paris
NY Constitution Party
NY Greens
Manhattan Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party of South East Georgia
Libertarians4peace. net
Sisters of Mary Magdelin

Kellie Gasink, Esq.
Green Party of Chatham County, Chair
912.238.4489 (on-line petition)

Organizations may contact me to endorse the campaign or go to the repeal website at



Published on November 20, 2002 by Capitol Hill Blue

Welcome to the American Gestapo

by Doug Thompson

Wonder if any of the vast sums of money approved Tuesday for the new Department of Homeland Security are set aside for black uniforms with knee-length boots and black leather trench coats? Should be. Since we've gone to all this trouble to create the new American Gestapo we might as well let them look the part. Excuse me if I don't join in all the senseless celebration over creation of yet another mammoth bureaucracy of the federal government. Pardon me if I don't go ga-ga over a federal agency that has been given unlimited powers to spy on Americans, trample all over the First and Fourth Amendments, ignore the privacy of anyone it chooses and violate the rights of every man, woman and child who used to live in the Land of the Free.

Our own paranoia has accomplished what Osama bin Laden and his minions could not with hijacked airplanes and vague threats about future attacks - these fears have forced America to abandon its principles and create a police state. This new Department of Homeland Security has the power to wiretap any American it wants, without a court order, without cause and without justification to any higher authority. Homeland Security goon squads will have the power to enter any American home, without a search warrant, without probable cause, simply because someone somewhere says "hey, this guy might be a threat." No checks and balances, no due process. Nothing.

Video cameras at ATMs, convenience stores, department stores and office building lobbies already record Americans living in urban areas 75-100 times on any given day but that isn't enough for the new American Gestapo. They plan to erect video cameras on streets, along public highways, in neighborhoods and deploy them on helicopters and police cars to record everything you and I do every day of the year. "We are entering a new era of domestic surveillance," says retired FBI agent Franklin Postel. "One where the constitution is secondary to the cause. The new department has the power to document the day-to-day actions of any American it chooses."

A secret court decision last May already gives the Justice Department expanded powers to wiretap phones, spy on Americans and "share information" with other law enforcement agencies. These powers, granted under a dangerous piece of legislation called the "USA Patriot Act," allow Attorney General John Ashcroft to sign away the normal rights and protections that Americans used to enjoy - little things like probable cause, due process and the now forgotten belief that any accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Those who support these expanded powers say the system has "safeguards" where law enforcement personnel must get a judge's approval before wiretapping an American family but those who have studied the law said the "safeguards" are, in fact, "carefully worded loopholes." "The law only requires an 'administrative review' by the very department that wants to spy on Americans," says retired federal judge John Macklin. "Most judges would not approve such wiretaps but the law is engineered to make sure that most judges never see the request." Ashcroft says he will implement the new powers "immediately" and is already increasing surveillance of Americans. Look closer at the powers granted under the act and you will find things that would make Hitler proud. They include provisions to allow private citizens to spy on other private citizens without fear of prosecution if the Department determines their actions were conducted "in the national interest." "I've read some of the abstracts on the new law and they take the handcuffs off people like me," says private detective Andrew Burlingame. "I can tap anyone I damn well please. All I have to do is claim I thought the guy was a terrorist."

Under the new law, an agent of the Department of Homeland Security can walk into your bank, flash a badge and demand to see your checking and saving account records. No court order. All they need is the "presumption of guilt." They can stop you in your car without cause and search it and you. They can hold you in jail for 30 days or more without filing any charges or allowing you to make any phone calls. They can call up America Online and put a trace on all your Internet activity without a court order. They can require Visa to turn over all your credit card activity records without notice. "Again, the process only requires an internal administrative review and not the involvement of any independent judicial authority," says retired judge Macklin. "It violates all previous standards for due process and probable cause."

In other words, they can do any damn thing they want and there isn't a thing that any of us can do about it. Some may argue the current terrorist threat requires such drastic measures. But what happens when that threat is met? The Department of Homeland Security and its draconian powers will still exist. Who will determine the new threat? Who will decide who becomes the enemy?

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation," the leader of another country once wrote. "We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland." That was Adoph Hitler, writing about creation of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.

Wecome to the American Gestapo. Be careful what you say and do. They are watching and they will be watching from now on.

Doug Thompson is the founder and publisher of Capitol Hill Blue


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis" <>

Published on November 22, 2002 by the Canada Newswire

President Bush May Be "Moron": Stupidity Experts

TORONTO, Nov. 22 /CNW/ - A high-ranking federal official may be correct in an assessment of US president George Bush as "a moron" say a group of Canadian stupidity experts.

"Technically, a moron is someone who is stupid but looks normal," said Albert Nerenberg, a Toronto-based film director who is completing a television documentary titled Stupidity. A controversy has erupted over newspaper reports that a top Canadian federal aide called Bush a "moron" for his hard-line stance on Iraq at the current NATO meeting in Prague.

