August 2, 2002

The Big Brother Files #43: The Big Bully Must Be Tamed

Hello everyone

The world rampaging big U.S. bully needs to be coralled and tamed before it unleashes yet another war unto innocent civilians for sheer political reasons on the home front.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Here is a description of the attached Peace Flag

World Peace Flag: The colored stripes represent All Peoples, races, cultures and nations as well as All of Earth's other children; Her exquisitely diverse plant and animal kingdoms, pure air, crystalline streams, lava, gemstones, sunsets, fertile soil, microbes, mountains, ice-capped poles, boundless oceans teaming with life...and chocolate!!! These 13 stripes also match the exact number of full moons in a year. In the upper left, the Golden Quadrant stands for our own star, the Sun, surrounding the abundant Earth full of plenty for All. Originally, the Peace Sign came from England, late 1950's at the peak of the cold war when global nuclear holocaust seemed certain. A British Naval symbol, "N.D.", was assigned to mean Nuclear Disarmament. The World Peace flag stands for compassion for all life on Earth, as it is a priveledge for us to share this Garden Planet together.
Original Art by Peter Dudar and Sally Marr - To Order Call: 323-650-8166

"We will not support war, no matter what reason or rhetoric is offered by politicians or the media. War in our time and in this context is indiscriminate, a war against innocents and against children."

- Taken from "Bomb Saddam, Save the G.O.P." (July 30) LONG BUT *MOST* EXCELLENT!


1. ADDICTED TO WAR: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism
2. Help by donating to Congresswoman McKinney online
3. Stop the Government from Turning Neighbor Against Neighbor!
4. Homeland Security Department Must Be Open and Accountable
5. Dictatorship At Your Door - How 'Anti-Terror' Laws Threaten You
6. Nationwide Small pox Vaccination!

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George Bush Channels George Orwell
Somebody needs to inform the president that 1984 is a warning against totalitarianism -- not a how-to manual. (...) As President Bush wages his war against terrorism and moves to create a huge homeland security apparatus, he appears to be borrowing heavily, if not ripping off ideas outright, from George Orwell. The work in question is 1984, the prophetic novel about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda, cracking down on subversive thought and altering history to suit its needs. CLIP (MOST "INTERESTING" COMPARISONS!)

Operation TIPS: This Is Pretty Stupid - by Geov Parrish
Operation TIPS was soundly rejected by the American public. Let's hope they do the same with the rest of the Dubya jihad.

Operation Northwoods - Proof US Government Could Harm Americans
Could US Leaders Actually Be Capable Of Instigating Attacks Like Those Of 911? Many people believe that the Bush administration took advantage of 9-11 in order to launch the war and impose repressive measures at home. In reality Washington did not just take advantage of 9-11. Rather, it instigated 9- 11, just as the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed instigating fake attacks on Americans in 1962 - to create a climate where military action seems justified. As for the campaign of repression at home - with its nightmarish Homeland Security, its assault on legal guarantees, and its star chamber Military Tribunals - this campaign is in part intended to silence the millions of people who suspect that Bush and other top leaders were involved in some way in making 9-11 happen. Some people ask us: how can you believe that our leaders are capable of such cynicism, murderous cruelty, ruthlessness and dishonesty? That is why Operation Northwoods is so important. For we now know that in 1962, the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed staging phony attacks to destroy U.S. property and killing Cuban refugees and U.S. citizens, in order to create a wave of indignation and rage, to justify an invasion of Cuba that could have killed hundreds of thousands of people and possibly led to nuclear war. CLIP For an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file on the declassified material on Operation Northwoods, hosted by George Washington University, see

This list of "friendly dictators" gives brief summaries of the careers of many US-supported dictators

Last year, there was $839 billion in military spending worldwide. The U.S. comprises less than five percent of the world’s population, but its defense budget equals 36 percent of this worldwide sum. This year’s U.S. military budget of $351 billion is roughly equal to the combined amount allocated for defense by the 15 highest spenders outside the U.S. Washington is planning to increase its defense budget by some $45 billion next year. Together, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan and Syria spend a total of $13 billion on their militaries. (More War Updates at this URL above)

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Eight Washington Lies About Iraq

UN Must Sanction Iraq Strike (July 31),2763,765910,00.html

Attacking Iraq--The Humanitarian Consequences

Force Above Law: The New International Disorder?

No Presidential War




ADDICTED TO WAR: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism

by Joel Andreas

ADDICTED TO WAR takes on the most active, powerful and destructive military in the world. Hard-hitting, carefully documented, and heavily illustrated, it reveals why the U.S. has been involved in more wars in recent years than any other country. Read ADDICTED TO WAR to find out who benefits from these military adventures, who pays and who dies.

"ADDICTED TO WAR is a witty and devastating portrait of U.S. military policy, a fine example of art serving society".

- Howard Zinn, author of "The People's History of the United States".

"Political comics at its best. Bitterly amusing, lively and richly informative. For people of all ages who want to understand the link between U.S. militarism, foreign policy, and corporate greed at home and abroad.

- Michael Parenti, author of "History As Mystery" and "Kill A Nation"

"Our young people will learn more about the cult of militarism in this short and accurate book by Joel Andreas, than they might learn in their first twelve years of schooling. Withholding this kind of information from the young is a betrayal of the sacred trust given to educators. Withholding this kind of information has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of fine young people who have died as the enemy in places where they were not wanted. It has led to the death of millions of civilians who were completely innocent victims of the Addicts of War. Promulgating this book is a consciousness raising and life saving venture".

- Blase Bonpane, Ph.D. Director, Office of the Americas

"Addicted to War" is not only a witty and entertaining portrait of our military war dependent economy but a truly relevant insight not available in mainstream media, something our children should know before they must make their choice to become fodder for the military machine.

- Susan Sarandon, Actress

"Addicted To War is must reading for Americans of all ages, who are concerned with understanding the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and how it effects us here at home".

- Martin Sheen, Actor

Our original White ancestors possessed both a Eurocentric racism and a religiously-based arrogant ethnocentrism that justified, and continues to justify, a continuum of expansion, initially for land, then markets and the drive for increased profits, and a way of life, i.e., the American Way of Life (AWOL). In the early 1600's, Captain John Smith of the Virginia Colony referred to the native inhabitants as "subanimals" worthy only of extermination as rationalization for unilaterally controlling the land and the inevitable associated guiding policies of hegemony.

Through all the phases of U.S. "Manifest Destiny," from the Appalachian Mountains and the Ohio River Valley to the Pacific Ocean, then to the entire globe, the evolving "national interest" has increasingly, and agressively, sought for our "special deserving" one-twentieth of the world's population, a disproportionate consumption of the globe's resources that at times approaches one-half of what is available for all the earth's inhabitants. Exploitation is a given! There is no possibility for justice if this unfair formula persists.

This voracious, mindless materialism can only be achieved through the use, or threat of use, of brute force. Thus, as we are addicted to AWOL, we are necessarily Addicted to War.

This illustrated expose by Joel Andreas clearly lays out this pattern, and severe problem, in the hope that people of the United States might SEE that our addictions are rapidly leading toward destruction of much of the life on our dear Mother Earth, including extinction of our species, and of course, our own "civilization."

As Gandhi said, "There is enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed." Let us pray for an historic and radical alteration of our consciousness, from that of selfishness to humble & sacred ecological interconnectedness. That would be revolutionary!

- S. Brian Willson, Veteran For Peace -



From: "Ed Gans" <>
Subject: URGENT ACTION: Help by donating to Congresswoman McKinney online
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002

Dear Jean,

If you did not see this, you should.


Ed Gans


Dear Fellow People of Conscience,

The conscience of Congress is in danger of being removed, a five term Democratic Congresswoman is being targeted by her own party. WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

Cynthia McKinney, the brave Congresswoman who has taken the lead on demanding accountability for the $2.3 trillion the Department of Defense

"LOST," and demanding a full independent inquiry of what Bush knew and when he knew it about 9-11, is being targeted by her own party, and by the U.S. corporate media.