"Much has been said recently about Bush arriving at a point where he looks presidential," said Nerenberg. "What's intriguing about morons is that they can pass as just about anyone, but inside they're still morons."

The original term moron was coined by an American Psychologist in New Jersey during the early part of the century. Moron was added to the US version of the IQ test to screen out people who looked intelligent but weren't. A moron was considered to have an IQ between 50-75.

"Sadly, we may be the world's only current stupidity experts," said Shannon Brown, producer of Stupidity and an executive at Trailervision. "There is very little true research on the important subject of stupidity, and the only self-proclaimed expert, James Welles, a Florida-based author, was recently arrested on serious charges for doing something extremely stupid."

Stupidity features interviews with Noam Chomsky, John Cleese, Bill Maher and former Bush speechwriter David Frum, and is being commissioned by the Documentary Channel and the CBC. A trailer for Stupidity can be found at


Also sent by "Mark Graffis" <>

Scary Times in the USA

Published on November 24, 2002 in the Boulder Daily Camera

by Molly Ivins

AUSTIN, Texas - Readin' the newspapers anymore is eerily reminiscent of all those bad novels warning of the advent of fascism in America. "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis was a bad book, and the genre shades off into right-wing paranoia about black helicopters, including the memorably awful "Turner Diaries." I don't use the f-word myself - in fact, for years, I've made fun of liberals who hear the approach of jackbooted fascism around every corner. But to quote a real authority on the subject, "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini.

The most hair-raising news du jour is about Total Information Awareness, a giant government computer system being set up to spy on Americans and run by none other than John Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame.

TIA will provide intelligence agencies and law enforcement with instant access to information from e-mail, telephone records, credit cards, banking transactions and travel records, all without a search warrant. The just-passed Homeland Security Bill undermines the Privacy Act of 1974, which was intended to limit what government agencies can do with personal information.

And can we trust the government to keep all this information solely for the task of tracking terrorists? Funny you should ask. The Wall Street Journal reports this week that shortly after Sept. 11, the FBI circulated the names of hundreds of people it wanted to question to scores of corporations around the country.

"A year later, the list has taken on a life of its own, with multiplying - and error-filled - versions being passed around like bootleg music. Some companies fed a version of the list into their databases and now use it to screen job applicants and customers." The list included people who were not suspects at all, just people the FBI wanted to talk to because they might have had some information. But, the Journal reports, a Venezuelan bank's security officer sent the list, headed "suspected terrorists sent by the FBI," to a website.

The great writer on the subject of totalitarianism was George Orwell, and "1984" is always worth rereading. Damned if GeeDubya Bush didn't pop up the other day to announce that we must fight a war "for the sake of peace." That's not vaguely Orwellian, it's a direct steal.

During another time of rampaging fear, when civil liberties were considered a frivolous luxury, the late, unlamented McCarthy Era, the American Civil Liberties Union chickened out on some big issues and so an Emergency Civil Liberties Union had to be created to fight McCarthyism. This ACLU, under Anthony Romero, is fighting hard, but I think we need a new coalition organization - civil libertarians, libertarians and principled conservatives ... real patriots who believe in the Constitution. The blowhard right-wingers sometimes put down Barry Goldwater these days as "the liberals' favorite conservative," and so he was. But in your heart, you know Goldwater would have had a cow over all this.

Rep. Dick Armey has already announced he will do consulting work with the ACLU on privacy issues (good on him). Rep. Ron Paul and columnist Bill Safire are stout on these matters, as are other unlikely suspects such as Bob Barr of Georgia.

For those who relish irony, there's a comical extent to which liberals are the new conservatives, exactly where the old principled Republicans used to be - reluctant to get involved in foreign wars, harping on fiscal responsibility and worried about constitutional freedoms.

Personally, I still believe internationalism makes more sense than isolationism because our major problems in the future - global warming, overpopulation and water shortage - are going to have to be dealt with on a global basis. I think it is inarguable that this is the most anti-environmental administration since before Teddy Roosevelt. The corporatists in this administration, particularly those from the oil bidness, apparently have some grand imperialist schemes to keep us in cheap oil indefinitely.

As a matter of both foreign and environmental policy, it makes a lot more sense to lay rail, promote renewable energy and get serious about conserving oil. We subsidize the hell out of the oil bidness with innumerable tax breaks, loopholes and support programs. For heaven's sake, why not support renewable energy, instead? Why should we ask our military to die for cheap oil when the rest of us aren't even being asked to get better mileage?


From: "Mark Graffis" <>
Subject: In Time for Xmas! `War on Terrorism' Toys
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002

*This isn't a joke:

Forward Command Post: $44.99
Take command of your soldiers from this fully outfitted battlezone. 75-piece set includes one 111/2"H figurine in military combat gear, toy weapons, American flag, chairs and more. Assembled dimensions; 32x16x32"H. Plastic. 10 lbs. Ages 5 and up.
(From page 486 of JC Penney's 2002 Christmas catalog)


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