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by keeping this brave woman in office. No matter where anyone lives on this planet . . . having Cynthia McKinney on the U.S. Congressional Armed Services Committee and as a voice and a conscience in Congress IS CRITICAL TO YOUR FUTURE.

Donations can now be given online at:

For those who want to volunteer in any other way to Cynthia McKinney's campaign can email:




Stop the Government from Turning Neighbor Against Neighbor!

In one of the most misguided responses to the terrorist attacks, President Bush is proposing a program to recruit one million volunteers to act as spies and informants against their neighbors. Under the proposed program, the government would recruit letter carriers, utility workers, cable installers, and others whose jobs allow them access to private residences to report suspicious, ostensibly terrorist-related activity.

This dangerous program would not only allow peoples' homes to be searched without cause or warrants, but it would also turn neighbor against neighbor and potentially generate thousands of unreasonable and unwarranted charges against innocent people. Despite intense controversy around the Operation TIPS (Terrorist Information and Prevention System), Attorney General Ashcroft says the program could be launched later this summer.

The good news is that TIPS is in trouble in Congress. With Republicans and Democrats raising concerns, House Majority Leader Richard Armey is insisting that the legislation authorizing the creation of the new Homeland Security Department prohibit "any and all activities" to implement Operation TIPS. The House is expected to approve the ban later this week.

But the proposed homeland security legislation in the Senate does not currently address the TIPS program. Unless the Senate legislation is amended to stop TIPS, it is still possible that the program could be authorized. Senators should demand that the final Senate bill be amended to prohibit any and all efforts by the federal government to implement the TIPS program.

Urge your Senators to trash TIPS!

- The TIPS program will encourage non-law enforcement personnel to enter and search private residences without due cause or warrant. The President's program foresees the recruitment of a million volunteers drawn from postal workers, cable installers, phone company personnel, utility workers and others to look around peoples' homes and report what they believe to be suspicious activities. This program would make a mockery of individual privacy rights and protections against illegal searches.

- The TIPS program could cause a wave of erroneous charges that would squander federal resources and defame innocent people. With a million untrained informants, it is all but guaranteed that thousands of mistaken charges could be reported to authorities. Following up these tips would clearly squander resources sorely needed for real work to protect our freedom and security. At the same time, these bogus reports could cause irreparable harm to falsely accused citizens.

- The TIPS program will cause undue tension and hostility. Encouraging neighbors to spy on and report their neighbors is not conducive to a free society. Making homeowners suspicious and hostile to workers trying to go about their work also undermines the fabric of our society and will inevitably lead to more harm than good.


Send a Free FAX in 2 Clicks! - - - - Enter Your Zip Code

Go at to take action.

Check also at to see the dozens of issues on which you can get involved.




Homeland Security Department Must Be Open and Accountable

The Bush Administration's proposed new cabinet-level Homeland Security Department would create an enormous agency with massive authority -- including more armed federal agents with arrest powers than any other branch of government.

The President's proposal also explicitly removes structural and legal safeguards necessary to keep the agency open and accountable to the public.

Congress must reject the portions of the President's proposals that exclude the new agency from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and whistleblower protections. It should also require that the agency have a strong and unimpeded Inspector General who can investigate alleged abuses within the agency without the veto of the department secretary. Finally, Congress should reject any proposal that the FBI and CIA be melded into this new department.

Take Action! Congress is rushing with unusual haste to pass the President's sweeping proposal. But some influential Senators and Representatives are already beginning to express concerns about the proposed agency's lack of public accountability. Insist that your Members of Congress keep the new agency open and accountable to the public.

Defend Open and Accountable Government

- The Department must fully comply with FOIA and whistleblowers must be protected. As proposed by the President, the agency would be exempt from FOIA disclosure, drastically limiting the agency's responsibility to answer public questions. The proposal also empowers the secretary of the new agency to waive the safeguards contained in the federal Whistleblower Protection Act. Protection for bravery like that displayed by FBI Agent Coleen Rowley would not exist in the new agency.

- Internal investigations must be fully empowered. Given the enormous potential power of the proposed agency, its Inspector General must not be hampered like those in other federal law enforcement agencies. As proposed by the President, the cabinet secretary in charge would have veto power over the Inspector General's audits and investigations.

- Intelligence gathering functions of the FBI and CIA must not be included in the new agency. Congress should resist any attempt to give the Department of Homeland Security new intelligence gathering powers or to fold the FBI and CIA into the new agency. Instead, Congress should put in place clear limits to prevent the department from permanently retaining files on Americans that relate to First Amendment activities and have no connection to any criminal activity.



Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002
From: "Ricardo Ocampo" <>
Subject: Dictatorship At Your Door - How 'Anti-Terror' Laws Threaten You

FOR YOUR OWN GOOD? 'Model' Emergency (Dictatorial) Health Bill Passing In Many States - Map Showing States Accepting EHPA

A FEDERALLY generated "model" health bill critics say gives governors absolute power in the event of a "health emergency" is steadily progressing through the states, say health and legislative monitoring organizations who are tracking its progress.

CLAMPDOWN As Founding Fathers roll over in their graves...

Bush Official: One More Terror Attack On US, Goodbye Civil Rights

THE ACORNS of any presidential administration never fall very far from the tree -- thus, the remarks made last week by one of George W. Bush's appointees to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission give us a pretty fair indication of what the future will look like if the Regime's seeds of tyranny ever come to full flower. - More...

US ECONOMIC DECLINE - Fat Cats Continued economic malaise drags US into financial abyss as corporate fat cats play games with the books

- The Bankruptcy Crisis Is Worldwide

- Stocks Rise - Dow Up for Week

- Bush Administration Links To Pre-911 Insider


- US Pension Plans Shortfalls Hit Record $111 Billion

- World Stocks Sink Again Into Gloom After US Fades

- Moody's Cuts JP Morgan Outlook To Negative

TURN IN YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS! - I Spy Big Brother comes to your hometown... and he's YOU. New TIPS program unleashes the Pandora's box of 'every man a suspect' as civil rights collapse in US under homeland security measures.

- With Homeland Security In Mind, Summer Camp Trains Teens

- America - Soon To Be The Largest Police State Ever

- US Citizens Lining Up - 'I'm Happy To Spy For America'

- Snitching For The State

- Homeland Security Horrors




Dictatorship At Your Door - How 'Anti-Terror' Laws Threaten You


"I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. government will lead the American people, and the West in general, into an unbearable hell and a choking life." Osama bin Laden, October, 2001 (quoted in 2/1/02)

At 5 am in the morning on September 12, 2001 -- less than one day after the 9/11 Attack -- a half-dozen heavily-armed federal agents raided the home of Dr. Al-Hazmi in San Antonio, Texas. Without any search warrant, the agents ransacked his home, while his wife and young children (6 & 8) were held at gunpoint. Then -- without being charged with any crime -- Dr. Al-Hazmi was shackled and thrown naked into a freezing cold FBI holding cell. Even his eyeglasses and bronchitis medicine were taken away. Next, Al-Hazmi was flown to a New York prison, where he says he was repeatedly beaten while the FBI interrogated him.

One week later, he was finally allowed to talk to an attorney and learned the reason for his arrest: Dr. Al-Hazmi's name (the "Smith" of the Middle East) is similar to that of two 9/11 hijackers, and he had booked flights through, which some 9/11 hijackers (along with a few million other people) had used.

On September 24th -- 12 days after he was arrested, Dr. Al-Hazmi was released -- without his belongings and without even an apology from the FBI. He says he may now have to quit his job and leave the U.S. because his co-workers no longer trust him. (Source: "Justice Kept In the Dark," Newsweek,12-10-01, p. 41.)

Since September 11th, over 2,000 people, including many U.S. citizens, have been imprisoned by the FBI and police in the name of "fighting terrorism." Only two of them have been charged with a crime associated with 9/11. Many say they have been denied food and sleep, access to an attorney, and have even been beaten. The FBI has even called for legalizing torture of such "suspects."

In the wake of the horrific 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, America is a changed country. Dozens of "anti-terrorist" laws have already been enacted by Congress and state legislatures, and many more are on the way. As you are about to learn, these laws are a much greater danger to you than to terrorists.

The USA Patriot Act authorizes an American police state

The centerpiece of the new "anti-terror" laws is the USA PATRIOT ACT (Public Law 107-56). Here is how this law affects you.

Cops can now rob your house or office at will: Under Section 213, police can now secretly break into your home or business if they merely suspect you're involved in any criminal activity involving a computer.

Once they break in, they can seize your records, alter or destroy your computer files, and even plant bugs that report every keystroke you type. They can also secretly seize anything and everything you own, including family heirlooms, your computer, cash, jewelry, and gold. Since the "search" is secret, it will be impossible to legally challenge it -- much less get your property back.

In effect, the USA Patriot Act legalizes home break-ins and robberies by cops nationwide -- not unlike the corrupt LA police Rampart Division which routinely robbed and assaulted citizens they were sworn "to serve and protect."

Big Brother is Watching: Under Section 207(III) the Feds can now eavesdrop on your phone calls, faxes, and e-mail at will - without any search warrant. Internet Service Providers must turn over your e-mail records and customer information upon government demand. Telephone companies also must turn over detailed phone records, including any credit-card or bank-account numbers used for payments.

According to (11/21/01), the FBI is developing new "Magic Lantern" software that can record every keystroke you make on your computer. It could be inserted into your PC via the Internet, and may even be capable of real-time monitoring! [Shades of 1984]

Your financial privacy is being wiped out. Section 358 compels U.S. and foreign banks -- along with stockbrokers, credit-card companies, and credit-reporting agencies -- to provide detailed information about you to intelligence agencies on demand. You won't even be notified that this information has been requested.

Section 361 greatly expands the power of the IRS Financial Crimes Center (FINCEN) to collect financial information on you from "non-bank networks" (like check-cashing services and barter- systems). This information will be entered into a new federal database accessible to thousands of cops and bureaucrats, who can use the information to criminally prosecute you or seize your assets. The IRS has already forced MasterCard and American Express to turn over all records of millions of U.S. citizens who have foreign credit cards.

If you are a foreigner who owns U.S. assets, they can be seized upon the mere request of a U.S. prosecutor.

Finally, carrying $10,000 cash in or out of the US (without reporting it) is by itself now considered a federal crime. Your cash will be immediately confiscated.

Anything and everything you own can be seized without trial. Section 302 allows "forfeiture of any assets in connection with the anti-terrorist efforts of the United States." If you contribute even $1 to an organization that the President brands "terrorist," everything you own can be confiscated.

Since September 11th, over $400 million in assets has been seized, including all of the assets of the Global Relief Foundation in Bridgeview, Illinois, which raises some $5 million a year for poor Muslims. According to CBS News, FBI agents removed "furniture and fixtures as well as records." Justice Department officials say they will also go after large contributors to Global and 39 other Muslim charities.

We are all possible "domestic terrorists"

Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act says "domestic terrorism" includes any illegal acts which are "dangerous to human life" or which are "intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population [or] to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion."

This wording is so vague, that police could brand you a 'supporter of terrorism' simply for protesting an unjust law, taking part in a political demonstration where a fist-fight breaks out, or even writing an article that criticizes the War on Terror! Already, similar laws have been used to arrest protesters at anti-abortion demonstration, seize the assets of some defense attorneys, and even arrest 6-year-old children for making "terrorist threats."

Section 813 further states that such "terrorist acts" fall under RICO (the Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act), which allows police to confiscate everything you own based upon mere "suspicion."

The USA Patriot Act is just the beginning

In the wake of 9/11, scores of new anti-terrorist laws and policies have already been enacted including:

Robbing and assaulting airline passengers. Airports (and many other public places) are now "rights-free zones." Under the eye of armed soldiers, thousands of airline passengers have had legal items like toenail clippers, jewelry, and belts confiscated as potential "weapons." Many are also being molested.

Columnist Rebecca Hagelin reports that a female airport security guard "ran her hands across my breast and up my thighs." Then her 9-year-old daughter was subjected to the same treatment. publisher Joseph Farah says his 15-year-old daughter was "told to unbutton her pants and roll them down below the beltline." In Atlanta, 72 women have filed suit for sexual molestation by male airport security screeners.

National ID cards and internal passports.The "Drivers License Modernization Act of 2002" (HR 4633) mandates that all state drivers licenses be standardized "smart cards" that would include your Social Security number, digitized photo, and "biometric" identifiers such as your fingerprints or retinal scan. This won't stop criminals or terrorists, who routinely steal or forge IDs.

However, your license will be linked to a national database now being created which will enable the government to control your every movement and track every dollar you spend.

Some officials are even calling for these ID cards to be mandatory for boarding a bus, train, or cruise ship -- or even to rent a car! That would transform your driver's license into an internal passport. Just like in the former Soviet Union, government bureaucrats could prevent you from traveling!

"Star chamber" military tribunals. These tribunals strip away your most basic legal protections. Before these tribunals, you have no presumption of innocence, hearsay evidence can be used to convict you, and there is no independent jury. Instead you are judged by military officers who work for the same boss as the prosecutors trying to convict you. Military tribunals can even order that you be summarily executed -- without appeal.

So far, these military tribunals are supposed to try only foreign "terrorist" suspects. But a Presidential Executive Order could make you subject to them in a heartbeat -- just as Lincoln ordered during the Civil War.

Dictatorship is at our doorstep

Universal surveillance, arbitrary property seizures, imprisonment without trial, "kangaroo-court" tribunals, and summary execution of "suspects" were the hallmarks of the brutal dictatorships in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia - and continue today in repressive countries like Saddam Hussein's Iraq. These abuses have no place in a free and civilized society.

But now in America, the USA Patriot Act and the other new anti-terror laws and edicts virtually wipe out our Bill of Rights and give government officials absolute power over your life and property. As Lord Acton warned: "Power corrupts - and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

We can still stop dictatorship

Certainly in the wake of 9/11 and the continuing terrorist threat, government should hunt down and get rid of real terrorists. But vicious attacks on our freedom and privacy will not make our country one whit safer.

There is still time to fight back, as many people -- including some members of Congress -- are starting to do. Join us in insisting as a free and just people, that the "rule of law" enshrined in the Bill of Rights -- which protects the innocent -- must be strictly upheld, and that the new "anti-terrorist" laws be repealed.

Allowing government to destroy our liberty in the name of fighting terrorism will destroy everything that has made America a great, prosperous and decent society -- and give Osama bin Laden and his wretched ilk their final victory.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

- Edmund Burke


Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002
From: "azpat0" <>
Subject: Nationwide Small pox Vaccination!

The following excerpt from a NY Times article today brings into perspective the fact that everything we have been writing and reading about the New World Order is indeed almost here. Please re-read the warning at the end of the article on the New World Order and the Environtment on my website and be careful about the water you use. Know its source, boil it, or add something like a colloidal silver to any you don't know the source of. Filtration is inadequate without some bacteriological treatment. This goes for brushing the teeth and all ways in which you ingest water. So many of the people I have worked on health-wise in the Florida area recently are all fighting off a low grade infection of unknown origin (but what I seem to get is it's from the water).


U.S. to Vaccinate 500,000 Workers Against Smallpox

The government will soon vaccinate 500,000 health care and emergency workers and is planning mass vaccinations in case of an outbreak.

"The Federal government soon will vaccinate roughly a half-care and emergency workers against smallpox as a precaution against a bio- terrorist attack, federal officials said. The government is also laying the groundwork to carryout mass vaccinations of the public--a policy abandoned 30 years ago--in the event of a large outbreak. . . . . .

Also from today's Paper:

Frank Serpico, the whistle-blowin ex-New York City cop, criticized the government's anti-terrorism measures . . . "It's my opinion that never before have we, as a nation, stood in greater danger of losing our individual liberties as we are today," he said . . .


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Governor's 'Emergency' Power to Control Your Lives

Some emergency executive orders (not subject to congressional review) in effect. It is said that the USA has been in such an emergency since 9-11-01: